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Information CHRISTMAS IN LONDON, STAYING AT THE SAVOY?! | sophdoesvlogs


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Description CHRISTMAS IN LONDON, STAYING AT THE SAVOY?! | sophdoesvlogs



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r .Irvine
r .Irvine 2 months ago

This is one classy lady,  Walks into the 5 star Savoy hotel with a cardboard cup of coffee.   Very classy saying  Oh My God  every sentence.

Sher Htoo
Sher Htoo 2 months ago


Abigail Porter
Abigail Porter 2 months ago

Ooooooh proper posh do to go to!! Very nice and well deserved!! 😁 xXx

elina craft
elina craft 2 months ago

L' oreal just copied the Colourpop Lux Lipsticks star design on the lipstick bullet

Rebecca Stanley
Rebecca Stanley 2 months ago

Please test the urban decay palette in shortcut

meredith mabrey
meredith mabrey 2 months ago

do a video on the UD palettes! they are so cute

Katie Budge
Katie Budge 2 months ago

I have that sleek advent calendar, I love the eyeshadow palette you need to swatch some of them

Terri Hawkins
Terri Hawkins 2 months ago

Where is your green jumper from?

Megan D
Megan D 2 months ago

PLEASEEE vlog more often ❤️❤️❤️

Oshathott 2 months ago

18:10 the dude in the background tho 😂😂😂
He has literally made my day with his reaction haha

Rebbie Bby
Rebbie Bby 2 months ago

Claire's was probably one of my favorite places to work. I only got to work there about a week, because travelling was going to be too difficult. I LOVED it though! They had us dress up in stuff from the shelves every day, and like advertise things. I LOVED it! <3

sarziboom 2 months ago

Love your vlogs soph

Lily Dennis
Lily Dennis 2 months ago

Eeek love you so much soph this video got me so excited for Christmas and your pretty close to 1million subs that's amazing !❤

Jane Wilkes
Jane Wilkes 2 months ago

You look very fabulous in that jumpsuit. Can you assuage my curiosity as I am concerned that every meal you go to doesn't seem to have any other options for veggies/vegans - are there any?

Heather M
Heather M 2 months ago

To the person that is scrolling through the comments and chose to read This one I am going through hard times and if you aren’t than cherish that and if you are struggling too I wish you all the best and YOU WILL GET THROUGH IT
XXX 🙏🏻🥰

Charlotte 2 months ago


cara follon
cara follon 2 months ago

For some reason, I hadn't subscribed to your vlog channel until recently but it's so lovely to have a bigger insight into your life and to see all the amazing things you get to do. Absolutely loving your vlogmas!xox

Rebecca Wood
Rebecca Wood 2 months ago

Is it just me that absolutely loves the advent day part ❤️

Aarjvi Jain
Aarjvi Jain 2 months ago

Yayyy! Soph wasn't late this time! 🙃😂

Hilla Inbar
Hilla Inbar 2 months ago

you should open the entire advent calendar :)

Michelle Hunt
Michelle Hunt 2 months ago

I would NOT be able to vlog and walk down the steps in heals at the same time!!!! Lol

Sarah Hird
Sarah Hird 2 months ago

Loved getting to see you filming but like from behind the scenes x

Patti 1962
Patti 1962 2 months ago

I'm so proud that you can put a beautiful outfit together from Primark. It's proof that you don't have to spend a lot of money to look festive for a Christmas party. I watch a few luxury channels and I am ALWAYS in shock how much money is spent!!!
I live in the Southeast of the US and we have lots on SNOW on the ground! My husband is a teacher, and we live for "snow days!!"

Meg Walsh
Meg Walsh 2 months ago

I love the Savoy! The food and everything about the hotel is so nice ❤️

K8SW 2 months ago

The UD palettes look lovely. OMG that Sleek palette looks looks tiny

suze 2 months ago

oh my lord! I've just read you have DERMATOPHAGIA!!!!! 40 YEARS I've been living with this!! anyway I'm probably not your typical fan in that I'm a bit rubbish with make up and I'm old but love your videos lovely lady!

Taryn B
Taryn B 2 months ago

That moment of panic when you realised you forgot a highlighter, I fully panicked with you😅😅😂😂

tammy jones
tammy jones 2 months ago

That L’Oréal glitter mascara is in Poundland if anyone’s wondering in the like “branded” makeup bit. In our Poundland Anyway ahah they sell like overstocked or whatever you call it makeup bits too so have like lots of diffo drugstore bits in little bags🥰❤️love you soph xx

Ari O
Ari O 2 months ago

I’m so jealous of the urban decay palettes omg

Holly Clifton
Holly Clifton 2 months ago

it’s my birthday tomorrow aahh

Maria Weaver
Maria Weaver 2 months ago

❤️ from Versailles, Ohio

Franki Cimino
Franki Cimino 2 months ago

18:10 that waiter in the back is fine asf 😍😍😍

Alyssa B
Alyssa B 2 months ago

I cant wait for the giveaway! Love u soph

Alyssa B
Alyssa B 2 months ago

No keep.doing the nyx calender every day!

Karolina Byrska
Karolina Byrska 2 months ago

That GlossyBox calendar is soooo good :) You look very beautiful in that glittery jumpsuit!

Amy Griffin
Amy Griffin 2 months ago

Yay yay yay another videoooo I love youuuu

Ulla Longva
Ulla Longva 2 months ago

Can you do a full face of loreal makeup on your main channel?❤️✨

Queen Of Maddness
Queen Of Maddness 2 months ago

You can take everything at the end of the season that you won't use and put it all in a post Christmas give away

Queen Of Maddness
Queen Of Maddness 2 months ago

I just bought that glitter mascara! Can't wait to try it

Ren Simpkins
Ren Simpkins 2 months ago


Ren Simpkins
Ren Simpkins 2 months ago

Sophie I actually love u u make my day better when I watch u and hopefully I can make your day better xxxx

Mirjam Petrijevčanin

Soph can you do a video sometime trying Loreal Colorista hair makeup that you got in PR? I'm really curious what would you think of it. Great vlog btw., love you

Somewhere Ze
Somewhere Ze 2 months ago

I really love your vlogs 😍
Much love for you 😍

Carolina Vieira
Carolina Vieira 2 months ago

If you're not excited to open the calendar just do it once and then put it on the giveaway. Plus you can do more than one giveaway! 😘

Sel Rad
Sel Rad 2 months ago

The guy @ 18:00 lol

Lucy May Stewart
Lucy May Stewart 2 months ago

I love youuuu

Hannah 2 months ago

12:26 the guy in the background haha 😂

Skulls n Roses
Skulls n Roses 2 months ago

Thanks for showing your set up 😄 what camera do you use for vlogging?
Also that hotel looked amazing ❤

Ella Montlake
Ella Montlake 2 months ago

Your makeup is beautiful you should believe in who you are and intelligence
Life is too short carry on creating

Teresa Muñoz Torres
Teresa Muñoz Torres 2 months ago

Your vlogs are my favorite pastime 🙃🙃💟

Meghan Kay
Meghan Kay 2 months ago

Only just started watching your vlogging channel and I don’t know why 😭. I’ve been a main channel bitch for a year and I love you soph 😂 us pale girls gotta stick together 😘 (p.s I’m exactly the same foundation shades as you) x

hi hi
hi hi 2 months ago

Watching your vlogs put me in the Christmas mood IMMEDIATELY
love ya!

Nailah Cassim
Nailah Cassim 2 months ago

You life is sooo interesting🎁🎉 ...I just watch both your channels all day every day 😍😍😍❤

FAKINGALL 2 months ago

the maybelline gel is so weird because like... even if you don't remove your brows with makeup wipes, you still need to wash your face so that doesn't make sense 🤔 it won't last anyway imo

Lucie Stevens
Lucie Stevens 2 months ago

£400-£500 a night at the savoy How is that justifiable idk

Hannelore Gilis
Hannelore Gilis 2 months ago

I loved to see your filming set up! That was really intresting!

Cyn 2 months ago

if loreal has a silver color eyeshadow then it could be a dupe for that shadow Emma had!!

Dominik Benz
Dominik Benz 2 months ago

Amazing Video . Wow your Outfit and Hairstyle looks awesome you are so pretty beautiful stunning gorgeous. Love your Videos.

Chinmayee M
Chinmayee M 2 months ago

I seriously love watching your Christmas vlogs for your advent calender unboxing!

tanya x
tanya x 2 months ago

Cant wait to watch 💖

Big G
Big G 2 months ago

Great video just love your channels

Nikita Scerri
Nikita Scerri 2 months ago

Early sqaud 💗💗 binge watching soph’s vlogs atm , nothing better on a lazy sunday xxxx love you soph

Milena P
Milena P 2 months ago

I love you Soph 💛

Beth Thompson
Beth Thompson 2 months ago

been waiting for this!!! thanks for getting me through my uni work! <3

Leah Hoyle
Leah Hoyle 2 months ago

I agree, if you aren’t loving the NYX calendar you should open it all! And of course you aren’t obligated to do a giveaway but I would love one!! LOVING VLOGMAS THO SOPH ❤️❤️

Dorothy Johnson
Dorothy Johnson 2 months ago

love you Soph! xxx

Samiya Khalil
Samiya Khalil 2 months ago

Aaaahhh i love you so much 😭❤❤

ZARI YAH 2 months ago

I was about to sleep when I saw this and I guess I'll be breaking my sleep time. 😂

Ellouise 2 months ago

Check out my account for you @ sophxsophiexjazz on instagram acc love you so much 💗💗

Rebecca l
Rebecca l 2 months ago

Love yoouuuu :)

Kitty 2 months ago

Yh our whatever you don’t want in a give away please

Lauren Fay
Lauren Fay 2 months ago

If I was you I would keep opening it sand then the things you don’t want you can giveaway

Maha Khan
Maha Khan 2 months ago

#notificationsquad❤❤❤ can you plz do a video there your mom dose your makeup 😘 just blur her face because she dosent want to be on YouTube... love yeah!

yas 2 months ago

Cant wait to watch this🙂😙 love u so much Soph xxxxx❤❤❤

Nida 2 months ago


Poppy Smith
Poppy Smith 2 months ago

Love you soph ❤️🎄

Morgan Fifield
Morgan Fifield 2 months ago


GeorgiaXxx RS
GeorgiaXxx RS 2 months ago

Love Sophie's Vlogs💛💛

zaheen 2 months ago

thanks for giving me a reason to not do my homework rn oops

Abbie Owen
Abbie Owen 2 months ago

Earlyyyy☺️❤️love you Sophie xx

Olivia Smith
Olivia Smith 2 months ago


Gracie Lay
Gracie Lay 2 months ago

Love you xxxxxx

Jessie Holland
Jessie Holland 2 months ago

I love you Sophie and merry Christmas xx

Mimi 2 months ago


Erin Freeman
Erin Freeman 2 months ago

Love this soon can u do a skincare routine !!

Lucy May Stewart
Lucy May Stewart 2 months ago

Another great vlog babe x

Aaisha Ali
Aaisha Ali 2 months ago

zaheen 2 months ago