Detailed Deco Mesh Wreath. Loop Method.


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Information Detailed Deco Mesh Wreath. Loop Method.

Title : Detailed Deco Mesh Wreath. Loop Method.

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Frames Detailed Deco Mesh Wreath. Loop Method.

Description Detailed Deco Mesh Wreath. Loop Method.

Detailed Deco Mesh Wreath. Loop Method.

Detailed Deco Mesh Wreath. Loop Method.

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Felicia Rice
Felicia Rice 2 months ago

I love this

Robin Young
Robin Young 2 months ago

I enjoyed your tutorial, such beautiful work and you explained so well! Love it๐Ÿต๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

Mimi Lynn
Mimi Lynn 2 months ago

Do you put the mesh on the bottom roll too?

jackie alvarez
jackie alvarez 2 months ago

Where you buy the wreath?

Kimberly Anderson
Kimberly Anderson 2 months ago

Simply beautiful, thanks for sharing

Kyra Hartzog
Kyra Hartzog 2 months ago


Jackie Williams
Jackie Williams 2 months ago

Wow this is so pretty!! thanks for sharing.

zoily enamorado
zoily enamorado 2 months ago

Is a beautiful wreath,thank you for explaining every detail ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜Žlove it

Sharon Worley
Sharon Worley 2 months ago

What shade of green is that? Trying to get the exact color

Cathy Gonzales
Cathy Gonzales 2 months ago

How long are the deco mesh?

Elaine Thomas
Elaine Thomas 2 months ago


C.L. Ray
C.L. Ray 2 months ago

You did a beautiful job

Carrie Jo
Carrie Jo 2 months ago

Beautifully Done!

Kristie Bouldin
Kristie Bouldin 2 months ago

Very good presentation!

Debbie DeLay
Debbie DeLay 2 months ago

You did an awesome job telling us how to make this beautiful wreath.

planwithjen 2 months ago

i AM SO EXCITED to have found yourr channel. I have always wanted to learrn and yours is the first video that is taught very well in detail. Thank you. I cannot wait to make my 4th of July wreath!!!

JozieLeePro 2 months ago


majmj1 2 months ago

So beautiful Sharon.

Darcia Mbaye
Darcia Mbaye 2 months ago

It's beautiful Madame.

Darcia Mbaye
Darcia Mbaye 2 months ago

Hi how are you. I'm Muslim and my holiday Rahmadan is approaching and as part of my deen, I have to do charity. Please make a Rahmadan reef so I can make some for the masjids, Thanks.

CourtniLex 2 months ago

Very nice!

Joyce Giolando
Joyce Giolando 2 months ago

Loved your video!

Jesse Elizondo
Jesse Elizondo 2 months ago

Thank you for this video!!! Very Good Teaching! Can't wait to try it! God gave you the gift of teaching that's for sure.

graciejb1 2 months ago

This is really beautiful. Thank you so much for your excellent instructions. How long did you cut the mesh for the loops??

M Morris
M Morris 2 months ago

Great work!! Iโ€™m learning from you thanks!! Be blessed ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ

Alberto Ramirez
Alberto Ramirez 2 months ago

hermosรญsima gracias x Compartir tu talento Saludos desde Monterrey NL

Deena Lea
Deena Lea 2 months ago

Gorgeous & I also love the colors!!๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐ŸคŸ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’•

Carol Blagg
Carol Blagg 2 months ago

Just wanted to thank you for the detailed instructions. For us newbies out there, it really helped that you took the time to discuss how you put it all together. You're a great teacher.

RN Teacher
RN Teacher 2 months ago

Thank you for this wonderful tutorial! I love the colors and patterns you chose for this. I appreciate the step-by-step and slower paced explanation--perfect for novice wreath-makers like myself. Will be watching your other videos! :)

Janie Delgado
Janie Delgado 2 months ago

Did you hot glue the ornaments? That's something I would like to see.

Lathie McKinney
Lathie McKinney 2 months ago

I see another shortcut. Stack your ribbon on top of each other and cut them together. Instead of cutting each "tail" separately.

Lathie McKinney
Lathie McKinney 2 months ago

You could use clothes pins to hold the mesh and just line the up already rolled and ready to go.

kayla very awesome
kayla very awesome 2 months ago

Love your work I love when you explain how to to put mesh on wreath love it great job

Johnnie Barnes
Johnnie Barnes 2 months ago

Absolutely Gorgeous!!

Felicia Lewis
Felicia Lewis 2 months ago

Really detailed and good instruction-I watched the entire video!Beautiful wreath-I wouldve liked to have seen how you secured the picks on the back

Vickey Cook
Vickey Cook 2 months ago

BEAUTIFUL ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. I love the wreath, you give great directions. Thanks for sharing vickeycook from Ky

Debbie Holokan
Debbie Holokan 2 months ago

Love this!

millerjoan 2 months ago

Too long

Lee Lee
Lee Lee 2 months ago

Really great!

Kayla 2 months ago

Thanks for the video. I like your method. And you give good advice. Subscribed!

Theresa Belmal
Theresa Belmal 2 months ago

Very pretty I love it.

Bonnie eck
Bonnie eck 2 months ago

Just beautiful a must to make one Thanks for sharing Bless You!!!!

Wendy Macphee Beckett

Just beautiful!

Rachell Moore
Rachell Moore 2 months ago

Thank you so much for your Awesome video very helpful and professional. What do you charge for your wreaths?

D Esquivel
D Esquivel 2 months ago

How pretty

stacey021375 2 months ago

Very nice. Thanks for posting!

Cherrie Korpusik
Cherrie Korpusik 2 months ago

Where did the silver polka dot ribbon come from?

Cassaundra D
Cassaundra D 2 months ago

Came across your video, newbie to making wreath's. I have used this technique, great advice.

nicole young
nicole young 2 months ago

Wondering if mesh is cut 10 inches?

Debidewdrop61 2 months ago

Excellent detailed, step-by-step instructional video. So easy to follow along and loved that you zoomed in to show us all the tiny details. I'm a crafter yet never made this kind of wreath before. I had an idea to make my 1st one for my daughter's college graduation & because of your video ,I now feel confident. Instantly I just had to click on the "subscribe" button & the "bell" notification. Thank you

Bren Pontius
Bren Pontius 2 months ago

Very lovely!

Brenda Grim
Brenda Grim 2 months ago

So pretty..and I love that it's up close!!!thankyou

Ginger Peters
Ginger Peters 2 months ago

My BFF & I FLIPPED over this wreath !!! We watched this closely & were talking about what colors WE would do it in. She's into the Burgundy end of the spectrum. My favorite 3 are ; purples, greens & pinks. See, we're going to get into this, because after buying **1** wreath from Ebay...SHEESH !!! The $$$$ !!! :( So, we're going to learn to do this to have pretty stuff, ourselves...& for gifts for family. We're SOOO thankful that you've put this on here. It's absolutely awesome !!!

I am wondering if it would be possible to add crystals that have been drilled, you the center of a flower. I love crystals, gems, etc. As a woman, we all are daughters of God. He's the KING of the Universe, so...that makes all of us gals Princesses !!! So, that's why I bling it up. :) Anyhoo, I'm making a Deco Mesh Wreath playlist. We just started what I call "Wreath School". ;) We're gonna watch these vids, when we get together, til we get the $$$ to make Easter wreaths. It's gonna be part YOU and part "Hard Working Mom". We really like the way you both do wreaths. When we do ours, they will be a synthesis of you both. We really appreciate both of you nice Ladies !!! Thanx soooo much !!! <3 <3 <3

Alicia 2 months ago

That is pretty cool!

LUCY Tavares
LUCY Tavares 2 months ago

That is so pretty! I love it! What did you cut your mesh at is it ten inchs?

B Harkins
B Harkins 2 months ago

Gorgeous design and colors!

angie ritchie
angie ritchie 2 months ago

This is a gorgeous wreath!!! Iโ€™ve never done a wreath using the 3 loop method but I sure will now!!!!! I just love the way it turned out!!!! You are very talented and blessed my dear!!!! Keep creating beautiful things!!! โค๏ธ


awesome girl! love it!!

Khara Adams
Khara Adams 2 months ago

Love your wreaths, I was wondering how long do you make your mesh pieces and how many do you usually use on a wreath?

Kim Cole
Kim Cole 2 months ago

Beautiful!!! You did an amazing job!

Carla Marlene
Carla Marlene 2 months ago

totally gorgeous!

for spacious skies
for spacious skies 2 months ago

Very Pretty ..

Muffincake70 2 months ago

I love the colors. Hobby Lobby is my favorite store, too. Thanks for sharing.

Kimberly Quinlan
Kimberly Quinlan 2 months ago

Great tutorial! Love the colors!

Sheryl Sharar
Sheryl Sharar 2 months ago

Love the colors,I made one this way with red,gold and white...thanks for your video

Joy King
Joy King 2 months ago

Beautiful! Thank you!

Larry Ward
Larry Ward 2 months ago

Beautiful wreaths, great video's have helped me a lot!

Maria Mitchell
Maria Mitchell 2 months ago

You gave detailed directions & i love it ! Thanks

Dharm Chris
Dharm Chris 2 months ago

simply how you always say be blessed its a blessing! thanks

Sonia Quintanilla
Sonia Quintanilla 2 months ago

Love it!!!!

Chuck Brizzee
Chuck Brizzee 2 months ago

I love your method of not adding too much.....just enough! Great video!

STACI WORTZMAN 2 months ago

How do you tie down picks especially the heavy ones? Your so talented

Robby C.
Robby C. 2 months ago

Please comment more how you attach the extras after to mesh and ribbons are on.

Norma Ginger Redin Garcia

Thank you for your demonstration on the beautiful wreath. My mother's 90th birthday is coming up and I'm building a wreath for her birthday. I'm going to use this pattern in Lavender, white and silver. God bless you sister

Connie Eatmon
Connie Eatmon 2 months ago

I thought it was going to a long tutorial. But u explained everything. Love what u said about it should be stress free. I loved this wreath. Love the colors. I Will give it a try. My great niece wants something for her Dorm door. I subscribed. Cannot wait to see what else u have

Cyndi Grajeda
Cyndi Grajeda 2 months ago

I think i like the one with pedals

Roxann Walas
Roxann Walas 2 months ago

I think I better stop looking at your wreaths!!! You do such great tutorials. I'll do this one eventually. But the burlap one is the first one I'm going to do!!!!

Brenda J. Carpenter
Brenda J. Carpenter 2 months ago

I Luv the colors and the idea is awesomely put together. Thank you for sharing your talents!

Lynn Johnson
Lynn Johnson 2 months ago

Simply Beautiful Love The Colors! Blessings Overflow

Yolanda Arocha
Yolanda Arocha 2 months ago

How long are your ribbon rolls??? You
You never say in any of your videos...very pretty but give us more info!

H Tracy
H Tracy 2 months ago


P Patz
P Patz 2 months ago

I have been a teacher for 50 years. I have watched oodles of DIY tutorials and this is one of the finest teaching methods I have ever viewed. In addition to the specific instructions, including the material sources, it was marvelous. Bravo for you! I would like to make an angel wreath. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you for being an amazing instructor.!!!!

Joe&Lauren E
Joe&Lauren E 2 months ago

about how wide do you cut each of the pieces you roll?? Have you ever substituted tulle for a color you cant find -- navy is hard to find in a pinch! :)

Chrystal Piske
Chrystal Piske 2 months ago

How do you stop yours from fraying. i use sealant but my still fray a little before i get wreath done

P A Chambers
P A Chambers 2 months ago

Very beautiful. Like the bling.

Lucero Loredo
Lucero Loredo 2 months ago

How are the picks placed

debbie allen
debbie allen 2 months ago

Thank you for showing how to make this wrearh. I love it.

Eileen S
Eileen S 2 months ago

Thanks! I had all of my materials, but not sure how to attach them.

Karen Vaughn
Karen Vaughn 2 months ago

love this!!!!!

Laurel Starks
Laurel Starks 2 months ago

need to turn on your CC

Regina York
Regina York 2 months ago

love your videos, but try zooming your camera out so we can see everything you're doing please.

Anna Kreeger
Anna Kreeger 2 months ago

Awesome colors really liked the way it turned out. ๐Ÿ‘

Sharon Malloy
Sharon Malloy 2 months ago


Vivian Russell
Vivian Russell 2 months ago

Very elegant wreath. I enjoyed the class and just love the colors. Blessings too you and your work.

Leslie Huddleston
Leslie Huddleston 2 months ago

Very pretty!! How do you figure the cost of your wreaths?

Julie Clifford
Julie Clifford 2 months ago

Beautiful wreath!!!ย  Where do you buy the silver picks that you use?ย  I love them and looked all over but can not find them.ย  Any chance you would be willing to tell me or purchase them for me???

Chasity Reeves
Chasity Reeves 2 months ago

your wreaths are beautiful you are really blessed

peggy little
peggy little 2 months ago

A beautiful wreath! I loved your color choices & enjoyed watching your video! Happy crafting!!๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

Corinne Erickson
Corinne Erickson 2 months ago

My wreath turned out great! Thanks for the video. It was very helpful!!

Susan Hankins
Susan Hankins 2 months ago

I stumbled on this video and this is the best video I have watched. Loved it Thank you!!