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Fairytale of New York (feat. Kirsty MacColl)

Fairytale of New York (feat. Kirsty MacColl)

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KRoss666 2 months ago

Its a sad story and that Irish sound, just accept it for it's artistic value, that's what is wrong with the world and why peace will never exist, people have become overly sensitive and less forgiving

Matthew Belamont
Matthew Belamont 2 months ago

Irish ☘️ Christmas

Gillian Kennedy
Gillian Kennedy 2 months ago

Rip Kirsty McColl your song lives on year after year, year after year. As long as this song gets played you will always live on. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

pops junior
pops junior 2 months ago

Could listen to that instrumental section at the end forever....truly beautiful song, the finest Xmas song of ALL

Dopeypoke 2 months ago

Get over it.

ian cook
ian cook 2 months ago

The only thing offensive is people crying its offensive.

catherine o'brien
catherine o'brien 2 months ago

It's 20yrs since Kirsty passed God rest her soul..It'd be fantastic to see this #1 for Christmas.

Brave Lion
Brave Lion 2 months ago

Merry christmas ya maggots!

Paul Keller
Paul Keller 2 months ago

RIP Kirsty, gone but never forgotten.

Phillip Haylor
Phillip Haylor 2 months ago

Hey you idiots who find this offensive ! Don't listen to it ! and get a life ! This is Xmas !

Katie Johnston
Katie Johnston 2 months ago

Brillient! Except for the french!

Kai 2 months ago

I'm nonbinary and bisexual, I have no problem with this song <3
Just don't have any straggots (straights) thinking its ok to make NEW music with that word in it

Marcia Thomason
Marcia Thomason 2 months ago

Where is SHE..? Where is Kirsty? take this down or put up a video or picture with her

robert gray
robert gray 2 months ago

Outstanding musicians

Gillian Kennedy
Gillian Kennedy 2 months ago

So happy Christmas,,,,
Hopefully we will all see a better time soon,,,,
And maybe all our wishes will come true. Merry Christmas. One and all. ❤️

Ben Thornton
Ben Thornton 2 months ago

400 th

Clyde D'Souza
Clyde D'Souza 2 months ago

Love this song

Sarah Pennington
Sarah Pennington 2 months ago

The best Christmas song ever

Ross Luke
Ross Luke 2 months ago

Best xmas song. Leave the song as it should be and stop the radio edits

WL21 2 months ago

Funny how the people who get offended aren't commenting on here. Probably cuz they know they're wrong and would get shut down. I say grow up and leave this timeless classic alone.

Anxious Celestia
Anxious Celestia 2 months ago

I'm gay and I'm not offended by this, I can understand why people would be but 1) It's too late to do anything now and 2) It's honestly not the same when it's censored. If you find it offensive, don't listen to it. It's not that hard

Katie Johnston
Katie Johnston 2 months ago

Very good! Apart from the french

Katie Johnston
Katie Johnston 2 months ago

Brillient! Except for the swearing!

hayley smith
hayley smith 2 months ago

Christmas has officially started for me

kevin ska'd 4 life
kevin ska'd 4 life 2 months ago

The Xmas Anthem for the people

TheJeenbeen 2 months ago

P.S. i love you ❤

Carl Owston
Carl Owston 2 months ago

John Thompson Wiltshire police get back Carl o

kitty lynch
kitty lynch 2 months ago

I love this song because it was the first time Id listened to a song that didn't IDEALISE Christmas. And I thank the songwriters for that. I know what the words mean many things to many people.

Jessy Sulu
Jessy Sulu 2 months ago

Karen WOKE, keep your hands off this one.

Christopher James Long

I am just thinking about our crissy mc crawl I hope we never forget about the amazing talent she o

Peter Close
Peter Close 2 months ago

Best xmas song ever

MrYendor112 2 months ago

Because of people and there extreme views about this song I listened to it for the first time.
Its officially my new favorite Christmas song and i can't get enough.
Thanks stupid people for bringing such an awesome song into my life.

stefan. Lion
stefan. Lion 2 months ago

Merry Christmas 2020 and we love our snow but not the snowflakes , Boo too you , this song is gold .

Lilpotatoz rcool
Lilpotatoz rcool 2 months ago

Radio: Sorry we can't play this song it's offensive. Now for WAP, enjoy!

(not original)

Ian Wheatley
Ian Wheatley 2 months ago

Best song should be played all over Christmas

Ivan Amassivedump
Ivan Amassivedump 2 months ago

Stick this tune up your arse.

Charlie Max Music
Charlie Max Music 2 months ago


Andrew Shenton
Andrew Shenton 2 months ago

Best song ever

Noni Peters
Noni Peters 2 months ago

Come on guys. We've gotta get this to No 1 !

emily the zeldafan
emily the zeldafan 2 months ago

I'm a 2004 girl (meaning I was born then) like I've seen some people say they are in the comments, and I absolutely hate my generation some days, I'm also in my worst mental health state for a LONG time today, and blasting this song from my bedroom and seeing some people are still sane helps
also I got a good chuckle out of some of the comments

Deena Watts
Deena Watts 2 months ago

I'm old and very liberal and I adore this song.

Padawan 2 months ago

i don't see any offensive comments..

Games 4 Dummies
Games 4 Dummies 2 months ago

This song is pretty pog

Joe Neutrino
Joe Neutrino 2 months ago

Censorship is the death of culture.

Richard Perry
Richard Perry 2 months ago

fantastic reminds me of lovely Christmases in Lincoln

WATP1872 Grants
WATP1872 Grants 2 months ago

They say it's offensive... I say play it daily to piss them off.

chrismoff17 2 months ago

New Christmas song. x www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrPhQRel6FA

gm1003 2 months ago

Ah my favorite band, the pogs

lily 2 months ago

One of the best Christmas songs

Lisa Bowman
Lisa Bowman 2 months ago

Listening 2020

Be Happy
Be Happy 2 months ago

i would love to hold the hand of people from around the world all singing this at the same time,, unknown to some all clicking on this song,,, i love you all

Mikey Pye
Mikey Pye 2 months ago

as a gay guy i love this song, and i dont think it should be banned. at the time, that word actually means lazy as Irish slang soo it should be played

Bearded Brian Is Jesus reborn

It's not Christmas until Kirsty's part comes on and your dad goes 'did you know she died in a boat accident!'. It's a fact.

Kaylee Dick
Kaylee Dick 2 months ago

Happy Christmas 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

Helen Corrie
Helen Corrie 2 months ago

Peppa pig

Kaylee Dick
Kaylee Dick 2 months ago

Brilliant song😃😃😃😃😃😃

сем маленькіх цытрын

theres more poeople triggered about snowflakes than people offended by the song lmao, great ass song and i dont even celibrate christmas!

Chris Evans
Chris Evans 2 months ago

Christmas blessings and love to everyone watching in December 2020.🎄🎀❄

Old Sport
Old Sport 2 months ago

I fucking love this song it's the best

TheSenatrix 2 months ago

This is up there with Happy Xmas (War Is Over), it's a great tune. Nobody cares about you being professionally offended. It's a great tune regardless.

Cxrmxn V
Cxrmxn V 2 months ago


Cindy Mckee
Cindy Mckee 2 months ago

Pogue. And Kristy MacColl.

Adam Meek
Adam Meek 2 months ago

Happy Xmas!

Adam Parkin
Adam Parkin 2 months ago

From me and the people who love this song, to the people who find this song offensive. Get over yourselves. :)

Kevin Bernard
Kevin Bernard 2 months ago

Best Xmas song ever what anybody says .. this is the DADDY of all Xmas tunes 👌

ST3VIΞ RICHI3 2 months ago

Welp, christmas has officially started for me.

belfastwildchild 2 months ago

Brilliant Irish tradition even in Belfast

Newbie Artist
Newbie Artist 2 months ago

At a young age,
I remember this song

Adj Cheeseball
Adj Cheeseball 2 months ago

Who is here after BBC radio 1 censored a word from this song


Happy Holydays! 🎄🎄🎄

Bibbi K-sson
Bibbi K-sson 2 months ago

Best Christmas song ever!!!👍👍👍👍👍🤧😽⛄☃️

Kopf Los
Kopf Los 2 months ago


priceoffame 2 months ago

My favorite Christmas song. And I only discovered it a few years ago. Fell instantly in love.

Unknown user
Unknown user 2 months ago

I don’t get how this song is offensive there’s nothing wrong with this song

judy Pearson
judy Pearson 2 months ago

The best....unedited of course!! Actually our wedding song 💞

wayne delaporte
wayne delaporte 2 months ago

im one of those....and we fucking love this song.dont bother us.!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS

MrCossieboy86 2 months ago

you have

Nick Turner
Nick Turner 2 months ago

Amazing god bless kirsty God bless the pogues 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

Carol Connell
Carol Connell 2 months ago

Best Christmas song EVER

Alva Buck
Alva Buck 2 months ago

Always been my favourite song. Remember listening each Christmas party in the early 90s. ❤

bernard brock
bernard brock 2 months ago

If you people out there, [yes you know who you are] , have a problem with this brilliant song ,its very simple , don't friggen listen.

ragini mahajan
ragini mahajan 2 months ago

Here from Dash and Lily

anthony hubbard
anthony hubbard 2 months ago

Sick and tired of all the politically correct shite in the world today - over all of it big time. Tiocfaidh sé seo ar ais chun iad go léir a ghabháil!

Thomas Bold
Thomas Bold 2 months ago

Nice, its not censured

Liam Yardley
Liam Yardley 2 months ago

One of my favourite best Christmas songs❤️ 👍

tony lawlor
tony lawlor 2 months ago

I'ts xmas every day in heaven, ask Monty Python.

Tom Hall
Tom Hall 2 months ago

I listen to this all yr round quality song

Malcolm Preston-Green

no need to change anything,still is a great song


The soundtrack of every Irish Christmas dinner

William Nicholson
William Nicholson 2 months ago

02:20 BBC, hope it's yer last!

Im not your Mom
Im not your Mom 2 months ago

Always been my favourite song. Remember listening each Christmas party in the early 90s. ❤

Mike V
Mike V 2 months ago

Remember when you hear the censored version from here on in...YOU voted the left wing fascists who made this awful decision into power....freedom...something to think about during the Holiday's

Rachel Clark
Rachel Clark 2 months ago

Since 2020 stucks and they not playing this tune this Xmas, im gonna be here playing it, thank god for youtube

Peter Jason Ello
Peter Jason Ello 2 months ago

(Netflix Series) Dash and Lily came me here! 💖

Chris Evans
Chris Evans 2 months ago

This song i🎶s an absolute festive belter, .......a perfect mix of sentiment, warmth , charm and nostalgia,........and with a generous sprinkling of roguish Irish grit,. thrown in for good measure,.....love it,..❄🎶🎄

Lauren Hoskins
Lauren Hoskins 2 months ago

Even as a retail worker I will never get tired of this song despite the Christmas hell of repeat cds

Philip Blake
Philip Blake 2 months ago

Sincerely hope all the downvotes are because this one-hit wonder is one of the crappest songs of all time, complete with annoying and mediocre vocals, rather than being offended by a few words. It should be allowed to stand in all it's original trashyness. Nothing worse than music being judged on snowflake grounds rather than the actual music.

pops junior
pops junior 2 months ago

The only Christmas song that I can actually listen to...beautiful

Jammylime 2 months ago

What a wonderful song! bloody belter

Malcolm Preston-Green

Snow flakes should be banned, one of the greatest songs, Great tribute to the sad loss of Kirsty McColl