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Cherry Wallis

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Harry Potter Cube Advent Calendar 2020

Harry Potter Cube Advent Calendar 2020

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Cherry Wallis
Cherry Wallis 2 months ago

It's ADVENT DAY 3... (three more to go FYI) what's been your favourite calendar so far? I think my favourite is the one I'm uploading tomorrow. You'll have to wait and see!
I hope you're all having a magical day!

Swetha Aneesh Nair
Swetha Aneesh Nair 2 months ago

Im in griffindor to!

I'm A crazy Banana UwU

I am very dumb but i'm in Ravenclaw😂😂😂 (Idk how)

Beanie Wolf
Beanie Wolf 2 months ago

Im strugging to watch her not being able to use her hands as much as shes struggling to use them.

Georgia Ireland
Georgia Ireland 2 months ago

the invisible pen is meant to look like a deluminator

Sophia barnes
Sophia barnes 2 months ago

I am watching and just waiting till she ends up breaking a nail ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ide Gas
Ide Gas 2 months ago

Where you buy it?😂

Mia Ngo
Mia Ngo 2 months ago

“ a hatech for hoggwarts” uh miss gurl

Random Vids
Random Vids 2 months ago

I’m so jealous of people who can afford this Harry Potter merch! I just go into walgreens everyday looking to see if anything is on clearance!

Galaxyuniverse S
Galaxyuniverse S 2 months ago

Raven claws where you at?

Megan 2 months ago

Wait do you guys say "H" as

I'm just wondering if I've been saying it wrong or there are just 2 ways of saying it XD

Ash 2 months ago

wow the quill is beautiful!

Ein Mensch
Ein Mensch 2 months ago


Joy Joromat
Joy Joromat 2 months ago

The wand from day 9 looks like it can be unscrewed

Kamila 2 months ago

Most if youngers thinks they are Gryffindor so maybe that is why

Elementt4life 2 months ago

Shoe laces perfect for a cat 😂

Onions 2 months ago

Not going to lie, the advert calender is very dissapointing.

Svajūnė Briedytė
Svajūnė Briedytė 2 months ago

Waih is it all grihen door

The friendly alien
The friendly alien 2 months ago

4:10 it's an invisibility pen

Saori702 2 months ago

10:26 masz folie we włosach ^^

Bethany Jean Mintram
Bethany Jean Mintram 2 months ago

There fake tattoos 🤣

Bee Luna
Bee Luna 2 months ago

if i purchased this box and received a few pieces of paper and stickers i'd be so livid

Saskia I
Saskia I 2 months ago

Wonderful box!

Melissa DeJoseph
Melissa DeJoseph 2 months ago

What lipstick are you wearing?

Sedona 2 months ago

Oh my gosh I wasn’t expecting that you were gonna pronounce the H that way that was cool haha

Madalina Maranda
Madalina Maranda 2 months ago


Jasmin Cutts
Jasmin Cutts 2 months ago

I had to have a chocolate one

Jasmin Cutts
Jasmin Cutts 2 months ago

I've been looking this all year and now that it's Christmas eve I'm mad

Sophia ChensWorld
Sophia ChensWorld 2 months ago

“We have a H stamp and the “InK THINg aS WeLl”

Ange Veliz
Ange Veliz 2 months ago

Did somebody else notice the piece of tape she has in her hair? I’m not judging but I was screaming touch your hair jaja love your videos.

Hannelore Claes
Hannelore Claes 2 months ago

I think the invisible ink pen is supposed to resemble the nimbus 2000

Blueberry mocha!
Blueberry mocha! 2 months ago

The fether en I thought it was a hair brush

Real World Magic
Real World Magic 2 months ago

There were some good things in there, but it’s VERY girl-oriented. I wouldn’t want any of the charms, socks, wrist band, headband/scrunchie and I’m not even a Gryffindor either. The wand pens are cool but I don’t think it’d be for me. I think I’d rather spend my £30 on a nice replica wand.

Chintal 2 months ago

and what if you are a wizard. !!! There isn't anything for boys

CJplayz Gamer
CJplayz Gamer 2 months ago

I'm a slytherin

Isa Flo
Isa Flo 2 months ago

those quittage sticky things are achally tattos that you peel the back place it on your skin than press and peel off

Andrea Carpio
Andrea Carpio 2 months ago

Most of it was paper... 😕 quite disappointing...

Carly Os
Carly Os 2 months ago

The pen in day number 5 is meant to be a pen wand

Buotalia 2 months ago

That really upsets me that it is all Gryffindor because I’m a Slytherin and I don’t want that stuff lol.

charlotte Nadeau
charlotte Nadeau 2 months ago

30 ponds now way.

Romy bell
Romy bell 2 months ago

Why is it all gryphindor

Im a slytheryn

Ps : I can spell the red House.

MissArtsy 2 months ago

... You have something in your hair

Lena Dänekamp
Lena Dänekamp 2 months ago

Did someone notice the duck tape in her hair? 10:30

Kesten Davis
Kesten Davis 2 months ago

They really HAVE to make it for each house...sooo disappointed.

meher randhawa
meher randhawa 2 months ago

Is it just me or she looks like Pierson

Lisa Kaye
Lisa Kaye 2 months ago

I'd put my sheets of paper under a nice heavy spell book!! Lol

Anita Mart
Anita Mart 2 months ago

Такие дешёвки положили. Которые по 20 центов стоят. А сама коробка дорогая. Отлично наживаются.

Isla Hunter
Isla Hunter 2 months ago

I only have found so far griffindor stuff

tali0803 2 months ago

I'm a grifendor person

Nazia Kaleem
Nazia Kaleem 2 months ago

You wasted your 30 pounds

Chloe Nalett
Chloe Nalett 2 months ago

cherry: i don't realy like the chibi stuff

me: then i'll take them, hand them over

Kaye Chelsea Pantaleon

Im jealous 😂 also im a newer potterhead

ravenclaw 2 months ago


Natalie Mokdad
Natalie Mokdad 2 months ago

I have always wanted a quill the one u got is soo pretty

Natalie Mokdad
Natalie Mokdad 2 months ago

sometimes I wish I had a bRiTiSh AcCeNt like you also I love ur channel

Sab Rina
Sab Rina 2 months ago

I love the way you speak, I love when you said the miss print was "quite nautghy", so cute 😅 really enjoyed this video!

Christina Strubhar
Christina Strubhar 2 months ago

I get the vibe that these items were an overage in stock so they were trying to think of ways to clear inventory.

Wippy Chick
Wippy Chick 2 months ago

Oooo!! Neon! ❤️❤️❤️

Inshrah Shaikh
Inshrah Shaikh 2 months ago

There was a plastic sticked on her hair😅😅

Child Of Humanity
Child Of Humanity 2 months ago

is... is that official merch? yikes. supporting transphobes is gross...

ben ballam
ben ballam 2 months ago


Bozhana Shiyakova
Bozhana Shiyakova 2 months ago

i love you

Andrea Tanaka
Andrea Tanaka 2 months ago

there's plastic on your hair

Alessandra Vecserdi
Alessandra Vecserdi 2 months ago

In Inglese : hamaini
In italiano pronuncia: Ermione

Allora..... italiani.... ora tocca a voi scegliere tra le tue pronunce che preferite. Ciaooo beli

ashleigh fingland
ashleigh fingland 2 months ago

the wands are pens

Sofia Rainbow
Sofia Rainbow 2 months ago

I like the shoe laces

Sofia Rainbow
Sofia Rainbow 2 months ago

I fell like she is showing off in my face🤣

Sofia Rainbow
Sofia Rainbow 2 months ago

I'm jealous

TheRuthPo 2 months ago

18.02 she realises that they are pens

Igrice I igracke
Igrice I igracke 2 months ago


Toca wild life
Toca wild life 2 months ago

Can you do some more calendars

Andrea Ling
Andrea Ling 2 months ago

Yes I commented 🙄it’s a pen it has a cap lol 😂

Andrea Ling
Andrea Ling 2 months ago

The hermoinie wand has a cap.

Andrea Ling
Andrea Ling 2 months ago

Invisible pen with with a light

Emerzon Quiros
Emerzon Quiros 2 months ago

15:45 AND the best moment of the video in fact

Maja Almeida
Maja Almeida 2 months ago

At 10.26 you can see she has a bit of plastic in her hair.😐😂

Diana A.
Diana A. 2 months ago

I want to know the brand and name of the colors on her nails xD

Parasitessa 2 months ago

so what have we learned today kids? every house except for gryffindor is ignored when it comes to capitalism

Harry Potter fans
Harry Potter fans 2 months ago

I have a pet owl 😂maybe I and a wizard 😳

Alexandria Applebury
Alexandria Applebury 2 months ago

I'm so jealous! I tried looking for the cube advent calendar but the link is for the customers in the UK. That's a downer for any wizards, witches, or muggles in the US.

Berline Padilla
Berline Padilla 2 months ago

No.9 is a pen twist it

hey itz me
hey itz me 2 months ago

She's like Hinny's daughter gone modern

Aliyah Hager
Aliyah Hager 2 months ago

The Hermione wand I feel like you can take didn’t you see the crack on the Hermione wand I think you can take that part off that’s probably why the crack is there so you can take the cap off and it’s probably a pin for the ink

Manuela Valente
Manuela Valente 2 months ago


Janja Milosevic
Janja Milosevic 2 months ago

20:38 it's ✨lumos✨for me

Ali Woo
Ali Woo 2 months ago

Hey, what nail glue do you use? It must be strong to survive cardboard.

Jasmine Needham
Jasmine Needham 2 months ago

Bro she is lazy as she is getting angry about curing something out

evadauer 2 months ago

The Hermione wand is a pen

Lakshita Joshi
Lakshita Joshi 2 months ago

the little socks is for dobby you dimbo

Thomas Grabowski
Thomas Grabowski 2 months ago

Randomly found this....lol

Beth Schumacher
Beth Schumacher 2 months ago

They didn't actually miss a seal. They gave you five envelopes, five pieces of parchment. They only gave you five seals. Actually makes sense.

Pawtile 2 months ago

i think the pen is supposed to look like broom? :)

pan otaku
pan otaku 2 months ago

13:18 - 13:10

cerys morgxn
cerys morgxn 2 months ago

This is so crazy! This video just came up on my recommended and I clicked on it and really enjoyed it! I then realised that I met you in the Harry Potter studios a year (or two!) Ago! I had no idea who you where at the time so I just kept sipping my butter beer and carried on with my day dancing in the fake snow bubbles. But I wish I found your channel sooner!

Lxser Soundz
Lxser Soundz 2 months ago

No offense but his scar is the sign of how you do the killing curse of “Avaka Kedavra,” once you look closely into the scar and the spell combining it together:)

Ellie Younger
Ellie Younger 2 months ago

No muggles allowed

Cringe Vids
Cringe Vids 2 months ago

The wands are either pens or quils

Orla Bayliss
Orla Bayliss 2 months ago

day 5 is an invisible ink pen

GM 2 months ago

When you said ronald weesly! You sounded just like their momma.

Lunitaluz :3
Lunitaluz :3 2 months ago

No hablo taca taca, pero lei Harry Potter y aprete el video sin pensarlo