Inside The Plaza, New York’s Iconic Hotel At Central Park



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Information Inside The Plaza, New York’s Iconic Hotel At Central Park

Title : Inside The Plaza, New York’s Iconic Hotel At Central Park

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Frames Inside The Plaza, New York’s Iconic Hotel At Central Park

Description Inside The Plaza, New York’s Iconic Hotel At Central Park

Inside The Plaza, New York’s Iconic Hotel At Central Park

Inside The Plaza, New York’s Iconic Hotel At Central Park

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Evelyn 2 months ago

This is from Bride Wars!!!!!

Yosh Yoish
Yosh Yoish 2 months ago

Fb #alim assakur

Jason Young
Jason Young 2 months ago

For reservations dial 1800-759-3000

Mark Thompson
Mark Thompson 2 months ago

Whatever you do, don't think of sending a wire from The Oak Bar- "Paging George Kaplan..."

Danila GALEANO 2 months ago


mytriv dotcom
mytriv dotcom 2 months ago

Its nice i like 🏢🏪🍱🍰☕🏫🏝🌍👍 thanks

Ruben Sentosa
Ruben Sentosa 2 months ago

My mom makes a habit of going to the loo at expensive hotels when on vacation. I don't regret when we went to the bathroom at The Plaza. There was actually a staff member who handed me paper towels when I finished washing my hands.

NYC Steps
NYC Steps 2 months ago

Loved it!! Thanks for sharing! Just subscribed :)

M 2 months ago

Would love to visit there one day but it would be difficult since my Wife is wheelchair bound and sickly

I Smell Fresh Cash
I Smell Fresh Cash 2 months ago

It looks a little outdated.

Leandro Costa
Leandro Costa 2 months ago

Which socialist country have a place like this?

Alex Mercer
Alex Mercer 2 months ago


Anonymous785 2 months ago

Welcome to home alone 2 where you can get trouble easily

елена костова

Home alone 2 Room

pool man
pool man 2 months ago

Why that iconic hotel has several countries flag on it

Alexis Rivera San Juan

Home alone 2 lost in New York

Fernando Guzmán
Fernando Guzmán 2 months ago


karell t
karell t 2 months ago

It's a very nice vid! Everything is gorgeous!! I just help thinking of homeless cats. Guess I'm a sucker...☺

Ryan J.
Ryan J. 2 months ago

I'm just waiting to see Tim Curry standing there grinning.

Junior Mamea
Junior Mamea 2 months ago

"Howdy do.. this is Peter Mccallister....the faaaaathuurrrr..." 📞

SuperNintendoDavid 2 months ago

Johnny: get down on your knees and beg you love me
Mr Hector: I LOVE YOU
Johnny: got do better than that
All hotel people: WE LOVE YOU

2013venjix 2 months ago

As soon as I hit lotto, I would love to spend the holidays to new year's day in the Plaza Hotel.

Mansyur putra
Mansyur putra 2 months ago

film kevinnnnnmm😂

Yatin Bhandari
Yatin Bhandari 2 months ago
Phenomenal Hotel

Jhonathan Field
Jhonathan Field 2 months ago

Daria mi vida por comocer nueva york

عبدالله حسين علاوي

Hotel donald trump

Nicholas Mohr
Nicholas Mohr 2 months ago

Home alone brought me here

S3vastien.369 Ruiz
S3vastien.369 Ruiz 2 months ago


Andy Nguyen
Andy Nguyen 2 months ago

Kevin You Spent $967 On Room Service

Hastin Nuraini
Hastin Nuraini 2 months ago

Invite me free 2 rooms VVIP rooms for 3 days here

Sooya Han
Sooya Han 2 months ago

The building is really pretty

Вова Шилов
Вова Шилов 2 months ago

Очень круто сам хотел там побывать

Angye Janeth Acosta
Angye Janeth Acosta 2 months ago

Esta hermosisimo 💖💖💖 me encanto 😄

Angye Janeth Acosta
Angye Janeth Acosta 2 months ago

mi pobre Angelito ??👀😄😄😄💖💖💖💖

jair ZA
jair ZA 2 months ago


John Steelman
John Steelman 2 months ago

Movie Stars stay at the Plaza Hotel they have agents in the nearby area they have to check in with before doing shows.

John Steelman
John Steelman 2 months ago

This is where the Beatles stayed at when they first came to America for the Ed Sullivan Show . I was at the Plaza Hotel before I saw Johnny Cash exit the Hotel.

assr. 2 months ago

awww i remember watching eloise when i was little and thinking that i’d visit the plaza one day :)

arturo irala
arturo irala 2 months ago


Shubham singh Rajput
Shubham singh Rajput 2 months ago

Owner of these so called dynamic hotel is from India Mr Subhroto Roy (CEO of Sahara India Group)..... Robbed billions from Indians and invested in US.... Bloody asshole

Kim14 berly88
Kim14 berly88 2 months ago

Super nice but.the room looks dated and old and the glass on the revolving door was dirty and nasty to be a expensive ritzy hotel.

Pawan Jindal
Pawan Jindal 2 months ago

Katar govt. Purchase it from sahara and another properitor.....

M Almar
M Almar 2 months ago


Nacki 2 months ago

weird clock. i would like to see more of that :) 3:08

Dreaklock 2 months ago

Is this a hotel again? I thought they changed it to apartments

Michelle Marie
Michelle Marie 2 months ago

Its beautiful

Sjshfhsi Diebrhrfjfbd

Home allone

Kolorado B
Kolorado B 2 months ago

The porter at 0:15 is talking on his cell phone pretty classy lol..

PMA II 2 months ago

Why is the kernel chicken a women now ?

zema evloev
zema evloev 2 months ago


M Williams
M Williams 2 months ago

This is just precious with the young ladies in the lap of vintage NYC luxury. I must say they've done a very tasteful job with the interior remodeling too. Still New York's prettiest hotel. The comment about the area getting slummy couldn't be more wrong. While it is still a city where riches can exist next to homeless, the southern edge of Central Park where the Plaza is, has seen some incredibly expensive apartments built and are still being built. Said troll might spend a few moments to look up 220 C.P. South, Nordstrom and Steinway towers and the +100 million dollar penthouses being listed.

C L 2 months ago

Nice video but I'm sure all those people look like they don't like being recorded lol

John Mccabe
John Mccabe 2 months ago

Hello from Mrs McCabe from the UK I just want to know how much is your nice hotel for Christmas and new year please get in touch with me please thanks

Nick Name
Nick Name 2 months ago

Good filmmaking job. I've been making visual narratives like these since I was a little kid. Just plan the shots in your head before filming and no editing needed (which was necessary in my case since I didn't have the option to edit).

Tx Jackie
Tx Jackie 2 months ago

This Hotel Owner Prince Talal from Saudi Arabia

TheLuxuryTravelBible 2 months ago

Great Video!

Falah Al-Halawany
Falah Al-Halawany 2 months ago

Bucket list❤️

The Travel Vlogger
The Travel Vlogger 2 months ago


Jason 2 months ago

Fake, where is Rob Schneider?

Jack Val
Jack Val 2 months ago

Sad thing about the area is getting to look like a slum were the Plaza is...

Roberto Villani
Roberto Villani 2 months ago

shit dude this is what i call a hotel it's like been in paradise now i have 2 go there at least once in my life and spend the night inside.
BTW , nice footage, wich cam did you use?

Kate fromaust
Kate fromaust 2 months ago

Nice! It's like another world isn't it.

casos chocantes
casos chocantes 2 months ago

Tim curry ainda trabalha aí?

Emrys 2 months ago

Are you guys lesbian?

Jordan Jarquin
Jordan Jarquin 2 months ago

waoo q bonito

the NASA Kid Science Patrick

this is the hotel from home alone 2 !!!