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Description A Christmas Story: Why is the Lamp a Leg?

A Christmas Story: Why is the Lamp a Leg?

A Christmas Story: Why is the Lamp a Leg?

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Midway to Main Street

Fun Fact: The author and narrator, Jean Shepherd, is also the current voice of the dad in the Carousel of Progress!

Maniac536 2 months ago

My Father in Law loves this movie. I got him an official leg lamp a few years ago for Christmas. My Mother in Law wouldn’t let him put it in the window...and then 2020 happened and she saw the needed humor and was like “go crazy you can put it in the window”

antonio branch
antonio branch 2 months ago


Harper 2 months ago

Maybe it’s just a southern thing but I had no clue Nehi was not popularly sold

Chris P
Chris P 2 months ago

I’ve heard of grape knee high only because radar on MASH used to drink it.

memethyst 2 months ago

wow... i had no idea that there was a meaning behind it

Angela 2 months ago

The best video you've done in recent memory

FrankinSpokane 2 months ago

“A Christmas Story” is my favorite Christmas movie, for both its heart and the nostalgia. Love every gag. (Except maybe Mom getting Randy to eat like a little piggie. 😲 )

And the Battle of the Leg Lamp is hilarious! But the only way I’d even CONSIDER owning a leg lamp is if I had a man cave ... and I’m not even sure of that! The thing is just damned tacky!

I’d sure love to know how the production crew came up with one, though ...

FrankinSpokane 2 months ago

Grape Nehi was Corporal Walter “Radar” O’Rielly favorite beverage. He was always talking about it in the TV show M*A*S*H ...

S. E. C-R
S. E. C-R 2 months ago

A Christmas Story is our favorite Christmas movie also and the leg lamp is our favorite Christmas decoration that proudly takes it’s spot in the center of our living room window the day after thanksgiving through the New Year!
This was very interesting, I had no idea this is why the leg lamp came to be. Now I need to find us some Nehi soda!!

BRENDA LEAKE 2 months ago

we used to have 7 Up drinking glasses in the seventies that were upside down, almost looked like a beaker! from their slogan at the time, the Un-cola!

BRENDA LEAKE 2 months ago

I thought it was a prize from his employer, for say making the most sales!

Dayna Cooper
Dayna Cooper 2 months ago

Best movie ever ralphie flick and Schwartz are bff

WilliamSchmidNetwork 2 months ago

My mom remembers Nehi soda and she grew up in the late 50’s-early 60’s. Also, us Pittsburghers know RC Cola. It’s served at Penguins hockey games. I think we have the only major sports venue in the country to have that instead of Coke or Pepsi.

Gina Rae
Gina Rae 2 months ago

A very Merry Christmas to you and yours! Thank you for bringing some joy to the world. 💝

Kristy Grundner
Kristy Grundner 2 months ago

Awesome video! Thanks!

JOEmega64 2 months ago

This is fascinating! Thanks for the fun info.

magic cheeseball
magic cheeseball 2 months ago

This movie was not based during the great depression that happened about 10 years before1939 the year this movie was based.( the characters from 1939 wizzard of Oz were bothering him in the Santa line but that decoder ring was from 1940 so they used the wrong ring) the depression was 1929 to 33. I just had to mention this becase it effected my life growing up because my dad was a cheapskate because of it, he was a kid during the depression and had to wait in long lines just to get some bread because they had no food so it effected him later in life. But I love this video! It's also my favorite Christmas movie and I never knew about that lamp I thought it was just random sillly. So cool to know the reason why the leg makes it even better now! Also when I was a kid my favorite soda was orange nehi! 😊

Ya got any Beeman's?
Ya got any Beeman's? 2 months ago

I got the full size lamp this year and got it in my front window lol

Jennifer Schillig
Jennifer Schillig 2 months ago

Before ACS, PBS did some adaptations of Jean Shepherd's stories. (James Broderick, Matthew's dad, was The Old Man. Matthew would go on to play adult Ralphie in A Christmas Story Live on TV.) In one of these, The Phantom Of The Open Hearth, we see the first version of the leg lamp...and Shepherd's narration actually names Nehi in this version, as the original story didn't.

HollowedJes 2 months ago

Everyone: talking about not knowing the history of the leg lamp or the connection to RC Cola
Me: Wait, the RC in RC Cola stands for Royal Crown???

(Also as a cashier in a grocery store, I can at least confirm that we do carry RC Cola, but not Nehi. It's so weird to me that people actually still drink it!)

Brandon Thailand
Brandon Thailand 2 months ago

Christmas story takes place in 1939 or 40. Wizard of Oz characters in the parade. Seems to be pre war.

Gary Meola, Jr.
Gary Meola, Jr. 2 months ago

Wow I had no idea there was so much behind the leg lamp. Another great video Rob !!!

Jared Houtsma
Jared Houtsma 2 months ago

Now I need to go find some NeHi.

1anastudent 2 months ago

This is an odd movie. It glorifies materialism. It displays rampant racism. It is as politically incorrect as possible. With all of that it's still fun to watch

mojo sa
mojo sa 2 months ago

Brilliant! My favorite Christmas movie as well. Tasted Grape Nehi when I was a young kid right out a of vending machine--at a Florida gas station. RC Cola was, at one pint, owned by the same person who owned Arby's.

random bird
random bird 2 months ago

It's funny every year my neighbor always has the leg lamp on the window from November to January I never questioned it until now

Trooper Playz
Trooper Playz 2 months ago

Can you tour my Minecraft theme park (opens up this Friday) it has magic kingdom and Hollywood studios (it’s 1:1) please.

silentpaw 2 months ago

I own a leg lamp. Mind you it is the leg of Harley Quinn, but still a leg lamp.

Kriss P
Kriss P 2 months ago

I had no idea RC Cola was connected to knee-high bottles!

QueenDeni 2 months ago

I drank peach Nehi growing up in Tennessee. I only ever knew that the peach flavor existed, but it was my absolute favorite soda growing up. No other peach soda could quite measure up. They sell it in every grocery and convenience store in my home town. I always wondered why it was called Nehi. Thanks for the video.

v_zach 2 months ago

When YouTube lets you know what you didn't know that you didn't know.

dindog22 2 months ago

you learn something new every day

Poseidon Entertainment

Weird, I was just at a Cracker Barrel, wondering what the NE-HI soda advertisement on the wall was and then your video comes along to explain it.

skonenblades 2 months ago

Didn't Radar in M*A*S*H always order a grape Nehi? Cool.

Marso ElFlaco
Marso ElFlaco 2 months ago

Messy Marvin at his best!!!

Edwina M
Edwina M 2 months ago

There is a place called “The Bottle” near Auburn, Alabama where the world’s largest Nehi bottle once stood. It was a gas station in the shape of a giant bottle of Nehi with an observation deck on the bottle cap. Here’s a link to an old photograph of it. commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:The_Bottle,_Alabama.jpg

YODAddyLIVE 2 months ago

For a second I thought you were going to go "They made Crown Royal........" like wait what but didn't know what RC in RC Soda stood for so there is that. Always learning something new with your videos!

Neal Skrenes
Neal Skrenes 2 months ago

something younger people may not know

Original Nihi soda that came in flavors was not colored. Orange Nihi soda was clear in color but it still tasted orange.

Arwyn 2 months ago

My Leg Lamp is on display in my front window and every night it’s lit up!

David Tubbs
David Tubbs 2 months ago

This, this is why I'm a subscriber and supporter. Great video Rob!

Michelle Carns
Michelle Carns 2 months ago

"It's just a movie, Rob, don't think too much about it." Haha..... haaaaaaaave you met Rob!?!?!

Avery the Cuban-American

iT mUsT bE iTaLiAn

wdwnutjm 2 months ago

To quote Ralphie, "A crummy commercial?!"

Daryl-Rhys Taylor
Daryl-Rhys Taylor 2 months ago

I have never seen this film.

thunderson660 2 months ago

How bout that?

JeffFrmJoisey 2 months ago

Let's not forget the leg lamp was imported from Italy - it came from "Fra-Gil-E." 6:26 - May revealing my age here, but for 7UP, the real spokesperson is "The Un-Cola" guy played by Geoffrey Holder in the early 1970s, with his deep voice and wicked laugh at the end.

"This is a cola nut. It grows here. This is an Un-Cola Nut, it grows here too..."

BTW - Geoffrey Holder played Baron Samedi in the 1973 James Bond movie, "Live and Let Die."

Starberry Cupcake
Starberry Cupcake 2 months ago

Every time I am notified of a new video of yours and read the title I find myself thinking "I never asked myself that but now I can't wait to find out"

edvaira6891 2 months ago

I’m sorry, I HATE this movie SO MUCH! It is SO irritating and I can’t stand any of the characters, least of all the father...I love a LOT of Christmas classic movies, but I just CANT STAND THIS FILM...(I do, however really like this video, AS WELL AS Grape Nehi, which, come to think of it, I have Only found at Cracker Barrel!)

UmmYeahOk 2 months ago

Wow, last week, I commented about a 90s sequel to A Christmas Story, and this week I get an actual episode based on the original holiday classic! Thanks a bunch. This is the year I plan on forcing my 8yo daughter into watching this. When she was 5, she’s asked Santa for an “air gun,” which actually is just a toy that shoots out a large puff of air, but when his helpers started laughing, and told me that’s what she asked for, I said “she’ll shoot her eye out!” And I have a leg lamp ornament, as well as a 42” leg lamp, that she knows about, but doesn’t quite understand how it’s related to the holiday. It is totally time for her to see this!

noelsterSF 2 months ago


Luke Vermeire
Luke Vermeire 2 months ago

I consider myself an A Christmas Story walking dictionary and even I didn’t know this! Awesome video!

Mark Auble
Mark Auble 2 months ago

And also, both Nehi AND RC Cola should send you a check (and more cola)!

Mark Auble
Mark Auble 2 months ago

Also, I see you with the x-wing ceramic ornament...

Mark Auble
Mark Auble 2 months ago

Mind BLOWN! Rob, it's like you just gave me the red pill and revealed universal truths that were right before my eyes!! Wow! Great job! Great content!

Ed R
Ed R 2 months ago

Nehi, what an awful name.

E.A. Cackowski
E.A. Cackowski 2 months ago

Love this bit of trivia, and your festive background!

David Stevenson
David Stevenson 2 months ago

I've seen this movie countless times, and I never knew that background of the lamp . Thanks :)

Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor 2 months ago

I remember a commercial in the 1970's (I think they showed "knees" in the ad) I thought it was sorta of cute & unique. Love to run across it again. I always thought the leg was very provocative, therefore the reason Mom was against it. Never got the NeHi connection. BTW the "toe" of her shoe could put Dads eye out! LOL! Thanks for giving me more insight to a favorite movie of mine. another BTW If you can find the orange flavor or even Stewarts Orange on a hot summer day with some lemon icebox cake....OyyyyyVey!!!!!

Andre juneau
Andre juneau 2 months ago

Favorite video you have made.

Carmine Crincoli
Carmine Crincoli 2 months ago

Merry Early Christmas, dude!

Ashley Green
Ashley Green 2 months ago


SinisterSally 2 months ago

Man, the only time i heard Nehi was when Radar orders a Grape Nehi in MASH. didn't know it was connected to RC cola.

zack douglas
zack douglas 2 months ago

I always wondered.

Jason Steele
Jason Steele 2 months ago

Thanks, Rob! I love watching you, love this movie and had heard of Nehi but never knew that was their logo! This was great!

Loralei Standish
Loralei Standish 2 months ago

Such a tiny little bit of info but it really makes the lamp that much more interesting

Super_ Lemons
Super_ Lemons 2 months ago

Hey rob! I've been a fan for few years and just want to say I'm a big fan!

Captain Palsy
Captain Palsy 2 months ago

Drinking a RC as I watch this and NEHI is at my Wal-Mart along with RC

Larry Laffer
Larry Laffer 2 months ago

Short Answer: It was a major award.

melskunk 2 months ago

Huh, I had no idea it was supposed to be the 1930s, I guess I should have realised with the radio stuff. Guess I never paid close enough attention, but that's what Rob is here for!

Gordon Williamson
Gordon Williamson 2 months ago

Another great one but I can't see having a lamp shaped like Orlando Jones

SweetoothTKC 2 months ago

One of my favorite Christmas presents was the “Make 7 Up Yours” shirt. Still get compliments to this day!!!

d_dave 2 months ago

Good video as always. Though as a Brit (now US citizen), I'll never understand the fascination with that movie. Seems like a cringe-worthy celebration of all the worst American values. I'd certainly never let a kid watch it.

Patrick Musselman
Patrick Musselman 2 months ago

Answers to questions I would never think to ask is one of my favorite genres of videos, and you make them is spades. Thanks.

Joey Stew
Joey Stew 2 months ago

Rob, once again, GREAT CONTENT! Seriously sir, this is really well done. I hadn’t even considered the lamp was anything more than a great little narrative hook. Makes the movie that much better. Thanks for doing the research.

chainsaw barbarian
chainsaw barbarian 2 months ago

Yes, that's all very interesting, I will not deny. Let's not forget the esoteric symbolism placed in all popular movies. That leg is i. The Bible. Ill find the scripture. Basically it belongs to the "Lady in Red". The same character briefly shown to us by name in "The Matrix" we can get really deep here.
Not to take away from. Your soda research, haha. Good job.

Brian Dennis
Brian Dennis 2 months ago

Awesome, thank you.

1rhpsfan 2 months ago

I had no idea that you can connect this movie to M*A*S*H, Radar's favorite drink Grape NEHI.

tech0792 2 months ago

The more you know.....

Richard Jordan
Richard Jordan 2 months ago

Very cool. As many times as I watched this movie I never thought about it. Great video

bk31883 2 months ago

I love the movie and I live about 10 minutes away from the house but yet I've never gone over there still.

Scott O
Scott O 2 months ago

"And now you know — the rest of the story." - Paul Harvey 😉

Noncreative arts
Noncreative arts 2 months ago

This is the best Christmas movie ever, I love how realistic it is, the mom in terror of displaying the leg lamp, the yearning for a certain Christmas gift, getting in trouble for swearing, it all feels so real,

Commodorefan64 2 months ago

Nehi, and RC cola where the bomb when I was a kid because they where cheaper, but did not taste like vomit worthy store brand crap.

Mouserjan0222 2 months ago

That's interesting because in MASH Radar always ordered Grape NEHI but did it exists during the Korean War??

Forrest Clonts
Forrest Clonts 2 months ago

Incredible, I absolutely thought it was just a "This will be a funny site gag" decision made for the movie

Holly Brooke
Holly Brooke 2 months ago

Thank you for this, Rob! Jean Sheppard was from Hammond, IN where I live, so "A Christmas Story" is kind of a big deal around these parts.

Alexis B
Alexis B 2 months ago

Nehi is short for Knee-High. That's why they use a stalking, sometimes referred to as knee-highs.

Steve Corbett
Steve Corbett 2 months ago

Rob you've done it again...revealed something I always wondered about but was too lazy to find out on my own.😀

RobFuz 2 months ago

Book is awesome! Great job as always Rob

Alexis B
Alexis B 2 months ago

I'm Jewish, but even I grew up w/ this movie! We always connected w/ the Chinese food scene, because it's a Jewish tradition to go out for Chinese on X-mas.

Chake 2 months ago

Waiting for the next video to be sponsored by Nehi

J Dm
J Dm 2 months ago

You can also get peach nehi in cans at Walmart

toyamwarr 2 months ago

The irony that my local UPS store has a miniature leg lamp in their front window Christmas display.
Given the huge crate that leg was shipped in, it makes even more sense now.

No Won
No Won 2 months ago

But NEHI isn't Italian..................

Jerpica.d 2 months ago

Randy lay there like a slug, it was his only defence

Perceived Velocity
Perceived Velocity 2 months ago

That's Interesting. I love the movie but never thought much about the leg lamp.

Dave rave
Dave rave 2 months ago

I never knew there was a book.

Nick Fajardo
Nick Fajardo 2 months ago

🌠🌠🌠The More You Know 🌠🌠🌠