Cat Knit Podcast // Episode 135 // Christmas Sweater



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Information Cat Knit Podcast // Episode 135 // Christmas Sweater

Title : Cat Knit Podcast // Episode 135 // Christmas Sweater

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Description Cat Knit Podcast // Episode 135 // Christmas Sweater

Cat Knit Podcast // Episode 135 // Christmas Sweater

Cat Knit Podcast // Episode 135 // Christmas Sweater

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That Woman
That Woman 2 months ago

Kill the music!

Rachel A.
Rachel A. 2 months ago

Love all your knitting if the Astros make it to the WS will you do a blog with all the nicknames? I’m curious 💕

mysteryglo 2 months ago

Your Christmas sweater is SOOOOO cute! I just love it and can't wait to see you wear it at the shop! I still haven't decided whether to do the brioche or garter on my MKAL. I put it aside to finish a birthday shawl for my DIL whose birthday was yesterday but we won't be celebrating or seeing her till the 26th, so I am knitting away on it! I can do it!! LOL The MKAL will be there so no rush for me.. I think you are one of the fastest knitters I know. Love all your projects and how quickly you seem to finish them even though you have so many on your needles at one time.. But we like options in our knitting, right? LOL Great podcast!!

Sonya Galloway
Sonya Galloway 2 months ago

That Christmas sweater! 😍😍

Vickie Neal
Vickie Neal 2 months ago

I am also knitting a sweater with Berroco Vintage DK in the Navy and I can honestly say this thing can't get finished fast enough. I find it awful to knit with so I will be anxious to hear how you feel about it as it gets larger and more weight. I can say this yarn is frustration for my soul. Keep us posted.

Holy Hummer
Holy Hummer 2 months ago

Love your enthusiasm and original Christmas sweater🧶mindless knitting is an interesting concept., sounds like comfort knitting also. Thanks for sharing🙋🏻‍♀️

OneSweetLife 2 months ago

Love your motto, which I always have to remind myself.....Don’t overthink it. Do the steps. Get ‘er done! 😆

Cheryl Sapp
Cheryl Sapp 2 months ago

Yep, you are gonna have a super cute Christmas sweater to wear this year😍. And I do love your vertices unite!

Lunar Knits by Lori
Lunar Knits by Lori 2 months ago

I look forward to your podcast every week! I love your passion for knitting, it’s so motivating! ☺️

Texasgirl 2 months ago

ALDS =American League Division Series was against the Rays.
ALCS = American League Championship Series is against theYankees. Winner of this goes to World Series. ~Casandra

Catherine Pulis
Catherine Pulis 2 months ago

Hi Little Minky I really like the Christmas sweater👏👏do you crochet ?Thanks love to watch your videos from Malta ⚘⚘⚘⚘