Howard Miller Grandfather Clock Strikes 12


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Title : Howard Miller Grandfather Clock Strikes 12

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Howard Miller Grandfather Clock Strikes 12

Howard Miller Grandfather Clock Strikes 12

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My grandparents have a grandfather clock that my granddad received as a retirement gift. I love that thing.

Akbar Fathan
Akbar Fathan 2 months ago

I have clock look like this before, but get selled cuz it's noisy

Thing ma boby
Thing ma boby 2 months ago

They go back to the 1800

Fuzbear E
Fuzbear E 2 months ago

Fnaf 4 is real in 321

Vampi26 2 months ago

Beautiful pi

Jacobs World
Jacobs World 2 months ago

So relaxing 😌

Clock 5000
Clock 5000 2 months ago

The model number for this clock is 610-600

Gasi AMONG 2 months ago

0:04 it start

Soggy Water
Soggy Water 2 months ago

Am I the only one who likes the sounds of clocks ticking and grandfather clocks chimes and gears?

Mrs. Kirkendall
Mrs. Kirkendall 2 months ago

Nightmare Mangle and Dash

Chloe Le Gacha
Chloe Le Gacha 2 months ago

we did it bois, we beat night 6!

Dean_Winchesters _Baby_Daddy

These things are absolutely terrifying. I’ve seen enough horror movies to know what this means

Kaylee Ho
Kaylee Ho 2 months ago

this is cool grandfather clock

chris wassil
chris wassil 2 months ago

What a beautiful clock

James Connelly
James Connelly 2 months ago

Someone just gave me one just like the one in this video for free! Don't know what it's worth yet but it's in mint condition.

Super The Second
Super The Second 2 months ago

Not trying to be a creep but that’s nice house

Empress Lilith
Empress Lilith 2 months ago

I grew up living a few blocks away from the catholic cathedral of my elementary school and heard this chime daily for years. Really nice.

Chris Dorsey
Chris Dorsey 2 months ago

This is the coolest shit Ive ever heard. When the chimes start striking twelve the perfect fifths are detuned just enough to create a binaural beat

Jealous Yt
Jealous Yt 2 months ago

Nice 👍🏻


Love the wood work!

Thunderbolt 2 months ago

I wished I had this

2 months ago

Omg that's the same one my grandmother has!!!

Zoe Cashion
Zoe Cashion 2 months ago

I used to be afraid of my grandparents’ grandfather clock when I was little, but now I’m 16, so I’m used to it.

Rita Thomas
Rita Thomas 2 months ago


Queen Dora J.
Queen Dora J. 2 months ago


Gage Pugh
Gage Pugh 2 months ago

Why would they use a grandfather clock in five nights at Freddy's four but he's in the hospital

Norman Alston
Norman Alston 2 months ago


logan McKinney
logan McKinney 2 months ago

Does anyone know the length of the chime rods?

Titan _
Titan _ 2 months ago

0:13 fnaf 4

Wendy Meers
Wendy Meers 2 months ago

I like this Howard Miller Clock

Sabs Fabs
Sabs Fabs 2 months ago

The clock starts at 00:04

tomguy5687 # random things, clocks

I’ve seen lots of grandfather clocks in my life

Luis Donadeli
Luis Donadeli 2 months ago

E pra negócio este clock ? SE sim diz o valor !

Santiago Mijares
Santiago Mijares 2 months ago


Sabs Fabs
Sabs Fabs 2 months ago

I like this clock, do you Peter bresler?

Lydia Rose
Lydia Rose 2 months ago

If that was Big Ben it wouldn’t ring until 2021.

Nick De Vocht
Nick De Vocht 2 months ago


Corgipon 2 months ago

I’m getting one.

Jack Mustang
Jack Mustang 2 months ago

It’s Miller Time.

Edna Pahilanga
Edna Pahilanga 2 months ago

Gabriel's favorite Westminster Chime clock

mira. 2 months ago

Your grandfather clock just like mine but different sound. Yours are more scary sound

Justin Sharp
Justin Sharp 2 months ago

eerie chimes at 0:17.

Nathaniel the Animal
Nathaniel the Animal 2 months ago

That's dope as fuck man

Mark Mathosian
Mark Mathosian 2 months ago

Love the sound of our HM grandfather clock. 👍

92ASC 2 months ago

Nice Fallsworth, I've got the exact same clock.

Edna Pahilanga
Edna Pahilanga 2 months ago

FNAF 4 Clock = Howard Miller ❌
FNAF 4 Clock = Urgos ✅

David Evans
David Evans 2 months ago

Thanks. Many people will never see a grandfather clock in their lives.

Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson 2 months ago

This one is way fancier than mine, and the chimes sound absolutely majestic. Mine are more tinny and not as deep. It's a Howard Miller, but it's a cheaper model. It also loses about a minute a week, which isn't a big deal because when I wind it, I just give it a bump. It has its quirks, but it was given to me so I can't complain.

Mwer Keller
Mwer Keller 2 months ago

One day I'm going to get a grandfather clock. I absolutely love them, and they calm me down.

David Evans
David Evans 2 months ago

The clock has nice deep sound.

BitterVoid 2 months ago

I wish I had one. I love grandfather clocks

Mondher Idriss
Mondher Idriss 2 months ago

i have a clock more older than this, i want to sell it, its age more than 200 years old, .
and it works

D90Girl 2 months ago


Jasmine kelly cullen
Jasmine kelly cullen 2 months ago

Your 😷

Angry Skeleton Corn Man

its HIGH NOON.....somewhere in the world

Orlando Marvin
Orlando Marvin 2 months ago

How does the chimes work? Every hour? At night? Cuz that would either wake me up or scare me.. or does it do it once in the afternoon?

Video Dude 22
Video Dude 22 2 months ago

Lucky I wish I had one

Adri Loves Games
Adri Loves Games 2 months ago


TwilightFable 2 months ago

I was going crazy because the clock wasn't in the middle of the wall and then i noticed the light switch.

Tristan Heckler
Tristan Heckler 2 months ago

Howard Miller is the STIHL of grandfather clocks!

mgradick 2 months ago

oh it's 12:00

Tristan Heckler
Tristan Heckler 2 months ago

A 1996! Wow


i put a like on there for you but its out of tune

ta855 2 months ago

Nice Wallpaper 10/10

Peter Bresler
Peter Bresler 2 months ago

This thing has been going for 7 months, not touched, still accurate to seconds!

bobby bissell
bobby bissell 2 months ago

I am glad to see that someone still owns a grandfather clock

TwilightFable 2 months ago

The thing about grandfather clocks are that if you find one you like you take it and you hold on to it.They are sometimes hard to find nowadays.You can get them sometimes in antique shops though.

RKO ASMR 2 months ago

Wow this clock is Beautiful! It's similar to the one my great aunt has.

bobby bissell
bobby bissell 2 months ago

I had a grandfather clock but I was in a fire and I lost it