how to play "I Believe In Father Christmas" by Greg Lake Part 1 - acoustic guitar lesson


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Information how to play "I Believe In Father Christmas" by Greg Lake Part 1 - acoustic guitar lesson

Title : how to play "I Believe In Father Christmas" by Greg Lake Part 1 - acoustic guitar lesson

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Frames how to play "I Believe In Father Christmas" by Greg Lake Part 1 - acoustic guitar lesson

Description how to play "I Believe In Father Christmas" by Greg Lake Part 1 - acoustic guitar lesson

how to play "I Believe In Father Christmas" by Greg Lake Part 1 - acoustic guitar lesson

how to play "I Believe In Father Christmas" by Greg Lake Part 1 - acoustic guitar lesson

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nickshields 2 months ago

Dec 21 2020, better get a move on to learn for Xmas this year. Favourite Xmas song of all time!

Mike W
Mike W 2 months ago

100% accurate -- good job

CJ 2 months ago

That young guy is the brilliant Florian Opahle.

Matt Burgess
Matt Burgess 2 months ago

I was over complicating it the whole time haha! Cheers for the great lesson!

lionel martin
lionel martin 2 months ago

Thank you shut up and play..
I will have this one down by dec23rd.

Blue Leadguitar
Blue Leadguitar 2 months ago

This is a superb lesson. It has always been one of my favourite Christmas songs and I've never tried to learn it until now, which then led me to your video. Thank you...! 😊👍

Neil McDonald
Neil McDonald 2 months ago

Superb, thanks

Mark DiGennaro
Mark DiGennaro 2 months ago

So frustrating.....As a long time finger picker, the hybrid is driving me crazy. I dig too deep with the pick, making the notes too loud. Yeah, I know, practice, practice, practice..... But it is still FRUSTRATING! BTW - GREAT LESSON!!! THANKS SO MUCH!

Running with Scissors

Your playing and lessons are magnificent! Please consider how to teach us to play If the Hudson Overflows (Goldspot) and/or Goose Snow Cone (Aimee Mann). Thank you.

Jerry Hubbard
Jerry Hubbard 2 months ago

Greg also played the song on a 12 string.

Zepman & Lee
Zepman & Lee 2 months ago

I absolutely love your lessons!

piggyroo100 2 months ago

Best anti Christmas song

Running with Scissors

Thank you!

lionel martin
lionel martin 2 months ago

You are the best on youtube for elp and greg lake... Any woukd take on "the sage"?

michael anzelino
michael anzelino 2 months ago

Very good lesson, as are all of your lessons. But just one criticism. If you would gear this lesson towards a more intermediate player, you could have cut the lesson time in half.

William Ashford
William Ashford 2 months ago

One of mine at Time Favourite Time Christmas songs.

Roger Littreal
Roger Littreal 2 months ago

Thank you.... amazing video!!!

MrBanzoid 2 months ago

The original version is great but the performance at St Brides is nothing short of magnificent. RIP Greg and thanks for all the music.

CK benZona
CK benZona 2 months ago

I like how you teach, relaxed, pull it apart simply, and great finger coordination. I like the verbalization and I can see the strumming and the chords easy.

Markus Speicher
Markus Speicher 2 months ago

Lake lifted the main melody of "Father Christmas" from Prokofiev's Lieutenant Kije Suite ( ref. Time code 11:17 (in that neighborhood).

JuanRa56 2 months ago

Please make a tutorial of The Sage of EL & P.

Dean 2 months ago

Absolutly love the guitar just by itself.

Greg Demeter
Greg Demeter 2 months ago

The only little bit of peace I do have, is when I'm sleeping........because I have nothing to wake up for! Fuck Off!

Robin Stirling
Robin Stirling 2 months ago

Loved it - great lesson on best Christmas song by far!

Ahzdiosh 2 months ago

I may have this learnt by next Christmas...

Ahzdiosh 2 months ago

Prokofiev would have probably approved.

Shadow Circus
Shadow Circus 2 months ago

Thanks, this is a lovely tutorial, was fortunately able to pick it up quickly, despite it being my first venture into flatpicking. Merry Christmas!

EMMA JASON 2 months ago

I have just tried to tune my e to and but the string is too loose, do I need to change the string to a fatter one ?

eric humber
eric humber 2 months ago

Your guitar sounds good = How do you record it?

Richard* 2 months ago

love it...great..closest so far..

The Adoring Fan
The Adoring Fan 2 months ago


lionel martin
lionel martin 2 months ago

You are aooo good!

tuesdays rain
tuesdays rain 2 months ago

Great sounding guitar!

Mark Jordan
Mark Jordan 2 months ago

What a great lesson, thanks a lot.

Beck Beckman
Beck Beckman 2 months ago

I have wanted to learn this song for a long time. I have misplaced the CD that has the song on it. So thanks a lot for you video.
I will learn it tomorrow when I have has some sleep. Thanks again for keeping Greg's song alive and well.

Peter Szewzek
Peter Szewzek 2 months ago

Sgutup & Play...that second guitar player with Greg Lake & Ian is Florian Opahle now in Ian's band.

Tom Horan
Tom Horan 2 months ago

Great lesson - extremely well explained !

DAVE ROBINSON 2 months ago

It was in St Brides Church. .Fleet St London

Mark Thilesen
Mark Thilesen 2 months ago

I believe that young kid playing with him is he son.

Martin W
Martin W 2 months ago

Your lessons are excellent, thank you so much! I can tell you are a Greg Lake fan as I am, also. You have lessons on so many of his songs. When are you going to teach Cest La Vie? That would be great! :-)

Iain Brennan
Iain Brennan 2 months ago

Nothing short of brilliant this tutorial-I've always liked this song,and now I'm learning how to play it through your help,thank you.

Shutup & Play - Guitar Tutorials

🎵 For more information on this lesson and the TAB:

Uwe 2 months ago

Phantastic Sound very clear I Love this Song Thank You so much

Vicente Emilio
Vicente Emilio 2 months ago

Prrecioso tema. Lástima por la desaparición de Greg, muy triste. Fantástico tutorial. Good job.

Puny Poppy
Puny Poppy 2 months ago

Sounds freakin awesome. Thanks for this. I love your work. Have to order the channel, i play keyboards but occasionally love to fiddle with guitar. :))

Stephen Pollard
Stephen Pollard 2 months ago

Superb that! Never heard it played so much like the original recording, well done! AND, no wonder mine never sounded quite right, didn't know it was two guitars duh! Thought it was just a 12 string or somat!

Rich Seliga
Rich Seliga 2 months ago

I appreciate the shut up and play part

Rob Pope
Rob Pope 2 months ago

Superb! Bravo!

Kabali 17
Kabali 17 2 months ago

Never heard such rubbish in my life !. Please do not give up your day job please !. Music and especially guitars should be BANNED ! forthwith. Yours truly, Mr Scrooge. :)

Ben Harrison
Ben Harrison 2 months ago

Great! Thanks so much for this!

Michael Merrullo
Michael Merrullo 2 months ago

Thank you so much. Your lessons awesome! I'm with 59 year old guy sidelined with Multiple Myeloma. Play my acoustic. Thank you for this one and the other Greg Lake one too and all the others. Merry Christmas! Mike Merrullo.

twsbbl 2 months ago

Greg played a 6 string most of the times he did this live, but both of the recordings he used a 12 string (with the high octave on the bottom E removed) so it's really a single part, just played on a 12 string. I honestly think he also used finger picks on all three fingers, too. Hybrid picking really makes the G jut out like a sore thumb, at least on my guitar. This is a really nice arrangement as well, among the best. I've pretty much seen all of the videos out there of this song, and this is really exceptional and well done.

Jpopolopolous 2 months ago


Douglas Rathbun
Douglas Rathbun 2 months ago

RIP Greg Lake. He was a marvellous guitar player (love his J200's). Thanks for your wonderful lessons. You are an excellent teacher (speaking as a +35 year professor). You are clear, precise and pace your lessons extremely well.

BTW, the tune in the middle part of the song is Prokofiev's Lieutenant Kije Suite Op. 60, suggested to Greg by Keith Emerson (also RIP).

Steven Padwick
Steven Padwick 2 months ago

Hi, I am the cameraman that shot the video at the church you are talking about. It's called Saint Brides and is in fleet St in the City of London. I've just started learning the guitar and found your lesson very interesting.

pomfritz 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing his wonderful music. It has helped me grow as a musician. And I hope one day to help spread his legacy in my own small way. I knew some of his music from my youth but you have done so much to help me learn more about Greg Lake and what a truly good person he was.

John Strauss
John Strauss 2 months ago

Man you do an amazing job at clearly explaining the tunes you teach. Thanks so much for that.

John Bosquet-Morra
John Bosquet-Morra 2 months ago

So sad -- that's how they used to make them. RIP great Greg -- no one had such a majestic voice. I hate this year.

chris ott
chris ott 2 months ago

honor the guy, y'all...learn and play his songs forfooksake! thanks for the great lesson...

ian welch
ian welch 2 months ago

Absolutely perfect, just how Greg played it. Met him few times, wonderful man who wrote some beautiful acoustic songs. Do you do Cest la Vie by any chance? I can play most of it, just one bit has me stumped. The church in I believe with Ian Anderson is St. Bride's Church, Fleet Street, in the City of London. RIP Greg

Charles 2 months ago

I have never actuallly heard this song before. It's very beautiful and I think I will ive it a shot. Not to mention how fitting it is to repost it in light of the death of Greg Lake yesterday. It's as though an era is coming to an end and yet, thankfully, they will live on through their music.

In light of the holiday I might make a request: Jeff Beck's renditiion of "Greensleeves."

I used to know how to play it; learned it years ago when GFPM was still being published but have long sense forgotten it. I will have to do a search for it as well, I remember fragments of it. All the same, thank you for reposting this.

d jazz
d jazz 2 months ago

Thanks I want to do this one this Christmas Mr Lake will be greatly missed

David Rowinski
David Rowinski 2 months ago

Thanks for the excellent tutorial. I have been working on this one for a few years, but never got it just right. Greg's passing and your help will now add this to my playlist.

Paul Catterton
Paul Catterton 2 months ago

Greg Lake performed his 1975 classic "I Believe in Father Christmas" at St. Bride's Church, Fleet Street, in the City of London with Jethro Tull' s Ian Anderson on flute, David Arch on keyboards, Florian Opahle on acoustic guitar and the church choir.

Rob Sproviero
Rob Sproviero 2 months ago

Great lesson. Thank you. RIP, Greg Lake.

Julia VanderMolen
Julia VanderMolen 2 months ago

Greg Lake; The passing of a true musician...His music will carry on.

José Soto
José Soto 2 months ago

Una lamentable pérdida para la música del mundo. Gracias por compartir la lección de guitarra con nosotros... Excelente interpretación.

Hanx Stiff
Hanx Stiff 2 months ago

Myself included. One of the first things that came to mind was your great tutorial which I found helpful last Christmas. Thanks for all the work you do. Merry Christmas Everyone !

Shutup & Play - Guitar Tutorials

I'm very saddened at the passing of Greg Lake...he was a great artist who wrote a lot of very beautiful music. As Christmas rolls around again this year and people listen to this song, it will be even more poignant than ever. A very sad day...
Here is a great video of the making of Father Christmas, really cool:

Russ Turner
Russ Turner 2 months ago

Sad day today and a great video. I will learn this in honour of Greg Lake.

Craig Orrell
Craig Orrell 2 months ago

Can't believe I just heard that Greg Lake has passed away today (08th Dec 2016). I just started to learn this song yesterday too a bit of a challenge with the hybrid picking but I'll persevere. Great tutorial as always

Rich Seliga
Rich Seliga 2 months ago

Fleet Street Cathedral. but listening to your now go go go

Rob James
Rob James 2 months ago

Thanks for shedding light on this, always wondered what was going on. This has been omni present since I was a kid and like you, thought it would be nice to have a go at it. Nice work my friend.

Brian Ralph
Brian Ralph 2 months ago

awesome man!thank you sooo much I really couldn't get the picking style he was using.I love this song and you enabled me to play it!THANK YOU!

Brian Gauthier
Brian Gauthier 2 months ago

Awesome job love all your videos thank you ;)

Ian Hames
Ian Hames 2 months ago

still, this is missing the most delightful guitar piece. It is not difficult to work out however.

Miri Ku
Miri Ku 2 months ago

That's a brilliant tutorial! Thanks for making this

TroubadourMusic321 2 months ago

fantastic tutorial!

Stephanie S
Stephanie S 2 months ago

Thank you for another wonderful lesson! It is the first time I felt compelled to learn a Xmas song. It is beautiful.

Rick Shaw
Rick Shaw 2 months ago

Thanks for the great tutoria,l it has enabled me to do 90 second Please check it out when you get a chance .

Prog Metal Musician
Prog Metal Musician 2 months ago

Thank you so much! Fantastic lesson !!!

Steve Simmons
Steve Simmons 2 months ago

Yet one more excellent lesson! I especially love this one. All your vids are very well done. You have a great teaching style! Thanks!

Jesse Angell
Jesse Angell 2 months ago

That is just awesome!!!! Thank you so much.

Connor Sharps
Connor Sharps 2 months ago

Marvellous lesson. I haven't done any hybrid picking before and I found it very daunting at first. Fortunately after only one day I was able to do it, so that was wonderful :)

lavallee1963 2 months ago

Fantastic work

chrisladable 2 months ago

Got to say this is my all time fav song. I'm not a natural on the guitar and have to work at most things for ages, but thanks to this Beautiful lesson you've done I can now play this. One of the best lessons I've seen on the internet by far. Many many thanks

Luis Segura
Luis Segura 2 months ago

Great lesson !!!
Requests   In the Court of the Crimson King and Epitaph.. Please

Santiago Brunt
Santiago Brunt 2 months ago

Another fantastic tutorial thank you very much! Sorry if this is a basic question but as I am just getting into hybrid picking -could you please explain the picking? Is the constant d bass note being plucked by the pick and therefore the g string with the second finger and the e string with the third finger? Thanks again!

TheCarmichaelClan 2 months ago

This is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I know of that is played during the Christmas season, and you've done an incredible job of playing and teaching it.

But the lyrics to the song are some of the most anti-Christmas pieces of music I know of. You just get sucked in by the beauty of the music, but the words tell a different story.

Thomas Barn
Thomas Barn 2 months ago

Great lesson thanks very much

WindOfTheWisp_Janine 2 months ago

Wow...really nice...have been meaning to tackle this one for a long time now. Thanks so much for taking the time to put this together. Love the Taylor! Beautiful guitar.  :-)

Steve and Debbie Peach

Great Lessons

Flintlock FirePower!!!

nice tutorial my friend! best I have found for this particular song so far!

reso1349 2 months ago

Very nice!  The intonation on your guitar is spot on, Taylor right?

Rogersposts 2 months ago

Excellent lesson as always. 
Happy Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas!
Thank you for sharing again!

Will B
Will B 2 months ago

Thanks so much for this! Gonna learn it, my favourite Christmas song.

Love Guitars
Love Guitars 2 months ago

Excellent Lesson!! Really enjoyed this!!
Happy Thanksgiving!!

sparkymoo 2 months ago

Thanks, always wanted to learn this one. Unfortunately I don't have a left pinky, so it's going to take some creative cheating  =0)