10 DISTURBING Toys That Were Caught Moving On Camera



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Information 10 DISTURBING Toys That Were Caught Moving On Camera

Title : 10 DISTURBING Toys That Were Caught Moving On Camera

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Frames 10 DISTURBING Toys That Were Caught Moving On Camera

Description 10 DISTURBING Toys That Were Caught Moving On Camera

10 DISTURBING Toys That Were Caught Moving On Camera

10 DISTURBING Toys That Were Caught Moving On Camera

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Tabby's Universe
Tabby's Universe 2 months ago

You can see the original beanie boo video here - www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbAIGnKFUGI

Poke the chespin
Poke the chespin 2 months ago

Okay true story I’m about to say..when I was in 2nd grade I loved my freddy Fazbear plush and the school let me bring him to recess and one day I had trouble looking for him I was just about to go and when I went to look on my bed he was on my shelf starring at me while I slept!

Ps: my shelf was far away from my bed! I literally almost screamed when that happened

Karyna Mosquito
Karyna Mosquito 2 months ago

I still have that toy story doll

Peter Connolly
Peter Connolly 2 months ago

How about less ADHD cut scenes and repetitive talk and more showing of the whole video in one go before speculating.

Jennifer Flores
Jennifer Flores 2 months ago

My wordy is alive and it’s a angle

Cherry-Soda !
Cherry-Soda ! 2 months ago

My dog toy disappeared when I was a kid it was a gaint dog that filled half of my room my mother didn't touch it and my brother doesn't like stuffed animals I looked everywhere and couldn't find it 😢

New LeBron James
New LeBron James 2 months ago

Someone could’ve put a string on the toy soldier and then they moved off the truck and then the truck moved by remote control so they’re not possessed

Richie animations
Richie animations 2 months ago

They are all probably on a string and fake

Jeremiah Rungasamy
Jeremiah Rungasamy 2 months ago

I have thomas the train toys but it's all a lie I never seen my toys moving

Sameen Rahman
Sameen Rahman 2 months ago

This video made me throw all of my childhood toys away.

Bendy YouTube
Bendy YouTube 2 months ago

Is it right that that Mattel ruined the woody doll woody has a plush body Mattel ruined woody by making woodys body plastic

Minecraft Tutorial
Minecraft Tutorial 2 months ago

The baby doll.

My sis buy a baby doll then me fell creepy when my sis go to sleep me hittin the baby doll then the baby doll open her eye *me scream until my sis wake up

*me who dont know that baby doll can open her eye

Bella Öberg
Bella Öberg 2 months ago

I got 2 porcelain dolls and they move their heads ( But onely a little )
They are still in my room But i just love them to much to throw them away

Miriam Galabin
Miriam Galabin 2 months ago

That's sus

Rudraksh Gulati
Rudraksh Gulati 2 months ago

I once had two beanie boos

Ahd Mohammad
Ahd Mohammad 2 months ago

Is this real because if that's real I'm burning my toys

Avelar 2 months ago

Waht I have woody

Sandra Oncale
Sandra Oncale 2 months ago

😱 I have an elf on the shelf

Moon Beam
Moon Beam 2 months ago

All fake but i still like watching these videos for entertainment lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

Madison Busby
Madison Busby 2 months ago

Im gonna hate this

Meme r
Meme r 2 months ago

I hate dolls my niece has a doll and I hate it

Rebecca Meyer
Rebecca Meyer 2 months ago


Maria E Abrego
Maria E Abrego 2 months ago

Elfs move on their selfs because they tell santa if you behave good or bad

The real_selever
The real_selever 2 months ago

Elves on the Shelves move

APLYX YT 2 months ago

Mom : let’s go buy a toy elf
Me: Nooooo!!!!!
Mom : why
Me: because elf can move

Shevanu 2 months ago

Why does she think the elf on the shelf ones are scary? Isn’t it supposed to move???

Fun FAM TB 2 months ago

uses strings to make beanie boo move person acting: AAAAA

Fun FAM TB 2 months ago

it’s fake don’t be alarmed

Fun FAM TB 2 months ago

This is fakee

Just John
Just John 2 months ago

You talk too much. Hardly any action shown. You talk too much.

Lillian Keely
Lillian Keely 2 months ago

The elf on the shelf is normal to move because it’s Santa’s elf and they aren’t toy cause kids aren’t aloud to even touch them or they’ll lose there magic to go to the North Pole dummy 😒😑😑🙄😑

Matt Dearden
Matt Dearden 2 months ago

Elf's are sposed to move in the night and it's on a strig

Shadow the plush-SMR
Shadow the plush-SMR 2 months ago

2:58 woody was just falling with style not moving you idiot

Shadow the plush-SMR
Shadow the plush-SMR 2 months ago

What if they are animatronics

Shadow the plush-SMR
Shadow the plush-SMR 2 months ago

So your telling me my sonic toys are alive

Harper Yocum
Harper Yocum 2 months ago

Do teddy bears move to

Leonalyn Mora
Leonalyn Mora 2 months ago

Is this true?

Lil_sahsah 2 months ago

Elfs aren't toys they watch you and report to santa

Adi's Way
Adi's Way 2 months ago


TiffanyMemes 2 months ago

woody is swinging his legs cuz the car is going fast plus wind plus his legs are wobolle

bruh bot
bruh bot 2 months ago

Hmm wow what cool toys moving that definitely did not have clear strings controlling it.
Clap … clap … clap

Judith Omboy
Judith Omboy 2 months ago

You ruined my childhood

Creative 2 months ago

If you have a possed object call experts dont trow it away you are just throwing away the object its possesing but you are not eliminating the posseser also you may trigget it

Efrain Mejia
Efrain Mejia 2 months ago


Jesse Cortez
Jesse Cortez 2 months ago

I have dolls and they are fine

Jesse Cortez
Jesse Cortez 2 months ago

Oh creepy 🤯😣

A&E Sanchez
A&E Sanchez 2 months ago

It so creepy 😱👎😰😭🥺😖

Grace GG
Grace GG 2 months ago


Grace GG
Grace GG 2 months ago

well elfs are are to knowe if you nodey or nice ans they move spot to stop each day

Naarah Jane Morris
Naarah Jane Morris 2 months ago

Great Everyone your Right, the Wind caused woody,s legs to swing, as for the soldier definitely cotton or thing string was used as with the other Dolls, people should really Leave Haunted Dolls & Haunted Toys Well Alone, They Should be locked Up Somewhere like In a museum.

spiderdogidk 2 months ago

10 disturbing toys that were caught in 4k on camera

Hacker 2 months ago

10: my life is a lie

Beth C
Beth C 2 months ago

You know I was thinking about getting my doll, Jesse, from Toy Story out of my storage unit but now I think i’ll pass…

SpongeBob SquarePants

Me, who is using a Yellow Crewmate plush as a pillow: ._.

SpongeBob SquarePants

a couple years ago, I had an R2-D2 Bop-It that I kept on my closet and once I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, and when I got back into the bedroom, the R2-D2 Bop-It was suddenly next to my bed!
I swear, I’m not going insane, just ask Gary!
(This actually happened, I just added the ask Gary part to stay in character)

Mason Arellano
Mason Arellano 2 months ago

The beani boo only wanted to say henlo

Its Amelia Time
Its Amelia Time 2 months ago

you know just cause toys move it might not be evil also if they were think that they wouldn’t not harm you every day and night I mean like if they were I think they would’ve done something by now

Roblox_boy2012 2 months ago

It’s normal for the elf on the shelf to move BUT DEFINITELY NOT MORNING and I already have two elf’s and ther as good as a angel(but I bet not for long)

Roblox_boy2012 2 months ago

An empty shelf no problem the elf on the shelf will sit in it bc you know it is a elf on the shelf👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Pxcket_ Sxld-
Pxcket_ Sxld- 2 months ago

Just wanted to add something, RC cars usually jerk whenever they stop, IF they are being controlled by a controller.


Me : * hear this *
Me : this just classic to me i have met more scarier toys than this..
Also me :* buys woody toys *
Also me : * sees woody walking *
Also me : meh i dont care you could move..i know you have job just go..
Woody : ok adios

Jess Taylor
Jess Taylor 2 months ago

Elf’s always move

Jess Taylor
Jess Taylor 2 months ago

My toys move

Gaming prong
Gaming prong 2 months ago

this shit is so hilarious

°SN°ッJarrodッ 2 months ago

All these videos are fake bruh

°SN°ッJarrodッ 2 months ago

Thin thin thread used to pull the toy soldier in the first video
Probably the same with the cars

Mary Jackson
Mary Jackson 2 months ago

So strings don't exist this woman wants clout I thought it was real but I saw a string

Patrick Ross
Patrick Ross 2 months ago


Jennifer Estadt
Jennifer Estadt 2 months ago

Yes I'm going to be traumatized

Katelyn462lzy 2 months ago

When I put my Lol Omg doll in my house when I woke up I seen my doll on my couch witch is creepy but I kept it in my room then 😂

Ezra Playz
Ezra Playz 2 months ago

Dude Omg my mom has a collection of dolls in her room and every time I go in there, I always feel like I’m being watched! Plus there’s a lot of dolls around my house! Which is why everyone is so afraid to come to my house because they think it’s fricken haunted!

Gloria crummey
Gloria crummey 2 months ago

Im scared of my fnaf toys and unicron move now

Gloria crummey
Gloria crummey 2 months ago


Mark Arans
Mark Arans 2 months ago

Woody swinging his legs on the van ?


Jennifer Ventura
Jennifer Ventura 2 months ago

Stop making videos i see one of my toys moving hero

Asyifa Anggraini
Asyifa Anggraini 2 months ago

Meha li na di mo

Michelle Kassman
Michelle Kassman 2 months ago

Yes because it fell off the bed

Hotdog NOW
Hotdog NOW 2 months ago

I’m sorry for the first one the guy could use editing to make the soldier move

Ximena Ayala
Ximena Ayala 2 months ago

I have 6 Beanie Boos

Kitty Meow
Kitty Meow 2 months ago

Y’all know elves on shelf’s are supposed to move right? Lol

Godzilla and toy story and more

Elf on the shelf is alive you're supposed to you're supposed to buy it

NJIO Sauce
NJIO Sauce 2 months ago

PlotTwist:it was shot in stop motion

JianKissing _XPLR
JianKissing _XPLR 2 months ago

So fake

hello 2 months ago

Do I have an explanation for the soldier maybe they tied a string on it so they could like pull it because it's like being dragged like being dragged by something moving on its own but like being dragged by something so maybe they were like behind the camera and they tying a string to it like pollet and then for the car like use the remote control

Lupin Animations
Lupin Animations 2 months ago

3:32 me: i love my toy

Tim Kish
Tim Kish 2 months ago

House I feel laughing when I go to sleep I hear laughing when I go to sleep it is terrify me and my dad's house when I go to sleep over I see ghosts watching up the stairs and it's wake me up that's why don't that's why I don't don't go to your Nana's house don't buy this house I used to live with my hair don't buy this house but don't but I don't but sometime Valentine can I come downstairs sometimes when I walk I actually do hear that that's why in the basement is not even have walls yet and I but I do have toys a lot of toys but I do have dinky cars why is butt but I'm not home alone I have I have my daddy sleeping out there and I also have Grandpa why but that's why I

Tim Kish
Tim Kish 2 months ago

I have a Elf on the shelf but my office sale is very very cool one time it moved up the stairs it's okay but but it's at the North Pole

Monica Harris
Monica Harris 2 months ago

roddy ricch: the dolls had sud there souls

Anabelle Garcia
Anabelle Garcia 2 months ago

Elf on the Shelf is there so your children don't misbehave

hayley parkinson
hayley parkinson 2 months ago

to comfirm elf on the shelf is alive, my mum stayed up all night one night in december and she saw elf on the shelf turning our milk to chocolate milkshake! to confirm this, elf on the shelf was shown to me, he drank some of the milkshake and i saw it around his lips!

Drawingfridaynightfunkin characters

No because I was at my old moms house I was taking a nap and then the toys where gone when I woke up I checked everywhere but no toys found

It’s just Highlight


JOSH 775
JOSH 775 2 months ago

i saw the doll boy arm move in 6:06

JOSH 775
JOSH 775 2 months ago

i saw the doll boy arm move in 6:06

Strawberry cow
Strawberry cow 2 months ago

I have a woodie doll 😨😨

Reika Brito
Reika Brito 2 months ago

Me watching this while my doll is on the side

BTS 2 months ago

I..it's that real ? 😖

Angie 2 months ago

Is this video ACTUALLY real?

Gabriela Dias
Gabriela Dias 2 months ago

One Christmas I had an elf with red eyes and black hair…not sure what that means but it really freaked me out

Brakenzie Waskin’s
Brakenzie Waskin’s 2 months ago

Elves on the shelf’s are NOT alive or possessed they just have Santa’s magic but when you touch them they stop moving because they lose their magic