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Title : City on the Hill -Casting Crowns (With Lyrics)

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Description City on the Hill -Casting Crowns (With Lyrics)

City on the Hill -Casting Crowns (With Lyrics)

City on the Hill -Casting Crowns (With Lyrics)

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Grace pham
Grace pham 2 months ago

Its a pure wisdom from the Father to write such powerful lyric..........
Thankyou so much my all time favorite band the CASTING CROWNS...

Sustainable Scott
Sustainable Scott 2 months ago


Míka & chiá
Míka & chiá 2 months ago

We did a play to this song once Lol

Tracy Slabaugh
Tracy Slabaugh 2 months ago

That is 2020. Jesus is saying come home my people

Swim Cat
Swim Cat 2 months ago

City on the hill- capital hill, Washington DC. Good song, message too

Corky Oddler
Corky Oddler 2 months ago

How true is this today??? Thanks for sharing.

zach bear
zach bear 2 months ago

Yo. This song hits different now

Betsy Hall
Betsy Hall 2 months ago

This is the 1st time I have heard this song. I really love it. God created us to take care of His world and each other----how far we have fallen. We each need each other to complete what God has created. The Holy Spirit gives each believer certain gifts and those gifts when used fit into a beautiful picture that God intended it to be. But, we live in a fallen world and nothing will be as it should be until Christ returns. We as Christ followers need to truly pray for the lost.

Kaishu Chiisiina
Kaishu Chiisiina 2 months ago

Beautiful lyrics. Love the music. Great

learning fire
learning fire 2 months ago

i agreee!

Eric Kirui
Eric Kirui 2 months ago

I love this song

jmor1966 2 months ago

Very moving song!!

Jose Limtsukhiung
Jose Limtsukhiung 2 months ago

I ve Subscribed and cliked the notification bell..... So my request is ....please upload a karoke(instrumental) of this song......i ll be waiting.. For the notification..... Thank you....May God bless you all.....

Marac 2 months ago

Not bad.

Nathan WALLACE 2 months ago


Hypedragon21 2 months ago

I think this has something for everyone. Christian, no Christian lost or found, this has something for anyone

PROVE ALL THINGS 2 months ago


Rci Kingbawl
Rci Kingbawl 2 months ago


Angel Fame
Angel Fame 2 months ago

Wow.... I like it.. it hears something change in the city on the hill.. ???? God bless you all..

Hiji Kath
Hiji Kath 2 months ago

wonderful voice with wonderful message

Zerite Network
Zerite Network 2 months ago

I first had this song while in gym I loved it but didn't know the name....and now..thanks for the upload.

Timo Kemman
Timo Kemman 2 months ago


Timo Kemman
Timo Kemman 2 months ago


Achung Danla
Achung Danla 2 months ago

i like this song and it is my favourite😱😱😱😱😱😱

Sam Hughes
Sam Hughes 2 months ago

I am just a dreamer. Nothing more. That doesn't make me less than. I am quite alot. Actually.😁

ableblo 53
ableblo 53 2 months ago

thank you very much the bible verse you added was just what i needed to see thank you.

Ngon.H Iiemdi
Ngon.H Iiemdi 2 months ago


Pamela Makena
Pamela Makena 2 months ago

still in love with this song in 2018

Lalmuankhup Zou
Lalmuankhup Zou 2 months ago

God I beg You to remind me everyday of this song so that I will a city for your glory...

Danielle Sexton
Danielle Sexton 2 months ago

I listened to this song at the age 14 and I was already in a church but this song opened my eyes more then ever and I'm glad this song did

Warren Little
Warren Little 2 months ago

and our Mother ❤

XtremeChiliPepper 2 months ago

No . actual . words ... wow, been doing this my whole life.  time for change, glad I was sent this song

Fanny Sonahra
Fanny Sonahra 2 months ago

Beautiful lyric .very strong

Sarah Savage
Sarah Savage 2 months ago

Can videos like this be made in WeVideo?

Justin Smith
Justin Smith 2 months ago

So true but so sad this happened to the chruch i got saved in after the pastor died nobody could agree on who should be the next pastor instead of praying they joined together and voted a man God put there out and put who they wanted in and the chruch barely has anyone anymore

Linda Rogers
Linda Rogers 2 months ago

Until those who take offence stop to listen to God's words and allow them to penetrate, they will see everything as a hate message. God wants that no one should perish. This includes everyone. Sometimes there are those that have come away from the same things in life and have made it to asking Jesus to save them. We have to remember that was us once.

Lilia Kamphus
Lilia Kamphus 2 months ago

Casting crowns amo dimais❤❤

Judith Michelle Nakate

Diversity is one thing that we all have in common. Lets celebrate it each and every day. United we stand, divided we fall

Depp99ful 2 months ago

This sounds a lot like the current state of America. I know it's deeper than that, and is about different sects of Christianity (catholic, mormon, baptist, etc) and how we if we stopped judging by their sect and working together, we could get more accomplished.

Darien schroeder
Darien schroeder 2 months ago

This song is so true about Christianity...

Jordon Cox
Jordon Cox 2 months ago

weird..I'm not even Christian and I still like this song

Madie Wilson
Madie Wilson 2 months ago

whoever didn't like this song they need to listen to it again and if they don't get the message they just don't care

Adam Isley
Adam Isley 2 months ago

"Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.

"Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she
With silent lips. "Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"
-The New Colossus (poem), Emma Lazarus, engraved on a bronze plaque and mounted inside the Statue of Liberty's pedestal's lower level.

Boston Jackson
Boston Jackson 2 months ago

I wish the Republicans would listen to this song and learn it's lesson. Stop being Anti-gay. Stop being Anti-feminism. Stop being Anti-immigrants.Stop being Anti-everyone who believes different then you.

Lidia Najera
Lidia Najera 2 months ago

I love casting crowns because there music is beautiful and touching,we are all children of god

Takeiya Hudson
Takeiya Hudson 2 months ago

We are all sinners,we can repent by asking god for forgiveness for our sins and stop all the bad and sinful things that we use to do.Jesus diddnt just die for Christians,he died for everyone so everyone would be able to come to him.I is your choice.

Olivia Jones
Olivia Jones 2 months ago

I cut & its making my think when people left me.... 😭

isshinryu11 2 months ago

It would seem that this "ME First" trait is hardwired in people. You see it from employment to people driving their cars. It is a scrambling to the reserves or supplies that is provided in the environment around a person verses the group. On the reverse side, what person would logically say to themselves I am hungry, but I will let them go to the food/resource pile first. In hopes of what? Altruism? Look at any politician, animal, or person in any career, they will pry, shove, cut in front of, or arm-bar to get to the supplies first. SAD but true. Problem is we live on a planet that is so immensely rare that we cannot even gather 1 speck of evidence other life exists throughout such a great distance as the galaxy, much less the universe. And if greed/selfishness is the order of ones existence-its inevitable we all die. I hope and believe GOD/Jesus will show us a path that we can save ourselves

apple cusher
apple cusher 2 months ago

needtobreathe &casting crowns are my two fave bands

Francis Logan
Francis Logan 2 months ago

Oh , how very true!

Marion Rena
Marion Rena 2 months ago

The song City on the hill came on when I was 7 years old, I was in a terrible place at the time, but the second the song came on, I turned my life to Jesus. I give a special thanks to Casting Crowns

Steve Church
Steve Church 2 months ago

The message makes me shudder and cry out!

Look at All The Beans

This is my new favourite song

My dad worked for u Mark

Thomas Bilbo
Thomas Bilbo 2 months ago

Just goes to show you what the world has become, instead of earthly peace, chaos , destruction, and hell on Earth, but if God is there, then there shall be peace within

LeapOf Faith
LeapOf Faith 2 months ago

Don't be conformed by the world

usmcwolf11484 2 months ago

this was made into a childrens book and it is very good. read it with my nephew a week ago. i like that it has good meanings without being overly religious which makes it open to everyone.

Nikolay Stepanov
Nikolay Stepanov 2 months ago

And one by One they ran away
with their made up minds to leave it all behind
And the lights began to fade in the city on the hill
The city on the hill

JOLT 2 months ago

Epic song excellent video,  heard it for the first time today; brings me to tears thanks for sharing.

MissRKB2000 2 months ago

thanks to everyone who commented on this for me u helped me alot and i have been baptized when i was little so ill keep all ur comments in mind thank u xxxxx love u all may god bless u al xxxxx

MissRKB2000 2 months ago

thanks u guys /girls that commented for me you all helped alot and thankfully i now know that i can be faithful that not all people are not as judgeful as my friends may god bless u all ...
thank you

Cole McRae
Cole McRae 2 months ago

132mymusic:agreed. No worries child. Just a question tho, have you been baptised with the holy spirit and with fire? Gods spirit helps us and comforts us. If you havent god will surely and happily give you this.

Cole McRae
Cole McRae 2 months ago

132mymusic:agreed. No worries child. Just a question tho, have you been baptised with the holy spirit and with fire? Gods spirit helps us and comforts us. If you havent god will surely and happily give you this.

Janina Teitz
Janina Teitz 2 months ago

@MissRBK2000 I do not believe that, simply because you love someone of the same gender, you are in sin. Love is not a sin. God created you as you are and He did so for a reason.

adelle 2 months ago

My teacher at school always plays this to us <3 lol

Darth_In_Training 2 months ago

Someone probably said this already, but I am going to say it anyway. I think this video portrays the song perfectly, I love how you have the lyrics and then pictures to add to that. Very well done!

132MyMusic 2 months ago

Just remember that you are not alone in sin. The Bible said for ALL have fallen short of the glory of God. So you are not alone and no one sin is bigger than the other. In order to become a Christian you by no means have to be perfect. The Holy Spirit is capable of healing any hurt and solving any problem all you have to do is ask and believe. Jesus was tortured & mangled for us sinners! I am sorry your friends judge you so and I will be praying for clarity and truth. Love a friend.

truphena mutola
truphena mutola 2 months ago

Hi little girl,lesbiniaism is sin and that causes you to be a sinner...and God hates the sin and not the sinner,please repent of your sins and sin no more for Christ Loves and died for you,you are very 1chorithians 3:16.

MissRKB2000 2 months ago

For all Christians im 13 and im a lesbian am i a sin or not Cause some of my friends are saying i am Wat do u guys think

Cynthia1423 2 months ago


Hsu Han Chao
Hsu Han Chao 2 months ago

chaos/chrus/chorus/Wu/WynnfordKong&Netramai...seraching death and blood east chose chost coast son song...frigne fringe...lingerousnessly.

eruditeamber 2 months ago

This is currently my favorite song. Please pray for Christian unity!

Nick Lovely
Nick Lovely 2 months ago

swag swag

Taart123 2 months ago

nice vid ;)

Rose Lewis
Rose Lewis 2 months ago

beautiful song, sad how the world has become so far apart from God, but He continues to call the lost home. praise The Lord!

Anthony V
Anthony V 2 months ago

what amazes me of this wonderful group is they actually are pastors and use scriptures out of the bible to write these songs. I love this group best christian group ever

Bee Curry
Bee Curry 2 months ago

WOW! What an amazing song, & how it parallels the world we live in...

Mat Neptune
Mat Neptune 2 months ago

Thank you. I feel flushed.

Randomguynamed Bob
Randomguynamed Bob 2 months ago

im not going to argue with u. thannk u so much for being intelligent enough to not have a huge argument and insult ppl without reason like so many others. I know u may not believe it works but ill be praying for you to find Jesus and to accept Him. thank u again for being gracious and mature

Angeline Hagood
Angeline Hagood 2 months ago

very creative and very unique designs

Paul Caine
Paul Caine 2 months ago


Phinehas See
Phinehas See 2 months ago

me too

Phinehas See
Phinehas See 2 months ago


Tanner Trotter
Tanner Trotter 2 months ago

I love this song so much.

Phinehas See
Phinehas See 2 months ago

favorite song!

Dennis Drinnon
Dennis Drinnon 2 months ago

I love this song so much i cry to it when im alone...

Maxine Sarrah Yu
Maxine Sarrah Yu 2 months ago

love this... very creatively written with a powerful meaning

Mary Beth Greene
Mary Beth Greene 2 months ago

I have listened to this song so many times. It is so beautiful!

Mat Neptune
Mat Neptune 2 months ago

I`m not Christian, but I love this song. { Please, I want no YouTube argument.}

Paul Caine
Paul Caine 2 months ago


Olu Adigun
Olu Adigun 2 months ago

Very few songs have TORCHED my heart, and this is one stands out. It corrects, instructs, helps and directs and build up all at once, with Love at its core! Only God's Spirit could interpret this song to each individual as He wills. Much Love!!!

deanna troi
deanna troi 2 months ago

may god give us the wisdom to know the differences between each race and let us be able to accept it.

123Debka 2 months ago

Inspiring, convicting, encouraging, uplifting, vision building, God-centric, community building, tearing down walls, building up God's love, reaching out, healing in... what else is there?!? God Speed Casting Crowns!

Drew Mercer
Drew Mercer 2 months ago

Amazing. I'm going to do this at church tomorrow with this video playing on the screens. Awesome

hellomynameismolly 2 months ago

I absolutely love this song - and this video. It was the first Christian video I ever watched, and it changed my life. This video is so well done, and it introduced me to worship through music. Now, Casting Crowns is my all-time FAVORITE band, and I can't wait to see them in person (whenever that may be). I'm also going to the 2013 WinterJam. Can't wait!

Wolfsbanestar1 2 months ago

This is such an amazing song, my whole family is Christain and we all heard and love this song. Like I said on another vid, what is up with people disliking this? If you don't like it just don't watch it.

Elizabeth G
Elizabeth G 2 months ago

This song inspires me a lot!

Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins 2 months ago

The good news is that you don't have to be religious. God seeks a relationship and He loves you so much! Mike

rodsreel 2 months ago

Very clever and worldly lyrics we can all learn a little from. The production is spot on, love the mix, the vocals. For once a song well written, well produced and well sung. Finally. Hi from the Scottish Highlands.