CHRISTMAS IN PARIS | A Paris Christmas Market, Lights \u0026 Activities Guide (That You Can't Miss!)


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Information CHRISTMAS IN PARIS | A Paris Christmas Market, Lights \u0026 Activities Guide (That You Can't Miss!)

Title : CHRISTMAS IN PARIS | A Paris Christmas Market, Lights \u0026 Activities Guide (That You Can't Miss!)

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Frames CHRISTMAS IN PARIS | A Paris Christmas Market, Lights \u0026 Activities Guide (That You Can't Miss!)

Description CHRISTMAS IN PARIS | A Paris Christmas Market, Lights \u0026 Activities Guide (That You Can't Miss!)

CHRISTMAS IN PARIS | A Paris Christmas Market, Lights \u0026 Activities Guide (That You Can't Miss!)

CHRISTMAS IN PARIS | A Paris Christmas Market, Lights \u0026 Activities Guide (That You Can't Miss!)

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Happy to Wander
Happy to Wander 2 months ago

How magical does Christmas time in Paris look?! Let me know which of these spots you'd like to visit most, and be sure to read the accompanying blog post for this week's video because it includes wayyy more activities and spots:

La Plume
La Plume 2 months ago

Je t'aime paris !

Peter Tsop
Peter Tsop 2 months ago

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laeeque nadvi
laeeque nadvi 2 months ago


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Tapash Kumar Bhattacharjee

very nice
thanks .

Samantha Peri
Samantha Peri 2 months ago Magical Christmas in PARIS 🎄🎉☃️❄️🎄
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Samantha Peri
Samantha Peri 2 months ago Magical Christmas in PARIS 🎄🎉☃️❄️🎄
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beep boop
beep boop 2 months ago

Merry (Early) Christmas!!

Tanya Hanna
Tanya Hanna 2 months ago

Women decorate Christmas in Paris..all women in matter decorate video show s..the brothers Grimm..🧙❄️🦛🍭👀💀🧪🚀🎄🎄1875-2020..🙈🍿🍿🌉🏘️🕯️🌨️🌨️

Samantha Peri
Samantha Peri 2 months ago Little Filipina girl in PARIS 🎄🎉☃️❄️🎄

ehrgkrTjdna 2 months ago

Please talk slowly!

Chandrika Vithana
Chandrika Vithana 2 months ago

Christmas 🌲🌲🌲🌲🌹🤩

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Dio Lion 2 months ago

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James Martin Napuli
James Martin Napuli 2 months ago

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Jack C
Jack C 2 months ago

Awesome 👍, Merry Christmas! 🎄 Hope it's will be same this year as well :

Ayesha Gull
Ayesha Gull 2 months ago

😍wow merry Christmas

Sunny John
Sunny John 2 months ago

Merry Christmas ♥️

SoulPrints 2 months ago

I wish everything were normal this year :(

Mayank Dixit
Mayank Dixit 2 months ago

Merry Christmas and Happy birthday to you Santa 🎅🎄❄️☃️💗💝🤩😍🎁❤️🎂🍰🎈🎉🎊🍫 love you Paris wow 💝💗😍😍😘😘💝💝💖💖💯💯

Topher. Productions
Topher. Productions 2 months ago

ill be that one traveling all by myself to these plcaes

Julie Nichols
Julie Nichols 2 months ago

I couldn’t finish it with the voice over and her grinding her words at the end of every sentence! Just talk normal!

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Gundula Demski
Gundula Demski 2 months ago

Schade soo ooo schöne Weihnachtsmarkt Haber Mann drauf nicht fahren

Iced Coffee
Iced Coffee 2 months ago

I live in such a small town with no Christmas spirit at all

Selah Hill
Selah Hill 2 months ago

Does it snow❄ around Christmas time in Paris?

Miss Emma
Miss Emma 2 months ago

I don’t celebrate Christmas but I would want to go because all the lights and shopping seems like it would be fun. The only thing stopping me is.....🥁🥁🥁 THE COLD!!!!!
I’m from L.A. and have only seen snow ONCE in my whole
If anyone can please tell me if I would survive with just a warm coat???

Pardeep Bhatti
Pardeep Bhatti 2 months ago


tookie cookie
tookie cookie 2 months ago

Awesome video!!!1

George Paras
George Paras 2 months ago

Does this all go down after Christmas is done If everything calms down with covid would love to go but the day after Christmas

Jamie Pender
Jamie Pender 2 months ago

Hey lockdown

Jui Hi
Jui Hi 2 months ago

Merry Christmas so nice in Paris

Jui Hi
Jui Hi 2 months ago


Lisa Gregg
Lisa Gregg 2 months ago

I hope Christmas 2020 will be quite a spectacular

WaSalicious Food & Travel best City Vienna

antishlak antishlak
antishlak antishlak 2 months ago

Слишком провинциальный дизайн по сравнению с Москвой.

Ram Kumar Ray
Ram Kumar Ray 2 months ago

Merry Christmas. Good quality video
How Indian celebrate Christmas in 2019👇👇👇👇 and New year 2020

Subbotniki Show
Subbotniki Show 2 months ago

Such a beautiful video - like fairy tale. It's our dream to meet one Christmas in Paris! But this year we visit the most beautiful christmas market in Europe - Tallin market, also we were in Riga, Helsinki, Vilnius and Trakai castle. Would be happy to share warm holiday emotions with you - check our last film))

Haroon Seth
Haroon Seth 2 months ago

Merry 🎄 Christmas

Potato Sumi
Potato Sumi 2 months ago


Ashir Ali
Ashir Ali 2 months ago

Woww it's amazing decoration lovely merry Christmas dear 🎄🎄 i know it has gone and I wish soon i will be come to there

Angela Dallimore
Angela Dallimore 2 months ago


aRUN 16
aRUN 16 2 months ago

Merry xmas

Patrice Marie
Patrice Marie 2 months ago

Happy to Wander .... Lit Ferris Wheel Ride @ XMAS! ..... That's Really Living!
Beautiful Sharing BabY! ..... Be Well in 2020! .....

Lary Ogarkova
Lary Ogarkova 2 months ago

Спасибо! 👍🎄🍾🙏🏻

Mousumi Mukherjee
Mousumi Mukherjee 2 months ago


NoddyBebe Train
NoddyBebe Train 2 months ago

I have been to Paris for two Christmases, I would like to commend your well researched production, I have learned new things from you. Joyeaux Noël!

Milla Bakula
Milla Bakula 2 months ago

Back me

p simon
p simon 2 months ago

Nice Christmas Decorations In Paris

Kanal 7
Kanal 7 2 months ago

Pray for me that i can go to Paris for Christmas one day 🤧🙏😍

Qamar Zaman
Qamar Zaman 2 months ago

Vry beautiful

Jolanta Januszewska
Jolanta Januszewska 2 months ago

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Xl Yal
Xl Yal 2 months ago

how is yellow vests doing?

Raza Malik
Raza Malik 2 months ago

This was beautiful and amazing.

Naz Begum
Naz Begum 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas

Ebba Katarina
Ebba Katarina 2 months ago

Omg good job! just did a christmas vlog in Paris too!

Jessica Sorto
Jessica Sorto 2 months ago

Omg!! Can't wait to go back to Paris, next time I want it to be for Christmas! :)

TMA. Italia Travel
TMA. Italia Travel 2 months ago

Love this video, let’s support one another with sub?

Penell E
Penell E 2 months ago

I already LOVE Paris, now I will make Christmas time added to my bucket list!!!

Krista Winegrdner
Krista Winegrdner 2 months ago

I really enjoyed watching this video.You packed lots of info into a few minutes and showed some great things to do.Plus,you are a charming hostess.The rooftop ice skating scene was fun.I will definitely check that out next time I get to Paris.

Swastik 2 months ago

Paris is breathtaking. Please make video on a White Christmas city.

Cec love
Cec love 2 months ago

Many blessings to you all God bless you sad 😔 Christmas 🎄 here 🙏🏽💕❤️💜

HYUK JIN YUN 2 months ago

Merry Christmas!

Norm Alex
Norm Alex 2 months ago

Three days and counting..Paris for Christmas here I come

krystyna stawarska
krystyna stawarska 2 months ago

Wow 😮 beautiful 🌹🌹🌹💫💫💫💞💖

William Jayaraj
William Jayaraj 2 months ago

Pretty good Christmas decorations in Paris. May God bless you all.

Linda Siwalette
Linda Siwalette 2 months ago

I wanna be at Xmas with you love

Sound of Silent
Sound of Silent 2 months ago

Only muslims get out christians

Ayesha Gull
Ayesha Gull 2 months ago

Merry Christmas

Rodolfo Aguirre
Rodolfo Aguirre 2 months ago

Bellos y lindos lugares de fracia merci

Jimmy Kwan
Jimmy Kwan 2 months ago

Great video. Christmas in Paris is amazing. I want to go back again one day.😀

Stanley Nuriyev
Stanley Nuriyev 2 months ago

Yeah that's Christmas in Paris is beautiful, but I prefer to see European lady face, not that clown!!?🥃🎇🗼

Renetta Yorka
Renetta Yorka 2 months ago

This could have been a very interesting video if it wasn’t soooooo rushed! 👎

Zenobia Beckley
Zenobia Beckley 2 months ago

Merry Christmas ☃️Feliz Navidad🎄Feliz Natal🎅🏻Buon Natale 🌲Joyeux Noel🎅🏻🇺🇸🇧🇷🇺🇸

Utopia! 2 months ago

Interessante! Subscibe my Chanel Ademar Da Silva UTOPIA Youtube Ademar Da Silva UTOPIA. Thank You.

Ruchi Vriesekoop
Ruchi Vriesekoop 2 months ago

I love christmas markets. Recently I visited a Christmas market inside the longest church in Holland. It was soo cool. I did a complete walk of it. I like your video.

Chris Tina
Chris Tina 2 months ago

Merry Christmas
From Kuala Lumpur

frankcastle Madden
frankcastle Madden 2 months ago

Waouw Christmas every where.😜😜👍👍

Sophia Ta
Sophia Ta 2 months ago

🌹🌹🌹🍾🎼😍Thank you so very much.Hope you are still having a good time there. СПАСИБО тебе🍓🍾😍🎼🎶😙🎵🎷🎄🎉😙🤹‍♀️

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💝🎄💖 Beautifully Archived. Thank you Everyone at Happy to Wander! Congrats on the over 20K views! - Adonimus. 🎄💖🎄

Irina Saibeni
Irina Saibeni 2 months ago

Kind of pointless now is the whole Paris is at the stand still. I have tickets to land there on the 25th but I am afraid I have to find an alternative plan. No trains or metro running. Why post this in the middle of a strike?

Donna Poteat
Donna Poteat 2 months ago

I love this video... I leave Sunday for Paris... this video was right on time...

Maria Do carmo
Maria Do carmo 2 months ago


Ernst Eck
Ernst Eck 2 months ago

Have A Merry Muslim Helliday in Marxist Macron's Paris. Go At Your Own Parisk.

Де Лин
Де Лин 2 months ago

Париж это что то .красота .много раз была в Париже .ветрины магазинов как будто то в сказку попадаешь .

Светлана Диброва

Wonderful decoration in Paris...super... Christmas tree in Moscow

Michael Rapson
Michael Rapson 2 months ago

City of Light, not city of lights. There is a subtle but important distinction between the two attributions.

varri grade
varri grade 2 months ago


Immanuel Jayaprakash
Immanuel Jayaprakash 2 months ago


Mitchell Gray
Mitchell Gray 2 months ago

:O can we be travel buddies?

przychodzkipl - aviation & travel

Wow! Awesome video. What type of camera did you use? Huge like and sub.

Heidi Stinton
Heidi Stinton 2 months ago

Wow as Paris is so beautiful and Christmas lights ECT beautiful to.thankyou for showing us.

Gitarka 60
Gitarka 60 2 months ago

Only blichtr !

kashish vijay
kashish vijay 2 months ago

This is so beautiful. Wishing to visit Paris in Christmas time someday❤️🌹

Shin-i-chi Kozima
Shin-i-chi Kozima 2 months ago

Merry Christmas for everyone from Tokyo of the Land of the Rising Sun to the world .

It's getting colder and colder in Tokyo .
Already the main street trees and houses here and there and various hotels are shining brightly with pale , golden colored illuminations to celebrate Christmas and the New Year .
The illuminations displayed on the street trees are as if each cherry blossoms are effulgent naturally on its own in the night view of Tokyo .

Which national are you watching this video ?

David S
David S 2 months ago

Soon Paris will be under Sharia law lol

Patricia Wilhelm
Patricia Wilhelm 2 months ago

am flying mimi xmas day landing thursday 26th hoping everything will be open and amazing - only 2.5 full days then out on sunday 29th hoping hop on hop off and Eiffel of course. been to paris in 2007 but taking hubby on a whirlwind weekend

2yoyodog 2 months ago

Thanks...loved the camera work and commentary and your Christmassy spirit.....(.and the camera was?)

Adalbert 2 months ago

Good selections. Great view at the end!