Girl 10-14 Unboxing for Operation Christmas Child - 2021


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Information Girl 10-14 Unboxing for Operation Christmas Child - 2021

Title : Girl 10-14 Unboxing for Operation Christmas Child - 2021

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Frames Girl 10-14 Unboxing for Operation Christmas Child - 2021

Description Girl 10-14 Unboxing for Operation Christmas Child - 2021

Girl 10-14 Unboxing for Operation Christmas Child - 2021

Girl 10-14 Unboxing for Operation Christmas Child - 2021

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Football Lover9
Football Lover9 2 months ago

I just discovered your channel and all i can say is WOW WOW WOW! I think God led me to you. I was searching for ideas and came across this video! I'm excited to do 4 boxes this year. With school starting soon, I'll be getting lots of school supplies for a cheap price. I'll be watching your videos on boy boxes, as I've always struggled for choosing boy items since I'm a girl. I'm a tomboy though, and love watching sports, so I may do a sports themed one or car themed one. God bless and stay safe!

Love In a Shoebox
Love In a Shoebox 2 months ago

What a fabulous box!!! One of my favorites you have done💗love the water color supplies and oh the pink poodle!!! This is a perfect box… The puzzle is beautiful. Love the picture and poem… It is indeed LOVELY 💗💗💗

mandymullinix 2 months ago

Wow! I am certain this young lady will love this box. So beautiful!

Foothills Family
Foothills Family 2 months ago

BEAUTIFUL Parisian Shoebox that any girl will love! I love all the beautiful details, the bracelet and small toy figurines 😍
We have 2 Parisian girl boxes almost ready! It's such a fun theme! 🗼🇫🇷

Oh yes! I love packing a box, caboodle etc inside a shoebox!
The small paris box is so nice and beautiful 😍
I have one for our older girl Paris box!
Love the pink 🐩
A fun, beautiful shoebox that the young lady will enjoy!

Christine McCoy
Christine McCoy 2 months ago

Simply adorable!!!!

Multi Tasker Mama
Multi Tasker Mama 2 months ago

hey I got some of those butterfly fans! sweet box!

Elizabeth C
Elizabeth C 2 months ago

I love the paint and paintbrushes! I really want to include more paints in my boxes.

Melissa Flores
Melissa Flores 2 months ago

This was such a fun box, LOVE the mini box within a box. Every detail was packed with so much love and this little girl will feel very special! 💛

lindenella 2 months ago

Such a feminine sweet box of beautiful items. Love the Poodle and love how everything co-ordinates with the theme and colour scheme.

Mary Baker
Mary Baker 2 months ago

So beautiful!! A very special girl will just love this!! You put so much in, and your giving heart shines through!!

xil2048 2 months ago

This shoebox came together so well! Love everything you included, I know the girl will as well. :D

Love & Little Treasures

Absolutely beautiful! 🧳✈️❤️⚜️🗼🐩 I love it! Thank you for sharing where you got the little Paris box! I love to include little treasure filled boxes within the shoeboxes also, when it makes the theme pop. 🛵 I pray a 14 year old gets this box! Such an amazing gift! 😀🎁🎨👩🏼‍🎨☂️

Elaine Coutts
Elaine Coutts 2 months ago

What a lovely box! 🗼🐩 So thoughtful and so creative! I just love it ❤ Some young girl is going to feel so special. Thank you for all you do.

vintage soul 1219
vintage soul 1219 2 months ago

Prettiest box yet that I've seen anyone pack. You out did yourself.

Gesiriech Turtle
Gesiriech Turtle 2 months ago

So nice

Maritza Copping
Maritza Copping 2 months ago

You really outdid yourself on this one! As you said, it is lovely.

V Swain
V Swain 2 months ago

I love this box because it is so pretty, so unique, so creative, and so you! The young lady who receives the box will fall in love with it for sure. 💕💗💕 I just love the pretty shirt and the pink poodle 🐩. The poem on the tag is so charming and fun. Thanks for sharing the poem 😉 ❤️ I also love your creative stenciling and that smaller box is beautiful!

ByrdFeed 2 months ago

Magnifique cadeau!! Denise, you outdid yourself with this one. My favorite!! Everything is perfect! From the shoebox itself, to the treasure filled box inside the box, the fan, cross bracelet, French skipping rope, her shirt, Camilla, watercolor palate, puzzle, fashion stencils, her beautifully stenciled bag, I could go on…EVERYTHING is packed with such thought and care. Just fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing. 💕💕

Judy Frazier
Judy Frazier 2 months ago

Such a lovely box, Denise, I have a box within a box I'm working on that's flowers. I got the smaller box at Dollar General. Before I put my OCC box together with it laying flat, I drew big 60ish flowers with markers all different colors. When you look inside the box, there's flowers all over. I've been doing a few of these each year. I always put the fans from Oriental Trading in my G 10-14 boxes also. I have one of those paint pallets in my rainbow box and was wondering if I should put in a small lid for water along with it ?? This is a great box !!!!

Niki Chicote
Niki Chicote 2 months ago

such a sweet box! i love this video, even your background music is dainty and lovely! good job, so so so good!!! 💖💖💖

Samantha G
Samantha G 2 months ago

Wow! I think this is one of my favorite boxes I've seen! Such a unique and fun theme for an older girl I would have never thought of.
The box inside of a box is such a fun thing. She will love having TWO places to keep her things. We've been hearing a lot about this Paris themed box and it turned out amazing, thank you for sharing!

Leni Koskinen
Leni Koskinen 2 months ago

Lovely box ❤️🗼!

Fiona Edwards
Fiona Edwards 2 months ago

Hi Denise, This is a gorgeous box. I created a Paris themed gift box for my niece last Christmas. I packed it full of Paris themed party tableware and room decorations, and travel accessories. So, something like a Shoebox, but a lot more silly.🤪
On a serious note, I recently purchased some beautiful crown and unicorn craft kits that came in gift boxes. Like you, I have added school supplies, sunglasses and other small treasures. TFS. 🗼🎁

East Coast Stories
East Coast Stories 2 months ago

Ohmigosh, the decorated the box is everything! So pretty. The Paris box is my absolute favorite! The girl will keep that treasure box for years. I didn't know the Chinese jump rope had another name. Good to know, it can be played all over the world. So cool you added the poodle stickers to the composition book. My other favorite is the stencil bag - you really outdid yourself with that one. That is gorgeous. I have to laugh, because there are several items that is very similar to my Paris shoebox like the paint set, poodle, top, photo, and so on. But I know we all have our own style to bring to the same themes we do. This box shot up to one of my top favorites! Thanks for sharing, Denise!

Sabrina's Shoeboxes
Sabrina's Shoeboxes 2 months ago

Love! Very beautiful things. The poodle and watercolors are my favorite.

Cecilia Andrews
Cecilia Andrews 2 months ago

This is so pretty! Such a creative, "belle boite aux tresors" (beautiful box of treasures), sure to delight the child of this age group.🤗🤗

Tiffany Hatcher
Tiffany Hatcher 2 months ago

Such a thoughtful box full of such treasures. The girl will love it for sure! Where do you find all of those small baggies to put things in? I found some at the Dollar Tree but they aren't as small as those.

Sonia’s Shoeboxes
Sonia’s Shoeboxes 2 months ago

“Ooh La La”……Mademoiselle 10-14 will love and cherish this box always. Love the idea of a “box inside a box” filled with trinkets for her to love and enjoy. Camilla is just too precious! Gorgeous shirt too! Love the draw string and stencil bag. You outdid yourself with this very creative and sweet box. Merci for sharing!

Dale Highnote
Dale Highnote 2 months ago

The box is absolutely amazing. Contains so many treasures that are WOW.