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Title : Change The Way You Watch A Christmas Story

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Change The Way You Watch A Christmas Story

Change The Way You Watch A Christmas Story

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Rosa Herrera
Rosa Herrera 2 months ago

Who else loves classic Christmas story🎄 like I do 👍❤

Zach Thompson
Zach Thompson 2 months ago

Here's another way to ruin it,
The snow is mashed potato flakes and shaving cream

robert bogert
robert bogert 2 months ago

If Nicholson gets the role ? It’s another bullshit overhyped Hollywood film! So glad he didn’t ruin this film

Amy Rose
Amy Rose 2 months ago

My favorite movie of all time! I have2 copies on DVD and watch it during the year if I want to laugh. I love it!

stegmorr 2 months ago

We watched this in math today ahaaa

Robert Bodziak
Robert Bodziak 2 months ago

Anyone who would want to cancel the movie A Christmas Story is a nothing but a liberal communist c******* bottom line there is always someone trying to destroy our Holliday traditions

Judy bubble
Judy bubble 2 months ago

The narrator at beginning of this vid sounds like Robert Downey Jr. 😂

Doanld Graham
Doanld Graham 2 months ago

Merry Christmas life is a garden dig it

athana kop
athana kop 2 months ago

Mid August and and i just finished watching already

E Gallery
E Gallery 2 months ago

Best Movie in the whole wide world!!! Every single year we watch the whole 24 hour Marathon! It IS our Christmas!!!

Sally MJ
Sally MJ 2 months ago

Those are moderately interesting things, but not mindbending.

Rosalyn Emerald Moon
Rosalyn Emerald Moon 2 months ago

Every year for 24 hours my tv stay glued on TBS for this moving. I wake up in the middle of the night and it is on I sit and watch untiI fall back to sleep. It is an addiction, lol. I never watch it any other time until then. I have seen it every year at the same time since I was a child.

Joe Minor
Joe Minor 2 months ago

Most of you may Know Jean Sheperd was the writer and voice narrator of this movie. If you enjoy this story and his narration, there are lots of his similar Radio Show monologues available for free on line.

Parts of this movie and his childhood friends are covered in many of his programs. Just as amusing and interesting is to get a 1970's radio flashback, as well as his story telling.

Download some and you will be surprised how insightful he was, and how life was so different during his teen years- if your old enough, you will be flooded with your own lovable memories of those days.

Some shows are better than others- but the gems are fun to find!
Learn more about Jean at Flick Lives or the many other fan sites. Many are archived at the Way back Machine site and free to Download.

You may also recall the TV show "the Wonder Years' was also a spin-off of
Jeans. He worked with Spielberg originally until Spielberg got what he
need and then ripped him off.

Lily Emma Lindsay
Lily Emma Lindsay 2 months ago

I am watching this video in September.

Jennifer Pruitt
Jennifer Pruitt 2 months ago

I didn't know Jean Shepard had a cameo! As many times I've seen this, never knew that!

shirin 2 months ago

"Appropriately weird"

Étourdie 2 months ago

There was a sequel in summer for this, called something else entirely.

Angelvalare 2 months ago

still my favorite movie lol

IceCreamJunkie 2 months ago

I noticed a movie mistake:
When he shoots the rifle, his glasses are knocked off and he breaks them, but when they go to dinner at the Chinese restaurant he is wearing them.

zizwop 2 months ago

Funny they didn't mention that in the fight scene with Farkus, the two kids are sitting on top of the body of like a 32 Ford, and since the movie takes place in 1939 (remember the characters from Wizard of Oz in the parade) it would be highly unlikely that a 7 year old car would be in that kind of condition. Nit picky, but not if you're a gear head.

ClarkeMarek 2 months ago

He mentions it 28 times, but the adults only tell him directly that he'll shoot his eye out...3 times

(Though the line is repeated a few times more than that, once after the teacher mentions it, and once when the bb blasts his glasses off. :) )

Em's Gems
Em's Gems 2 months ago

I'm Watching A Christmas Story Right NOW! Thumbs up if you are too!!!

Carson Jones
Carson Jones 2 months ago

Woah, farkas means wolf, that tells the future for one of the companion quests in SKYRIM! Oh my GOOOOOD

Diana Sefransky
Diana Sefransky 2 months ago

The actor who plays Ralphie also makes a cameo in Elf as the head elf.

Nerd 2 months ago

I have actually never seen this movie...

Desi 2 months ago

I hate this movie, but I have to watch it every year or else it just doesn't feel like Christmas.

HPFangirl71 卌
HPFangirl71 卌 2 months ago

I knew some of these already!! This is my favorite Xmas movie ever!!

Saige Alivia
Saige Alivia 2 months ago

I will always love this movie!!

NorCal Zuckers
NorCal Zuckers 2 months ago

youll shoot your eye out kid

hocuspocusjokerride 2 months ago

Oh it gets old I promise you that

Mosie926 2 months ago

Thus is my favorite Christmas movie, I can watch it 7 times in a row!

Grace Wenthen
Grace Wenthen 2 months ago

I love this movie! My dad showed it to me when I was in third grade and every Christmas I wish I could be in third grade again! This. Is a classic!!

stand4truth07 2 months ago

This movie is a classic

Jay Lookie
Jay Lookie 2 months ago

I never got around to watching this movie.

Isabelle C.
Isabelle C. 2 months ago

I watch A Christmas Story every Christmas Eve ❤️ it never gets old

Edie B
Edie B 2 months ago

I watch this every year

Devast Valentine
Devast Valentine 2 months ago

I hated this movie the first time I saw it, 'nuff said.

Kefah Jaber
Kefah Jaber 2 months ago

The fact that Andrew is narrating.

Paige N
Paige N 2 months ago

The actual house they used to make this movie appears to be large in the movie but when you go visit it, it is extremely tiny.

ihatescrappydoo 2 months ago

Stuck, Stuck, STUCK!!! HELP ME

Koryn Flanagan
Koryn Flanagan 2 months ago

wait wait wait so my family isn't the only one one to have the tradition of watching Christmas story all day on Christmas day?????????

Ayame Thompson
Ayame Thompson 2 months ago

Didn't watch one Christmas story

goldi272 2 months ago

You are feeling fany

Kendra Bernot
Kendra Bernot 2 months ago

My parents make me visit the house every year...

dena81 2 months ago

gotta love the goggles' kid fact.  That makes me love that kid even more.  

BootyButterPi 2 months ago

i learned nothing. but then again, i am from here. it doesnt change the way i watch this.

SweetCandy2319 2 months ago

i live right bye the house in the movie lol

Nova Sky
Nova Sky 2 months ago

yep never seen it, must be an american thing.

Purple Puppy
Purple Puppy 2 months ago

Never got around to finishing this movie for some reason, everyone goes on about how it's a classic but it's never captured my interest for some reason...

Michael Miller
Michael Miller 2 months ago

I fucking hate this movie

TheBrownSys 2 months ago

Dammit. I hate this movie from over exposure, but it may be the best movie of all time. 

Genumi 2 months ago

I live like 5 minutes away from his real the home town

Mark Savage
Mark Savage 2 months ago

Ha hah haaa.. Brilliant!

ColtonAce 2 months ago

I actually visited the house in Cleveland, it's very interesting!

David Taylor
David Taylor 2 months ago

This changes nothing.

Callie Jet
Callie Jet 2 months ago

best christmas movie everrrrr

CaliCatLove 2 months ago

This is actually pretty cool, since I'm in this play this year for Christmas.

BunnyFett 2 months ago

I hate this movie more than anything in the world.

LPSCrystalCat 2 months ago

I'm Hungarian 😄

q u a n t u m
q u a n t u m 2 months ago

slurp sluuuurp hmm... oh don't mind me im just drinking a cold class of ginger ale

Kewl Beans
Kewl Beans 2 months ago

it really isn't christmas w/o watching this movie and the only thing that has changed the way i watch it was not having the right cable package to find it on tv....yay for the internets! :D

Josie LeBlanc
Josie LeBlanc 2 months ago

I've never seen it

Cat Sheehan-Reese
Cat Sheehan-Reese 2 months ago

Idk y we use to watch the movie and than we stopped watching it every year since than

Camping and Gaming
Camping and Gaming 2 months ago

i just wish they would play other christmas movies besides this one every year, it is getting old seriously.

Kayla P.
Kayla P. 2 months ago

I love this!! This is my favorite holiday movie.  On Christmas Eve, my dad and I countdown the hours until the annual "24 Hours of A Christmas Story" on TBS.  My mom hates the movie now because the only time we change the channel is when the Christmas Parade comes on XD

zyerra walton
zyerra walton 2 months ago

Tbs marathons of a Christmas story are both the best and worst thing about Xmas

Ayden Warnes
Ayden Warnes 2 months ago

I went to the Christmas story house its in cleavland Ohio

Tomatocatzz 2 months ago

Omg the part with the kid in goggles, I'm laughing so hard

Artsyvanti 2 months ago

This movie is never gonna get old even after I die.

Power_struggle55 2 months ago

Fact: A sequel was released two years ago. In it, Ralphie now a teenager wants a car for christmas. Even gets a job as an elf for the crazy mall santa

kt 2 months ago

I love watching this every Christmas Eve with my family. It won't ever get old.

Nick Giovanello
Nick Giovanello 2 months ago

My teachers neighbor actually has the leg lamp!

Pikachu Princess
Pikachu Princess 2 months ago

Hey! I live on Cleveland street in Hammond Indiana! Cool.

cotes42 2 months ago

I notice new things everytime I watch this classic! 

RI izquierdo
RI izquierdo 2 months ago

What's the name of this movie?😬

Brian Carpenter
Brian Carpenter 2 months ago

my family has a tradition that on December 24 after dinner, we sit on the couch and watch the movie over and over again until midnight. Sometimes we quote the movie as its playing.

Tetrass 2 months ago

I love and will always love this movie.

Travis Faulkner
Travis Faulkner 2 months ago

i always play this movie everyday like before i go to sleep and when i wake up i always get up before anyone hell i still do and then we play itat 4 then when its over we open gifts

michael williams
michael williams 2 months ago

love this film

Allie Saccone
Allie Saccone 2 months ago

I'm 13 and
 I've seen this movie about 40 times 

Kid Flash
Kid Flash 2 months ago

I haven't seen this movie, but must be b/c I'm 19

Nguroa 2 months ago

I have never seen this film or knew it existed until now. WTF

Velvetzienz 2 months ago

For Christmas last year I got a red rider rifle

amber rose
amber rose 2 months ago

i love this movie!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for the facts!

xLexC7x 2 months ago

You ever notice in the scene with the "appropriately weird kid" Randy starts smiling at something off camera? I love when TBS shows 24 hours of this movie!

Brookie likes Tacos
Brookie likes Tacos 2 months ago

My teacher showed me this movie when I was in 3rd grade.

LadyJosie 2 months ago

Ok so Ive been watching this movie atleast 2 times ever Christmas since I was 3 and im 19 now but its September. So... I suck at math but lets try this... so... Ive seen this movie over 30 times in my life... It never gets old.

Zackary Addams
Zackary Addams 2 months ago

I personally do not like this movie. It's got some memorable moments sure. But I always thought it was annoying. 

Yōjinbō 用心棒
Yōjinbō 用心棒 2 months ago

This scene was featured in Harold and Kumar Christmas.

MD A 2 months ago

i've never seen it 

Robert Gronewold
Robert Gronewold 2 months ago

I love this movies so much.   Watch it twice every December with my family.

Miss Coffee Cat
Miss Coffee Cat 2 months ago

When I was 6 I was for some reason cried when his younger got stuck to the pole. Maybe because I was afraid it would happen to me. I dunno lmao

name less
name less 2 months ago

watch it every Christmas :)

Alli Vogt
Alli Vogt 2 months ago

A Christmas Story is the best Christmas movie ever! Or, maybe that's because every year we watch it. If we didn't, I guess Christmas wouldn't be the same that year.

Alli Vogt
Alli Vogt 2 months ago

I'm stuck... stuck...STUCK!

Hannah Love
Hannah Love 2 months ago

My mom sat behind Peter Billingsley in Collage ^.^

snoopy stonecold
snoopy stonecold 2 months ago

the kid with goggles part... I cant stop laughing now

MathHacker42 2 months ago

OMG, I hate that movie.

Kozv 2 months ago

Is it strange I've never seen this film..? Or heard of it?

Rose Vorhese
Rose Vorhese 2 months ago

Wow, they thought the kid was appropriately weird. XD