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sugandh sharma
sugandh sharma 2 months ago

now I know how strong voldemort really is!

Son Uzumaki Ichigo ꕶⵡⵊ

Nevill defeated last horcrux/Voldemort but Harry gets the frag.

Onyxmax 2 months ago

If I was in Harry position, I would kick his nuts, grab the wand bite him in the ear, and then use crucio, and then stupefy him off of hogwarts. Then I would go to the snake and kill it using avadakedavra

clark kent matuguina
clark kent matuguina 2 months ago

Wow its been ten years

Ellprimo Jorge 26BS
Ellprimo Jorge 26BS 2 months ago

𝕀 𝕝𝕠𝕧𝕖 𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕤 𝕓𝕒𝕥𝕥𝕝𝕖༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ

JustAnOrdinaryGamer 2 months ago

I love how neville never gets noticed or gets any credit for litterlaly saving the day

Lucas Phillips
Lucas Phillips 2 months ago

if anybody didnt know harry is a horcrux

Nile Horuseus
Nile Horuseus 2 months ago

Imagine if this fight took an hour

Nile Horuseus
Nile Horuseus 2 months ago

Victory for Harry

Risha Karundeng
Risha Karundeng 2 months ago

Good harry

Petr Svítil
Petr Svítil 2 months ago

death eater flying ability active

MAD4366 2 months ago

albus potter vs Voldemort riddle.

Morgan Conroy
Morgan Conroy 2 months ago

Go harry potter

Steven Lenz
Steven Lenz 2 months ago

0:34 NERD

Revenant Emperor
Revenant Emperor 2 months ago

Thanos went out the same way they were good villians.

Donut Lord
Donut Lord 2 months ago

Hermione: yOu CaNt JuSt ApPaRaTe On ThE sChOoL gRoUnDs!

BaLLy 4Real
BaLLy 4Real 2 months ago

How the hell did his glasses not fall off

Chris Afton
Chris Afton 2 months ago


Warven Yara
Warven Yara 2 months ago

Thanos did the snap in the end 😂

GAMMER FEEL 2 months ago

Voldemort's Revenge (DISMISSED!)

Elijah Keena
Elijah Keena 2 months ago

The final battle has begun

JoeyIsHere 2 months ago

Dont understand why Harry never use Avada Kervarada?

Tajpreet Dhaliwal
Tajpreet Dhaliwal 2 months ago

btw harry was one of the horcruxes

Aldrenz Magat
Aldrenz Magat 2 months ago

5:01 thanos snaps

detective conan the among us detective

I wath that and i imagine i playing than and i siad oh shit im dying get up hahahaha

Lis Tomarry
Lis Tomarry 2 months ago

I swear I almost saw a kiss being formed

Matteo 2 months ago

all this video is wrong! Voldemort does not weaken with the destruction of his Horcruxes, his powers are not affected but remain intact

SoK1 2 months ago

2:58 most disgusting part

nancy ann lawrence
nancy ann lawrence 2 months ago

Voldemort will return in 2035

ehawhar 2 months ago

Moldevort, Moldevort, ooh moldy, moldy, moldy, Moldevort

Ian Curnow
Ian Curnow 2 months ago

How creepy is Voldemort he killed Harry potters parents

HoZ 2 months ago

Lamest fight scene ever

Angelika pokemon
Angelika pokemon 2 months ago



Like voldemort did so obvious horcruxes like if i would be voldemort I'd make like a idk grass some piece of stone some wooden door like who would think that's the way how to defeat me voldemort was just soo dumb

Reid Mulligan
Reid Mulligan 2 months ago

1:59 why doesn’t Voldemort kill Harry there he clearly can’t defend himself in that position, if I was Voldemort I would’ve won very easily

P. I. R. A
P. I. R. A 2 months ago

2:01 hahaha

E 2 months ago

voldemort would've won this war with his wand. in the end it's all because of the little but important details he missed.

Julian Villarreal
Julian Villarreal 2 months ago

Even Though I’m not a Fan of the Enemies, I Wish Voldemort Didn’t Have To Die He Harry and Dumbledore are My Favorite Characters For the Harry Potter Movies.

Julian Villarreal
Julian Villarreal 2 months ago

How Is Harry One Of the Horcruxes If He’s An Ally while Voldemort Is An Enemy?

Julian Villarreal
Julian Villarreal 2 months ago

That’s What Voldemort Gets For Killing Snape Although He Deserved To Die Because He Killed Dumbledore.

Price Moore
Price Moore 2 months ago

Elio Sejano I love this video

James Cristopher
James Cristopher 2 months ago

Hahahahaha XD

BDub_30 2 months ago

5:07 when the guy who kills you in fortnite is at 1 health

Đanu Hoàng
Đanu Hoàng 2 months ago

2:59 harry potter give Voldemort laugh

Julian Villarreal
Julian Villarreal 2 months ago

0:35 How Did Neville Not Lose All Of His Health?

Julian Villarreal
Julian Villarreal 2 months ago

Does Anybody Know Why They Made Voldemort Look Like a Snake Since He Doesn’t Have a Nose 👃?

Julian Villarreal
Julian Villarreal 2 months ago

Are Harry and Dumbledore the Only Ones who Call Voldemort By His Real Name Tom?

Simon Ghost Riley
Simon Ghost Riley 2 months ago

I wish Voldemort did not have to die

Marcus Blacknell-Andrews

Now this is what I call a final game

Stephen Luke
Stephen Luke 2 months ago

Every villain in the final they always die.

Stephen Luke
Stephen Luke 2 months ago

In real life if you behead a snake then it will live until a few hours.

Stephen Luke
Stephen Luke 2 months ago

Yes kill the snake!!!!! Because I hate snakes, I hate them!!!!!

Stephen Luke
Stephen Luke 2 months ago

Ron used a curse spell for the first time on a snake but missed.

Stephen Luke
Stephen Luke 2 months ago

I’m seeing a few dead students who died prior to the final battle.

grand master Oliver Thompson fortnight

When the snake died Voldemort was allredy getting destroyed

grand master Oliver Thompson fortnight

If the snake is killed then Voldemort s powers get weaker

JxmiePlayZ 2 months ago

Voldemort died because of the snake did! Fact

Yolanda Guadalupe
Yolanda Guadalupe 2 months ago

This is harry potter s revenge on voldemore cause voldemore killed harry potters parents

Yolanda Guadalupe
Yolanda Guadalupe 2 months ago

Harry potter wins voldemore you lose harry potter wins

Filip Teow
Filip Teow 2 months ago

Voldemort is nothing without his horcruxes.

Julian Villarreal
Julian Villarreal 2 months ago

Harry’s Revenge Is Complete.

ST2DGP 2 months ago

Get rest Voldemort 🥛Go drink some milk

Nuclear Gamer
Nuclear Gamer 2 months ago


Julian Villarreal
Julian Villarreal 2 months ago

Voldemort Should’ve Known That Harry Was One Of the Horcruxs.

Antonio, -onis, m
Antonio, -onis, m 2 months ago

Ahahaha this was epic

Julian Villarreal
Julian Villarreal 2 months ago

What Does Death Eater Flying Ability Mean?

Julian Villarreal
Julian Villarreal 2 months ago

5:06 Harry Wins.

Julian Villarreal
Julian Villarreal 2 months ago

0:02 Fight!!!

Poe Wolf
Poe Wolf 2 months ago

It was voldemorts spell that killed him when the elder wand backfired on him

Jake Bastian
Jake Bastian 2 months ago

As I understood it in the book, Voldemort wasn't disarmed by the disarming spell; it was the collision of the two beams that forced the Elder Wand out of Voldemort's hand. Can someone check the text to confirm if I'm right or not?

“Avada Kedavra!”
The bang was like a cannon blast, and the golden flames that erupted between them, at the dead center of the circle they had been treading, marked the point where the spells collided. Harry saw Voldemort’s green jet meet his own spell, saw the Elder Wand fly high, dark against the sunrise, spinning across the enchanted ceiling like the head of Nagini, spinning through the air toward the master it would not kill, who had come to take full possession of it at last. And Harry, with the unerring skill of the Seeker, caught the wand in his free hand as Voldemort fell backward, arms splayed, the slit pupils of the scarlet eyes rolling upward."

Jonathan Alexander
Jonathan Alexander 2 months ago

Could you please do a healthbars video like ed edd n eddy season 1 episode 1 please

Pain 2 months ago

Hey man, when will you do dotm for ds?

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