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Title : A Christmas Story, Fragile scene

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Frames A Christmas Story, Fragile scene

Description A Christmas Story, Fragile scene

A Christmas Story, Fragile scene

A Christmas Story, Fragile scene

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Miyojewolt S Nasonth
Miyojewolt S Nasonth 2 months ago

0:31 "HIS END UP"

That's hilarious, and I had never noticed that while watching the movie. :)

Teagan Lloyd
Teagan Lloyd 2 months ago

me and my parents were doing riddles and it said fragile- my dad said these exact words-

JHaz 2 months ago


Alexander Jones
Alexander Jones 2 months ago

If you notice the F is almost entirely cut off on the front of the box so he says “Ragile” not Fragile.

Yung Hollywood
Yung Hollywood 2 months ago

Anybody else do the same shrug when he asks the delivery guy what’s in it? Can’t be the only one

Connor Stevens
Connor Stevens 2 months ago

I’m watching this on the same day on the same channel! SEVEN YEARS FROM NOW!

BoBo 2 months ago

It must be SHITALIAN

Don’t Panic! No Not Yet It’s Longer Now

even though my parents aren’t italian, here’s proof that i am.

i’m a fragile person.

fragile is pronounced frah-gil-ay.

fragile is italian.

therefore, i’m italian.

SurfAlien2 2 months ago

It's a major award.

Life in the 413
Life in the 413 2 months ago

When the box and the packaging in the box was much more ridiculous that it is today.

Theroux 2 months ago


Condition. 2 months ago

How I feel right now. My tv just came.

MockingjayYT 2 months ago

A rope is around the box when bringing it through the door but is not there in the next shot.

Joel Wise
Joel Wise 2 months ago

9 people must be scott farcas

President Pixel
President Pixel 2 months ago

Fragile......must be Italian.....

Stacey 2 months ago

That was a big box for a lamp.

Jon 2 months ago

AlphaOmegaSin brought me here

Bruhits_Em 2 months ago

Fragile! Must be italian!

Autumn Snow
Autumn Snow 2 months ago

I love that part!!!

Dan Behrendt
Dan Behrendt 2 months ago

Notice how it says HIs End Up  and not This End Up? 

cristy638 2 months ago

Lol my fav part

WayBeyondThisKid 2 months ago

Fra gie Lee haha

bob lolo
bob lolo 2 months ago

I've been watching this movie since my first Christmas. Every year we buy my dad a leg lamp.