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Kesha Stewart
Kesha Stewart 2 months ago

So this is the racist chic. Julie. Wow what can I say. She seems like the type of person that would call the police if she saw a black guy walking in her neighborhood

Wedge Antilles
Wedge Antilles 2 months ago

That racist skank.

Sonia Jackson
Sonia Jackson 2 months ago

Can’t stand this woman... what a mess

Jiya Bedi
Jiya Bedi 2 months ago

I HATE Julie Plec as she ruined Bonnie’s character and treats Kat Graham like crap as she didn’t listen to her ideas and didn’t let Bamon get together oh and btw Julie Plec wanted to fire Kat Graham as she wanted Bonnie gone and why does Bonnie have to have SHIT storylines and save all the other characters #JusticeforBonnieBennett!!!!!!!

Jotjotzzz S
Jotjotzzz S 2 months ago

She's racist as fuck!! Cancel her now!!!!!

L Lambert
L Lambert 2 months ago

i get bad vibes from julie

Niko the weeb
Niko the weeb 2 months ago

Fun fact: the actor for matt donovan originally auditioned for damon, the reason why matt wasnt killed off was because him and julie were dating, Julie Plec is actually racist, and wanted to completely kill bonnie off but ian said that if bonnie dies then he will quit the series, so SHE MAKES MY BLOOD BOIL

Myley Hubbard
Myley Hubbard 2 months ago

What about Bonkai?😭🧁

ηαєуα вαву
ηαєуα вαву 2 months ago

Julie Plec Ogre ass is racist. She wasn't gon let Bonnie be happy. Especially with Damon, she's a fool

Tamara Antoine
Tamara Antoine 2 months ago

Julie you suck there was way more to Bonnie and Damon's relationship. You are a moron.

RUTHLESS OG 2 months ago

Idk why this new writer speaking bout bamon knowing she don't even want them together.. Like her whole vibe is off..when she speaks about them she looks uninterested.. But she praises the toxicity that delena has.. Like literally bamon relationship has so much passion,love etc.. Whereas delena has so much confusion.. The reason i say you can tell bamon was meant to be was because u can tell the reason why damon wanted to be disected w.e the word was it was because he realised he loved bonnie and his love for her was growing stronger..remember guys damon haven't felt real love and that was what bonnie gave real fuckin love💗.. So yeah he ran away from his love for bonnie.. Because he didnt want to hurt bitchy elena feelings.. But the thing is if damon knew elena knew he loved bonnie.. Then bamom would have happened.. But it seems julie loves toxic relationships..
Alsoooo its in the show where elena is sitting at the table talking to matt.. Saying "damon likes/loves bonnie..
Whats even sadder is that katherine saw the love between bamon then she did with delena.. Like she literally told damon he is head over heels inlove with bonnie.. Even crazy kai told him.

K. B.
K. B. 2 months ago

This bitch

Andrea Morales
Andrea Morales 2 months ago

Is she really racist? I've already read tons of articles with evidence but... I really don't want to believe it. But once you think about it.. Bonnie doesn't have many love interests throughout the series and Plec's excuse is that in the case of Kol is that he's a murderous vampire.. But what about Elena and ripper Stefan? Or Damon? Or even Klaus and Caroline? Tell me I'm mistaken, Plec.

Tamieka Coleman
Tamieka Coleman 2 months ago

Julie avoided the question about a bamon future...she just mentioned "cementing" a friendship.  We all know that the best relationships start out from great friendships so I can totally see bamon getting together at some point.  GO TEAM BAMON! 

Bruna P.
Bruna P. 2 months ago

DON'T PLAY WITH ME JULIE PLEC. If you're not gonna give me bamon, at least give selfish Bonnie!

Also, to all the pressed DE fans: don't worry, even if Bamon is not romantically canon, their five episodes together were still better developed than three entire seasons of DE. Plus, Ian thinks Bonnie is the healthier choice. Bye.

Thay타이 2 months ago

Bamon - friends, Kai and Bonnie- romance #Bonkai. 

Katiana Montenegro
Katiana Montenegro 2 months ago

Wait, I thought season 6 was their last season? Did I just hear, next season?

twbaldwi 2 months ago

I liked that second interviewers question, because Bonnie has been out there for so long with nothing solid other than the fact that she consistently loses everything, or goes missing for most of the season. They write the character as the equivalent to South Park's Kenny,and like a naive middle school goer sometimes who lives by the motto of "friends forever always will be there"(borrowed that from Saved by the Bell).  She seems to live by that motto regardless even if "friends"  show her they don't give two shits about her, but she will still be there.  Whatever the case, we know that at some point in the season she will be near death sacrificing herself, or will die and come back to life just to do it again, or in this season stuck in solitary confinement. I just don't think they want to write for the character and just keep Bonnie around to amuse themselves, or to keep the ratings that Kat Graham fans contribute.  I've personally thought that they laugh at the fans who are actually rooting for, and interested in the character growing and experiencing other relationships that ring truer to the woman she is. Seasons ago Bonnie should actually understand what's going on around her, other than just existing as the help. I gave up on Bonnie having equal footing with those whom call them self her "best friend" long ago I will catch her on YT though to see if anything changes, but it's hard to see the tease of  things being different, but by the end the same old, same old it's hard to see that she's just stuck and only the writers can change that, but it's gonna take a miracle for that to happen.  Also, in this season it's ridiculous how long they've had Bonnie stuck in 1994, the fact that she's isolated with no one, and no place to go speaks volumes. The actress who plays Bonnie is really good and she's really beautiful and I've felt for a long time she deserves better.  I understand being grateful for the work, but hopefully she is auditioning for other things because I would love to see her on a show, or in film where the writers actually aren't afraid to give her as much of a chance to shine as others get and actually develop her character.

Dutty Winehouse
Dutty Winehouse 2 months ago

Bonnie has been a long time coming. This is the only direction I'm interested in for this show to take. There is SO MUCH that can be done for her, character-development-wise AND her love life especially with the way she has been neglected since the beginning of this show. They really need to explore this theme of her character silently coming into her own & into someone no one would ever imagine, and I dont mean just making her bad & then making her good again. There is so much depth to Bonnie, which we need especially now that we already know the other major characters inside & out and we only know her as the loyal martyr witch, there are not many sides to her that we've seen. I mean she should be a very complex teen by now after all she's been through. There were so many times I've seen opportunities for her character to be a force in this show &  I've always wondered why they've always just brushed her off. I hope this is what it was leading up to and that they will redeem themselves.

xVanillaDotsx 2 months ago

Finally! I always thought it unfair for Bonnie to sacrifice herself over and over again all the time, with no one bothering to even thank her for her efforts. I love Bamon, and I would be so happy if they happened as a couple, but If they don't, well, I'll know it won't be because of lack of potential, but because of the writers and the pressure to please Delena fans. But what's even more important is that Bonnie will finally put herself first! That's all I ask for at this point. And also, I think she would make an awesome adittion to The Originals ;) (but not to be used by the Mikaelson family of course, wouldn't want her to turn into the New Orleans fix-everything witch, she has fixed enough things in Mystic Falls already).

cherylle Johnson
cherylle Johnson 2 months ago

I am confused. When JP said in another interview that "you never know" how Bonnie and Damon's relationship will progress where does one get the idea that they will simply remain friends? Plec said getting them to the point of not hating each other was the first hurdle....what are the other hurdles outside of friendship?

EmilyDiCaprio17 2 months ago

At this point I just want BonKai. Please JP... they have so much chemistry unlike Beremy. Beremy is cute, I admit it, but Bonnie and Kai sizzle when they are together

jtbaby14 2 months ago

Has Julie been rereading the vampire diaries books? Will she finally give Bonnie a better storyline? Will we get human Elena back? Will Stelena and Bamon  LJ Smith original endgames show up this season or next?

naimasophie 2 months ago

to everyone who think bonnie would never do that to elena HUM CAROLINE IS IN LOVE WITH STEFAN REMEMBER
there is absolutely no reasons for bamon to not happen other than Julie being a delena shipper. All your excuses are completely dumb and are invalid considering everything that happened in the show. Klaroline came out of nowhere even if caroline was with tyler REMEMBER ?

serenity0324 2 months ago

Yeah we understand that you gotta pacify the Dullena tweens and fangirls first and the ratings even if the story line doesn't make sense and that "toxilationship" isn't the healthiest for Damon, no worries Julie. I know you and Dries are not as daring as writers :)

mo 2 months ago

Yay! Happy that we are going to see a more self preserving bonnie when she comes back. This is what I've been waiting for since season 3. I'm so sick of bonnie saving gilbert and co without giving a damn about herself. It screams the racist mammy trope.

I'm also feeling what she said about bonnie and Damon's relationship. Notice that she didn't shut it down. And like people were saying below you know what happens when a guy and a girl start being "friends" on this show.

JoRachelle79 2 months ago

Yay! Bamon time. Bonnie & Damon are awesome together (this has been my 'ship since 1992 with the book characters). As long as Dullena stops I'm good. Really, what girl bounces from brother to brother? That always irked me.

VampireBeautys 2 months ago

Lmao at all the SE'rs who thought or still think Bamon is going to happen romantically, you're choosing the wrong ships yo

TheDomiww 2 months ago

lmao I freaking knew Bamon would never develop into anything romantic. I adore their friendship, I wanted it to happen since forever, but other than that If they ever were together It would be so awkward, weird and OCC.
They have no romantic feelings to each other whatsover. And are you even really that delusional to think Bonnie could do that to her best friend? Other than that, Damon loves Elena, he will only ever love her. He will always put her above everyone else, including himself. It's obvious they're gonna end up together sooner or later. I'm glad JP finally cleared things up.

Wood Stock
Wood Stock 2 months ago

Well it was about time! Go Bon Bon!

Hydro Knight
Hydro Knight 2 months ago

The biggest thing I'm happy about in this interview is that Julie recognizes that Bonnie needs to learn to put herself first sometimes! I'm excited to see the change in Bonnie when she returns. I'm also glad that the bond between Bonnie and Damon will continue to grow!

SuperWahinetoa 2 months ago

Thrilled about Bamon, their relationship is the best thing about this show. Healthy, as Ian said b4. More so that she's putting herself first, because her sacrifices are far beyond all put together. 

Dilara Tayyare
Dilara Tayyare 2 months ago

Thank god Julie said that when she comes back they'll be only friends... After 6 season of seeing how much Damon loves Elena him falling for somebody else in 1,5 season wouldn't be realistic at all. Also even when they apart TVD's story is still Damon and Elena's love story (Caroline Dries words) and in season 6 they keep showing this to us and hopefully when they creating new memories and fall in love it all over again Elena will also remember their love and Delena can finally have their happily ever after and us Delena fans finally can watch their happines in season 7 (also final season).

Jamiela Box
Jamiela Box 2 months ago

I'm happy that bonnie is finally putting herself first. That's all I ever wanted from her. To stop bending over backwards for people who barely do things for her. And the bamon friendship still continuing after she gets back is another plus.

ISHQ LOV 2 months ago

I like Bomon's friendship but somehow I feel they could make a great relationship together. And it would be another great love triangle, Im feeling bored with the eternal lov triangle with Elena always stuck between the two guys. I think Delena could have a great sexual relationship but meaningful?.. I dont think so

Alysha Neyho
Alysha Neyho 2 months ago

Girls don't need boys, girls needs Bamon to happen on a romantic way and Bonnie to put herself first.

beangelic1000 2 months ago

So, the good news is that once Bonnie does return, the bond that they set up between her and Damon is going to continue in the real world, so by cementing that friendship we are left in no doubt that these two are now close friends, and we know what that means on TVD.  The scriptwriters always build the friendship first, then create the romance.  And as Ian pointed out, Bonnie is the heathy choice for Damon.....  And as he also stated in his interview, some of the changes we'll see in Damon in regards to the type of choices that he makes is all down to Bonnie.

VernaLove 2 months ago

OMG I'm super excited. That friendship is going to transform into something more :D Watch! and Bonnie is gonna go through some changes. I love it. I can't wait.

Maribella Ana Armato
Maribella Ana Armato 2 months ago

Julie is the queen. #Delena idk how I feel about Bonnie I don't believe a word i have to see it I'm sure she's going to be MIA for like 6 episodes then come back out of nowhere?