Picking up my daughter from school in a Ferrari


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Information Picking up my daughter from school in a Ferrari

Title : Picking up my daughter from school in a Ferrari

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Description Picking up my daughter from school in a Ferrari

Picking up my daughter from school in a Ferrari

Picking up my daughter from school in a Ferrari

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Colin Van Belle
Colin Van Belle 2 months ago

To all the people acting like this little girl is gunna have all these fake friends because of this video:
I hate to disappoint... who am I kidding I love to disappoint in this case. The little girl in this video, Calista, is a friend of mine, already has PLENTY of friends, is cool beyond what your narrow minds could comprehend and is WAY too smart to allow fake friends into her life. Honestly... The kids already smarter than a majority of the comments on this video. Feel ashamed.

Maria Skorupa
Maria Skorupa 2 months ago

I'm pretty sure she doesn't care what you pick her up in but that you pick her up period. This seems like it was more for you than her.

Marvin Jonathan
Marvin Jonathan 2 months ago

He sure raise his daughter right, cause shes so humble and sweet..

Sukhbir Naidu
Sukhbir Naidu 2 months ago


ANTARIKSH GADIA 2 months ago

This video just spoiled my mood, I hate these kind of people

Aryan Mishra
Aryan Mishra 2 months ago

I'll pray that if i ever get a daughter she be like her, like so humble omg

PAC MON 2 months ago

"Hey, lets go from 0 to 60mph at a school!" - 🦧🚘

Tony Robertson
Tony Robertson 2 months ago

Look at me iv got plenty of money !!!
Oh this is my daughter.

Tony Robertson
Tony Robertson 2 months ago

Wonder what the school thought about you speeding away, and reveing the engine in the school parking lot, if it would have been a big pick up with loud pipes , would the faculty reacted different ????

Quadrant led light
Quadrant led light 2 months ago

Sick rev brah

yaspop23 pop
yaspop23 pop 2 months ago

"We famous" 😂

Bxnanaa_Dream 2 months ago

I swear this girl is gonna be the most popular in school-

Lexie Fowlkes
Lexie Fowlkes 2 months ago

why is everyone trying to do this..

Belen Todd
Belen Todd 2 months ago

She's going to become famous after this

CopyWordDocument 2 months ago

imagine a supra would appear

Zirma Li
Zirma Li 2 months ago

Sounds mad. Your daughter seems nice

bubblyy ishaa シ
bubblyy ishaa シ 2 months ago

her daughter looks like that pretty nerd rich girl in school

Bsalmankurt 2 months ago

Türkiyede Clio almak gibi birşey...

Nicole Lela
Nicole Lela 2 months ago

I don’t think the child was impressed. She appears to be more grounded. Someone unfortunately is a little insecure.....

Shakuganz 2 months ago

Not sure why everyone is upset wit hthe father saying he craves attention. C'mon. That's normal. Guys show off their super cars while ladies show off their branded bags.

Tanvi Taparwal
Tanvi Taparwal 2 months ago

Daughter will be treated as a new person in school next day

Tahir Sajid
Tahir Sajid 2 months ago

Ferraris suck

The Machine
The Machine 2 months ago

dude was doing 120 through a school zone lmfao

James Hall
James Hall 2 months ago

She's adorable

Alan Senzaki
Alan Senzaki 2 months ago

Sweet and smart young lady. Beautiful young woman who loves her dad!

Yana Maria
Yana Maria 2 months ago

Your daughter looks like a loser. Sorry but it's true

Daniel Arteaga
Daniel Arteaga 2 months ago

Awesome car, cool Dad, & beautiful Daughter to be proud of

NUMBER 23 2 months ago

Ur daughter is beautiful

A Random Ambipom
A Random Ambipom 2 months ago

awww omg. she's so cute.

jabsy jo
jabsy jo 2 months ago

Who is the real child here😂😂..

Elaine Tafili
Elaine Tafili 2 months ago

Hes a great dad

Allie Daisy Rose
Allie Daisy Rose 2 months ago

That's so sweet proof the bullies wrong!

Stephanie Martin-Ward

I thought I was hot stuff for getting picked up in a BMW once.

Heavenly Sedated
Heavenly Sedated 2 months ago

I have a 71 Chevelle and my daughter doesn't like the attention AT ALL.!! People comment all the time or just stare. One time a Ferrari pulled up right next to me and a group of guys where commenting on my car and taken pictures rather than the Ferrari. I was actually beyond shocked. I guess hard work I put into it paid off that day.. The man is blessed to have such a humble daughter. Good parenting always pays off

Exotix_ CrAcKeD
Exotix_ CrAcKeD 2 months ago

Am I the only one that saw the middle schoolers smoking at 1:33 red jaket

Li Mao
Li Mao 2 months ago

It's really strange for me seeing their reaction...

Rin 2 months ago

The flex is way to much lol

Choco The Dog
Choco The Dog 2 months ago

GOALS my dad did that once

shroompicker23 2 months ago

Great kid.


Don't blame me
I am a human

Diane v
Diane v 2 months ago

Dad seems like a total TOOL, good kid though, moms doing a great job!

sandra matua
sandra matua 2 months ago

The camera man is not stable

THE BULL 2 months ago

It was my birthday in 20 days and it’s my birthday today!

Gl1tch is pog :
Gl1tch is pog : 2 months ago

The daughter the new popular kid:

Mr. Irrelevant
Mr. Irrelevant 2 months ago

Love how shes like: 😐 yep ferrari


Marwa S
Marwa S 2 months ago

Lol the yellow limo

Wid Al-Ameri
Wid Al-Ameri 2 months ago

The gurl is so humble she does not show of PLUS she would bring all the fake friends towards her ... And her friendz might leave her i think this was mean from her dad.. I dont think what he did will help her .. And look at her how is she so polite... Ans so sweet!

Tinna Tavete
Tinna Tavete 2 months ago

I’ve been in a Ferrari and man it was fast

Amazing Xpress
Amazing Xpress 2 months ago


Randy Sollis
Randy Sollis 2 months ago

Great speeding in a school zone with all the kids walking

Gloria Barajas
Gloria Barajas 2 months ago

She's absolutely adorable 😍

Ste Putra
Ste Putra 2 months ago

Ternyata orang mamarika kampungan juga ya?

Nolife 2 months ago

“Dad, I thought you were bringing the Bugatti today! You are the worst dad ever!!

DyZER 2 months ago

Aonde eu vim parar ?

NightSkyACC /\
NightSkyACC /\ 2 months ago


Hamzah Salem
Hamzah Salem 2 months ago

Every Students On This We're Surprised And Taking Pics LOL

biln3 2 months ago

I like how they gaze into each others eyes 6 inches away. That's true puppy love.

Chichi Machiha
Chichi Machiha 2 months ago

His is rich

Jacob Vernon
Jacob Vernon 2 months ago

Just seeing this your daughter is amazing!!! She doesn’t like the attention you raised her right great job ! I respect you

Andrew Winchel
Andrew Winchel 2 months ago

"What do you do?"

"I narcissist."

Mrs.Uchiha 2 months ago

2:02 sasuke not the last uchiha!!!

EMALEE PETERSON 2 months ago

ah embarasing teanagers my moms favorite hobby

GachaAuni YT
GachaAuni YT 2 months ago

laughs at my self for forgetting what a Ferrari looks like

Technology Class
Technology Class 2 months ago

Why is it that everytime I watch videos of people driving their Ferrari to school, I think of myself getting in a Ferrari in front of a group of 50 teenagers taking pictures of me... and I’m yelling at them to stop

Gigglemania Runnin’ Wild

Why is he showing off to her classmates, somethings off about this whole showoff

Alok 2 months ago

That Girl is going places. In such a small age (when you get influenced so easily by all the materialistic things) her head is clear. Humble, down to earth and loves her dad more than his Ferrari or Mercedes. It's rare to see these qualities in kids these days so good to see this. All the very best for your very bright future kiddo.

Craig Kerr
Craig Kerr 2 months ago

I wish my daughter was even close to where how sweet this girl is.

Firefly Monster
Firefly Monster 2 months ago

Why does the intro scare me 😂

ItsAriPlays YT
ItsAriPlays YT 2 months ago

The dad : she is definitely expecting the Mercedes
me : expecting the buss

TheStevenB 2 months ago

The Ferrari today, back to slumming it in the Merc tomorrow

marky bot
marky bot 2 months ago

Dad drive's with a ferrari*

Fake friends: wanna be friends?

VIAGAMER ROHAN 2 months ago

This Is My Dreams Car That Motivates Me To Work Hard Every Day

thefridge iscool
thefridge iscool 2 months ago

This filled me with pure joy

Pedro Melendez
Pedro Melendez 2 months ago

Aww, she seems like a good kid. Humble too. I don't think cares if its a Ferrari a Mercedes. As long as she good parents she can rely on, that's what matters to her.

Aracoixo 2 months ago

Tough crowd

Richard Thurmond
Richard Thurmond 2 months ago

Plot twist.
Dad owns a car service,
Kids tease her on looks.
Dad can't hit them but floss on there parents.

simple simon
simple simon 2 months ago

What a knob

JOSH _DUB 2 months ago

Best dad ever

RL Twon
RL Twon 2 months ago

You already know every one in school gonna hang out with her

Katie Osman
Katie Osman 2 months ago

10m views and k subs

James Nana
James Nana 2 months ago

That little girl is the bomb!

Wildnites Music
Wildnites Music 2 months ago

Amazing dad hands down🤗

Jeannine Little
Jeannine Little 2 months ago

Did your daughter know that you have a Ferrari???

Damian Bravo
Damian Bravo 2 months ago

This is a couple of years old but you can see she loves her dad so much the way she looks at him.

Killua Zoldyck
Killua Zoldyck 2 months ago


Miro Ferro
Miro Ferro 2 months ago


Nova 2 months ago

This is so wholesome 💙
My dad used to do this once in awhile. But the nice cars were not in this price bracket. But new nevertheless and special to me.

Saurav Verma
Saurav Verma 2 months ago

1:54 When he started shouting "Yellow Limo" 😂😂

OzHammer 2 months ago

cool car man cool car what is that Ferrari maybe that one Lamborghini no no maybe McLaren anyway have a good day man (this is a joke)

Mihai Lazar
Mihai Lazar 2 months ago

U are just a gross person

verιтaѕ vιтae
verιтaѕ vιтae 2 months ago

What a cutie she is - he's raising a nice young lady.

Peronika Yon
Peronika Yon 2 months ago

Wow this cool😎
If it were me, maybe I would be really cool

Oh Nononono
Oh Nononono 2 months ago

The jealousy in the comment section lmao

David H.
David H. 2 months ago

what a sweet little girl you have!!

John Doe
John Doe 2 months ago

What an arrogant idiot @sshole !!

Studsters 2 months ago

I’ve been picked up and dropped off in a Lamborghini before and I didn’t get any new friends at all. So all of these comments are wrong haha.

Arman boss
Arman boss 2 months ago

not interested as i have many expensive supercars

Lorenzo Perry
Lorenzo Perry 2 months ago

..🌹" THANKS...DAD AND DAUGHTER "🌹.....................🎩

Haidar Ali Warsi
Haidar Ali Warsi 2 months ago

A father can do anything for his daughter

schimon shagedorun
schimon shagedorun 2 months ago