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Gazza Mercury
Gazza Mercury 2 months ago

just add sauce = to this n that aaaahaahaaa

Mary JLee
Mary JLee 2 months ago

Much Love Jamie 💕💕Keep cooking and keep inspiring us. Thank you 😘😘

grimTales1 2 months ago

When he puts the ribs back he says "Keep it at the same temperature, a hundred degrees" but the screen says 180 deg C??

Tyrone's and Jessica's Harley Davidson Breakout

fook off 8 hours no fooking way !

Mayor EB Farnum
Mayor EB Farnum 2 months ago

imagine if he posted this video today and thanked the lord for getting him out of the jumper, all of twitter would have come down on him for excluding non religious viewers, they would have called him a far right fascist and demanded an apology.

Frank Davis
Frank Davis 2 months ago

Jamie. That sticky sauce is so spicy. It could blow your socks off.

Tadeusz Wolniak
Tadeusz Wolniak 2 months ago

Jamie, this is the 3rd time I'm making these ribs. they are amazing! You are basically a master for me, whom I proudly follow!

nikoli barashnikov
nikoli barashnikov 2 months ago

Jamie we are not yanks, it is called Colslaw.

Doug Spizman
Doug Spizman 2 months ago


Stephan Jrbashyan
Stephan Jrbashyan 2 months ago

for my son's birthday, dined at your restaurant in London, for the new year, great place, very tasty, sorry that your restaurant was closed, undoubtedly the best chef ...

Darcy King
Darcy King 2 months ago

How to ruin beef ribs

Max Experiences
Max Experiences 2 months ago


Anne Bell
Anne Bell 2 months ago


Arnab Sarkar
Arnab Sarkar 2 months ago

Oliver : This is....
Waiting for him to say "Amazing".
Oliver : ...a showstopper.
Me: Okay :(

CrankieManx 2 months ago

Brilliant recipe ...but omg that jumper destroyed the ..😆

CastironSpoon 2 months ago

My sauce turned out crap haha

Milo 2 months ago

2015: nah

2016: lol no

2017: why tho

2018: NO

2019: still no

2020: lets put this in everyones recommended

MD ZAKIR SAUDAGAR 2 months ago

Wada pav in Chotu will be in chicken nugget coated with basen deep fried......Inshallah Alhamduallah.......

Crompo 2 months ago

Did they call him Oliver because of that much olive oil he uses !! 🤔😗

Monifa 360
Monifa 360 2 months ago

So delicious!! 💕

F Dc
F Dc 2 months ago


Farha Faisal
Farha Faisal 2 months ago

None of these ribs recipes compares to Gordon ramsays! His is practical, quick and extremely delicious! Never fails me!

Sarah Aschekowsky
Sarah Aschekowsky 2 months ago


Simeen Majid
Simeen Majid 2 months ago

Love all your beef recipes chef!

Chinta Noka
Chinta Noka 2 months ago

Why does he say keep the temperature and that is at 100c and then it says 180c xdddddddd

Tony Sangster
Tony Sangster 2 months ago

Brilliant recipe - as per usual - thank you Jamie Oliver, you've taught me to cook & my family really as in REALLY look forward to dinner time:)

Neil Boss
Neil Boss 2 months ago

I honestly thought the dill was grass

shade -iwnl-
shade -iwnl- 2 months ago

4:12 Without mixing that looks like a pile of nonesense haha

r n
r n 2 months ago

Eating this salad must be like eating a mouthful of mud

Antoinette Lamiri
Antoinette Lamiri 2 months ago

Excellent 👍

squange20 2 months ago

No, no, no. Jamie, I usually love your recipes, but why didn’t you add flavour like herbs, garlic, red wine, mustard, tomato purée, black pepper to the meat before cooking in the oven for 8 hours? Surely the meat will soak up all those flavours and the outcome will be a more enjoyable piece of meat?

Matthew Cooke
Matthew Cooke 2 months ago

It’s sinks 😂😂😂 put way to much veg in there jimmy

Fadi khaskie
Fadi khaskie 2 months ago

one of the best recipe in the world...creative like always

Vincenzo's Plate
Vincenzo's Plate 2 months ago

Beef ribs? Nothing's better

kings Norton LTD
kings Norton LTD 2 months ago

I'm cooking those ribs and I'm eating the whole rack. Not just 2.

Chantal Feraud
Chantal Feraud 2 months ago

Bonjour Jamie félicitations chef hum miam miam délicieuse recette

Keith Caruana
Keith Caruana 2 months ago

2:30 you say keep it at a 100 degrees, however the instructions that follow say 180 degrees, might want to fix that ;)

Steve Bradley
Steve Bradley 2 months ago

Think you need a bigger bowl. 😂

squange20 2 months ago


Orion6699 2 months ago

I think Im traumatized from that sweater....

razi rahmani
razi rahmani 2 months ago

Can anyone tell me why no chefs wash there meat before cooking,it looks so gross with all the blood in it

Joseph kirkpatrick
Joseph kirkpatrick 2 months ago

that was a shocking amount of kale

Eszter K.
Eszter K. 2 months ago

Jamie! The Hungarians use a "fast cooker" to cook meals like this! It's called Kukta! Try it!🙂😁

Maryam Moazami
Maryam Moazami 2 months ago

I am making it tomorrow and will update you about the results. I am so excited 😆

brandowag3 2 months ago

But is it beautiful.

jordan ibrahim
jordan ibrahim 2 months ago

wow , lovely thank u so much

Peter Gill
Peter Gill 2 months ago

Hi Jamie, I'd love to see you or Gennaro, do a vegetable risotto, using hard and soft vegetables :)

Peter Gill
Peter Gill 2 months ago

Hi Jamie, how about you and Gennaro coming and doing a Jamie cooks Australia, like you both did with your Jamie cooks Italy

Duncan McDermott
Duncan McDermott 2 months ago

He didn't brown the ribs

Imagine Dragonites
Imagine Dragonites 2 months ago

i would have put some garlic and herbs in with the roasting ribs during the first step

Cecilia Cheong
Cecilia Cheong 2 months ago

Im hungry....😭

vts S
vts S 2 months ago

One think i like about you, unlike any other chefs , jamie taste the food any time any part while cooking. Being original . Most of the chefs on tv show manners and doesnt even taste the food .

Mithyc 2 months ago

In Hong Kong there is a sauce that they sell that taste the same so if you live here then you get to cheat

Liam Hayes
Liam Hayes 2 months ago

You are putting to many shits in the food,how can somwbody eat something with that many flavors?

smashedlittlek 2 months ago

OMG Jamie yr christmas jumper is so mad!!!best ive ever seen..where can i find it???!!!

raul sully
raul sully 2 months ago

Amazing! The ribs look so tender.

Steve Bradley
Steve Bradley 2 months ago

Bigger bowl?

Slim Hifi
Slim Hifi 2 months ago

>>> I wanted a good crockpot that had a timer on it. Love that I can set whatever temp and time I want and then it automatically switches to warm once that time is up

M1 ESSENSE 2 months ago

I respect Jamie Oliver so mush for how he loves what he does 👍👍

Joe Bear
Joe Bear 2 months ago

Salt n pepper doesnt work all the time

Ana Livingston
Ana Livingston 2 months ago

Clever Jamie

scott gurney
scott gurney 2 months ago

what isnt the best recipe ever and what dont he love...

Shae Snell
Shae Snell 2 months ago

Jamie, My name is Shae from NZ. I've been watching you for along time, but this dish is especially simple yet elegant, and absolutely gorgeous. I threw in the portions with the best perspective I could without even really tasting along the way. I know I shouldn't, but I had the trust! and maybe partially a test ;) it all came together so picture perfect that my partner and I literally jumped for joy! Your idealism for nutritional wellbeing, culinary institutionalism, sustainability and ethical mentality is worthy of high accolade. and then you make that rustic, simple and accessible with big flavour! Kudos! Rant over, lets us Know next time you're in NZ and we'll take you out for some foraging. Chur

馮佳玲 2 months ago


SHOAIB SHAHID 2 months ago

U chef use ur hands in foods.. lovely feelings

Kirsten Downham
Kirsten Downham 2 months ago

Can we use pork ribs?

John Christie
John Christie 2 months ago

8 hours man

Dave Wygonowski
Dave Wygonowski 2 months ago

Might I recommend the New England, yankee, Cains brand of mayo. The best!!!

Angel Nico Sarino
Angel Nico Sarino 2 months ago


Yaman Shashaa
Yaman Shashaa 2 months ago

I thought he said "fourty spoons of mustard" not 4 teas haha

prix nallie
prix nallie 2 months ago

Am hosting people at a party wherei have been asked to cook pork and Jamie am so trying this at my aprty....thanks big fan

D P 2 months ago


yindraz 1000onga
yindraz 1000onga 2 months ago

Great recipe!

Shweta Sharma
Shweta Sharma 2 months ago

wow is anyone hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wanda Fonseca
Wanda Fonseca 2 months ago

Yum! Looks delicious. I will be making your short ribs.

signorina27 2 months ago

could I use this recipe for pork ribs?

Jeong Min Jang
Jeong Min Jang 2 months ago

I didn't know that can eat raw kale and beet root!

Melanie Paquin
Melanie Paquin 2 months ago

Takes a strong, sure man to wear that sweater!😀 Love you Jamie.

thom Anthony
thom Anthony 2 months ago

looks great love the "Naked Chef" Jamie your love passion desire and talent always shine through...thanks for sharing this delicious recipe. I actually made short ribs for Christmas this year!!

Ben Ferguson
Ben Ferguson 2 months ago

Note: Cooked this last night and the glaze burnt. Do not turn your oven up to 180 and put the ribs back in for 20 to 40 mins just leave it on 100. The text in the video needs to be updated.

Liz 2 months ago

wth who has time to make that slaw

Ovenbaked Cookie
Ovenbaked Cookie 2 months ago

I guess I have to sell my car to settle this month's power bill

Schwinn 2 months ago

He has rings on his fingers while rubbing the rib

Paul Moloney
Paul Moloney 2 months ago

Love the recipe, but who has that amount of time to have something in the oven, what is saved on food is now blown in gas or elec bills? cheers Paul.

WholeWizard 2 months ago

in the recipies what can we use instead of wine

Tom Ludlow
Tom Ludlow 2 months ago

Jamie, you never cease to amaze !
I defo gna try this 1, got the ribs already.


ARYAN 2 months ago

Don't cook please, u can't it.

luzmeri luna
luzmeri luna 2 months ago

Traducion? Ojala Jamie vea Mis comentarios y tradusca

唔熟唔食 Cook King Room

bloody helll !!! I am definitely making one this year ....!!!!

steven 2 months ago

Jamie Oliver’s most used sentences pls add
The best stock cube
Look at the colour

Lazarus Lynch
Lazarus Lynch 2 months ago

oh my goodness Jamie, I'm drooling!

Martin Pecina
Martin Pecina 2 months ago

There’s always much better option than ketchup—double concentrate tomato paste or a reduction of quality italian tinned tomatos.

Lorna Fran
Lorna Fran 2 months ago

Hellman's ketchup? Disappointed

Michael John
Michael John 2 months ago

Very good food

steve wenger
steve wenger 2 months ago

when i heard 8 hours oven i moved next recipe

D T 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing this excellent recipe. You are highly talented! I wish you much continued success.

Song Bird
Song Bird 2 months ago

Looks very good 😊

[email protected] 2 months ago

oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thomas Rogozik
Thomas Rogozik 2 months ago

OMG this recipe is incredible. My kids love it too. We just finish our meal. I didn't wait till Christmas to try it.

OtakuMe 2 months ago

''cabbage and kale make thyroids too fast''
-College humor skeleton

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