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Information Weekend Update: Victoria Jackson on Amerika - SNL

Title : Weekend Update: Victoria Jackson on Amerika - SNL

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Description Weekend Update: Victoria Jackson on Amerika - SNL

Weekend Update: Victoria Jackson on Amerika - SNL

Weekend Update: Victoria Jackson on Amerika - SNL

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Adams Cease
Adams Cease 2 months ago

Victoria Jackson is dumb as the day is long

I threw up twice.

Eris Strife
Eris Strife 2 months ago

It's easy to forget that she started as a gymnast.

Lislar Sexy
Lislar Sexy 2 months ago

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Jonathan Baker
Jonathan Baker 2 months ago

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J B 2 months ago

Well she's a QANON looney toon now...

David Bak
David Bak 2 months ago

Well, now she is a right-wing neonazi

Bella Rose
Bella Rose 2 months ago

take down your offensive ‘skit’ on the mendez brothers. it’s making fun of a real life tragedy and only reinforcing the injustice and invalidating their truths even more.

Gadang lagi
Gadang lagi 2 months ago


Youtube: This is fine
Someone: Says ''heck''
youtube: be gone
#однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков

Shayne Scott
Shayne Scott 2 months ago

What? Why was that comedy?

Novi Fashion
Novi Fashion 2 months ago

👉 loveme.uno/neng?セックスプライベー トビデオに参加する

まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした!今後は気を付けないとね. .

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fauque you're Monitering systems

The most Patriotic thing i'v ever seen.


The only PHYSICAL exercising Victoria Jackson is CAPABLE OF doing today is with a fork and knife. She looks really bad...

Dana 2 months ago

Wait. Is she the same person playing on The X Files ep. The Rain King???

Christopher Harrison
Christopher Harrison 2 months ago


Daniel Bowers
Daniel Bowers 2 months ago

so nostalgic. people do not appreciate our country like they used to. they would never do something like that on snl today

gorobot 2 months ago

back before she became Qanon and had a personality.

brandy houston
brandy houston 2 months ago

Dennis speechless...she's a national treasure. 🇺🇸🙂😎💯

skait174 2 months ago


maria rahel varnhagen

I particularly want to revisit the story about how Rabbi Tsevi Clearly Busted her Crush Rabbi Loeb

Sez Dahmer
Sez Dahmer 2 months ago

This video was funny but I've noticed everyone hating on her. I don't know who she is, so I looked her up. She's anti gay and a racist. Last I checked, good Christian women don't expose their bodies to the world lol hypocrisy at its finest 😅

Pamela Cook
Pamela Cook 2 months ago

Omg did she get in trouble over her underwear

douglas berry
douglas berry 2 months ago

Victoria Jackson when she had a tiny butt. I could do a joke about running her flag up my flagpole? But decency prevents me.

Shannon Glass
Shannon Glass 2 months ago

WTH happened to Dennis Miller? Friggin punk.💩

GrannyBnTN Southern Love

I love this bit!

pbonck 2 months ago

That’s a winner

j en
j en 2 months ago

jaw dropping !

Ignatius J. Reilly
Ignatius J. Reilly 2 months ago

2 of the worst SNL line up

Steven Shilling
Steven Shilling 2 months ago

George, when are you going to learn to take things a little more seriously? I mean, you've been wandering aimlessly from job to job ever since I've known you. If you could just get that overactive imagination of yours to work for you instead of against you, maybe you could... What're you doing?

Chris 2 months ago

She was just the most adorable human

FirehorseCreative 2 months ago

WOW! Dennis Miller and Victoria Jackson were actually funny once upon a time? Now they are just 2 Q for school

Larry Espada
Larry Espada 2 months ago

I love merika

S1L3NT G4M3R 2 months ago

Victoria was one of my favs ALL TIME!

Rick Smith
Rick Smith 2 months ago

I thought she was hot..

Victor Huertas
Victor Huertas 2 months ago

She gorgeous

Brett Nichols
Brett Nichols 2 months ago

I'd salute that!

Ben Atkinson
Ben Atkinson 2 months ago

When I saw that SNL posted two Victoria Jackson clips, I worried that she died. I am glad that is not true.

Emtreasure 2 months ago

How about a baby drag kings reaction?American woman🤟

Milhouse 2 months ago

Stop featuring this human cesspool

CB BC 2 months ago

These 2 sh-theads... Who would have guessed!?

Angry Applesauce
Angry Applesauce 2 months ago

Four years later the Soviet Union was gone.

Coincidence? I think not.

Andres Pereyda
Andres Pereyda 2 months ago

What a woman to share your DNA with!!!!!!!!!!!!!

R. Fernandez
R. Fernandez 2 months ago

Two people who lost all talent and humor when they became hateful conservative bigots.

Nina Love
Nina Love 2 months ago

I need a dragqueen to reenact this!!!!!!!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜😍

Scott Levick
Scott Levick 2 months ago

What the hell? That was impressive as shit! I had no idea VJ had that in her!

tnjillbilly 2 months ago

I liked her until she turned into a mind-numbingly ignorant far right extremist.

George Barnes III
George Barnes III 2 months ago

Ok the split though.

DKGibble 2 months ago

The only reason to post a Victoria Jackson clip is when she dies from COVID.

Tom Ryan Eades
Tom Ryan Eades 2 months ago

She's worse than the "Amie" sketch.

Xavier Zúñiga
Xavier Zúñiga 2 months ago

she was not playing stupid. she is stupid

Eldridge Davis
Eldridge Davis 2 months ago


Bernie Cat
Bernie Cat 2 months ago

She was my fave on SNL. Wish she didn't watch Fox. Ruined her.

Mark Bloom
Mark Bloom 2 months ago

Ya too bad she was a Christian

Max Johansen
Max Johansen 2 months ago

SNL you’re so busy asking if you could you never stopped to ask who the fuck cares about Victoria Jackson

TotinosPizzaRollz 2 months ago

There MUST be a reason why SNL is reposting videos of a former cast member who became a right-wing lunatic. I just can't think of one.

Donald Peterson
Donald Peterson 2 months ago

Snl is celebrating someone that would've been an innsurectionist? Might as well have MyPillow nut up next.

David Galvan
David Galvan 2 months ago

Only in the US you can disrespect your flag by wearing it as underwear. You will never see this anywhere else. And no is not freedom is plain disrespectful.

SuperFkv 2 months ago

More of that

DarwinsChihuahua 2 months ago

I really liked her. Too bad she turned into such a lunatic.

Michael Parylak
Michael Parylak 2 months ago

I wonder if she's still on record as the only cast member to perform a handstand on the update desk 😁

André Forcier
André Forcier 2 months ago

To bad she has lost the few marbles she had!

John Peacock
John Peacock 2 months ago

Is there a reason why you're deciding to highlight one of the worst human beings that's ever worked on your show? Was the rampant homophobia and racism she spouts not enough?

Floyd S
Floyd S 2 months ago

I used to like both Dennis Miller and Victoria Jackson until they turned out to be RWNJ

TexanAtHTIDInTheSun 2 months ago

Looking at her now you would never think she was once capable of this athleticism.

Melissa Costin
Melissa Costin 2 months ago

Unsubscribing ...cringe central

conductenor 2 months ago

She’s a total RWNJ! Dennis isn’t much better. Pass!

Theodore Tekkers
Theodore Tekkers 2 months ago

That is impressive 👏

CHEFCIA85 Grad 2 months ago


burntrubberballs 2 months ago

That was hot

Studio One Media Group


Hector Jacobo Bendahan

Wowwww that was a good one jejejeje

Dennis Bishop
Dennis Bishop 2 months ago


andrewwhaddad 2 months ago

Woah. That woman has many talents.

Steve Taylor
Steve Taylor 2 months ago

The American flag never looked so good as right then with fishnet legs!!!

Sa La
Sa La 2 months ago

I love this video

Javier Fernandez
Javier Fernandez 2 months ago

God damn right

john rucker
john rucker 2 months ago


Cata or Shane
Cata or Shane 2 months ago

That's the most physically impressive thing I've seen on SNL. What a shame she turned out to be a dumbass. To put it lightly.

Mark Brooks
Mark Brooks 2 months ago

This seems like a really bad idea.

HYPER O 2 months ago

I did NOT KNOW she had that agility.

CaptainPhrisbee 2 months ago

Please keep uploading classic WU clips.

_ 2 months ago

Why do Americans seem to think they’re the only country that’s free? Serious question

dmlevitt 2 months ago

she is a right wing nut job today.

garcia adrian
garcia adrian 2 months ago

Saturday night live they should make a attack of 50 foot woman video

Doug Grinbergs
Doug Grinbergs 2 months ago

0:35 a 40-second handstand, then 1:13 crazy drop to a split! (Amazing at .25x) Wow, SNL Olympic gymnastics! (;-) (;-)

Keith B
Keith B 2 months ago

This is a Trumper who HATES America. She sucked on SNL and never did anything after it

Cole Steele
Cole Steele 2 months ago

Didn’t she fall off the deep end?

batgurrl 2 months ago

Somewhat amusing piece coming from one of the LEAST talented cast members of all time. Her horrible voice has not improved with age, either.

Paul Goodman
Paul Goodman 2 months ago

And to think Miller and Jackson are now right wing Q anon wingnuts who don't believe in liberty.

Samuel Onishchenko
Samuel Onishchenko 2 months ago

Shits corny

Bonnie Forman
Bonnie Forman 2 months ago

Wow. That's impressive!!

Servragh Giorsal
Servragh Giorsal 2 months ago

America feels about this upside down a lot of the time these days. Victoria Jackson was pretty dang good. In fact, all of SNL women are memorable!

The Lost One
The Lost One 2 months ago

I’m not sure what Dennis was saluting…the flag or Victoria’s crotch?

NYC LP Player
NYC LP Player 2 months ago

And then she went nuts....

F. U. and S.T.F.U
F. U. and S.T.F.U 2 months ago

You are so right even with today's so called democracy they won't 8n russia.

RunicShark 4283
RunicShark 4283 2 months ago

Thats a damn good handstand tho😂😂😂

PhoenixPlaysMC 2 months ago

Didn't she go like crazy or some shit?

Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner 2 months ago

She used to be funny

J J 2 months ago

I’m here for the comments 🍿

Camilla Ralands
Camilla Ralands 2 months ago

(That’s America’s ass) 😂