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Jan Edmarc Balallo
Jan Edmarc Balallo 2 months ago

i did this one to my house to, iv'e trippen 8 fuses already so i'm gonna start planning to reduce some of my christmas lights starting christmas 2013.

CharlesBartowskiHere 2 months ago

That's what i did this year.Hit 35,000 (34,847 to be exact but who's counting)and had no problems,other than the constant worry about doing so.Found this new product online called Twist and Seal.Had those and ground busters everywhere.

Mark Farparan
Mark Farparan 2 months ago

I don't want to step on your toes Richard, but here in New Jersey (2012) we had lots of rain...I had to by-pass the GFI to get my lights to work...Not the best of choices but I would not have had a display otherwise....

Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-un 2 months ago

Cool story bro!

CharlesBartowskiHere 2 months ago

@holdmanchristmas I have a friend Charlie in Utah who said you were going to say that when i told him i was going to ask you this question.I concur though that the lights work perfectly even when we have snow(and freezing temps)as long as it's JUST snow.Unfortunately we tend to get rain also.Guess i just have to deal w/it.Kind of disappointing though because we do get a lot if traffic and it makes me crazy when things don't work perfectly.I love seeing those brake lights!Thanks for the response.

holdmanchristmas 2 months ago

@CharlesBartowskiHere - We have problems also when it gets wet, but the thing is here in Utah it is usually always below freezing. You only have problems with GFIs with water so snow and ice is not a problem. There have been 1 or 2 nights when it gets a little warmer that cause the GFIs to trip but when it is cold, even with 2 feet of snow, the show runs great.

CharlesBartowskiHere 2 months ago

God Bless You for all that you do!If i could ask one question, it would be how do you deal w/moisture issues?I'm no pro(more like Clark Griswold)but i am going to have a little over 30,000 lights this year and i always have trouble w/the GFI's tripping when it gets wet.I've always wrapped w/plastic bags,used electrical tape etc..but recently i heard that you trap in moisture that way.Advice PLEASE!! I thank you for any help you can offer,Frank.BTW-WOW,WOW,WOW,WOW,WOW,WOW,WOW,WOW!!!!!!!!!

Punkerdragon13 2 months ago

OMG I did not know they were so close to my house I am so going this year!!!

Arron Ramsey
Arron Ramsey 2 months ago

Nice! We used some of your sequences on our display this year, and they were a HIT! We made $4000 for a boy in my son's school that has a brain tumor. You are AWESOME! Thanks and keep it up!

madmiask 2 months ago

Hello, Now I 'll be able to recognize you "the man behind the display".

deejaedub 2 months ago

Already been there this season. Totally worth whatever the drive.

pepnpanz 2 months ago

Hi Richard! Great story ~ thanks for posting. Now your fans are hyped for your 2009 vids! ~ Daria

ALP'ie 2 months ago

Simply stunning!, And hey! You have blue lights this year, or so it seams.