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S Cor
S Cor 2 months ago

Only been there in winter. Every year Xmas break w/ my parents. It’s equally as beautiful in the summer. I love quaint little 🌳 ❤️🌸

Corey Chambers
Corey Chambers 2 months ago

Socialist Republic of Aspen looks pretty good -- except it's lacking diversity, and has plenty of cracks in the foundation.

Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar 2 months ago

@Devise Travels : Which camera do you use? Very nice quality!!

Annalisa Niccolai
Annalisa Niccolai 2 months ago

Che luogo magico! 😍

S Araiz
S Araiz 2 months ago

Just beautiful!

GSMMAKEIT3 2 months ago

Hi, I need a tour guide. Do you give tours? Please be kind to respond. Thx :-)

do_ it
do_ it 2 months ago

아름다운 파라다이스군...

The 1101 Experiment
The 1101 Experiment 2 months ago

I lived there 2008-2013 I played music on the mall, lived at the base of Ajax, hiked most days and biked all over town idyllic summers nobody used air conditioning rainbows every few days

camer Obscura
camer Obscura 2 months ago

Amazing, it really feels like I'm there with you. Great image quality too. Thanks a lot bud

Colorado Cowgirl
Colorado Cowgirl 2 months ago

Aspen use to be just another Colorado mountain town in the days until the Celebrities took it over and now you can’t even afford to go there unless your a millionaire :(

Margarita Garcia
Margarita Garcia 2 months ago

Omg omg I love it my next summer I wanna go

cynthia ramirez
cynthia ramirez 2 months ago

Gracias por el video muy bonito Aspen ..te felicito y sube más vídeos como este caminando gracias

Wilson Nixon
Wilson Nixon 2 months ago

Thanks for the video!!! That was awesome.

Don 2 months ago

People sure do love their dogs over in Aspen lol

DreamLifeTravel 2 months ago

Lovely video....I also visited Aspen this Fall for the first time...mesmerized by its spectacular beauty...made a video too!

Theodore R.
Theodore R. 2 months ago

I have a plan to relocate to aspen by next year! Can’t wait 😅

Aisha Productionsss
Aisha Productionsss 2 months ago

Omg I went there, it’s so weird seeing exactly where I was!!!!

Migel Saalievich
Migel Saalievich 2 months ago


Kristine Petty
Kristine Petty 2 months ago

I love both!

Kristine Petty
Kristine Petty 2 months ago

Wow so beautiful and Peace,, completely the opposite from Strigus, that's for sure!

Melanie Rapp
Melanie Rapp 2 months ago

I miss Aspen so much!! Such a cool fun town...loved cycling in the summer and skiing in winter.Thank u for that walk!

Courtney Bunge
Courtney Bunge 2 months ago

my happy place, my favorite place

Robert Gary
Robert Gary 2 months ago

Finally someone who doesn't dig their face in front of the camera every 5 seconds. Although I do wish there were some Winter shots

brayfrait 2 months ago

I always see that same dog when I go there lol 3:23

Daniel Peters
Daniel Peters 2 months ago

Nice walk..Not too many people wearing masks though

Jayme Lynn
Jayme Lynn 2 months ago

Love it. 🧡

Shuffle Town
Shuffle Town 2 months ago

9:55 mmmhhhmmm

ade collins
ade collins 2 months ago

A place i had never thought about visiting.. added to my Bucket list . TY

Dudeareno Rodent
Dudeareno Rodent 2 months ago

All very interesting..if this virus ever goes away..the children will ask ..why are those people wearing mask..I for one would look forward to that..your videos will be history in the making..

St. Paul MN
St. Paul MN 2 months ago

I went out there. I actually just woke up from a nap! Drove through the night

I’m interested in working the 20-21 season. Many of the resorts provide lodging. Be a change from plowing snow up in Minne

Victor Alberto
Victor Alberto 2 months ago

Muito bom