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Information Useful English greetings and responses -- Free English Lesson

Title : Useful English greetings and responses -- Free English Lesson

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Frames Useful English greetings and responses -- Free English Lesson

Description Useful English greetings and responses -- Free English Lesson

Useful English greetings and responses -- Free English Lesson

Useful English greetings and responses -- Free English Lesson

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rohit goyal
rohit goyal 2 months ago

Hi mam .
Shadi ho gyi apki ? .
U r so cute

Sumer A Sumer
Sumer A Sumer 2 months ago

I want a utube with no adds

ravikant Sharma
ravikant Sharma 2 months ago

I am improving my English so as to perform well in my exams in(9th grade) .....😊

P. Anand Anand
P. Anand Anand 2 months ago

Ur English so good 😃

MD Saheb
MD Saheb 2 months ago


Rupesh Gaunkar
Rupesh Gaunkar 2 months ago


Surya Basnet
Surya Basnet 2 months ago

Great good way of teaching

michel araujo
michel araujo 2 months ago

Yo is one of my fav haha ! 😂

Lony PLAISIR 2 months ago

Keep up the good work

Lony PLAISIR 2 months ago


Sk Serafat
Sk Serafat 2 months ago


shivam verma
shivam verma 2 months ago

La Jerga Negra
La Jerga Negra 2 months ago

Excellent video. Thanks for making thi suseful video. This video helps us to learn some useful English greetings anf responses.

Eekshita and Aswin
Eekshita and Aswin 2 months ago

You r an Indian

BR D 2 months ago

Greetings are response.

Meeting is formality.

Routine is informal.

Esti Sukartini
Esti Sukartini 2 months ago

I love the way you teach 👍👍👍❤️

hansha kumari roj
hansha kumari roj 2 months ago

Good teaching methods

Mulusew Minuyelet
Mulusew Minuyelet 2 months ago

really how a lovely video it is . thanks for sharing your expert>

zainul abdeen
zainul abdeen 2 months ago

Kon kon he yaha esa he jise jabardasti dekhna pad rha he 😒😒😒

fan Richnoder
fan Richnoder 2 months ago

hellow niraka how are you going

fan Richnoder
fan Richnoder 2 months ago

i want be your student nihara teacher how to meet you

Bharathi Kalai
Bharathi Kalai 2 months ago

Apologize me.your expression well.i Will bite your lips and kiss

Ahamed Rafeeq
Ahamed Rafeeq 2 months ago

You are so beautiful

Venkateswara rao Addanki

Very good explanation.. thank you madam

Subash Kumar
Subash Kumar 2 months ago

Woww.. What beautiful presentation 👌👍😍

Mousumi Sarkar
Mousumi Sarkar 2 months ago

Thank you for this lesson 💖

ENGLISH POWER 2 months ago

Superb exploration.. i love this channel

Mohammad heena
Mohammad heena 2 months ago

Wow!!!!Mam soo gud lesson for us😊😊😊.....

BR D 2 months ago

Office greetings are good morning and good afternoon.

Home greetings are good night or howdy.

Hospitality greetings are good day and good time.

Mohammad Usama
Mohammad Usama 2 months ago

Very good explening neharika 😘😘

kaur Raja
kaur Raja 2 months ago

Wow, this explanation is mind blowing. Im very much impressed with the way you deliver this lesson. Your style catches my eyes. How I wish I can be like you, so that can get attention from my pupils. You are indeed my inspiration.

Kihoto z yimchunger Otis yim

I really love you❤
N interested ur video

Spandana Sunamukhi
Spandana Sunamukhi 2 months ago

Flawless Explainanation and adorable Body language

Shuaibu Yakubu
Shuaibu Yakubu 2 months ago

You're my teacher and I would like to thank you for help me

Shuaibu Yakubu
Shuaibu Yakubu 2 months ago

Thank for help


hello! very good explained!!!

YATENDRA MISHRA 2 months ago

From which country are you ma'am ?

rajive pradhan
rajive pradhan 2 months ago

thank you mam

KAKAKA 2 months ago

Eu que falo português tentando entender:🤡🤡

jose anton
jose anton 2 months ago

i like the way of teaching

María Mendoza Salazar

Pon subtítulos al español pendeja

Honey Harshi
Honey Harshi 2 months ago

U are so cute mam

Arshaan's World
Arshaan's World 2 months ago

Learn greeting od the day for nursery class kids with this little boy

Angel Chong
Angel Chong 2 months ago


Jesús Antonio Morales Guzmán

¿Alguien del JIMC?

M.A. Sammani
M.A. Sammani 2 months ago

how can I reply if someone said to me “take care” at the end of our conversation?
Please HELP 🤗

fatima Shikh Yousef
fatima Shikh Yousef 2 months ago

Ro Asmat Khan
Ro Asmat Khan 2 months ago

Do u mind if I get ur WhatsApp number plz?

Ro Asmat Khan
Ro Asmat Khan 2 months ago

Congratulation for the best way

Khalada Begum
Khalada Begum 2 months ago

Really u ware

Sanjay saraswat
Sanjay saraswat 2 months ago

Is she an Indian??

Vedangi Trivedi
Vedangi Trivedi 2 months ago

I am scared of the bloody Mary

Bloody Marry
Bloody Marry 2 months ago

The Guy facing the mirror : mary x 3 !!
Me in the mirror : how's going ,bro?

Sumit Anand
Sumit Anand 2 months ago

English practice app is here where one could practice their English.❤️👇🏻

Fanky Gaming YT
Fanky Gaming YT 2 months ago

Feeling good

ANTONY DAVILA 2 months ago

Is possible to say, How you doing?, without "are"??, I'm truly grateful for your answer

Voxy Gaming
Voxy Gaming 2 months ago

Aku gak paham loh

Wildan 1239
Wildan 1239 2 months ago

Gua kesini gara gara tugas :v

Hilman Wajih
Hilman Wajih 2 months ago

Bang ada giveaway diamon ml bng


What an exquisite Voice !

Teaching Primary Mathematics

I really like your English speaking style😊😊

dhatchina moorthy
dhatchina moorthy 2 months ago

Great madam,your teaching is mind blowing.daily i was eagerly waiting for your video

Srilatha Challa
Srilatha Challa 2 months ago

We can use this words also:-)
Pretty good..
More then fantastic
Not much good

KNOWLEDGE CAB 2 months ago
Please support this new channel

Chandan Dash
Chandan Dash 2 months ago

thanks mam
Thank you madam

L a r i s s a K e y s e r

Does anyone know where she comes from? Her nationality.

DTA CLASSROOM 2 months ago

Clay jensen
Clay jensen 2 months ago

شرح كل الدروس الأ نجليزية باللغة العربية شرحا مبسطا . تابعونا ❤

kv ramani
kv ramani 2 months ago

thanks its very useful for all vedio

Fakhrul Alam
Fakhrul Alam 2 months ago

It's been so good,Niharika ma'am.I liked your method of teaching skill which well delighted me.Thanks a million for that,ma'am.

IKN English Academy
IKN English Academy 2 months ago


Spoken English
Spoken English 2 months ago

Learn English grammar
Learn kind of noun easily with examples.
Improve your English grammar.

Abhishek Singh
Abhishek Singh 2 months ago


Shalini Mittal
Shalini Mittal 2 months ago

Hi Niharika! Your lesson are awesome..I have learned alot from it. Please make a lesson for professional/official vocabulary for advance English learners.

Salman Purkait
Salman Purkait 2 months ago

Mam u speak in English the way u teach us it's too simple .I understand every word u explain with example . really u r no: 1 teacher because u could make understand anyone .it's potential quality of u ..!

mcjs99 Official
mcjs99 Official 2 months ago

thanks very much

Piyush Tripathi
Piyush Tripathi 2 months ago

You are so gorgeous

Nilay Patel
Nilay Patel 2 months ago

In Teaching : No.1. Niharika Didi.. No.2. Michelle Aunty... No.3.. Meera Didi.. No.4. Miss Jenny.

Abhishek Abhi
Abhishek Abhi 2 months ago

Niharika you look beautifull😍😍

Technical ideas
Technical ideas 2 months ago

You are bad teacher

Naina Devi
Naina Devi 2 months ago

Your lessons r superb 🤩🤩🤩

Melany paola Martínez jimenez

Hola no hay ninguna comentario en español siiii

Ariz AZIZ 2 months ago

I really enjoy your vedios👌👍

Sonia Sharma
Sonia Sharma 2 months ago

Wait a minute, are you an Indian,miss?

Misbah Batool
Misbah Batool 2 months ago

Plz tell me

Misbah Batool
Misbah Batool 2 months ago

I can't speak English 😥

Misbah Batool
Misbah Batool 2 months ago

I have very problem 😪

Misbah Batool
Misbah Batool 2 months ago

I like your English

Ashwath Ganaga
Ashwath Ganaga 2 months ago


Sumanth Patil
Sumanth Patil 2 months ago

Thank you mam

Ayasi Ray
Ayasi Ray 2 months ago

Good morning Niharika. I want compliment you saying that you are very lively in your words and actions.Thanks. Stay always blessed. Stay safe.

Prema Lakshman
Prema Lakshman 2 months ago

Speech less..... And also we want more and more vedios from u

Alpin 2 months ago

How to respond "have a nice day" / "have a good day"
Me : you too (still not sure about my respond)

Marsiana Nasike
Marsiana Nasike 2 months ago

Hey Niharika, how do I respond when I'm told 'I miss you'

Shabbeersab rocky
Shabbeersab rocky 2 months ago

I like you mam💐🥰🥰

mr singh
mr singh 2 months ago

Thanks fo over acting and reacting on small things..ab Hindi me bol le..

D V R Kumar
D V R Kumar 2 months ago

Madam I am very much interested and Lucky to learn so much from your videos

shopno akhi
shopno akhi 2 months ago

How to answer how about you?