DIY Pull Tab Origami Envelope Card | Letter Folding Origami | birthday Card | Greeting Card


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Information DIY Pull Tab Origami Envelope Card | Letter Folding Origami | birthday Card | Greeting Card

Title : DIY Pull Tab Origami Envelope Card | Letter Folding Origami | birthday Card | Greeting Card

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Frames DIY Pull Tab Origami Envelope Card | Letter Folding Origami | birthday Card | Greeting Card

Description DIY Pull Tab Origami Envelope Card | Letter Folding Origami | birthday Card | Greeting Card

DIY Pull Tab Origami Envelope Card | Letter Folding Origami | birthday Card | Greeting Card

DIY Pull Tab Origami Envelope Card | Letter Folding Origami | birthday Card | Greeting Card

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Vaideesh Deshmukh
Vaideesh Deshmukh 2 months ago

good thinking by facedraw a very good diy i like it I have subscribed it

TH MD 2 months ago

i did not under stand how is he making ??

jacinth amber simbulan

It works thanks 🙂🙂🙂🙂

Nidhi Niyogi
Nidhi Niyogi 2 months ago

I gave this on my sister's birthday 🎂🎂

Study With Dhriti 🖼

Thank you my sister is so happy for this

Kasih Daria
Kasih Daria 2 months ago

Oo ilke this ty

Mridula Goswami
Mridula Goswami 2 months ago

I also love this idea I gave to my ba at her birthday.


Harshani Khan
Harshani Khan 2 months ago

Sooooooooo hard

LarryPrime 2 months ago

This is so awesome! it worked perfectly!

Reyansh Mishra
Reyansh Mishra 2 months ago


George Takikos
George Takikos 2 months ago

Works OMG it worked

Sathyavathi Eedunuri
Sathyavathi Eedunuri 2 months ago

Super l love it

Gacha.Burrunet_ 2 months ago

thanks for this, I needed something special for my dads birthday because we were self-isalating,thank you

Adel Fahmy
Adel Fahmy 2 months ago


Violet Games
Violet Games 2 months ago

Omg thanks for waisting my time

Wither6241 2 months ago


Swaayam Bhuva Sahoo
Swaayam Bhuva Sahoo 2 months ago

Nice card

FavoriteBanana 2 months ago

I spent a solid 15 minutes crying like “I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY ISN’T THIS ‘SUPER EASY TUTORIAL’ SUPER EASY!! And I got so upset I went to the comments to leave a bad one and then. “Fixed version link right here.”

love laugh play have fun

How do u put it back together?...

Kirthy Pramod Rajagopal

I love it I gave it to my mom ❤️❤️

Pete and Linda
Pete and Linda 2 months ago

Did you come up with this?

Aria_Flowers_ 2 months ago

I totally didnt have a mental break down and ripe my card for my grandma birthday up because i was mad :) totally

li yin
li yin 2 months ago

Imagine if you give this card to a random person, when they pull the card it broke😅🤣😂

Stacey ‘
Stacey ‘ 2 months ago

Thanks for the measurements 🤬

YouraDuck 2 months ago

Thank u for this It really helped
(I gave it to my dad for Father's day)

HEMA Rani 2 months ago


HEMA Rani 2 months ago

mu nani also get dead i miss him soo much 😢😢

Toca boca world
Toca boca world 2 months ago

Oh I love what I did

Ian Bansal
Ian Bansal 2 months ago

I love the idea I gave to my dad for Father’s Day

game 2 months ago

My Brother birthday 20/6/2021

Grim Gamer
Grim Gamer 2 months ago

My man is SO talented.

The gamer
The gamer 2 months ago

Much better

Zack Chen
Zack Chen 2 months ago

thanks this is the best card ever

Harshvardhan AND Kavya

Thanks my mom just surprised

Tim S
Tim S 2 months ago

Marabelle: I’ve made tons of these!! Thanks for making this video. My friend will love it!!

Kai Judex
Kai Judex 2 months ago

Oh, tysm for making this fixed version. I spent all night working on the drawing, then when I got to the folding part, i just gave up. And the next day was my friends birthday!

cohen wilton
cohen wilton 2 months ago

this is a perfect craft

Vandana Vandana
Vandana Vandana 2 months ago

I am prithish veer singh from class 4

Vandana Vandana
Vandana Vandana 2 months ago

I am making this for my dad because they work so hard that I can't express in words

¿What? 2 months ago

Im dping it for my friend birthday and its tmr! But mine is actualy pretty bad

Sukhee Choe
Sukhee Choe 2 months ago

My dads b-day is tomorrow

West Whistle
West Whistle 2 months ago

I doesn’t work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Ariana G. Lopez- V.
Ariana G. Lopez- V. 2 months ago

Does Anyone know the lengths of the paper?

Kookie's Euphoria ♡

My moms b-day is tommorow so i made it ..... Hope it goes well

Me Bearquinnomg
Me Bearquinnomg 2 months ago

This is great. Thank you

Khem chand Garg
Khem chand Garg 2 months ago

I am making this for my papa thank you for sending me this video

•Lazy_Dazyy yt•
•Lazy_Dazyy yt• 2 months ago

I can't understand a thing-

Pickle Juice
Pickle Juice 2 months ago

This craft is so bad, let me explain. When ever I pull the tab the whole craft rips apart.

Natasha Wu
Natasha Wu 2 months ago

The letter B looks like a D but it's ok

Xiaobo yang
Xiaobo yang 2 months ago

Yea no- My god how different does mine look ._.

DOOM Gaming
DOOM Gaming 2 months ago

today is my father birthday thank you for giving this video

Maazyaar Sinor
Maazyaar Sinor 2 months ago

I'm making this at 4am becoz my moms bday is tomorrow 😂
Anyone else relate

manisha raghuwanshi
manisha raghuwanshi 2 months ago


devadas.m muthu
devadas.m muthu 2 months ago

This is not working please help bro and comments

Jason Zhou
Jason Zhou 2 months ago

did anyone actually do this?

ASHISH GOPAN 2 months ago

POV: you are here from the first video

Sandeep Kaur
Sandeep Kaur 2 months ago

That is just perfect for a birthday or a Mother’s Day card

Bruqlixe 2 months ago

My Moms BD is in 4 days and she comes home from working In Covid! And she asked us to surprise her, but no one else is, so im trying to! 🙂

chakrapani pani
chakrapani pani 2 months ago

My dad birthday is may 30 and I'm going to do this card I love it my dad also will like it

stephanie4 955
stephanie4 955 2 months ago

Thanks it's my uncle's bday

mya lol
mya lol 2 months ago

i’m going to try making this for my best friend’s birthday tomorrow :))

Marcelek Laszczyk
Marcelek Laszczyk 2 months ago

thanks so much it was my grandmas birthday i gave it to her she was so happy!

Amber Wilson
Amber Wilson 2 months ago

Dear Ashley if you see this I love you lots and can't wait for you to marry my uncle (can I make the invitations because know how the wedding disaster fight was last time so I'll write NO DRUNK FIGHTING ALOUD BC ITS SOOO SCARY)

Nadia Uys
Nadia Uys 2 months ago

such a easy and great idea for birthdays

Kun Feng
Kun Feng 2 months ago

Because it’s my mum’s birthday

Kun Feng
Kun Feng 2 months ago

Doing this at 2am secretly so nobody knows

Chhabi Banerjee
Chhabi Banerjee 2 months ago

This is a trash art it is not working

العلم نور والجهل عار

Thank you for your effort and thank you for decorating the card

RC - 04VI 861248 Thorndale PS

Wow, it is very nice

Palani Mangai
Palani Mangai 2 months ago

I watch this video because tommorow is my brother's birthday thats why i watch this video.

MangaCollecterrr 2 months ago


Denniesz 2 months ago

Hi! ♥️ happy birthday to whoever your made this for! I love this idea and it’s sooo creative I hope you have subs soon! You deserve sooo much moreeee! Love youuu💜💜💜💜💜💜

Raffi Pirjanian
Raffi Pirjanian 2 months ago

my mom's birthday is tomorrow and the card is perfect!

Jessica :D
Jessica :D 2 months ago

Thank you

Sarah Haller
Sarah Haller 2 months ago

I'm having part problems with the part that is 1:10

Sarah Haller
Sarah Haller 2 months ago

This is so confusing

ibrahim khawar
ibrahim khawar 2 months ago

Thank you my mom loved it

Shourya 2 months ago

Thanks! i'll make it t my mom's birthday

Aysha Salim KV
Aysha Salim KV 2 months ago


Roxxcyツ 2 months ago

im making this for my grandma, shes in the hospital. it going to be a get well! card
Edit: y'all being so sweet, thank you
She got worse and it's like she is in a different world and is depressed😭😭

Gia Gentile
Gia Gentile 2 months ago

ive memerizsed all the steps and i make them all day and im nine

AB - 03SI 986014 Homestead PS

I am making it for my mom

Sona Javrani
Sona Javrani 2 months ago

It was good but it was very hard I can't make it..

Inshal Vlogs
Inshal Vlogs 2 months ago

It didn't work 😔😔😔😭😭😭😭 and tomorrow is my mother's birthday 😔😔😔

sekar Ish
sekar Ish 2 months ago

are u supposed to use a4 paper

Niamh Molloy
Niamh Molloy 2 months ago

If don’t work for me and it’s me own birthday

Tracy Allen
Tracy Allen 2 months ago

This is very cool and creative. It’s nice to see you do a video on somethings so simple and basically a lost art… Giving people something physical that you’ve created. Thanks for sharing🥳

Dhanraj Patil
Dhanraj Patil 2 months ago

you should be my greater brother

BiBi Saba
BiBi Saba 2 months ago

I will try dis on our principl's birthday

Saru P
Saru P 2 months ago

Very nice I love it I'm going to give this greeting card to my friend.

Louise Dovey
Louise Dovey 2 months ago


Cool stuff
Cool stuff 2 months ago


Emma Oh
Emma Oh 2 months ago

Thx for the fixed version

Kayla Sun
Kayla Sun 2 months ago

I’m just in grad 1so I’m cenfousd at the riding plas sorry for the bad spelling

Shridevi K.M
Shridevi K.M 2 months ago

I think my mom will like it

IICOZYXXWARMII ! 2 months ago

Now i get to send it to my crush that likes me back! THANKSSSSS

shrimanta subudhi
shrimanta subudhi 2 months ago

I hate it

gianna 2 months ago

ty lol ur other video, u like teleported for the pull tab. i was so confused lol