Gift Giving - Should House Cleaners Bring Gifts for Mother's Day?


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Information Gift Giving - Should House Cleaners Bring Gifts for Mother's Day?

Title : Gift Giving - Should House Cleaners Bring Gifts for Mother's Day?

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Frames Gift Giving - Should House Cleaners Bring Gifts for Mother's Day?

Description Gift Giving - Should House Cleaners Bring Gifts for Mother's Day?

Gift Giving - Should House Cleaners Bring Gifts for Mother's Day?

Gift Giving - Should House Cleaners Bring Gifts for Mother's Day?

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Angela Brown
Angela Brown 2 months ago

Check out this playlist of similar videos we made on bonuses - incentives. More great info.

Cleaning Fairy
Cleaning Fairy 2 months ago

This was really helpful, THANK YOU!

Maria Reyes
Maria Reyes 2 months ago

Thanks for advice on this subject 🙏it helps a lot to know what’s the right thing to do

Decima Nightelf
Decima Nightelf 2 months ago

I’m binge watching these cleaning videos! Lol
In lieu of gifts it might be nice to send a card to each client at the end of the year (go with ‘happy holidays’ to keep it neutral) and write a short note saying ‘thank you for your custom...’ It’s a nice gesture and it won’t break the bank!

BW 2 months ago

This past christmas I thought it would be nice to leave small chocolates for each client. Then I realised it should probably be nice chocolates so I didn't appear like a cheapskate. Than it got super awkward because I went to a couple of clients houses and they had left ME gifts - one of them had left me the exact same chocolates except it was an entire BOX whereas I had only planned to leave her 2...and the other client had left me a very expensive gift which made my leaving 2 chocolates seem rediculous. So I didn't leave them any because again, I felt like I would appear like a cheapskate lol. client - I left her chocolates and a beautiful hand painted card on her dresser and I never even received a thankyou (every single other client did) and something about that IRKED me. One week later I saw on her boasting on her food business social media profile that she was planning to gift her 'fabulous cleaner' a ton of food - except in real life she didnt! lol! So now it's just WEIRD because I feel like she is an ungrateful and fake person. In short - I'm done with gifting to clients. It's nice when they gift me small things and I always make sure to show my appreciation :)

Irma Peña
Irma Peña 2 months ago

My answer C

Peachtree 13
Peachtree 13 2 months ago

Once I give my service free to a dying costumer, that was so kind, but when I went back to my house my family asked me for food and I have bills to pay, that’s make me felt really bad. Since that day I learned the lesson. Thank you for all your advices!

Carmen Laura
Carmen Laura 2 months ago

they going to love you. .. because you are excellent for the gifts...👍

SvetlanaLaves Says it as it is

I did this on my 2nd/3rd year of business for Christmas and some birthdays.
I gave presents to most children of my customers.
I have slow down a lot on this one as some people were hard to please or would then fire/drop me after a while because they couldn’t afford me even though I am not expensive.
I am given things by the clients too, but as you said it’s not sustainable.
I very much prefer to do an excellent job each session and if time permits up sell my services.

Love Life
Love Life 2 months ago

I think it will make a lot more sense to do a mulligan for a special occasion. Customers dont expect you to bring gifts they expect you to clean so a cleaning Milligan makes alot more sense than candy baskets. I have a coworker who wanted to make cupcakes for a regular client and her family. I had to say no because first of all what of the client got sick from dinner somewhere else? The first thing they will think is WE poisoned them🤣

Elena 2 months ago


Kings detailing
Kings detailing 2 months ago

No gifts

John Mal
John Mal 2 months ago

We don't give gifts our clients do that for us. If you give a gift you may offend them as well. Maybe they do not celebrate easter etc.. or worse yet you make them feel bad because they did not get you anything. Great advice Angela, too many things can go wrong with this line of thinking. People tip service people, not the other way around.

Catina Hawkins
Catina Hawkins 2 months ago

Amen that's right !!!

Tina Jackson
Tina Jackson 2 months ago

I honestly would think that it would be the other way around... that your client would give you a Mother's Day gift or give you an extra generous tip and card for Mother's Day and Christmas. That's just my opinion. :)
Also, I agree with the outdoing the family...even though we can afford "gifts" for each other (the family) we just choose to spend time with one another doing things we enjoy and creating memories instead of collecting "things". There are a few exceptions...but typically, we just hang out with each other and eat. LOL although I don't think my family would be offended if someone gave me a gift and they didn't but it's just not necessary. I definitely would not feel offended if my house cleaner didn't give me a gift for Mother's Day. I would actually feel a little uncomfortable if she DID. I would much rather prefer she just wished me a Happy Mother's Day with a genuine smile and that's all. :) If the client isn't home, a small note card with a Happy Mother's Day on it works too!

Ana Rita Gomes
Ana Rita Gomes 2 months ago

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