What are 100 MILLION Crabs Doing Here? | The Trials of Life | BBC Earth


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Information What are 100 MILLION Crabs Doing Here? | The Trials of Life | BBC Earth

Title : What are 100 MILLION Crabs Doing Here? | The Trials of Life | BBC Earth

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Frames What are 100 MILLION Crabs Doing Here? | The Trials of Life | BBC Earth

Description What are 100 MILLION Crabs Doing Here? | The Trials of Life | BBC Earth

What are 100 MILLION Crabs Doing Here? | The Trials of Life | BBC Earth

What are 100 MILLION Crabs Doing Here? | The Trials of Life | BBC Earth

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Peregrin Gamgee
Peregrin Gamgee 2 months ago

Why does this look like something out of Jurassic park 1990?

Me me
Me me 2 months ago

Just imagine climbs up his pants

Devang Yadav
Devang Yadav 2 months ago

They are doing what 100M carbs are doing here.

Wohn Jick
Wohn Jick 2 months ago

It's funny how he's like 0% nervous with crabs directly next to his balls

DEDSEC17 2 months ago

they are probably at some sort of rave ;)

Jimmy Wiggle
Jimmy Wiggle 2 months ago

Next time on: Questions I didn't know I needed answers to until 4:00 am this morning.

HotChips&Lies 2 months ago

crab go \o/

HotChips&Lies 2 months ago

mans was just sitting in crab
crab said \o/

Jameous ZHANG
Jameous ZHANG 2 months ago

1:06 What is that at the upright corner ???

Kent Zyven
Kent Zyven 2 months ago

It's a feast!

FAITH GAMING 2 months ago

that say hey why sit on mee

coke 2 months ago

we did it boys! we found the crab rave island!

George Morley
George Morley 2 months ago

Notice that he's only on screen for as long as he needs to be, and there's no ridiculous music or crash editing or shaky camera work. This is why Sir David Attenborough became the most famous naturalist in the World. He knew that nature was what we had come to see, so he simply helped us to understand it better.

Elfrida C
Elfrida C 2 months ago

Trying to get away from the evil aliens called humanity

Hawabbu Jahad
Hawabbu Jahad 2 months ago

damn look delicious

Nima Ongel Sherpa
Nima Ongel Sherpa 2 months ago

cause its the crab rave

Revolting Gaming
Revolting Gaming 2 months ago


MrJakeJimmy 2 months ago

Crab rave

Two Papitas
Two Papitas 2 months ago

I asked my wife the same thing after her Vegas trip.

Chicolicko The chicken

What are 100 million crabs doing here don’t you mean what the frick are you doing here?

Chris 2 months ago

1:56- after telling us they can’t breathe under water and would drown he casually plonks the crab he was holding in a pond. Savage Attenborough, just plain savage

VaChiee Music
VaChiee Music 2 months ago

seeing him so "young" is making me realize how much im gonna miss him when he passes

cereal chef
cereal chef 2 months ago

Skyrim players when they unlock there first house:

Siam Jubayer
Siam Jubayer 2 months ago

are these tasty tho?

bla bla
bla bla 2 months ago

better mid wins

Slideshowjoe 2 months ago


Ff Nuke
Ff Nuke 2 months ago

Take care of ur balls.

jay Arukpibal
jay Arukpibal 2 months ago

this dude sitting on a cab lol

chance jiang
chance jiang 2 months ago

4 am in the morning.
My brain: I gotta know what these crabs are doing there.

Rick te Kronnie
Rick te Kronnie 2 months ago

Poor guy having to count to a 100 million

Kick Struik
Kick Struik 2 months ago


Nigel D'sa
Nigel D'sa 2 months ago

Who counted them to be 120 million!

Jonel Skyflix
Jonel Skyflix 2 months ago

Insert Crab rave song

boi mac
boi mac 2 months ago

BBC: What are 100 MILLION Crabs Doing Here?
Me: Isn't it obvious? They're having a crab rave!

doomlist darkness
doomlist darkness 2 months ago

this means most crabs there are lesbians because they all are females

Karen Mintuck
Karen Mintuck 2 months ago

100 million crabs reminds me of this woman named Janet who was a lot lizard at the Shell station and diner and someone spray painted in big yellow letters than Janet gave them crabs and the owners left it on the wall and didn’t paint over it for more than a year even though Janet was still working there all that time. I used to feel sorry for her and one time I gave her a cheap makeup kit that my husband got me for Christmas and she was so happy.

Fredbear 2 months ago

Wave splashes

Crabs: cha cha real smooth

The wrath of Dumbledore

this is why we need to go back to monke

Jester Jack
Jester Jack 2 months ago


tobey the bully
tobey the bully 2 months ago

It's the peepee island

lorderik237 2 months ago

1:18 The crab be like "Oi mate, get offa me before I pinch youuu!"

Drew Duenas
Drew Duenas 2 months ago

Damn they found my ex's pussy

DispleasedDog 2 months ago

Answer: Your mother came for a visit

Polly Taboy
Polly Taboy 2 months ago

Can i cook that?

stupid universe 731C
stupid universe 731C 2 months ago

1:33 i cant be the only one thinking tht there had to have been at least one take of him getting a pincer snapped on the grapes...

Manu We
Manu We 2 months ago

hearing crab rave music quietly in the background

UC FITNESS 2 months ago

He must have a lot of extra balls to be sitting like that

An Average Arsonist
An Average Arsonist 2 months ago

Crab rave.

Ismail Safi
Ismail Safi 2 months ago

He has a crab right under his balls.

Karl .Siegrist
Karl .Siegrist 2 months ago

david attenborough , 95 years , and still good , incredible . this guy is born the same year as queen elizabeth 2

Nuralian Athamna
Nuralian Athamna 2 months ago

its BBq time

Duchess of Earl Grey
Duchess of Earl Grey 2 months ago

These are the lucky ones that survived the nests of the invasive crazy ant (introduced to Christmas Island by humans, of course) which have a venom that blinds the crabs as they try to migrate.

L U K E F I L M S 2 months ago

Oh man I just wanna go there to get a couple thousand and eat like a king

Problematic Bitch
Problematic Bitch 2 months ago

mother nature be crazy

PetrifiedMoth 2 months ago

Is anyone else bothered how he has his shoe and pant shin just in the water

Marcus Reading
Marcus Reading 2 months ago

Huh, so this is where the crab rave meme came from. It also paints the Merryweather comic based on it in an entirely different light.

Bill Cosbys Roofie Dealer

Id imagine they are mating

Krestian Kvart
Krestian Kvart 2 months ago

thats Tommy Lee's bathroom floor everytime he shaves his balls

Divyansh Shrimali
Divyansh Shrimali 2 months ago

the balls on this guy to keep his balls so close to pincers of the female crabs

Masakazu Watanabe
Masakazu Watanabe 2 months ago

Is it edible?

Ankur Kumar
Ankur Kumar 2 months ago

Pewdiepie Bros Island

LJSA 2 months ago

i like memes but this is cool

Missile MAN
Missile MAN 2 months ago

He has balls of steel

Yip Choy Lee
Yip Choy Lee 2 months ago

What happens to the eggs of these land craps ? Are the crabs edible ? What happens to them after spending the eggs ?

isaac lacivita
isaac lacivita 2 months ago

crab rave

Ryu 田中
Ryu 田中 2 months ago

the best place to get stranded lol

DumbDuck44 2 months ago

1:26 He has all those pinchers right next to his nut sack. Bold move.

DumbDuck44 2 months ago

100 million crabs minus however many he just stepped on and drove over. Woops.

Kaustav Kapur
Kaustav Kapur 2 months ago

can you eat all of them, they look delicious. I am not joking to get likes on youtube. i swear, I am thinking about a Louisiana crawfish boil.

Võ Anh Trực
Võ Anh Trực 2 months ago

Crab rave

CloudandZack1st 2 months ago

I can't be the only one thinking I would have brought a something just to collect as many crabs as I could? That's so much crab meat.

EMS 76
EMS 76 2 months ago

Attenborough has a bad case of the crabs

🗿 2 months ago

I used the cream and they are still there hahahaha

jan plays
jan plays 2 months ago

Red crab army invades the ocean

Master Majesty
Master Majesty 2 months ago

0:54 top left crab is raving!

zigg لا
zigg لا 2 months ago

Bruh who the heel counted the crabs

Sunken Dream
Sunken Dream 2 months ago

Crab: Why a man here?

GibleByte 2 months ago

im hungry now

Jakefromstatefarm 2 months ago

The king crab

Vivekananda N
Vivekananda N 2 months ago

Now this is real Thumbnail..... Real Man in middle of an Ocean of Crabs..... Dude seriously 🥺🤯🤧😵😵

Jarno Datema
Jarno Datema 2 months ago

His shoe in the water unnerved me

AARON BLAZE 2 months ago

He is walking there casually

MrAhmes2001 2 months ago

Give me 1 week and allot of butter 🧈 and I will eat them all

Ristuach 2 months ago

Oh yummy, I love crabs 🦀🥡

Edward Sim
Edward Sim 2 months ago

@1:21 Not a very gentleman thing to do to manhandle a lady crab and looking up her belly LOL

ZainSe 2 months ago

can cook them

Cheeky Panda
Cheeky Panda 2 months ago

crab people crab people

Rem Rem
Rem Rem 2 months ago

2:03 when you feel cold

Pappa Smooth
Pappa Smooth 2 months ago


Dr. Avichal S. Sodhi
Dr. Avichal S. Sodhi 2 months ago

10% comments -Thankyou for making our childhood awesome.
20% comments - Man I wouldn’t go near 1 crab & he is just casually sitting between 150 million crabs. Wow

70% comments - Imagine a crab injuring/piercing his nuts...😂😂

gaat jeniksaan
gaat jeniksaan 2 months ago

so the eggs can only hatch in the water, but the hatched new crabs can't swim? so how does this species survive lmao

Muhammad Adeel
Muhammad Adeel 2 months ago

Imangine a girl sitting out there😂

Walbirus 2 months ago

Crab rave when there's no more rave

KissMyHardAbs 2 months ago

1:33 Glad the crab didn't bite his Crouch

Lou 2 months ago

the amount of butter you'll need in that island