How To Use Christmas Russian Piping Tip Nozzles To Make Tasty Holiday Desserts! American Buttercream


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Information How To Use Christmas Russian Piping Tip Nozzles To Make Tasty Holiday Desserts! American Buttercream

Title : How To Use Christmas Russian Piping Tip Nozzles To Make Tasty Holiday Desserts! American Buttercream

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Frames How To Use Christmas Russian Piping Tip Nozzles To Make Tasty Holiday Desserts! American Buttercream

Description How To Use Christmas Russian Piping Tip Nozzles To Make Tasty Holiday Desserts! American Buttercream

How To Use Christmas Russian Piping Tip Nozzles To Make Tasty Holiday Desserts! American Buttercream

How To Use Christmas Russian Piping Tip Nozzles To Make Tasty Holiday Desserts! American Buttercream

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Jabar Oulad Jabar
Jabar Oulad Jabar 2 months ago


Chathumi Wanigasinghe

I love this video 😘

Flores Tista
Flores Tista 2 months ago

You are the best

Darylyn Phraner
Darylyn Phraner 2 months ago

It could be my preference but I think the candy canes on the cupcakes are upsidedown. That being said you have definitely upped my decorating skills 🙂

Haris Fareed
Haris Fareed 2 months ago

Wow This is one of the most beautiful tutorial in the world 🌎 & i love snow ❄️ 🌨️ and also a Christmas 🎄 ⛄

Della Bourne
Della Bourne 2 months ago

I love the delicate snow ❄️ flakes ❄️ 😍

Rocio Vergara
Rocio Vergara 2 months ago

Estan hermosas donde las consigo

vaishnavi kadam
vaishnavi kadam 2 months ago

wonderful but use whipping cream

Mahi Gehlot
Mahi Gehlot 2 months ago

Please tell me the cream name

Jessica Yamunaqué
Jessica Yamunaqué 2 months ago

Están muy bonitos 😊 donde los puedo conseguir 🥺🥺🙏🏻

UKLindyLou 2 months ago

What is the cupcake base frosting tip called?

CraftyFrog 2 months ago

Am I the only one bothered by the upside down candy canes?! 😳

REpipi 2 months ago

I like all of them!! I don't have any whipped things. I've never seen those in Japan

Mary Akila
Mary Akila 2 months ago

OMG they are so pretty

basar ali
basar ali 2 months ago

hello may i ask you where to buy this kind of russian pipe?


Hello. I LOVE your work. Can these be used with whipped cream?

WhiteVioletButterfly 2 months ago

These are super fun! With the present and candy cane, they look way better if you smoosh down the sharp points a bit after piping. You can just use a damp or greased finger (depending on the frosting).

Lola Hey
Lola Hey 2 months ago


Shia 2 months ago

Thank you! Ive had these nozzles for a while but didn't know how to use them. Why are they called Russian tips or nozzles in the video?

Jigen09 2 months ago

I'll definitely be looking into having these in the future. I wish I could put into words just how much I appreciate your videos. They're therapeutic, meditative and informative for me. They are also doing more for me on teaching me about actually decorating the cake than the certificate I've shelled out for.

edit: had a typo

Сабина Езаова

Прекрасные насадки. Спасибо за подробный обзор.

Intan Radnasari
Intan Radnasari 2 months ago


Yolanda Holloway
Yolanda Holloway 2 months ago

Awesomely Beautiful! Thank you for sharing 🙂

Kakali Das
Kakali Das 2 months ago


Kamlesh Mewada
Kamlesh Mewada 2 months ago

Wonderful your work is very creative love your videos.
You deserve more than 5 million subscribers.
100K soon .

Kitten_M 2 months ago

Amazing!!! Get try and reach you to 100k subscribers! Make Sure to subscribe to Walton Cake Boutique!!!

Meenakshi S
Meenakshi S 2 months ago

Do you have your own cake shop

Safia Khan
Safia Khan 2 months ago

mAan krraha h sb kha lu

Sumiah Ali
Sumiah Ali 2 months ago

There all cute but Santa I didn’t really see him

Morgane Perrichon
Morgane Perrichon 2 months ago


Ayesha Memon
Ayesha Memon 2 months ago

It's just so beautiful and calming for eyes to watch your videos ❤️👍

Rahul Aroori
Rahul Aroori 2 months ago

Where it is available

Sandra Silva
Sandra Silva 2 months ago


rechelia dy
rechelia dy 2 months ago

They look taste BELLE COMENT

Mariana Schröck
Mariana Schröck 2 months ago

Alles so wunderschön. Danke 😀

Татьяна Мельник

яка краса😍ювелірна робота👍

Diya Ghadi
Diya Ghadi 2 months ago

Very nice 👍👌👌

Aidə FƏRƏCOVA 2 months ago


Jesús Perales
Jesús Perales 2 months ago

Which frosting did you use for the russian piping tips? I would be so grateful if you share. Love from Mexico.

أنا هنا
أنا هنا 2 months ago

مرحبا... رائعة جدا... مع احترامي

Harsh 2 months ago

Very nice 👌👌🥰🙏

Jane Doe
Jane Doe 2 months ago

Oh my goodness what an incredible coincidence I ordered the Russian Christmas Tips last Saturday and they arrived yesterday! I haven’t had a chance to use them yet, I was planning to this weekend. My 5 year-old Grandson is coming over to bake “Cuppy-Cakes” with me! I find the Russian tips much easier for children to use they’re much more forgiving.

Everything you made was so beautiful especially the Blue Cake! It reminded me of Vincent van Gogh’s painting “Starry Night”

Chandini chand
Chandini chand 2 months ago


Minn Craft
Minn Craft 2 months ago

From where are you buying these nozzles? I really need it. 😭😭🙏🏻🙏🏻

Shajitha musthu Musthafa

Awesome super

Huseynoffa 2 months ago

Wow good Amazing

Arpita Rajeshkumar
Arpita Rajeshkumar 2 months ago

Wow!! That looks so Tasty

Laknesh 2010
Laknesh 2010 2 months ago

really creative
u deserve more than 3 million subs
keep it up

Pratiksha Kedari
Pratiksha Kedari 2 months ago

It's from India 😘😘

Tupur and Nova
Tupur and Nova 2 months ago


Ирина Соболева


Yenu Perera
Yenu Perera 2 months ago

Creative work ...keep it up 🤗💖

Sagar kumbhar Kumbhar

Ordear this

sakuntala anabathula
sakuntala anabathula 2 months ago

Butter cream r whipping cream

Amira El Khoury
Amira El Khoury 2 months ago


Amira El Khoury
Amira El Khoury 2 months ago


Recipes with Iman
Recipes with Iman 2 months ago

Wow Amazing 🤩👍🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

Felina Santos
Felina Santos 2 months ago


Abdul Gaffar Rathore
Abdul Gaffar Rathore 2 months ago


Julie Noah Daniels
Julie Noah Daniels 2 months ago

wow this is so satisfying to watch I'm definitely gonna try this nozzles I like all except Santa it looks messy

Pappu Shani Pappu
Pappu Shani Pappu 2 months ago

Wow super icing thanks for sharing where did you buy from this nozzel these nozzles are available in amazon plzz reply😀

جعفر علي
جعفر علي 2 months ago


Farida Kanwal
Farida Kanwal 2 months ago

Wow so yummy

Nano Hawk
Nano Hawk 2 months ago

Hey, I only was going to say that i really liked your content, congratulations!

I have subscribed to your C h a n n e l 😉 Maybe, You can do the same and we will become "real" Youtube friends

Silviaa 2 months ago

🤩😍 hermoso yo
quiero unas de estas
Hermoso trabajo felicidades 🥳🎉😍😍😍 🇲🇽🙏🌷🙋

Rinku Jha
Rinku Jha 2 months ago


Plzz subscribe to "Art junction by sneha" 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Isley Nayive Hidalgo Montezuma

Hermosas decoraciones😍

Kookie With long hair

Awwww they’re soo cuuteee🥺🥺🥺

Joan Copeland
Joan Copeland 2 months ago

Good morning they are so beautiful how can I get some tips

M D Vilasini 7B
M D Vilasini 7B 2 months ago


Jodie Ogrady
Jodie Ogrady 2 months ago

I just got Russian piping tips have enough trouble with them atm let alone try these grrrrrrrr lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂very lovely cake decorating merry Xmas 😀

Jeany 2 months ago


Kurlina Balaga Pentiah

Beautiful 😍😍

ไข่มุก สะหวัน


BadTemper Confections

Which tip was used for the white frosting on the cupcakes?

Clarisse Leonin
Clarisse Leonin 2 months ago


M C 2 months ago

Muchas gracias que ideas más chulas, muy bonito!!! Sólo que sigo echando en falta los subtitulos en español 😊 Saludos desde España 💕

Rose 2 months ago


Sarika Sangle
Sarika Sangle 2 months ago

I love video and 🎂🍨

호박키친Pumpkin kitchen

It's beautiful and amazing 😍👍

Maryjane Agubuike
Maryjane Agubuike 2 months ago

What kind of frosting was used?
Cos mine never pipes out. Atimes it's runny

Bacim AB
Bacim AB 2 months ago


Farahnaz Bagherzadegan

It's beautiful and amazing 😍👍 thank you 🌹

Oum Mohamed
Oum Mohamed 2 months ago


Luz Marina Constantino

Le quedaron hermosas sus decoraciones, saluditos desde chiapas México esperando que se encuentren muy bien, donde se pueden conseguir esas duyas están bien padres 😉👍

Anonymous 2 months ago

too much amazing
Can we make same decoration with whipped cream mam ?

LemaraLacerda 2 months ago

So beautiful 😍

Khalil Khan
Khalil Khan 2 months ago

Oh wowww what a decoration ideas it's asm katherine from were you buy nozzle 😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰👏👏👏☀️☀️☀️☀️

Aaron Fogal
Aaron Fogal 2 months ago


#Monisha Roy
#Monisha Roy 2 months ago

Saw lavely😊😊😊😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰💝💝💝👌👌👌🤠🤠

#Monisha Roy
#Monisha Roy 2 months ago

How to make cack dekoresan crime please 🙏😔😔😐😐

Aatika Raheel
Aatika Raheel 2 months ago

It is so satisfying 🥰🥰😋

Nilu's Cooking & Vlog

Wow amazing💐

soma dhar
soma dhar 2 months ago

Amazingggg!!!! Video Walton cake boutique you have so many different amazing nozzles 😍😊💝....

على الله توكلي


angeloid 2 months ago

Is there a certain brand of food coloring you recommend?

Olga Abella
Olga Abella 2 months ago

Hermosa quedaron! !!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏abrazo desde Uruguay

תמר מליחי
תמר מליחי 2 months ago


Carmita Leon
Carmita Leon 2 months ago

Buenos días bendiciones