A Beautiful Family Home Decorated For Christmas


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Title : A Beautiful Family Home Decorated For Christmas

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Description A Beautiful Family Home Decorated For Christmas

A Beautiful Family Home Decorated For Christmas

A Beautiful Family Home Decorated For Christmas

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Terry Hanks
Terry Hanks 2 months ago


Wendy Bennett
Wendy Bennett 2 months ago

Lovely home!!!

PM N 2 months ago

That grey is awful.

Neary Samai
Neary Samai 2 months ago

Lovely home. I especially love the entertainment area.

Rebecca McCrady
Rebecca McCrady 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing. I love the fact you made some wooden doors and gate yourself! Beautiful home.

1taylorgibson 2 months ago

She just got out her saw and cut the lumber for the builtins. Easy peasy.

Candice Smith
Candice Smith 2 months ago

You did a really good job decorating! Beautiful & Classy

Miri Tam
Miri Tam 2 months ago

With respect but Nothing fantastic that will stand out from the rest. 😒

Gaby Garcia
Gaby Garcia 2 months ago


Jay Robertson
Jay Robertson 2 months ago

Beautiful spaces and you are very talented

Dani B
Dani B 2 months ago

I love every aspect of that home. Well done!

Angela Egan
Angela Egan 2 months ago

Why do people put televisions over a fireplace? Far more tasteful to disguise them by putting them in a cabinet and close when not in use.

Judy Telles
Judy Telles 2 months ago

Bland ,catalogue furnishings. No design skills. No personality touches. I think it looks tidy and show room. Not my taste.

AfricancoolChic 2 months ago

Beautiful 💕 And yep I have very tall ceilings too and had to put my 7 foot tree on a table for more height.

Alex B
Alex B 2 months ago

I had a round table but found it to be impractical. When you need a space to set down a serving dish on a crowded Thanksgiving table, the lack of a corner to set it down on becomes a real liability.

Merry H
Merry H 2 months ago

What is that background music??

Peggy Penland
Peggy Penland 2 months ago


Voo Doo17
Voo Doo17 2 months ago

Very elegant and beautiful! However it shows, that you have unlimited budget, and also lots of space, what not every can afford.
But some ideas, and the whole atmosphere is might be something possible to achieve by many. Happy Holidays 🎄!

Ivelisse Torres
Ivelisse Torres 2 months ago

Omg this house is so beautiful
I love all the decor❤

Mmaba2 O
Mmaba2 O 2 months ago

I can’t tell the number of times I have watched this video ... it is pure happiness

Adam Kirby
Adam Kirby 2 months ago

Love your home... absolutely beautiful! I really like the color scheme and the overall decor you chose... Christmas decor is awesome!!! You are very talented...baby gate looked nice! Happy Holidays 🎄

James Leveille-Bonner

Where did you get your upholstered dining chairs?

Jennifer Fitzgerald
Jennifer Fitzgerald 2 months ago

I love it all cept the baby gates. Looks like a country barn door, doesn’t go. Should look like the railing.

christiano christianopoulos


mybestideas1 2 months ago

I'm a really tough sell but OMG this home is beautiful.

barbara allen
barbara allen 2 months ago

What a stunning home. Wonderful❤️

Elyse Beech
Elyse Beech 2 months ago

hey people are going hungry and being avicted from their homes.yet here you are showing off what you have.. thats just so classy!! i have a nice home however i would never show it off this way..with so many suffering..who gives a shit about your comfort..shamefull.

H. Teunissen
H. Teunissen 2 months ago

Save the beaded pillow for a grown-up space until the little girl is 8 or older.

Margaret Norris
Margaret Norris 2 months ago

So pretty

Manuela G
Manuela G 2 months ago

Very nice, chic, AS useful but to many tv

Deborah Downie
Deborah Downie 2 months ago


Rhubarb and Roots
Rhubarb and Roots 2 months ago

I absolutely agree, your child's bedroom should grow with them. A thoughtful home, good job!

Kayla Harrod
Kayla Harrod 2 months ago

Awe man what paint color is that? on the wall the light gray. . .

Georgia Ludewig
Georgia Ludewig 2 months ago

Tasteful... sophisticated... every corner well designed... flawless... immaculate... the noble and most dignified colour Grey dominating the whole scenery..no signs of personal quirks... everything so perfect...! The black and white stripes in the boy's room are massive and probably intimidating. Please relieve him from that! All in all a great flat or house which could need perhaps some charming spots of personal imperfection...? I may not forget: A big compliment for your woodwork. Great job. I look at it in awe! Kind regards from Germany

Steve 2 months ago

Please tell us the city where these homes are located... It's so damn impersonal if you don't.... location matters....

Cynthia G.
Cynthia G. 2 months ago

Beautiful, sophisticated space.

Bucket List Adventures krs

Your home looks beautiful thanks for sharing your decorating ideas

Claudia Rojas
Claudia Rojas 2 months ago

Bonita la chimenea el color y la sala

Jil Lake
Jil Lake 2 months ago

Absolutely gorgeous! Love the baby gate!

sam Beveridge
sam Beveridge 2 months ago

Boring, weird

Meggie Markovska
Meggie Markovska 2 months ago

Love it,everything

Uber Glamazon
Uber Glamazon 2 months ago

Every tacky design cliche and a bunch of mail order tat with two blah Christmas trees and really putting a tree on an end table?

Lisa Field
Lisa Field 2 months ago

Hilary, you are CRAZY TALENTED in regards to interior design. Wonderful and lovely home.

ANDREA A. 2 months ago

wow this woman has a huge sense for aesthetics and comfort. i would move in... immediately

using my tinfoil hat
using my tinfoil hat 2 months ago

Dramatic with the tile?..honey..that ain't it 🤣

Elaine Baldy
Elaine Baldy 2 months ago

It looks lovely, but for me, the horizontal thick blue stripes in the boys bedroom brings the ceiling down to an oppressively low height.

Zenobia Beckley
Zenobia Beckley 2 months ago

Merry Christmas ☃️Feliz Navidad🎄Feliz Natal🎅🏻Buon Natale🌲Joyeux Noel 🎅🏻

DAJ 2 months ago

The fireplace and the tongue and groove paneling are on point. Very dramatic yet not fussy. Thumbs up!

scrapycoll 2 months ago

Just beautiful!!!

Hithere 2 months ago

Very beautiful is this the same house you showed when you were expecting your daughter

Seaside Mom
Seaside Mom 2 months ago

What kind of paint did you use for the cabinets?

Miss T.E.A.
Miss T.E.A. 2 months ago

TV above the mantlepiece for me is a big NO. But this is a very beautiful home.

Andrea Lagow
Andrea Lagow 2 months ago

Omg where is the wallpaper in the laundry room from?? LOOOOOVE THIS HOUSE!

Lauren Hurd
Lauren Hurd 2 months ago

I LOVE that she does her own woodworking!

SevenDaysofStyle 2 months ago

What’s beautiful house and she’s incredibly gifted. Happy Holidays!

Patti Jesinoski
Patti Jesinoski 2 months ago

So few kitchen cabinets. Looks like lots of takeout.

KLo GroFlo
KLo GroFlo 2 months ago

This is really pretty 👍🏽

holly nelson
holly nelson 2 months ago


Nadia 80
Nadia 80 2 months ago

Tutto bellissimo. 🤗

Bob Boob
Bob Boob 2 months ago

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such small claustrophobic bedrooms. 😱

Raquel Isla
Raquel Isla 2 months ago

You are a genius! 👍🏻🤩🌺🎄

Dede Freedman
Dede Freedman 2 months ago


Scott Brown
Scott Brown 2 months ago

She did such a good job with this -- tasteful and sophisticated, but also practical and calming!!

Alison McKenzie
Alison McKenzie 2 months ago

Beautiful home love the kitchen splashback too.!!

Amused Me
Amused Me 2 months ago

It's a nice house but it is a generic designer home. Most designers are currently doing these exact same colors, the butcher block, the open shelving, the backsplash up to the ceiling, it's not that special. And for a home with children, it doesn't look warm.

Martha Aguirre
Martha Aguirre 2 months ago

Beautiful decoración navideña

Jenny Jones
Jenny Jones 2 months ago

Lucky you🐷

D H 2 months ago

My fav. from House and Home...wow!

Maxine F
Maxine F 2 months ago

Kitchen cabinets are beautiful. Great job with the paint.

Justin 2 months ago

Too conservative for me. Reminds me of Pottery Barn with some Joanna Gaines touches. Everything is very faded, soft and neutral. Laundry and child's rooms were more interesting, but the train is obviously just for the shoot (tripping hazard). When she said her backsplash was "dramatic" I was like, huh? We have two vastly different ideas of "dramatic."

Siobhan Mc Allen
Siobhan Mc Allen 2 months ago

V nice and great taste and ideas.stair gate v nice too and blends in with decor.

Clarissa Hopkins
Clarissa Hopkins 2 months ago

Love the colors that were chosen and the elegant millwork. Really adds character and beauty to the home.

I Heart China
I Heart China 2 months ago

Merry Christmas from Dali, China!!!! This home is breathtaking!!!!! Functional and beautiful!!!

Airlie Maria Heung
Airlie Maria Heung 2 months ago

This is beautiful!

Leonardo BC
Leonardo BC 2 months ago

I'm surprised haters havent popped up yet, maybe it's the Christmas spirit working on them. Well done lady, those trade skills are unexpected in a glamorous woman like yourself

Ginas Plug Tv
Ginas Plug Tv 2 months ago

This is absolutely beautiful and she is gorgeous and talented 😍

Lisa & Company
Lisa & Company 2 months ago

Way to go Hilary...work those power tools! The built-ins looks great!

Katherine Baker
Katherine Baker 2 months ago

What a boss babe building her own furniture 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Yushi Kuang
Yushi Kuang 2 months ago

A generic decor magazines looks...i like more personal and warm house.

Russel Furtado
Russel Furtado 2 months ago


Lexa's Old Vlogs
Lexa's Old Vlogs 2 months ago

I love the way the curtains fall in her living room. I can never get mine to fall like that (crisp and full). Would you do a video on drapery?

Angela A
Angela A 2 months ago

I really enjoyed this. I also converted our living room into our dining room, so I felt so good and validated that she decided to do the same thing for the flow. I feel exactly the same.

WIKIDECO 2 months ago

Una casa preciosa, enhorabuena.

nina nani
nina nani 2 months ago

I love how she converted the house to fit the realistic needs of her family. In interior design efficiency is equally important to aesthetics, and a lot of "interior designers" seem to forget that and only create spaces that would look good to a photo.

jose padilla
jose padilla 2 months ago


João Dionisio
João Dionisio 2 months ago

Love the house and the owner.

Evelyn Bumatayo
Evelyn Bumatayo 2 months ago

WOW i love it GOD BLESS

Denise Throndsen
Denise Throndsen 2 months ago

Very beautiful home! This is my favorite I’ve seen in a long time, thank you!🌺

April Shorty
April Shorty 2 months ago

Really gorgeous and can't believe she did a lot of the work with a little one

rneustel 2 months ago

This is such a beautiful home! The homeowner/designer is an amazing carpenter, too. I’d love to know if she built the two mirrors hung on the tongue-in-groove part.

Abhigo 2 months ago


Maps Man
Maps Man 2 months ago

Gorgeous! I loved the decor and the holiday decorations!

terijaye 2 months ago

toss that 2009 pinterest "cheers" print and you've got a lovely house tour

Tina Clark aka Aunt Tina

Love that backsplash!

CC P 2 months ago

Beautiful home.

Tsoumpa 2 months ago

That woman has serious skills! She should build baby gates for a living!

Le Gecla
Le Gecla 2 months ago

can't wait for my new home soon..

G94 2 months ago

a 3 year old has a nicer bedroom then me. smh

Dylan 2 months ago

Absofruitly gorgeous