DIY Scandinavian + Foraged Christmas Decor


Megan Bell

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Information DIY Scandinavian + Foraged Christmas Decor

Title : DIY Scandinavian + Foraged Christmas Decor

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Frames DIY Scandinavian + Foraged Christmas Decor

Description DIY Scandinavian + Foraged Christmas Decor

DIY Scandinavian + Foraged Christmas Decor

DIY Scandinavian + Foraged Christmas Decor

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GLÓRIA Dias 2 months ago

Amei 💚💛💚💛💚💛

DazzleThemForMe 2 months ago

Nice! I made the pine cone tree last year after seeing one at the store for like $60! I gathered the pines with my daughter so it was much more special than a store bought tree.

Steve And Missy
Steve And Missy 2 months ago

Love these

Beth Woolrich
Beth Woolrich 2 months ago

Gorgeous ❤️❤️

alexandriaparis 2 months ago

Love these! I just posted my own DIY Christmas ornaments - check it out here!

Rosa Maria Salazar Rojas

👌👌👌😍👏👏👏👏beautiful, saludos desde Costa Rica.

being me
being me 2 months ago

Those are nice and simple. love it.

Larry Fowler
Larry Fowler 2 months ago

Cute pinecone tree!

Larry Fowler
Larry Fowler 2 months ago

Love the beaded garland

Giovannina d'incà
Giovannina d'incà 2 months ago

Wonderful ideas❤️❤️❤️! I definitely will make some of them! Thank you thank you🤗

Sofia Rasmussen
Sofia Rasmussen 2 months ago

Hello! I love scandinavian style. Im from Argentina and I just Subscribe your Chanel after this vídeo. Sorry if my Inglish is not very good. The Wooden beans are my favorit but they are very expensive where I live. You are very talented, xo

Julia McKernan
Julia McKernan 2 months ago

WOW! I love all of these crafts!


First time to your channel! Loved everything, will be back!! Thank you!

Wonderings ANNA
Wonderings ANNA 2 months ago


It´s very cute and well executed tho... Scandinavian? We don´t have stockings here on christmas traditionally. Some people have adapted the tradition but it´s not really "common" and not part of a scandinavian christmas.
To spraypaint christmasdecor is not the scandinavian way either. We tend to be much more environmental aware... We tend to use what is around us, we take in stuff from the nature, things that can be brought back. We use wood, flowers, moss, branches aso but we don´t use paint on then caus then you can´t give them back to the outdoor...

Or, are you just refering to the light colored palet?

Anyway, it´s cute.

Maisie Smith
Maisie Smith 2 months ago

You can also put some glue just about an inch high and after it drys it will help thread go in a needle, beads or anything else you are trying to put thread or yarn through.

Brenda Anderson
Brenda Anderson 2 months ago

Thank you for your ideas

Paula Peeler
Paula Peeler 2 months ago

I love all your ideas

Elena Alvarez
Elena Alvarez 2 months ago

Love all of your Christmas decorations DIYs. I love the garland and the beaded tassel so much. I also love the pinecone tree. Thank you for these ideas.

Katti Salzinger
Katti Salzinger 2 months ago

I am coloring nutshells golden and use that as ornaments and throw decor :)

Lisa Lisa
Lisa Lisa 2 months ago

Love the pine cones but I think I will paint the cone brown first. Thanks for the ideas

Kathy Ortiz
Kathy Ortiz 2 months ago

Everything beautiful

Karel Larsen
Karel Larsen 2 months ago

Love your style. We just painted our living room all white and moving into the kitchen soon. I’m so excited to be able to do some of these types of decor! Thank you. I just found your channel tonight 💗

Maxxs Mom by Karyn Camille

Love these ideas! I'm looking for affordable ways to decorate throughout my home this year, so I'm going to give these a go!

Kiki T
Kiki T 2 months ago

"THEY," are Not Letting us "LIKE any Video's !!! 👎 I really Like the Plain Wooden-Bead's Megan.👍

Yo soy JuCa
Yo soy JuCa 2 months ago

Thankyou so much for the ideas

C K 2 months ago

What was "foraged"??!! Misleading!👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

heather weber
heather weber 2 months ago

love the ideas that you have on this video. but it was hard to listen to. when you edit and then do voice over be carful to give your voice over time to breath. there were a lot of sections where one sentence ran into the next with no natural pause. This makes it sound like a run-on. Idea to prevent this: you can slow the video down a bit then add the next section of voice over. or don't cut so much off at the end of each clip. If you are trying to hide a mistake try using footage (or B-roll) from a different angle or just reshoot the footage. keep up the wonderful décor ideas.

Timo Jarun
Timo Jarun 2 months ago


Beatriz Quintana
Beatriz Quintana 2 months ago


Vivi Aedo
Vivi Aedo 2 months ago

Bello bello!! Me encantó esta idea!!!

Fanouvvi 2 months ago

All things are beautiful. You have a special style of making crafts look easy to design. You gave me inspiration. I have a bag of pine cones. I didn’t know what to do with them. Now, I know exactly what I’m going to do. Thanks to you.
I going to give the beaded tassels a try as well.

Cynthia G.
Cynthia G. 2 months ago

Love the stockings

Rosa Nunez
Rosa Nunez 2 months ago

Love this....thanks you for sharing!

Theresa Holden
Theresa Holden 2 months ago

Love 💗

Barb B
Barb B 2 months ago

What a beautiful job you did! Thank you for sharing!

Simply Zahra
Simply Zahra 2 months ago

Gorgeous!! Very inspiring 🥰😘 May be I should share some of my holiday decoration too ... inspiring !!💕💕💕

Pattymac Makes
Pattymac Makes 2 months ago

Super pretty, Megan! You could use those items all winter. I love winter as opposed to holiday specific decor. That pinecone tree is GORGEOUS!!

Pat Powell
Pat Powell 2 months ago

Love it 😍

Diane Bailey
Diane Bailey 2 months ago

Love, Love the pine cone tree!

Patricia Nelson
Patricia Nelson 2 months ago

Have to agree with the comments every thing is so pretty!

Julie-Anne 2 months ago

I agree with C.E. Grace & Company, your style is very elegant! You are very talented.

C. E. Grace & Company

Love this and your style is so elegant! I was so excited to see a new video up this morning. Thank you for the time and work that you put into your DIY's.