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Information TYPICAL FRENCH MEALS IN A DAY: how French people eat to stay thin. | Edukale

Title : TYPICAL FRENCH MEALS IN A DAY: how French people eat to stay thin. | Edukale

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Frames TYPICAL FRENCH MEALS IN A DAY: how French people eat to stay thin. | Edukale

Description TYPICAL FRENCH MEALS IN A DAY: how French people eat to stay thin. | Edukale

TYPICAL FRENCH MEALS IN A DAY: how French people eat to stay thin. | Edukale

TYPICAL FRENCH MEALS IN A DAY: how French people eat to stay thin. | Edukale

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Renee Carr
Renee Carr 2 months ago

I am French and I have never had a green salad before the main entree. We will have small salads like celery root or carrot salad or scallions or radishes with butter .Green salads are always after

Jacqueline Bradley
Jacqueline Bradley 2 months ago

I traveled to the US and I thought the starter I got in a restaurant was the main course! In Europe we rarely eat in between meals and our portions are smaller. Please believe though, not everyone in Paris or Rome or London is thin! But we are smaller than our American cousins.

Mary Jane Mason
Mary Jane Mason 2 months ago

I'm American and I don't know anyone who has the same meal five times a week or even twice a week unless they are maybe warming up left overs. Although college students have been know to eat their way through college on only pizza and ramen...

LELE 2 months ago

Im so jealous of the delicious bread they get in france

Esteban Martín
Esteban Martín 2 months ago

Wait, what? Americans have the same meal five times a week? I have never heard of this, ever. Signed, an American 🇺🇸

BoracayADMIRER 2 months ago

Americans should learn from the French or Mediterranean generally.

Laura Bogan
Laura Bogan 2 months ago

I would love all your recipes we do not eat meat neither and would love to adopt your way of eating

anikka olivia williams

The fresh bread looks yummy

Mary Parent
Mary Parent 2 months ago

You speak perfect English with really no accent .

John Reel
John Reel 2 months ago

Wait when do eat the same thing five times in a week?

Intuitive Elaine
Intuitive Elaine 2 months ago

Looks good... I love quiche

Laura Valle
Laura Valle 2 months ago

You say you don’t eat the same things daily but what do you do if you have leftovers? I don’t like to eat the same things daily but I do like to make a big salad that I’ll add to meals throughout the week until it’s gone.

Jeannine Bottorff
Jeannine Bottorff 2 months ago

Americans don't eat the same thing 5 times in a week. We might eat the same thing the next day if there is anything left, but unlikely to eat the same thing 5 times. We have tons of variety so unless you can't cook, I can't see that happening. I try not to make the same thing for a few weeks or more - but I have been cooking my whole life and used to cooking a variety of foods.

Grace 2 months ago

Are you against calorie counting? or what are your thoughts about it?

frank yey
frank yey 2 months ago

puedo amarte? OwO

Kat the contrarian
Kat the contrarian 2 months ago

Oh god, if I ate just a crossiant and berries for breakfast I'd be hungry again in 20 minutes. I need a bagel loaded up with cream cheese and usually an egg too. When I visited my aunt in Paris, we ate a crap tonne of cheese everyday and for some reason loads of imitation crab lol.

Linda Klinton
Linda Klinton 2 months ago

Ohhh love this. I love everthing French 😍. I just found your channel and I’m now a subbie. Xx Linda

Q Fason
Q Fason 2 months ago

Idk any Americans who eat the same thing every night...

The Upgraded
The Upgraded 2 months ago

This looks balkan

TheMonicagal 2 months ago

Just discovered you! What did you Sprinkle into your salad? Chick peas/garbanzo beans?

RED DRAGON 2 months ago

I need meat 🍖
Red meat
Eggs.......farm fresh organic 👌

Pü'á Pücüve
Pü'á Pücüve 2 months ago

When you make a quiche do you make your crust from scratch?

Kataryna Ginter
Kataryna Ginter 2 months ago

Also vegetarian is a trend and if you’re O blood type then you need to eat meat for optimal health. Great book called Eat Right for your Blood Type. Explains that vegetarian diet is only appropriate for blood type A as there thrive on it. The other blood types find their health goes down. Look into it.

Kataryna Ginter
Kataryna Ginter 2 months ago

Fruit should always be eaten alone and a few minutes after eating. Not appropriate to eat with food. The body calls for Different digestive juices to process food or fruit. So separate the food. Do not put into salad.

Kataryna Ginter
Kataryna Ginter 2 months ago

Soy milk? Soy raises estrogen and not the best choice for women. Lots of cancers associated with soy. Almond or regular milk better choice or skip it all and drink coffee or tea

Joy Derose
Joy Derose 2 months ago

Merci beaucoup ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Joe Schmo
Joe Schmo 2 months ago

The World’s most blandest savoury meals are of British, French, Russian, Eastern European, and Scandinavian origin, they’re bland because they don’t use chillies and spices. If you want to eat the World’s most IMMENSELY pleasurable food, you eat Indian, Mexican, Thai, and southern Italian, their food is as great as any orgasm

Shannon Champagne
Shannon Champagne 2 months ago

Wow you are gorgeous. Do you have a makeup routine video?

Char Williams
Char Williams 2 months ago

Am I the only one left that just doesn't do dessert? I mean, it sounds good, it looks good, it probably smells good, too. I might have something sweet twice a month. If that.

Angie Villanueva
Angie Villanueva 2 months ago

Wow..this might help me soon, i will work for a french boss and i'm asian , i dont have any idea what french food or meals is..

Katherine D
Katherine D 2 months ago

Who are these Americans who eat the same thing every day? There are many things wrong with the typical American diet but I don't think monotony is one of them.

tharika fuhrer
tharika fuhrer 2 months ago

Hi. Can you tell me what was the powdery thing you put in your salad? It looked like ground flax seeds.

Maria Cullati
Maria Cullati 2 months ago

If you look you can find crackers and bread from France and you will be surprised how delicious it is. The flour is not "enriched" checkout the ingredients.

atharv sehgal
atharv sehgal 2 months ago

I’m definitely incorporating these meals you showed- simple to prepare, look so aesthetic, tasty and wholesome nutritious. Loved it!

Gr8India 2 months ago

Every culture eats fruit as dessert, however the new science says fruit should be eaten after food what to follow 🤔

lullabi vlog
lullabi vlog 2 months ago

Enchantée c'est la première fois que je rencontre une YouTubeuse bilingue comme moi! I live in the USA and when I went back to my family in France few months ago, I gained 7 kilos 😅😭 French people have a very sweet tooth and bad habits when it comes to eating. Here in the US (and everywhere else in the world), le "goûter" doesn't exist, we eat dinner very early and it's usually very light. Also, the breakfast is salty and not sweet. I gave up my "French" way of eating and lost a lot of weight actually 😂

Frequently Fabulous
Frequently Fabulous 2 months ago

Great educational video

natasha tashism
natasha tashism 2 months ago

Bread and cheese with every meal. Find them all outside smoking after eating

Josephine 2 months ago


Sherry Black
Sherry Black 2 months ago

As an American, I do not know of anyone who eats the same meal five times a week! If someone chooses to do that it is not because they are an American.

N P 2 months ago

Thank you. But our bread in US isn't the same nutritionally.

Kelsey Breen
Kelsey Breen 2 months ago

All of the desserts you mentioned are known where I’m from in the US, but unfortunately we’ll pronounce them with an ungrateful accent! 😆 Examples being the “eh Clare” or “Mac rooon.” Now imagine all of the vowels being flat.

Meagan Ettinger
Meagan Ettinger 2 months ago

What American eats the same meal 5 times a week? LOL

dianne harding
dianne harding 2 months ago

I'm American and I don't know anyone who eats the same thing 5 days a week You're misinformed But you don't have much of a French accent for sure

Sami Gerard
Sami Gerard 2 months ago

omg u looks like Grimes, u are so pretty (LLL)

Gosia Stepniak
Gosia Stepniak 2 months ago

Ok what I learned is that French diet would definitely not work for me. Sorry, sounds dreadful to me

Tanatos Craian
Tanatos Craian 2 months ago

Chocolatine !!!!

Sophie Lauren
Sophie Lauren 2 months ago

Your nails are beautiful

Donna Beaty
Donna Beaty 2 months ago

Thank you for this information about vegetarian meals. I gave up beef and pork many years ago and am thinking about giving up poultry as well. Your beautiful skin is obviously a by product of your healthy diet. I’m an American and we don’t eat the same thing daily and I don’t know anyone who does.

jml 4
jml 4 2 months ago

Her English is perfect.

Slumberland ASMR
Slumberland ASMR 2 months ago

I love your cardigan sweater! Appreciate you for making this video ☺️

Soul from Gizeh
Soul from Gizeh 2 months ago

Please more of these videos! It's very interesting how french people like to eat. You look also so beautiful.🌹🌹🌹

J B 2 months ago

Not sure where you are getting your info if you believe that Americans typically have the same meal repeatedly throughout a week. Also not sure that you realize that a lot of what you hear about the US is pure propaganda. Of course often there is a seed of truth but we are a country of 330,000,000+ people and people's diets and attitudes toward food are very wide and varied. Not only from state to state but even within families. I have one sister in law that works very hard to make sure that her family eats almost exclusively fresh, unprocessed food while her sister, my other sister in law, eats literally nothing but processed, frozen, boxed, or canned food. Neither are fat. That said I am not saying that processed food is generally good. My husband and I eat a wide variety of fresh foods with the occasional processed item.

sunandthamoon 2 months ago

5 times a week? Never !

pimwa 2 months ago

Im in love with your accent !!!!

Kate Miller
Kate Miller 2 months ago

Thanks, this has been so helpful to learn from you Lucie. Moderation, balance, fresh whole foods and slowing down to really savour food with family ❤️
So, question, do French people smile less or more than Americans? 😉

Lynn Christian
Lynn Christian 2 months ago

Americans dont eat 5 same meals for dinner in a week. Maybe when u watch a youtuber doing a special diet meal prep plan thing they might do that, but it is not traditional. Not at all. :)

Shera Pontaoe
Shera Pontaoe 2 months ago

Love the sort of Brigitte Bardot look!!

marsha k
marsha k 2 months ago

I see bread cream butter and cheese so you just dont get fat

Amber Rose Miles
Amber Rose Miles 2 months ago

haha, when you were saying those pastries in French and you said there are really no English words for them... most of them are the same just pronounced American. Like Eclair is the same, but not spoken the fancy French way <3

Mish Young
Mish Young 2 months ago

I would appreciate some typical recipes, as that salad looked different but interesting, compared to what type of salad I make.

Tiago Amaral
Tiago Amaral 2 months ago

So basically everything that French people eats, she changes it to adapt for her own diet. So the diet should be called: how I adapt French dish to my own diet". Horrible video. Don't waste your time guys!

Nourish With Intent
Nourish With Intent 2 months ago

I've always struggled with my food relationship. I definitely use food as a reward far more often than I probably should. I've recently been very interested in the way that the French eat, not as a tool for weight loss, but because the culture seems to have a much more realistic and healthier mindset/approach than what I grew up knowing (in Canada). This led me to your videos Lucie and I'm very happy to have found them! Keep up the great work and thank you for sharing!

Mass Hysteria
Mass Hysteria 2 months ago

Try no eating for 24 hours. Your body will be thankful.

Marilyn Shelton
Marilyn Shelton 2 months ago

Potatoes au grauten, beans and a salad. Hmmm. A croissant and berries, and a lard, bacon and spinach quiche.

Sam Puati Samuel
Sam Puati Samuel 2 months ago

Very nice

rebeka talebi
rebeka talebi 2 months ago

Wow your quiche looks amazing & delicious!!

Relishing Fitness
Relishing Fitness 2 months ago

Interesting thanks!

Loth 2 months ago

As an idea, especially for your american watchers: maybe put your hand next to the plate or a cup or something like that. I realised (as a german in america) that their plates are massive. And their small plates are closer to our big ones. Just as an comparison

Rupy Love’s Mental Diet

Wow your foods are are interesting and lovely ✨😘✨

Joan Wisnowski
Joan Wisnowski 2 months ago

Americans do not eat the same meal five times in one week. That would be rare.

ConstantCompanion 2 months ago

Where did you get the idea that Americans eat the same thing five times a week? I rarely have the same thing even in a month. And I cook for a family. That's bizarre. You might want to visit before making assumptions. We're not cavemen.

Manon TOMADINI 2 months ago

Why i’m frenchi and i dont eat thats 😅 but looks good 😘😘😘😘👋🏼

LisaM 2 months ago

hello bonjour! Can you put the potato recipe here? I see it online but it has cheese. Yours looks like its without. Thank you!!

philos34002 2 months ago

do you think another factor in the difference between French and American foods are the use of herbs and spices and their requisite nutritional values making the recipes better tasting, more satisfying in smaller amounts, and healthier?

Cristina R
Cristina R 2 months ago

What region of France is your accent from? Is it Paris? Your r is just softerrrr. Curious 😄

Carmen Tomescu
Carmen Tomescu 2 months ago

This is what fancy French eat. This is not typical French menu. This is a total bullshit. Normal French eat lots of carbs, fats and sweets. They are not so different from other countries. The menu presented by this girl is the typical menu for a model either is French, American or other country.

JerseySluggá 2 months ago


A. Maddox
A. Maddox 2 months ago

Hmmm Idk about the salad part. My French family always have salad last - I've also never experienced in France or within French family to ever have it first. I thought it was an American thing to start a meal with it. I can't believe you don't like French cheese either! 😮

Ava Nightingale
Ava Nightingale 2 months ago

Would you say Americans lack the infrastructure and time French folks have available to achieve this and diet industry are a large part of why obesity and other eating disorders are so common here?

sri zeharr
sri zeharr 2 months ago


Julie Raymond
Julie Raymond 2 months ago

Are you French?

nimedhel09 2 months ago

Gratin dauphinois is the best Sunday meal for colder days. It's one of my favourite dishes. I add "ail et fines herbes" in the cream, because it gives the dish a lovely taste, and it's usually eaten either with cauliflower I added to the gratin or green beans cooked in a small bit of butter until they're soft and melt in the mouth. It's one of my comfort foods, hehe.
Dessert aren't always a given after a meal, though. But because I have clementines, of course I'm gonna eat one... or two, after a meal.

As for soup, autumn is the season of pumpkin soup in my household, lol. I usually drink soup when I feel a bit under the weather or my stomach is too upset to eat another kind of food, but I'm also the only person that enjoys eating soup in my house, so it may explain why it's such a rare treat. I also make "chorba frik" when I'm feeling ill, as I enjoy the spiciness of the soup I make for myself (again, only one that likes really spicy food too lol).

Haha! That's where we see the cultural difference between Belgium and France. We don't eat cheese after a meal, it's a typical French thing I suppose.

As for meals with a small child, here's how we do it in my house if someone with children is interested in a "healthier" way of eating:
- Breakfast: on school days he has either a fruit or yogurt, as he's not a big eater in the morning with a fruit juice (if I made something, like apple cake, he'll eat that in place of his usual breakfast). On Wednesday he can have cereal if he want, and during the weekend, a pastry, crêpes or pain perdu if I make some with a cup of cocoa milk.
- 10am: he gets a bit hungry then, so he eats a small thing, either a bit of fruit or a small fruit yogurt depending on what he had for breakfast. With water or a fruit juice (school "collations" are a bit different, because they have a theme for each day, so we follow them: Monday is fruit day, Tuesday is cereal day, etc. and he either gets a fruit juice, and cocoa once a week)
- Dinner: well, depends on the days, but usually it goes as veggies, a starchy food, sometimes meat and a side of cherry tomatoes or pickles if he wants, because he loves them. He doesn't get a dessert at every meal, though, but if he does, it's a fruit. Wednesday and Sunday, he can have a special treat (pastry, ice cream). Water is the compulsory drink of this meal except for special occasions, like birthdays or holidays.
- 4pm: Little monster gets hungry, and thus he has a small meal. He usually has fruit/yogurt, and sometimes even bread with a bit of cheese or peanut butter, he can also have cherry tomatoes as snacks, because he loves them. He'll usually drink water then.
- Supper: well, there he eats the same as us. But sometimes I get really lazy, so I'll make him veggies like brocoli or cauliflower with a small portion of potatoes or pasta and ketchup to accompany the veggies and he'll eat it up very quickly. He eats supper between 6.30pm or 7pm (evening sleeping routine is at 8pm).

Tou Chii
Tou Chii 2 months ago

Je n'avais jamais remarqué à quel point on mange sain en France !! Jusqu'à ce que je tombe sur tes vidéos. C'est limite un instinct de rééquilibrer son repas après une viennoiserie /pâtisserie ou même une raclette !!
Ça m'a fait réfléchir à qu'est-ce qu'un petit-déjeuner français en semaine et ma seule réponse c'est : un thé +fruits 😅

Svete 2 months ago

You look like the girl who sings bambola

Elin Månsson
Elin Månsson 2 months ago

Wow this girl is so In tuned with her body. Are most French women really like this?? How do I even know when I am hungry? I am an emotional eater I think.. I also have adhd so I am all over the place lol I can’t even imagine being like this girl lol how do they eat only 1 biscuit and put the rest back?

Sadbh Uí Gheimhridh
Sadbh Uí Gheimhridh 2 months ago

In terms of long family meals, do French people who live alone have a higher tendency to mindless eating and subsequent health issues? In Ireland our portions are small and whole food, but we do a lot of mindless eating. For example I eat dinner with my family but during breakfast and lunch I watch YouTube/Skillshare videos, I can't imagine losing that time!

Eleanor weller
Eleanor weller 2 months ago

Cant believe you dont like French cheese. More for me

monnaofficial 2 months ago

Fake 🤣 French breakfast is coffee and a pack of cigarettes 🤣

Sofia Alves
Sofia Alves 2 months ago

I’m loving to know more abou French real food

Sophie Sonzogni
Sophie Sonzogni 2 months ago

I am French and I never eat croissant but I am used to drink coffee with porridge. And I hate gratin dauphinois ! :p But try boeuf bourguignon... It's delicious !

Shades of Sage
Shades of Sage 2 months ago

I practice intuitive eating also😌! I think it’s so much easier than calorie counting, which I honestly don’t even have time for raising 3 little kids 😅! Thank you for sharing this video❤️!

Jose Perez
Jose Perez 2 months ago

GMOs and hormones in plants and animals are the real reason why people get fat.

IAmAthena 2 months ago

What does a 3 course meal look like for the person preparing the food? I typically make some sort of casserole/ 1 pot meal, with a vegetable or salad on the side. Everything is ready at the same time so we can all eat together. Does the person making the food serve the salad and then get back up and get the main food? I have a feeling that I would end up eating after my family because they tend to scarf their food.

IAmAthena 2 months ago

Was that parchment paper under your quiche? I tried making one once and it was such a pain to clean the pan afterwards. I never though about using parchment paper.

Natalie Brown
Natalie Brown 2 months ago

How did you learn English? I barely hear a French accent!

Jessica H
Jessica H 2 months ago

I think the fresher and richer food has more flavor, so you get satisfied from smaller portions.

Liza 2 months ago

Lol - I’ve lived in America all my life and we’ve never had the same meal twice in a week. Rarely do we even have the same meal twice in 2 weeks. Our meals also consist of meat, veggies, and starch. That is a pretty typical American meal. The problem with American food is that it is way over processed and hard to find good, organic, gmo-free food. Fortunately, I live in the countryside and have easy access, but not as much when I was living in the City. There is Whole Foods and Sprouts, etc. but they can by pricey. When I was living in London for a work assignment the food was such much more fresh there.

Trisha Biswas
Trisha Biswas 2 months ago

Great tips! Your nails look gorgeous, could not take my eyes off them.

Megane Dandurand
Megane Dandurand 2 months ago

Je viens juste de découvrir ton channel et c'est génial. J'ai regardé ton vidéo sur la diète parisienne vs les états-unis et c'est drôle parce que je suis Québécoise de Montréal et notre lifestyle et diet/vision de la bouffe est vraiment plus comme en France (le taux d'obésité est aussi similaire). Chaque fois que je change de province ou que je vais aux états-unis on capote, c'est fou. On voit qu'on a été élevé avec une mentalité plus française qu'américaine côté alimentation, c'est intéressant