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Jkdbuçk 76
Jkdbuçk 76 2 months ago

1:49 the funniest single line ever spoken in film

karaool 2 months ago

Run, Eddie, run! You do, and I'm moving back to California, just so as I can vote for you. Or do I even have to do that these days. Ah, hell, just send me a shee-at load of them absentee ballots, and I'll get a shee-at load of votes for you. You are sure to win!

kelly russell
kelly russell 2 months ago

I swear this is Juan O Savin.

zebrashark23 2 months ago

4:20 Gets me every time! LOL!!!!!!!!!

Tyler Chad
Tyler Chad 2 months ago

I miss the 90s.

ColeTrain 2 months ago

Every time I belch the plate shifts and my legs give out 🤣

VZ_ 342
VZ_ 342 2 months ago

The older I get, the more I walk like cousin Eddie…

Michal Slawski
Michal Slawski 2 months ago

That guy clark plays cards with he sounds a bit like bunny bags

Michal Slawski
Michal Slawski 2 months ago

I always felt bad for that cat he only got into the familly

Jonni Dark
Jonni Dark 2 months ago

hello all a sudden craving ice cream n jello

xxboon is bad fortnitexx

He lives in a rv

Squirter McGuirter
Squirter McGuirter 2 months ago

Anyone know where I can get hold of a pair of those shoes?

Mwiche Simwanza
Mwiche Simwanza 2 months ago

Its just best to let him finish. What a line!

sluggotg 2 months ago

I wish Randy would stop the Insane crap! Randy.. I still love you! You and your brother are my heros. Ditch the Murder stuff. You and your wife are better than that!!

PsychoTrucker 2 months ago

When movie's were great before all the political correctness B.S

Christopher Cravens
Christopher Cravens 2 months ago

Randy quaid is a good actor....

Splatter Fodder
Splatter Fodder 2 months ago

imagine if Eddie would have gone to Europe with them in the 2nd film!

Mike Roberti
Mike Roberti 2 months ago

Love Ruby Sue!

Dozer1642 2 months ago

Do you need a body guard? I’d die for you.

Believe & Achieve
Believe & Achieve 2 months ago

Randy Quaid steals EVERY scene

Ronnie Williams
Ronnie Williams 2 months ago

Those Shoes, maybe he shouldn’t have!

Steve Rodgers
Steve Rodgers 2 months ago

America is like the Cousin Eddy to the world.

Hans Bjorkman
Hans Bjorkman 2 months ago

The actor is now living the life of Cousin Eddie on steroids. 🤦‍♂️
What comes first is not a question of the hen or the egg anymore but rather MAGA or mental illness.

Andrew Yacos
Andrew Yacos 2 months ago

God, I needed this...

Fearless Warrior
Fearless Warrior 2 months ago

"The shitter was full" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Brian Cushley
Brian Cushley 2 months ago

Shame the actor who played Eddie lost his marbles.

Harold Miller
Harold Miller 2 months ago

The dealer is the guy on young Sheldon

Frank Castle
Frank Castle 2 months ago

C'mon Russ let's go find your sister

Frank Castle
Frank Castle 2 months ago

about 52,000 dollars

Trash 2 months ago

“Get in the kitchen now! Go in there and get yourself something to eat.” - Cousin Eddie

tdm17mn 2 months ago

Can someone please give me a list of all vacation movies cousin Eddie was in?

Mike Q
Mike Q 2 months ago

Spare some cash??? Sure Eddie how much you need? About
$ 52,000 ....oh that's it?

Mike Q
Mike Q 2 months ago

Clark putting the wallet back

Adino1 2 months ago

5:42 lol

Juke Joint
Juke Joint 2 months ago

Eddie’s daughter: I’m going steady and I know how to French Kiss, Clark’s daughter: everybody knows how to French Kiss, Eddie’s daughter: oh yeah but daddy says I’m the best at it...

Sean Notaro
Sean Notaro 2 months ago

I luv that dog, SNAUT

Matt Issertell
Matt Issertell 2 months ago

Them shoes was fire clark tripping 😂😂😂

Joshua Marks
Joshua Marks 2 months ago

Biden 2021

Rodolfo Suarez
Rodolfo Suarez 2 months ago

Eddie kisses his daughter 1997 "Gross"
Biden kisses his granddaughter 2020 "Get over it people, it's normal"

Michael 2 months ago

Despite the way Cousin Eddie is, he would have given Clark the shirt off his back. In Vegas Vacation (my favorite one) He gave all the money he had hidden over the years to Clark. He is the one family member Clark could count on to be there if he needed someone.

Nick 2 months ago

"The gift that keeps on givin' the whoooole year!"

Andrew Bjork
Andrew Bjork 2 months ago

I don't know what Clark's problem is with Cousin Eddie. He has a loving wife and loving children who are happy (even if in their own unique way). Technically, he hasn't done anything that would warrant a visit by CPS. Yes, I know about Eddie saying in the first film that his daughter is good at French kissing according to said daughter. That very well may have been an observation and not a firsthand experience. He is helpful in every film he's been in. Eddie gave the Griswolds a place to stay in Vacation, gave Clark his prick boss in Christmas Vacation and literally dumped his shit in Clark's yuppie neighbors' street, and gave Clark his "rainy day" money to try to win Clark's own money back in Vegas Vacation. (That menacing dog in the first film was shitty Aunt Edna's fault.)

bill tim
bill tim 2 months ago

purple bikini

James Casto
James Casto 2 months ago

Everyone got a cousin Eddie in their family

Victor Villagran
Victor Villagran 2 months ago

When Clark and Eddie went shopping...
Eddie: awe Clark, you don't have to, but here's my list. And get something for yourself!

Mitzi73 2 months ago

Ellen trying to avoid Eddie’s goodbye kisses is good acting.👍

DCS tv
DCS tv 2 months ago

If your from the south you quote uncle eddie all the time

Tracy Kingston
Tracy Kingston 2 months ago

The script writers for cousin Eddie are the unsung heroes. imo

Scott Fox
Scott Fox 2 months ago

4:24. I died laughing watching Eddie. Holy Shit😂😂😂😂😂😂

Gary Oak
Gary Oak 2 months ago

Shit video. This should just have all cousin Eddie moments.

tonifs epic cookin channel

christmas vacation is the best on no cap

Cookie Betts
Cookie Betts 2 months ago

4:46 as a Las Vegas resident, this is realistic.

doni don
doni don 2 months ago

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Lieutenant Dude
Lieutenant Dude 2 months ago

I’ve never seen Eddie more at home than he was in the radioactive hinterlands of vegas.

James R OBoyle
James R OBoyle 2 months ago

3:10 they should’ve added that part where Clark says , “That it is Eddie....That it is .”

Mike Likes
Mike Likes 2 months ago

Don't you worry about radiation?

All I know is, my teeth have been whiter and my garden is spitting out 50 pound tomatoes!

Phoenix North
Phoenix North 2 months ago

Where can I get some damn bait?

Hey_Its_Kev 2 months ago

A lil bit of Mississippi leg hound in him......just let him finish.....

Hey_Its_Kev 2 months ago

Favorite Eddie scenes come from Christmas vacation and Vegas.....mostly from Vegas imo

tommy8715 2 months ago

Cousin Eddie is way cooler than Clark!

Ali Ostrowski
Ali Ostrowski 2 months ago

Stupid Dinky

Fergus Donaghy
Fergus Donaghy 2 months ago

Good lad Eddie. You have to admire his brass neck especially as he's probably claiming an army disability pension for it

Cat Santos
Cat Santos 2 months ago

As hilarious as he is I always felt real bad for all his damn kids. I mean if they were happy then who am I to judge??!! 🤣 ....bcs.... SHITTER WUZ FULL

Alex Zehm
Alex Zehm 2 months ago

my wife just bought a keychain for our RV that says "shitter is full" lol

Sean Penn
Sean Penn 2 months ago

R.I.P Marie from everybody loves Raymond.

Brad Moon Rising
Brad Moon Rising 2 months ago

Word of warning: Just let him finish.

kvop32984 2 months ago

“Oh Dad, those are great!” “Quiet down Russ.” 😂

Rob Williams
Rob Williams 2 months ago

Dude, the cousin Eddie eating scenes wanted to make me vomit. Especially the one in the buffet line in Vegas 😂 Hilarious, though! Cousin Eddie IS disgusting, but he loves his family and is good in his own way.

Orbital Jellyfish
Orbital Jellyfish 2 months ago

Shitter was full!

buff ben Jones
buff ben Jones 2 months ago

You serious Clark?

2v_5r 2 months ago

"He had to shit so he slept in the barn"

Frank B
Frank B 2 months ago

“You serious Clark?” 😂😂😂😂

John Yohann
John Yohann 2 months ago

His brother is Dennis Quaid.

Bareminimumbrother 2 months ago

It's a good lookin vee-hickle.

rebecca zorn
rebecca zorn 2 months ago

Cat dies*
"That thing had nine lives, and she just spent em' all, wooo!".

Richard Tugger
Richard Tugger 2 months ago

Kind of sucks he went from this to making weird political YouTube videos that don't even have 1,000 views.

Jacob Badingerq
Jacob Badingerq 2 months ago

Randy Quaid fuckin' rocks I love him now.

Jacob Badingerq
Jacob Badingerq 2 months ago

Holy shit, I'm cousin eddie in seattle and it' VAL and I even saw a dog like snots with a whole wadd of snot on it's nose last night.

MatthewDean 2 months ago

One of the greatest movie characters of all time!

Wutaii1 Nostalgia
Wutaii1 Nostalgia 2 months ago

Amazing and classic!! Nothing like Cousin Eddie

RoninTXBR549 2 months ago

4:15 - Inconceivable!

WGO Weekday Gamers Official

That thing had nine lives she just spent them all 😂

Ray Mond
Ray Mond 2 months ago

All great movies by the griswalds watch them all full of laughs.

Aiden Clark
Aiden Clark 2 months ago

My history and psychology teachers call me cousin eddy. I am privileged

Nick Praisler
Nick Praisler 2 months ago

That thing had 9 lives and she just spent them all

Nick Praisler
Nick Praisler 2 months ago

Shitter was full

UK MedicFRCS 2 months ago

Lmao I love how Beverly avoids his kisses.

Clark McLean
Clark McLean 2 months ago

Clark: “Do you smell that?”
Eddie: “It’s fried pussycat!”
Where the fuck was that in this video

John Rotten
John Rotten 2 months ago

I actually really like those loafers.

Kanard Mauk Jr.
Kanard Mauk Jr. 2 months ago

Cousin Eddie RULES!!!

James Bond
James Bond 2 months ago


Mikey Sro
Mikey Sro 2 months ago

Wonder what eddies duck butter smells like

Vlasis 2 months ago

Cousin Eddie rules

Mr X
Mr X 2 months ago

Shitter was full lmao

DatBoyJerry 2 months ago

2:40 gets me everytime

Adam Lone
Adam Lone 2 months ago

1:40 "You ain't never seen a set on a dawg like this un's got, Clark!"

eggmanwi 2 months ago


Terry Tummons
Terry Tummons 2 months ago

Its sad that randy quaid turned into a crazier version of eddie in real life.

Trantor The Troll
Trantor The Troll 2 months ago

Id rather be around people like Cousin Eddie, than people like the SJW Crybabies who keep bawling over Trump.

Floyd Moore
Floyd Moore 2 months ago

Could you spare sixty four thousand dollars clark?