What do Teachers REALLY want for Christmas? BEST Teacher Gift Ideas (from a TEACHER!)


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Information What do Teachers REALLY want for Christmas? BEST Teacher Gift Ideas (from a TEACHER!)

Title : What do Teachers REALLY want for Christmas? BEST Teacher Gift Ideas (from a TEACHER!)

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Frames What do Teachers REALLY want for Christmas? BEST Teacher Gift Ideas (from a TEACHER!)

Description What do Teachers REALLY want for Christmas? BEST Teacher Gift Ideas (from a TEACHER!)

What do Teachers REALLY want for Christmas? BEST Teacher Gift Ideas (from a TEACHER!)

What do Teachers REALLY want for Christmas? BEST Teacher Gift Ideas (from a TEACHER!)

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You don’t need to know my name, so STOP IT

My teacher enjoys.... COFFEE. I’m so smart...

FaZe Anish
FaZe Anish 2 months ago


Elizabeth Fraser
Elizabeth Fraser 2 months ago

I have kept all the Christmas cards that kids have given me. I pack them with the Christmas stuff and read them every Christmas. They are treasured.

Lunar Moon
Lunar Moon 2 months ago

Haha I am gonna get my teachers a $10 gift card and chocolate uwu

Andrea Koenig
Andrea Koenig 2 months ago

Gift cards are awesome, but honestly my favorite gifts from students are letters or notes from them.

Leigh Sutherland
Leigh Sutherland 2 months ago

It is ridiculous to assume that all teachers want the same thing. I certainly do NOT want school supplies for Christmas! Since I do not drink coffee, I do not want coffee mugs or coffee shop gift cards. Christmas ornaments are nice, but only if they go along with my style. Some students know what I like, and others don’t (nothing wrong with this). If you have more than one child, you should realize that they like different things. It is the same with everyone. So not lump everyone into one category by assuming a shared career choice means they want the same presents. Try to notice things a person likes, and shop for a present with that in mind.

Teacher Luxe
Teacher Luxe 2 months ago

As a teacher I agree 💯-% gift cards 😊

EmG Is
EmG Is 2 months ago

Wine!!!!!!!! So she can relax! After dealing with all this adorable kids, cuz they can be a handful imaging dealing with 20 little ones🤕

Yuga the fox
Yuga the fox 2 months ago

My teacher: my present is for all of you to be quiet good and smart
Me at home: playing buddyfight well saying bad stuff bout my teacher

Abigail Berthold
Abigail Berthold 2 months ago

What about wine?

Jzg King
Jzg King 2 months ago

I just bought a beautiful glass cup for my Teacher on amazon - Goodking Coffee Mug. Very elegant and dainty. My Teacher will love this Tea Cup. Will definitely order another set soon for myself.

Jess Clayton
Jess Clayton 2 months ago

For Teacher Appreciation day, we have sometimes given a donation in our teacher's names. This can also work for the holidays!

Sarah Thatcher
Sarah Thatcher 2 months ago

I know I always appreciate consumable 'body care ' products. Soaps, hand lotions, body butters, room spray. The only thing you need to know is if they are allergic or sensitive to perfume scents. That is why I would buy/ want only products scented with natural essential oils and that are natural products without harmful chemical ingredients. Not cheap drug store brands. Essential oils are a wonderful gift as well along the same lines.

Sarah Thatcher
Sarah Thatcher 2 months ago

A lot of people probably have a little trouble thinking of gift cards for male teachers ( other than food/ coffee which is still nice) but if you live in a place that really gets snow, a gift card for vehicle washes are a great idea. The men in my life really like to take care of their trucks and keep them clean but spending money on a car wash is not fun and over the long winter it can really add up. A gift card would be especially good for those times when you just wash the truck and have at most one nice day and then it snows and gets all muddy, slushy and dirty again and it's as though you never washed it but you don't want to pay for another wash so soon. So it really is a gift. I would think Tom could relate to this.

Barbara Ryba
Barbara Ryba 2 months ago

I am a teacher myself, I love gift cards! I write the students name on the back of the card so when I make a trade for coffee, I say thanks Michelle and pray for that child while enjoying the coffee! I also remember asking my son what his teacher liked while shopping the mall with him. He was six and I asked the questions like, does your teacher wear bracelets? He was excited to say, "Yes! She wears colorful rubber band bracelets!" We bought her a bundle of rubber bands for her wrists. I asked, "Does she have an umbrella?" He replied, Well it has rained so much this year so let me pick one out in case she forgets hers." I will always treasure this shopping trip because it was not expensive and he totally focused on her needs and I focused on really LISTENING to my six year old!

Lucy 2 months ago

One gift I remember giving was a spice set.. I saw it in a magazine and the teacher loved cooking. It came wrapped in a box and had some nice smelling spices.

Suzanne Roelofse
Suzanne Roelofse 2 months ago

As a teacher, I agree that a simple letter or card with a personal message means SO much more than anything else would. Teaching is a very "cluttery" job and more stuff is just adding to that. All the ideas were great though!

JM Cast
JM Cast 2 months ago

I got my kids' teachers a poinsettia plant. Ok but here is the truth...my kids are literally the easiest kids to work with. They are NO trouble at all, get along with everyone, do their work, follow directiins. I sincerely feel that just by raising good kids I am doing my part and dont need to constantly hustle to give gifts to teachers. At our school it started to feel excessive...Christmas, teacher's birthsay, Teacher Appreciation Day. Likewise I dont need the teacher to bend over backwards for the perfect Mothers Day art craft from the child. Reading, writing, math, organized approach, and a nice disposition is really all I expect.

christine kee
christine kee 2 months ago

People dislike clutter in their homes yet they gift teachers with clutter and handmade gifts from their children which eventually get thrown away. ALL teachers need extra cash and the closest they can get apart from cash are gift cards. Hear hear hear ye all.

Michelle Amy Watt
Michelle Amy Watt 2 months ago

Love your channel

Savannah Hendrix
Savannah Hendrix 2 months ago

What about chorus teachers?

YPEFFLE 2 months ago

All of my inlaws are teachers and had boxs of "gifts" laying around in their basement (mugs, notepads , lotions etc) gift cards are the way to go! I choose NOT to participate in the group gift bc it was a basket of crap ! We gave a giftcard and a small plant

hellokitty'sjuicebox 2 months ago

Good chocolate, wine.

Miss Megan
Miss Megan 2 months ago

As a teacher myself, I 100% agree with the teacher inteviewed for this video!! She is spot on.

michael calderon
michael calderon 2 months ago

What about an echo dot?

StylezBy ROBIN
StylezBy ROBIN 2 months ago


Keras world
Keras world 2 months ago

I love giving really nice 3 wick candles for a few reasons, 1-they are a consumable decor item (makes their home look and smell nice but doesn’t take up room or need storage) 2-if the candle isn’t a scent that the teacher likes it is a generic enough gift that it can be regifted very easily and I believe that’s also very helpful during the holiday season, it’s just one less gift you have to buy! 3-candles (if purchased from a decent store/brand) are a quality gift that won’t break the bank! Example...bath and body works has 3 wicks in sale every other week and they are gorgeous quality candles

Swati Deshkar
Swati Deshkar 2 months ago


Natalie Pescud
Natalie Pescud 2 months ago

Love getting sharpies!

Cesar Omiste
Cesar Omiste 2 months ago

teachers just want cash... think about their salary ;)

Martha M
Martha M 2 months ago

As a former teacher and mother, I vote for a gift card attached to a large bottle of hand sanitizer and a bundle of tissue boxes.

SuperChicChick 2 months ago

What about teachers teaching specials? Gift cards?

Kelly Hunkele-Kelly Reyes

Thank you sooo much. I am going crazy trying to look for ideas. And there you are.! Guess a gift card it is. Happy Holidays!

texting storys jj
texting storys jj 2 months ago

You talk to fucking much

rosalina Semidey
rosalina Semidey 2 months ago

What about logo gift cards?

Jennifer Chen
Jennifer Chen 2 months ago

Bringing wine to school and give it to teacher isn’t a good idea right ?

Hevra ay
Hevra ay 2 months ago

All teacher wont is good work from ther student dont you agree

Mama With A Fro
Mama With A Fro 2 months ago

I don't expect anything. I am crazy about school supplies!

Doris Kawas
Doris Kawas 2 months ago

Gave a teacher a rose bush one year for end of year and she still has it in her yard! So sweet! Always thinks of us as it blooms💕

B Peltier
B Peltier 2 months ago

Yes I agree with all these suggestions. I teach high school though so rarely gifts are seen. As an English teacher I love when kids put their thoughts of appreciation in a card. I save them all.

TheBigpapax30 2 months ago

🛑Other ideas🛑
●nude nail polish
●Hair care kit-shampoo+conditioner +hair mask
●face mask kit
●delicious chocolates
●winter kit accessories (hat+scarf +gloves)*for cold climates. Pick a simple color or pattern.

Lydia Senn
Lydia Senn 2 months ago

This is great! I love your channel. Teachers are hard to shop for.

Chronicles of Ms. Chang

We want cash and gift cards :) watch here youtu.be/168_g8THuHQ

ConstantCompanion 2 months ago

When my son was growing up, the one gift I gave that went over like gangbusters was, I bought these really cute scrapbooks, personalized to each of his teachers. Inside I wrote a note, something to the effect of we don't get to keep anything but our memories. And that was my gift. They were enamored with it. Now these were grade school teachers.

I was in college later and turned out, one of my professors became one of my best friends. I learned from her that material gifts just are not that appreciated because they get so many. Because we are friends, I give her good chocolate or maybe a bottle of wine. But I think the one thing she liked the best was a gift card to a really nice restaurant. Pampering. As you said, they don't have a lot of money. Teachers really don't. And, they don't have a lot of time. Really expensive soap or something decadent that they wouldn't normally buy for themselves. They really are on a budget, So even though I'm not in school anymore, we are still friends and I still get her gifts. And I try to make them decadent. Also cards! She loves to get cards.

Simplifying Family Life

The parents of my son’s class are getting together and pooling money to buy gift cards for the teachers. As a recovering teacher myself, I completely agree with gift cards. Handwritten notes from kids and parents are lovely too. If I was given chocolate or cake, I would leave it at school and produce it in the staff room in mid January, when we needed a boost. So that’s appreciated too!

I really don’t want to fill somebody else’s house with junk either now I’ve seen the benefits of minimalism.

Erica Beyer
Erica Beyer 2 months ago

I have young kiddos so they have a teacher and assistances so we also include them! This year we’re going with coffee gift cards and cookies!

Fiery154 2 months ago

Good tips! My husband is a teacher and I'm an SLP in the schools. He gets tons of gift cards every year. LOTS of gift cards. They really help us throughout the year. WE WANT GIFT CARDS!

However as an Speech Therapist, I've only gotten 3 gifts in the last 7 years, (I usually have about 45-50 kids each year). If your kid gets special education services, us related service providers (SLP, OT, PT) will be beyond happy to get anything.

Life with Kristy
Life with Kristy 2 months ago

Great ideas! I always felt like gift cards are impersonal BUT I've decided they definitely don't have to be. I would much rather give something someone can use so thank you very much for sharing!

Sarah Snyder
Sarah Snyder 2 months ago

I am a toddler teacher and your friend gave great ideas! I will say that if you have a treat, be careful of food allergies! I have a food allergy and even though I’ll accept gifts even if I can’t eat them, it’s sweet when someone remembers. I love how you tell kids to pay attention to their teachers for gift ideas too!

Seasonal Living
Seasonal Living 2 months ago

I’m so glad you brought up this topic! I personally cannot do the crafty dollar store gifts that I know will end up donated or trashed. I sent out a questionnaire to all my daughters teachers so I know what will work best for them. 🎄

Abbey Abbott
Abbey Abbott 2 months ago

Fourth grade teacher here😆 I love when I receive a small gift card from a local business! Local coffee place or bakery, a family-owned chocolate shop or restaurant. It gets me into my community and gives me a reason to try a new place that I can feel good about.

Ruth Norbury
Ruth Norbury 2 months ago

Charity donations on our behalf are always a lovely gift. Oxfam sells gift cards to buy a goat for a village or train a teacher. I usually request no gifts please, but if you really want, let's help someone who really needs it.

Happy Crazy Fun!
Happy Crazy Fun! 2 months ago

Can you do a video about what you, as a minimalist, put into your kids' stockings? I want to give my kids fun things without filling their tummies with tons of sugar or our house with tons of extra junk! I would love to hear what you do!

Happy Crazy Fun!
Happy Crazy Fun! 2 months ago

I found potted amaryllis plants at Walmart for $5. I think those will be fun teacher gifts that last for a while!

Jo Watson
Jo Watson 2 months ago

I know my daughters teacher visits a cafe near the school most weeks. This has just spurred me on to message them to see if they do gift vouchers we could purchase for Christmas 🎄

livinglifelarson 2 months ago

I taught preschool for 7 yrs and i so agree with these suggestions!

Mrs Ladybug
Mrs Ladybug 2 months ago

Your videos are always on point 😃💪🏻

Sabz Ji
Sabz Ji 2 months ago

Chocolates?? Cheesecake??

Blue SouthPaw
Blue SouthPaw 2 months ago

My dad drives school bus and the kids always give him giftcards fo coffee shops and grocery stores and gas. He loves those kids and always says he drives a bus full of the future presidents and politicians and the most precious cargo on the road. He tells them these things which I'm sure some of the kids find it funny. But they just love him. One kid even drew him a picture of him driving a bus and all the kids. He showed me. It was so detailed. Right down to my dads outfit he wears and everyday. He had it framed.😁

Tracy 2 months ago

I'm a teacher, and my favourite thing is to receive a note. I received a note and a picture from a student earlier this year, and I keep it in my teacher bag to pull out when I'm having a bad day. We hear regularly, when we have made parents angry, but we rarely get told when we've made a positive impact on a child or their family.
Otherwise, a gift card would suit very well....or earrings. But make sure to take note of preferred colours or metals.

Chani P
Chani P 2 months ago

My niece, cousin, aunt, another cousin, close friend, mother in law, husband’s aunt, husband’s cousins are ALL teachers. I have asked them all and their answers:
1. nothing is fine. They don’t expect a gift.
2. Gift cards to bookstore, office supplies store, coffee shop, dollar store.
3. Pinterest type gift.
So it’s pretty much the same as your video said.

Stacy Benefield
Stacy Benefield 2 months ago

We've donated to Samaritans Purse "to help teach a child to read" and I think we will be doing something similar with Compassion this year. 4th grade hatches baby chicks, and baby chicks for a family is one of the gifts you can sponsor. It gives us the opportunity to support a charity and tie the meaning back to what our teachers do for us. I hope the gesture is appreciated!

Jack of all Trades: a Teacher's Journey

I taught for 8 years. I loved gift cards, but my favorite gift was an ornament and the student wrote on the back why he was thankful for me. I get to read it each year when i put my tree up and am so thankful to remember him and those special students i taught with him❤

Sara Archuleta
Sara Archuleta 2 months ago

great tips!

HikeGardenTravel 2 months ago

We plan to return to homeschooling but will get our teacher’s gift cards and candy with a card and tie it up in a cellophane bag. Everything can be from Dollar Tree but the gift card. Target? Starbucks. Not sure.

l lilikova
l lilikova 2 months ago

Teachers want rest and not seeing students for as long as possible 😁

Teachready 2 months ago

My kids’ school has a ‘My Favorite Things’ that’s done by each teacher, available in the office. I always get a copy of my kid’s teachers’ page the beginning of the year and try to get them something from their list throughout the year. I love the idea and so glad I’m getting something from their wishlist.

Laura Marie
Laura Marie 2 months ago

As a teacher I can 100% say a big yes to the gift cards! Even 5$ to a coffee shop is so appreciated to go for a tea and a snack. Of course we don't expect anything, but it's also greatly appreciated. :) thanks for sharing this!

Angela K
Angela K 2 months ago

I love the gas gift card idea! I always go movies or coffee, but I like the practical angle! 💜💜💜

Lela Eubank
Lela Eubank 2 months ago

Probably the best gift I ever gave a teacher was at the end of my oldest daughter's first-grade year. It was a 3-page handwritten letter about how she had helped my daughter and the love she had shown her, how important her impact on the kids was, and how much I loved and appreciated her. It reduced her to tears. Big, sloppy tears. It was a beautiful moment.

Joyful Living
Joyful Living 2 months ago

I've worked in preschool for many years. The best yet have been when parents in their honest and beautiful words have told me how much they love what I do for their kid(s). But when it comes to things I loved a Mandalabook and color pencils the most. I've gotten eatable gifts but don't eat gluten. Make sure you check if the teacher is allergic if you are gonna give some sweets or similar. Even though the fact that you've thought of the teacher is more than enough :)

Lin Bron
Lin Bron 2 months ago

Gift car at a local car wash , because they don’t have time to wash it.lol.....

flynn1a 2 months ago

I’m a newly retired teacher. I really love the idea of sending your child on a recon mission to see what their teacher drinks. What a great way to teach them how to think about others! Personally, my day was made when I got a $5 Starbucks card. Given that ANY gift is very touching, I would suggest that you steer away from ornaments and religious items (like a book of daily devotionals, which I once got. And still have, for sentimental reasons, even though it did not resonate with my own faith beliefs at all.). Also, it’s a season when there are a lot of illnesses going around, so I did always kind of prefer commercially wrapped food like chocolate candies to homemade goodies. When my daughter was little, I read that teachers like school supplies and stickers, so I sometimes did that. But when I was a teacher myself, I have to say I enjoyed more frivolous stuff like chocolate or pretty-smelling hand sanitizer. And I’d like to add one more thing. I taught Special Ed, and I had an incentives/treats/prizes box. Friends and family would pass on trinkets to me for my box. If your child’s teacher has a prize box, consider donating little things, or bubblegum, throughout the year (whenever you go on a decluttering spree).

Emily Powers
Emily Powers 2 months ago

As a former teacher, yes on the gift cards. And although I love treats, i got so many I had to give them to family and friends each year.

Matylda Berger
Matylda Berger 2 months ago

I love Your channel more and more.

Maestra Zoila Reyna Jaime González 🍎📚

Hi Giirl. As you know, I am a Teacher, If someone ask me what I would like to get a Chistmas my answer will be CLEAN SERVICE FOR A MONTH f will be great, because we ( teachers) always are really bussy all the time and required help with the house... Thank you... Teacher Zoila November 13th, 2018j

julie fitzgerald-frangos

I was thinking of giving a target gift card this year. Do you feel like that would be appreciated? Didnt want to take the chance on coffee bc I dont know if they drink it! Figured they can use target for school supplies or themselves!?

Mary Pinheiro
Mary Pinheiro 2 months ago

I taught 6th grade for almost ten years! I loved everything she suggested. My favorite gifts were dunkn donuts gift cards!

Jill Peterson
Jill Peterson 2 months ago

One teacher friend of mine said the best gift she has ever received was a bottle of wine, for all of the love she "pours" into the kids! Haha!! I guess that would fit under "consumables!"

allysyoutube 2 months ago

Absolutely! This former teacher saved the sweet cards, those are the best. Many school offices have the staff fill out a “favorites” sheet, they usually don’t advertise it but if you ask the school office they may have it for gift card ideas.

Stacie Murray
Stacie Murray 2 months ago

I know several teachers and I don’t think ANY of them would argue with this video😄 it’s true: they pour into the lives of our children several days a week and we just want them to feel loved and appreciated with our breaking the bank! 😜 it’s great to be reminded that “taking the easy way out” with a gift card may be the most appreciated or useful of the gifts they receive

A Hoarder's Heart
A Hoarder's Heart 2 months ago

I did a “Facebook” pole to all my friends who are teachers and they said the same thing. If you really want to give a gift to teachers...gift cards is the most appreciated gift. Especially Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Wawa, Chick Fila, food consumable gift cards!

Samira Soumaila
Samira Soumaila 2 months ago

I'am so obsessed of your videos!!
Thank you so much for sharing all those good ideas ,the really helps me and my family🤗🤗🤗
Sorry for the" not so good English" I am french

Mallorymomstories 2 months ago

Gas card it is :)

Craigand Amber
Craigand Amber 2 months ago

When I was teaching I loved gift cards! Definitely the best. I was trying to figure out where to get them for my sons teachers and since you said McDonald’s I’m probably going to go with that. They can always get a coffee there. We don’t have many specialty restaurants in our small town. Thanks for your videos!

Susan Smith
Susan Smith 2 months ago

Yes! I am a teacher. Gift cards are SO appreciated. We can use them. Sweet thoughtful notes by you that show your appreciation are wonderful. <3

Patty Gioffre
Patty Gioffre 2 months ago

I would always give teachers things like a freezable meals that she could microwave or cook in a short time for her / his family during the busy holiday season as well as for younger teachers, prize box supplies, stickers, pencils & subject related items with a personalized card from my student.