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comfort Emedoh
comfort Emedoh 2 months ago

Is possible to send my email address?

comfort Emedoh
comfort Emedoh 2 months ago

Good info. I intend to travel to Chine fir the first time on the next trade show in September. Hoping to buy house hold products for my business in Africa but live in the US. Please I need your kind deed advice and what to do for the first time. I was told the best place to go is Yiwu. Please reply.

TooTH PiCK 2 months ago

I had no idea the handkerchief business could be so involved! I sell computer components and have always wanted to source unbranded components from China as I have seen some extremely high-end custom components produced over there for 1/10th the cost. But honestly, Alibaba just seems like a bunch of scamers and ive heard horrer stories of fake parts, old generation hardware flashed with software that reports it is modern when its not.... Im just afraid to even try a minimum order quantity because, how can I know without going to see it in person? Which I cannot do. I suppose it's less risky and more unlikely to get ripped off buying handkerchiefs. Still you have given me a little bit of faith, maybe I'll give them a try one day

Emeka Ike
Emeka Ike 2 months ago

Please my name is EMEKA Ike am in ghana Am dealing with phone screens and l c d and touch phones can I get your contact

best business
best business 2 months ago

Work , work and work only work, you will be healthy and long life .

Cashmere Song
Cashmere Song 2 months ago

`I am running cashmere fashion wholesale and retail brand in China, how I can find importer in UK to distribute my collection

SiyaM Ma
SiyaM Ma 2 months ago

I have had problems with interacting with Alibaba, I have had to come accross scamers

K Ahmed
K Ahmed 2 months ago


Jonny Rack
Jonny Rack 2 months ago

I need some honest Chinese seller
Please contact me

Aune Inekela
Aune Inekela 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing your experience, do you know about pindidou app?

Genesis Haisley
Genesis Haisley 2 months ago

The Rich are rich not because they look rich, but rather becAuse they possess the skills and strategies of the rich.The rich invest their money first into asset first before purchasing liabilities.the rich build multiple incOme streams to diversify thier income..

Miss Margarita Yeng Villaroman

Thank You for sahring your experienced in your business Ive learned a Lot Sir Steve.

Bestofafrica Bestofafrica

omg. best information ever. glad I find your channel
what month and date the Trade show Canton show? I want to attend

Harsh Poco
Harsh Poco 2 months ago


ahmed noor
ahmed noor 2 months ago

I am looking for original iphone American version supplier from China.Kindly reply if you are one.

CCAECI 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing this information.

UVK 2 months ago

Interesting. Very informative

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Yetola Oluwasina
Yetola Oluwasina 2 months ago


ratile muwlen
ratile muwlen 2 months ago

Thnx 4 info. I'm interested in selling I phones hop me. Ratile

HumbledNature 2 months ago

This is awesome! Thank you

kv-ibiz BusinessPartner-China

Very informative video. Yiwu international trade market, the biggest one. We are to help if you need any advices in importing from China.

Nina Mutoni
Nina Mutoni 2 months ago

I want to import electronics from China to Uganda any one here to advise me

Jacob Lalmuanpuia
Jacob Lalmuanpuia 2 months ago

i want to import 1 copy basketball shoe here in India I'm looking around on alibaba but can't find good ones i need help

Fresh Reserve
Fresh Reserve 2 months ago

You can go to DHgate and get all this stuff

Ajay Singh
Ajay Singh 2 months ago

चीन की लैब से ही निकला है कोरोना, 60% लोगों ने ड्रैगन को ठहराया जिम्मेदार

MAQ Learning Zone
MAQ Learning Zone 2 months ago

Hi dear its very informative.

Can i have your WhatsApp Number

Hasnat nazir
Hasnat nazir 2 months ago

Which City have motorcycle parts factories in china.

Elijah Long
Elijah Long 2 months ago

How come we cant place orders from you

My surgery testimonials

So insightful! Thanks a mill! 👏👏👏

Guigen 2 months ago

how do you sleep at night knowing you are contributing and profiting off of slave-like conditions?

dev bachu
dev bachu 2 months ago

China ptoducts no good poor an inferuor bad sutuff i will never buy poir stuff

Sanusi Fasilat
Sanusi Fasilat 2 months ago

Great information!
I love being a franchisee in the stage 3 business

Susie Fuscablo
Susie Fuscablo 2 months ago

it is dangerous to going in china if you don't
how to speak chinese

R Mitchell
R Mitchell 2 months ago

Great information

Marney Bedggood
Marney Bedggood 2 months ago

So helpful thanks for your tutorial

Edward Wiltz
Edward Wiltz 2 months ago

Because no one can beat Chinese slave labor it's a deal you can't refuse

David Johnson
David Johnson 2 months ago

Said from a Chinese person. How easy is it for the common American to find a legitimate, honest Chinese wholesaler? Furthermore how could they trust them when they're thousands of miles away? This is the dumbest advice I've seen lately. Alibaba is your best option and even then....

water foker
water foker 2 months ago

You don't want the lowest price. You get the shittiest qualities. You don't make money with cut throat margins after shipping and handling fees. You're better off upselling with high quality items. Srsly go read a book before jumping head first into import/dropship/any business

Doreen Crosby
Doreen Crosby 2 months ago

i go through people comments before i get something and unfortunately most of them are bad

World Tour
World Tour 2 months ago

Direct factory price is a big scam in China. I've not seen that factories are doing foreign trade directly unless they are very big or the products are high value. Most factories are interested in trade with RMB and they do not understand banking instrument, like DC. And to ensure product quality and delivery time, someone should be following the product order everyday from China and preferably in Chinese. Now some factories /Trading companies hire English speaking personnels and the down side of this are they don't know about the product, nor they understand foreign trade. Just translate/interpret literally. So the best way to secure your product sourcing from China is to learn fluent Chinese and stay here to ensure quality and delivery. All other platforms are effective but might be 20-30% effective.

James Obino
James Obino 2 months ago

Please give me contact for textile industry that manufacturers "underwears and other panties to import into Kenya.

Joe Salgado
Joe Salgado 2 months ago

I always ask the sellers for their wechat or WhatsApp number and do video calls.

joy J
joy J 2 months ago

We are a furniture factory offering different kinds of small items of furniture ( such as office table, paintings table, coffee table,etc.) anyone who are in furniture field are welcome to contact for any furniture informations in China, I can offer my help also.

Angels_ Explorer
Angels_ Explorer 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing new subscriber here. #ofw from hongkong

Bernard Chu
Bernard Chu 2 months ago

Thank you worth subscribing

Steve0 007
Steve0 007 2 months ago

How do I import Fireworks from China?

Aslam Siddiqi
Aslam Siddiqi 2 months ago

Can you please identify a
Milk powder factory in China producing Full cream milk powder.

Aronda Jones
Aronda Jones 2 months ago

Is the itinerary in the 6 day mini course. I would also like information on coaching programs.

Iftekhar Hussain
Iftekhar Hussain 2 months ago

Dear brother, I'm in tyre business. How can I communicate directly with the manufacturer? Can you halp me regarding this?

Pandora DeMarco
Pandora DeMarco 2 months ago

Only a f**king traitor buys from China

brenda bwalya
brenda bwalya 2 months ago

I clicked for the course but no link coming

E Galindo
E Galindo 2 months ago

Thank you very much for the wonderful information

Mike Purewal
Mike Purewal 2 months ago

Very good video.

Ron Christensen
Ron Christensen 2 months ago

Your recommending Alibaba and I researched that and it has an f rating with a better Business bureau I don't know why you would recommend them I also bought five tool boxes from wish another Chinese vendor and out of all five I've got none of them I got one ranch each so they can claim it was delivered one wrench in the mailbox when I bought a $799 piece tool kit two of those and three others AliExpress I've had good luck but the shipping is usually double if not more than the item is itself it would be great if you had a tip or trick on how to get the cost of shipping down a little

rengeronig lnam
rengeronig lnam 2 months ago

. . . where's your itineraries you talk about in this episode . . . you talk too much . . . you're a bunch of bull . . .

joshua mutya
joshua mutya 2 months ago

wow. i subscribed. more videos please. this is what i want. very technical..

dmb 2 months ago

Alibaba is not that cheap. Looking at Samsung for example. They tend to charge around $1k for a phone.

JOE PHANTOM 2 months ago

Yeah, I'm going to spend a little more, and make my product in America! 🇺🇸

Shawn Phillips
Shawn Phillips 2 months ago


sexy mae
sexy mae 2 months ago

The lowest is not thing its the quality of the product Chinese product are not of the best quality.

BOlson69 2 months ago

No thanks. Don’t want to give the Commies any more money than I have to.

Sola Gesture.
Sola Gesture. 2 months ago

Does this apply to UK retailers?

Alexandra Laboy
Alexandra Laboy 2 months ago

Jest don’t do business with China. There a rip-off

Estas Magick
Estas Magick 2 months ago

Thank you so much!

Busvumani Manyande
Busvumani Manyande 2 months ago

Very informative, thank you big time.

Plotboi 2 months ago

I dont have time to fly to china

Morgan Bruz
Morgan Bruz 2 months ago

Warren Buffett once said "if you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you
will work until you die'.

Chandran Muthusamy
Chandran Muthusamy 2 months ago

China products wasted no quality

shun li
shun li 2 months ago

I'm in China, I can provide most help for you, you can try to chat with me, after all, it's free

Karen Champagnie
Karen Champagnie 2 months ago

Need shop number to buy gold plated jewelry earrings

Daniel Tamay
Daniel Tamay 2 months ago

Parts for sewing machine

T Burke
T Burke 2 months ago


Michelle Brown
Michelle Brown 2 months ago

Hello what's the best way to start trading because I have been making my personal research for a while now.

makuruwan fyre
makuruwan fyre 2 months ago

Want welding equipment.

Meredith Lynette
Meredith Lynette 2 months ago


RussTec Ltd Co
RussTec Ltd Co 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing!!!

Gurgen Hovhannisyan
Gurgen Hovhannisyan 2 months ago

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christer Kilamlilo
christer Kilamlilo 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing. I want to start that business but I have small capital. May you please communicate with other Tanzanians whom are buying from you so as we will be making order together if you have customers from Dar es Salaam Tanzania please help me.

ChumProReno C
ChumProReno C 2 months ago


Viksoss Services
Viksoss Services 2 months ago

So informative. I subscribe

Doug Lachman
Doug Lachman 2 months ago

Would be a great idea or 3 in good business trading times. Great quality video, well done. Thx

Doug Lachman
Doug Lachman 2 months ago

Why bother with chinas government attitude and lack of intillectual property

Puja Singh
Puja Singh 2 months ago

China has their own currency, why do they use dollars? This is not fair to poorer countries. Thank you a very informative video

Mick Balint
Mick Balint 2 months ago

If it's Chinese I don't care for it. Even if it was free. Stuff Chinese wholesalers. Boycott Boycott boycott

FC ralph
FC ralph 2 months ago

How come alibaba suppliers charge sample products and postage so expensive? I ask for one and they charge me $85 US for a 35g item?

GoWild Fit
GoWild Fit 2 months ago

I’m currently in Shenzhen and about launch a company here. Wondering about doing business

Lisa Smith
Lisa Smith 2 months ago

But the problem I seem to find is the shipping it huge costs in shipping

Rakhee Bhowan
Rakhee Bhowan 2 months ago

How can we speed up the delivery time? Specifically to South Africa

eulogio mangalus
eulogio mangalus 2 months ago

Well explained, thank you for sharing,god blessed

Ayoluchukwu Chike-Agube

Where can I find China jewelry

Adeeba Parvez
Adeeba Parvez 2 months ago

I am from india i need chaines sneakers shoes in bulk

K fly
K fly 2 months ago

Everything you're saying is exactly why you don't do business with China, lol, I do appreciate the honesty. I'm laughing because all the comments from people who feel they've found the holy grail to make 4x money. Instead though just listen to what he's saying, you are buying a head ache.

K fly
K fly 2 months ago

Nobody wants to buy from companies that don't respect patent laws and recreate high quality products using low quality parts. Sure they'll bring a solid item to trade shows but what you end up getting is a bunch of crap in a box. Have you ever ordered anything from WISH. You will WISH you never did. Just buy from cultures who respect the first contract.

Clark Ian Casiño
Clark Ian Casiño 2 months ago

Hello sir , i hope you can help me huhu i want to know what supplier liget and affordable on secondhand clothing 😔🙏

Supreme Sarnor
Supreme Sarnor 2 months ago

Thanks so much for this video, I been struggling to order A3 white inkjet printer from Alibaba until now omg!!....

Luke Hallo
Luke Hallo 2 months ago

I’m currently talking to a Chinese supplier for a bulk order for shoes but I’m not sure if I should trust it, I’m being told to pay through Western Union first which I’ve never heard off to them receive my order. Does anyone know if I should trust

nathan Gold
nathan Gold 2 months ago

How long chinese products would last bro