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Title : Last Christmas (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

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Last Christmas (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

Last Christmas (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

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Zealot John
Zealot John 2 months ago

Make a cover for The Police - Every breath you take

Bert Beurrier
Bert Beurrier 2 months ago

An idea for another christmas song to cover, all i want for christmas from Mariah Carey

Jehovah Khalifa
Jehovah Khalifa 2 months ago

it's not even christmas, but fuck it

SZALÁMI CHANNEL 2 months ago


Péter K
Péter K 2 months ago


杏仁豆腐 2 months ago

1:06 Gwyn time !!!!

HM Yoon
HM Yoon 2 months ago

Still Best

Gaorow Cryband
Gaorow Cryband 2 months ago

Wow I like

Dave 2 months ago

If radio stations played this all christmas time I'd enjoy listening to the radio

David Mayo
David Mayo 2 months ago


паша семеренко

very cool

Vaggelis Passas
Vaggelis Passas 2 months ago

Lasht Christmas

Felicita Vazquez
Felicita Vazquez 2 months ago


워애로 2 months ago


Dead Flower
Dead Flower 2 months ago

This. Is. Epic.

Márk Diószegi
Márk Diószegi 2 months ago


Мирослава Стойко

Goodbye 2020!!! Merry christmas and happy new 2021 year!

Алина Овчинникова


Magda Pejas
Magda Pejas 2 months ago

jak w tym rytmie zażerać karpia, już mam 7 ości, 7 życzeń i igły w zadzie

Regie Espinosa Eredillas


Айдыс Ондар


Robby W.
Robby W. 2 months ago

This sound is the real meaning of the song from the band Wham! Leo U R great! \m/

Cliff Vandercave
Cliff Vandercave 2 months ago

Thank you so much for giving Mainstream people something back of this PAIN and SUFFERING we Metal Heads got from the original version <3

Tawan Srinakklam
Tawan Srinakklam 2 months ago

happy new year 2021🎉

Antonio Dalla Porta
Antonio Dalla Porta 2 months ago

25 12 2020 i'm here :)

Avrilaholic 2 months ago

Basically you played two songs: not only "Last Christmas", but you also created your own version of "Silent Night", in the outro. Amazing job!

kititorn onprasert
kititorn onprasert 2 months ago


Gamzee Makara
Gamzee Makara 2 months ago

Five years later still rocking to this MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!

I Didn’t Expect the Third Reich to Show Up

Merry Christmas 2020

Hardcore Filmpjes
Hardcore Filmpjes 2 months ago

Merry Christmas everyone

Christian Rein
Christian Rein 2 months ago

Love it!

Damian Bramstedt
Damian Bramstedt 2 months ago

you are so funny mate, merry christmas from australia, i hope you are well

Just Chris
Just Chris 2 months ago

Thought it was just me that did Zip scratching. rayyyyyyyyyy!

The Davemedia 9112
The Davemedia 9112 2 months ago

Ich hätte nicht gedacht das ich mal zu nem reißverschlusssolo so abgehe XD

BAHRIT BADAP 2 months ago

This is what will happen if System of a Down write a Christmas song.

차명환 2 months ago


Imlikokba Jamir
Imlikokba Jamir 2 months ago

Made my Christmas better with this song 🤭

Sheldon 2 months ago

from VN

Brittany Grimshaw
Brittany Grimshaw 2 months ago

Can you do what ever it takes by imagine dragons?🙉

Andrei Agape
Andrei Agape 2 months ago


vicovip27 2 months ago

Merry Christmas, and happy New year, from Mexico city, greetings

Josh Norko
Josh Norko 2 months ago

2019 to 2020

Juana Dolores
Juana Dolores 2 months ago


xXLenaxX Benzler
xXLenaxX Benzler 2 months ago

Ist hier jemand aus Deutschland? :D mega gut geworden !

Fran Baena
Fran Baena 2 months ago

Today is 2020 xmas, maybe today is last xmas.

Zach M
Zach M 2 months ago

What must singing like this do to your vocal chords?

Minh Nguyen
Minh Nguyen 2 months ago


Wäňďęrïņğ Ćömmëńț

Coming back to this christmas video
Merry christmas every body ☆☆☆

Kimber Taylor
Kimber Taylor 2 months ago


Der Al
Der Al 2 months ago

This rules, mates. Great ✌

Twopain Arsa
Twopain Arsa 2 months ago


vitalexx 2 months ago

Joyeux Noël 2021!!!!

OK Nam
OK Nam 2 months ago

Old but gold :))))

Lynar Stonehelm
Lynar Stonehelm 2 months ago

considering the year we've had I suggest that this year for Christmas we only play metal covers of Christmas music x)

in any case, metal is life

Laila Bilotti
Laila Bilotti 2 months ago

For sure I'll put all your christmas songs in my christmas party. Lov the ziper part kkkkkkkkk that was unexpected.

Claas Hollfoth
Claas Hollfoth 2 months ago

Why isn't my Radio playing this?


The one and only version of „last christmas“ i want to listen 🤘

Veselkan 2 months ago

Here before Christmas 2020

Molotov Bat Radio
Molotov Bat Radio 2 months ago

Added to our CHRISTMAS METAL & ROCK SONGS Playlist \m/

Rich 03
Rich 03 2 months ago

0:29 OH SNAAAP 🎸🔥🎅

Rich Toth
Rich Toth 2 months ago

You need to make Christmas album and release it for purchase

TV_PC 2 months ago

Wesołych świąt :)

Daniel Nyman
Daniel Nyman 2 months ago

AWESOME, Yeey!!!

Mario Astvaldur B.
Mario Astvaldur B. 2 months ago

Endlich wird der Song mal wieder interessant =)
thumbs up

Daniel Meirich
Daniel Meirich 2 months ago

Endlich mal eine Version die man anhören kann 😜🤘👍

Сухарь 2 months ago

Супер. Круто.

Sean Emnas Channel
Sean Emnas Channel 2 months ago

Zipper solo??? 😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥

Marcos Roberto
Marcos Roberto 2 months ago


Kamil Smierzchalski
Kamil Smierzchalski 2 months ago

Słucham tego drugi rok 😀👍

Heavy Herti
Heavy Herti 2 months ago

WHAM did a nice cover of this song...
Leo rules! The one and only version to listen to this shit!😂

Bluetopia 2 months ago

Wait. No solo?

Martti Pattinen
Martti Pattinen 2 months ago

Leo you always save my day :) When the world seems like hell...Leo saves the day.

Tinte Kusst
Tinte Kusst 2 months ago

My kinda Christmas tune!

St yx
St yx 2 months ago

my favorite Xmas Song 2020 many greetings from Germany ^^

Chalermrat Parsatporn

December 2020?

rockingreject 2 months ago

Just the Christmas spirit I needed.

sant yyc
sant yyc 2 months ago

lol the zipper part was awesome

marcin wieloch
marcin wieloch 2 months ago

last christmas 2020

GitarowyGrajek 2 months ago

Christmas Song on Guitar

5had0wRunn3r Z3ro
5had0wRunn3r Z3ro 2 months ago

Nice. At last a Version of this i like. Phenomenal 🤘😎

Emily Rojas
Emily Rojas 2 months ago

My teacher be playin this before class starts😭😭🤣🤣🤣

Ashesandrust1 2 months ago

What AMAZING Christmas music!!!!

Fritz Hein
Fritz Hein 2 months ago

ich muss das wegen der schule angucken...

johnesteban Vargaf
johnesteban Vargaf 2 months ago

good energy guy ... excellent cover

Snens Aternos
Snens Aternos 2 months ago

We heard it at school today. Appreciate my Maths Teacher a bit more now, xd

Danny 2 months ago

I love you and your music Leo. But even you couldn't save this shitty song. It's still trash.

MonKeyToes115 2 months ago

Merry Christmas to everyone! Thank God 2020 is almost over!
Let us rock into the new year!

heavenup 2 months ago

Last Christmas the song was the worst...This year came Leo arround and made it to something special 🎅😎

Phenix returns
Phenix returns 2 months ago


SirBrass 2 months ago

And this is safe from Whammagedon too!

Paul McCluskey
Paul McCluskey 2 months ago


cyprian draku
cyprian draku 2 months ago


E W 2 months ago

Nice use of a zipper. 😂😂😂

Benny Palmer
Benny Palmer 2 months ago


Classe Backm
Classe Backm 2 months ago

Came back here to purify my ears after some xmas shopping and hearing George Michael 10 times in a row.

Trinity Quist
Trinity Quist 2 months ago

The ONLY version of this song i like

Opanas Olezhko
Opanas Olezhko 2 months ago

December 2020?

chris smith
chris smith 2 months ago

More like it!! 👍

EveeMeduza 2 months ago

Awesome !!!! <3

Dampfer ohne Skrupel
Dampfer ohne Skrupel 2 months ago

he still hears it 2020 🎄🤘