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The ASMR Bee Movie

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AceMR 2 months ago

Day 415: Gibi is finally uploading Bee Movie ASMR... It has been a long journey, but it was a team effort. Anyone who ever up voted a comment you are the reason this happened. Thanks for the crazy ride, you are all legends!

It's been a wild ride, signing off for now...

dino bean
dino bean 2 months ago

4.4 mil subs now!!

Sofia Pozo
Sofia Pozo 2 months ago

The bee movie is one of meh favorite movies of all time. And using a Peppa pig car trolley as a trolley is super smart and hilarious.

Madison Dasher
Madison Dasher 2 months ago

I get it I just love yo

Maple Moose
Maple Moose 2 months ago


Logic is Logic
Logic is Logic 2 months ago

I watched this whole thing in one sitting tf

STAR FALLS-. - 2 months ago

I don't know if this is a compliment or an insult but I fell asleep at the intro, very good 100/1000( I came back and watched it later)

Ya like jazz😏

Toasted Coconut ASMR
Toasted Coconut ASMR 2 months ago


Asmr Viewer
Asmr Viewer 2 months ago

Seeing timestamps of when all the guests appear would be amazing, but I can't be bothered and I don't think anyone else can

DTNXE 2 months ago

Theres no time stamps

ItsJustVincey 2 months ago

I wonder how many bloopers there are just being these ASMRtists losing character and laughing their asses off lmao

Sierraa Reneaa
Sierraa Reneaa 2 months ago

The dedication it took for this! I’m in shock

Regidrago 2 months ago


George Garza
George Garza 2 months ago

Her:ya like jazz
Me:oml the original ya like jazz..

Asmr Viewer
Asmr Viewer 2 months ago

I resumed the video at 35:32 ...

Anonymous 2 months ago

the pure DEDECATION for an ASMR Movie is unreal-- there isn't anything id rather have spent this past hour and a half doing.. i loved it..

ArryTheGamer 2 months ago

I find it hilarious that Jojo is the bear

Zizi Al
Zizi Al 2 months ago

Wait can we take time to appreciate how good this is

Danielle Russell
Danielle Russell 2 months ago

ilove bee movie like it good

Danielle Russell
Danielle Russell 2 months ago

like movies asmr good likeit

mc bruh
mc bruh 2 months ago

33:49 the funni

Gabriela Diaz
Gabriela Diaz 2 months ago

16:05 phew what do you think he makes?"not enough'.

[]ʙʟᴜᴇʙᴇʀʀʏ ᴘᴀɴᴄᴀᴋᴇꜱ[]

Perfect bee costume
Perfect bee costume

WishYouWellAsmr 2 months ago

I never thought I’d see the day 🥲

Abyss walker
Abyss walker 2 months ago

54:13 whaaa?

Dominic Cavigliano
Dominic Cavigliano 2 months ago

That's where I usually sit... Right.. There....

M L 2 months ago

She said there was a little scared in the comments that can go over to the b-movie but there isn’t I’m sad taking way too long

peelydeservedbetter 2 months ago

Am I the only one who noticed that he tour bus said "Peppa pig"?

Little_Leo_12 2 months ago

Ya like jazz?

-autumnnotfound- 2 months ago

Took me 5 nights, but i finished it! I loved it, and my heart dropped when adam stung that person-

ZXCV plays
ZXCV plays 2 months ago

33:48 the best thing to happen

Eire Barte
Eire Barte 2 months ago

I still can't believe I'm actually watching bee movie as an asmr

•WaterMellon• 2 months ago

is absolutely no one gonna talk abt the peppa pig bus that rode by at 14:46-

Justame 2 months ago

You like jazz

NS_OwenThe Cow
NS_OwenThe Cow 2 months ago

The dedication..

xSleepyheadx 2 months ago

Why is this giving me dejuvu AHHH-

Andrew 2 months ago

From now on, when I get in the mood to watch the Bee movie, I’m gonna watch this instead

Best part is the love triangle between gibi and her husband

Flare 2 months ago

The moment I saw the Wii wheel I couldn't help but laugh 😂😂

Cherisse Coward
Cherisse Coward 2 months ago

I have never seen the Bee Movie and now, I think I will lol

Daniela 2 months ago

omg! movie starts at 10:58 you’re welcome

Ahmet Altug Aktas SFM

Beatiful job Gibi. I hope you continue to make wonderful things again. Great.

nezuko with the nae nae

this is way epic then the actual bee movie

Nishan Chetia
Nishan Chetia 2 months ago

6:44 💚💫

Poppity pop
Poppity pop 2 months ago

Okay so i have the bee movie playing muted and i have this playing to so its pretty funny to look at and hear

Thegracieofficial 2 months ago


Ad-Vintage 2 months ago


Marissa Barchard-Duarte

Me: chocolate?


Me watching: 😐
Also me: dAs A oChAcO uRaRaKa WiG

Owls_aregreat 2 months ago

You like jazz?

The good channel
The good channel 2 months ago


BMakesArt 2 months ago

Now this

This is a true master piece

Cat33Ruko 2 months ago


Emanuel Gavia
Emanuel Gavia 2 months ago

Do a whole ASMR Shrek movie

reality 2 months ago

Madi ASMR is that you 😂

Team Clynch
Team Clynch 2 months ago

i want to commit.

Its Me lily
Its Me lily 2 months ago

Where is ting ting,latte, gentle whisper asmr, atmosphere 🤔😤🥺

y e x
y e x 2 months ago

im so frustrated that this only has 200k likes bc this is absolutely amazing

Mr.king. 2 months ago

she is a legend fr fr

Bia Boos
Bia Boos 2 months ago

I cannot watch the normal movie now I have to watch urs !!!!!!

Joey Fat boy
Joey Fat boy 2 months ago

I wish school went this fast

As Mr
As Mr 2 months ago

6th months later and it’s still as good as the first time 6 months ago

Adrina Cook
Adrina Cook 2 months ago

that awkward moment when a meme icon drops a racist line (1:11:30)

skid (pumps bff)
skid (pumps bff) 2 months ago

11:00: the actual movie starts

MaIna ppl
MaIna ppl 2 months ago


Jon-Paul Hill
Jon-Paul Hill 2 months ago

This is how people live their lives in 2021? Fkn idiots

BreadandBunnies :]
BreadandBunnies :] 2 months ago

30:16 just water bucket clutch 😑✋smh

coach J
coach J 2 months ago

What the actual fuuuuck is this wierd ass shit!!!!!!?

paco ramon
paco ramon 2 months ago

Honey knew what they were doing.

ToysTV 2 months ago

Oh so that's how.. you know this bill guy

ToysTV 2 months ago

Wow this is so good

Cy 2 months ago

4:15 or 14:52 ochako wig aaaaaaaa mha repesent

Scott Kessler
Scott Kessler 2 months ago


nico acosta
nico acosta 2 months ago

Wow.... this is real.

Aval Newberry
Aval Newberry 2 months ago

She made it better with ASMR, the Bee Movie is actually kinda weird because humans and bees probably shouldn't like each-other. (No offense or harm meant in this comment.)

sweetclouds 2 months ago

10:54 for everyone that doesnt wanna wait!

Doctor Amelioration
Doctor Amelioration 2 months ago

This is so cringe-inducing it's literally injurious...

tminus543 2 months ago

This is AMAZING!!!!! Hahhaa

Mayci Mcguire
Mayci Mcguire 2 months ago

The peppa pig boat lol

AJ G 2 months ago

Watching Gibi flirt with herself is A+ comedy 😂😂

PokeFiFan 1
PokeFiFan 1 2 months ago

En español tenemos a un tipo que hizo la de shrek pero de memoria.

NoturaverageNoah !
NoturaverageNoah ! 2 months ago

Why is this the best movie ever

Michelle Hehe
Michelle Hehe 2 months ago

I watched this before I watched the real bee movie

J4ck 2 months ago


J4ck 2 months ago


My own gacha cringe
My own gacha cringe 2 months ago

This is my replacement for the bee movie

Flower Pixie Child
Flower Pixie Child 2 months ago

I don't know why but I lost it at 32:01
my brochure :(

Hyena Warrior
Hyena Warrior 2 months ago

I laughed way too hard

Ava Roche
Ava Roche 2 months ago

“Ahh, that bee is living my life, when will this nightmare end” (end of movie) 😂

Ava Roche
Ava Roche 2 months ago

“Then follow me, except keychain”🤣

Katsuki Bakugou
Katsuki Bakugou 2 months ago

i'm rewatching this and I just realized there's an Ochako Uraraka cosplay in here

Javier Flores
Javier Flores 2 months ago

I have seen this an unhealthy number of times

Olivia Franklin
Olivia Franklin 2 months ago

the bee movie BUT better!!!!!

ansoni dipaoro
ansoni dipaoro 2 months ago

Yassss im so happy Jojo got part in this😁

maKesomeShaKe Kc
maKesomeShaKe Kc 2 months ago

Lmfaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I love this 🤣

Angelina Raymond
Angelina Raymond 2 months ago


SimperNoPimper 2 months ago

44:11 Russian Bees:

i live for music
i live for music 2 months ago


The Sniper
The Sniper 2 months ago

Idea put the normal bee movie but do voice overs that would be awsome

SlurpSlime 2 months ago

Honestly this was hilarious, good work!

Eunice 2 months ago