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Information 😨 The TRUTH about WHAT HAPPENED TO ME and if I'm coming back. A RAW, HONEST \u0026 EMOTIONAL EXPLANATION

Title : 😨 The TRUTH about WHAT HAPPENED TO ME and if I'm coming back. A RAW, HONEST \u0026 EMOTIONAL EXPLANATION

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Frames 😨 The TRUTH about WHAT HAPPENED TO ME and if I'm coming back. A RAW, HONEST \u0026 EMOTIONAL EXPLANATION

Description 😨 The TRUTH about WHAT HAPPENED TO ME and if I'm coming back. A RAW, HONEST \u0026 EMOTIONAL EXPLANATION



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My Inkie Fingers
My Inkie Fingers 2 months ago

This video was very very hard for me to film. I wanted it to be unscripted and honest, but as a result, it's very emotional. However, I've left it 99% unedited to let you in on the struggle I've been facing over the last month. I hope this answers all your questions as to what's going on with me and why I have been unwell 💗
EDITED TO ADD: I'm overwhelmed with the responses and comments. Please know I'm reading EVERY one of them and will TRY to respond to all. You have all moved me and touched my heart. I had no idea the amount of support I would get from all of you. Thank you, Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! 💗💗💗

Anita Robertson
Anita Robertson 2 months ago

What a brave lady you are. I'm sure you will overcome and the other side is going to be YOU stronger and better than ever. Hugs, love and prayers.

T' Nice
T' Nice 2 months ago

Hello there, this is the first time that I have ever been on your platform and I wish that I could give you a huge hug and let you know that no matter what happens in your life, you will be alright and I also want to let you know that, ONLY GOD KNOWS YOUR HEART AND ONLY GOD HIMSELF CAN JUDGE YOU AND PLEASE STOP LOOKING FOR HUMAN RECOGNITION because you will always hurt yourself, drive yourself crazy and live in disappointment for the rest of your life if you continue to do so AND I know that you absolutely love what you do but you have to take care of yourself first as you should. From now on, make sure to look to GOD for everything because he is the only one that can give you life or death and blessings. I have a beautiful jewel for you!

Proverbs 13:12
Expectation postponed makes the heart sick, But a desire realized is a tree of life.

That means to not expect anything from anyone on this earth, not even understanding because if you do then you will continue to live in heartbreak, turmoil and disappointment, just keep doing your thing without the worries of '' numbers going down'' and non understanding and disloyal people!❤️😉

Leah Keefe
Leah Keefe 2 months ago

Never ever give up on yourself!

nursesue78 2 months ago

I just saw this video and as a nurse, I just want to commend you on you honesty and bravery. Thank you and best wishes for your success!

Kathy Schultz
Kathy Schultz 2 months ago

The addiction part of your brain doesn’t care about you. It will trick you and play you. It helps when you can see this. I smoked for 30 years. My way to quit was to NOT go cold turkey. It’s a shame that the medication kicked you down, but you are making it.

Dale Marie
Dale Marie 2 months ago

Stay true to yourself, stay real, take care of you.
As hard as it is ignore the nay sayers, try. It’s obvious they were not taught if you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all.
You are are strong, you are beautiful, you are important.

Lydia Perez
Lydia Perez 2 months ago

So sorry what you went through
You are a strong lady
I was put on meds made me sick
I told the Dr I wasn't going to take it any more so I am not taking any
Of that kind of meds
I pray that you won't need any meds that God will heal you in the name of Jesus God bless you always I know all meds work different on everyone it's the DNA
your in my prayers

Amanda's Precious Treasures

Thank you for sharing! I can sympathize with you on a lot of this! I am so glad you were able to share this and hopefully help others in the same position. You are stronger than you know!

Wintergreen 1
Wintergreen 1 2 months ago

Prayer never worked for me until one day, I just opened up the Bible to a random page, and what I was reading about was exactly what I needed to hear. Then, somehow, I found Timothy Dixon on YouTube, and prayed with him, and I felt the Holy Spirit enter into my life. I’m hardly perfect, but when pray about everything that scares me, I feel like God is with me, and now, i feel at peace, and I have faith that God is always carrying me, and teaching me to trust him to take care of everything, including getting off medication! You might even find that your YouTube channel is an addiction, and you should let our Lord take the driver’s seat and steer the direction he takes you in. Greater is He who is in you, than he (the devil) that is in this world. God be with you, little sister.

Rachel Schofield
Rachel Schofield 2 months ago

You my girl are not alone. Xox
When the pandemic first started last year, just before it I made the decision to quit smoking. I had smoked for 3 or 4 years this time round, as like you I picked it up again thinking I could just walk away and control it..Nope. lol.
This is also my first time watching you, and I'm very glad I did. I just celebrated my 1 month as a Canadian Demonstrator! Also.. finding you and seeing that you are 100% upfront that you don't JUST use SU stuff makes me happy ^^ You are a strong person, even more so with putting your struggles on your channel. We are stronger together my stampy friend. ❤

Leslie Haussmann
Leslie Haussmann 2 months ago

Please get better soon! I just started watching your videos and really enjoy you a lot! I am sorry you had to go thru that! I hope everything worked it’s way back to the way you want it and that your feeling better too!

connie c
connie c 2 months ago

These pharmaceuticals are something else anymore! Their commercials say oh yah this med helps with this and then you hear the 50 pages of bad side effects!! Glad you are doing better! This is good that you are sharing this so it can help someone else!!! God bless!

Tessadbonman Robinson

My husband used chantex ... He did not realize the side effects that he was having. He was very short tempered, argumentative,... He went off the medication and just started smoking less cigs. He is now down to 5-6 a day. This is great progress from a person who smoked a pack a day. I noticed his triggers that made him smoke like talking on the phone.... Don't be so upset that you started smoking cigs again it's not meth and you can overcome this hiccup in life. Here[ is to better health I have faith in you

Julia Zamora
Julia Zamora 2 months ago

This is the first video I’ve seen of you; it touched my heart May God bless you and give you strength ❤️

Jane Nichole
Jane Nichole 2 months ago

Its okay...you’ll be okay.

Brenda Damon
Brenda Damon 2 months ago

You are strong to share this. May God bless you and help you through your struggles. I understand your feelings.

Hilary Greek
Hilary Greek 2 months ago

Oh, my dear, that medicine has messed up a lot of people. You're not alone! I quit smoking, and I used it too. Luckily I did not have the horrible side effects, but I know they are pretty rough when it happens.

Jennifer Mitchell
Jennifer Mitchell 2 months ago

Dear woman you’re very brave, you’re stronger than you think! Three words if you get desperate....God Help me.

Debbie Ebbiebobebbie
Debbie Ebbiebobebbie 2 months ago

I had seratonin syndrome... twice. Most awful thing that ever happened to my body/mind. So scary.

Debbie Ebbiebobebbie
Debbie Ebbiebobebbie 2 months ago

Bless you, thanks to YouTube for recommending this video.

Alan Minter
Alan Minter 2 months ago

Bless you, and very best wishes from the U.K.

Betty Cheredaryk
Betty Cheredaryk 2 months ago

my husband went through the same on that horrible medication.....it should be banned

Sally B. Millians Newstalgia Stamping

You are such a strong woman! I’m in awe. I am still struggling with getting confidence to make my first video! So many with struggles are hiding in a dangerous closet. You’re on top of it girl!

tonystewart14nascar 2 months ago

Years ago I tried this medication to quit smoking and it was horrible! The things Chantix cause I’m shocked it’s still on the market. It totally changes who you are as a person. I feel for you. Smoking was the hardest thing I have ever done but I beat it! I used the patch to quit smoking. Hope you are doing great!

Carmen Alegre
Carmen Alegre 2 months ago

Many blessings to you. Your are brave. You are going to be well soon. Trust and faith

Ellie Weightman
Ellie Weightman 2 months ago

I was prescribed lisinopril many years ago and the first dose I felt severely drunk and dizzy. I stopped after first dose and they switched me to diovan bp meds. I was on it fir 14 years then weaned myself off and started cooking more from scratch and it went down so it was processed foods causing my bp problems and the fact that we started a business when my bp went high but it went down over time with changes in cooking.

Marta Mccool
Marta Mccool 2 months ago

You are brave and strong, fighting and you will be ok

Peggy Davis
Peggy Davis 2 months ago

Hang in there things will get better! But don’t be so hard on yourself!

Darlene Gurney
Darlene Gurney 2 months ago

My doctor put me on Wellbutrin to help me stop smoking. I became a raging maniac, emotionally unstable and extremely dangerous. It took me two months to figure out it was the meds. Thank God I didn't kill myself or someone else. I still smoke.

Erin S.
Erin S. 2 months ago

Akathesia is a similar reaction for a small percentage of people on depression medication that start taking anxiety medication. There’s a rather well known clinical psychologist that went through that. People die from this and Bless your heart. I’m so glad you shared your story because medication affects people differently and we all should be more cautious or selective with what we can potentially get ourselves into because we blindly trust our highly educated medical professionals whom we should trust but we need to be involved with our own health as well.

Nikki Johnson
Nikki Johnson 2 months ago

Just want to hug you hoping to make you feel better. Seeing more than 300,000 viewers, you’re not losing viewers. Maybe helping others with your openness. Good luck. A higher power wants you to know you are loved...

Patty 2 months ago

I just became a subbie. Your honesty touched my heart. I am here to support you.

Danyl McCormick
Danyl McCormick 2 months ago

I want to tell you that you have helped ME! I was prescribed chantix to quit smoking, and I thought I was loosing my mind. I’m an Army officer- my mind has to be sharp. I thought I’m going to loose my career, my children and possibly my life. We never expected this side effect.

I am a few weeks past coming off the Rx- and rebuilding my life.

Stay strong love- we are here for you. ❤️❤️

Soal 2 months ago

I'm going thru stuff too. Don't feel alone!
Mine is I'm having a hard time walking due to generation of my spine. I can't do the things I normally do inside and outside my home. Talk about overwhelming. I'm losing my identity .who am i? I am forced to be a different person and it's very hard.
I cry a lot.
I can understand your situation.
I hope things are better for you by now.
We should pray for each other!
All the best to you!

Gina Hall
Gina Hall 2 months ago

Bless your heart! Praying you are now doing well.

Lindsay Monaghan
Lindsay Monaghan 2 months ago

I love how real and raw you are in this! My friends mom was prescribed this medicine and ended up taking her own life. 53 and had an amazing life, wanted to quit smoking and weeks after starting the medicine she sent a group text to her children on where she could be found. I've never seen any of your videos but I'm so happy you are here to tell your story. Hopefully this helps someone else. Continue to take the time YOU need for SELF care.

LIL BB 2 months ago

Sharing you experience is HARD, but thank you!!!!
I had similar side effects from another neuroinhibitor, GABIPINTON(Neurotin).
Losing Cognitive Recognition, nightmares, shaking, and all of the other side effects are devastating.
It makes things so much worse if the pharmaceutical/medical world doesn't acknowledge that these side effects are horrible, debilitating, scary and should not have to be endured.
God bless you and thank you for your honesty.

Wilma Kidd
Wilma Kidd 2 months ago

That the way I felt when I had a stroke I could not figure out how to put my underwear on at least when you stop medicine your symptoms slowly go away I have mine issues for.life and

Sherry Wingler
Sherry Wingler 2 months ago

Sweet girl, first,,you are NOT a failure! I was a "closet smoker" for many years! I quit during both of my pregnancies the moment I found out I was expecting! But, once I went back to work,,,I went back to smoking...it was a way to deal with stress. I was in a stressful job that I loved, but in a very stressful and messed up marriage! I got out of the marriage, but, depression reared its ugly head in a fury....I kept it to myself for so long. I quit smoking for over 5 years. My Dr put me on prozac...back then,,,that was the only thing they had. It was HORRIBLE!! I have friends who have been on Chantix who have had terrible experiences with Chantix, but, got changed to Welbutrin and tolerated it so much better...I will keep you in my heart and prayers!!!! You just be YOU!!! You are loved and appreciated by your community here and I believe you have a world of support here!!! Much love!! Stay strong and believe in yourself!!!!🥰🙏🏻❤

Helen Haynes
Helen Haynes 2 months ago

I was also on chantex. Didn't have the nightmares but it changed me into a different person! So angry all the time. Also, the naseau was bad... I wouldn't recommend chantex to anyone. Hope you're feeling better! 🙏❤

Yosh Clements
Yosh Clements 2 months ago

I just stumbled across your YouTube channel because of the title. I was searching for scrapping for bows or something like that. But the title caught my attention. So I listened. Wow, You're an incredibly brave woman to share your vulnerability. I understand the feeling of not feeling healthy as I suddenly experienced loss of control on my walking. It was debilitating to feel incapacitated in doing everyday stuff. I'm humbled to have had help and understanding. So I know really well when you experienced stuff that changes your daily norm. Again, Thank you for sharing your vulnerability to us. Everyday gives you strength to focus on what really matters to you not. You are thought of and prayed for so you can continue to bless with your talents. Stay strong. You are incredibly amazing. Yeshua be with you.

אסנת סלע
אסנת סלע 2 months ago


elsa gonzalez
elsa gonzalez 2 months ago

Terry Iggulden
Terry Iggulden 2 months ago

My story is similar but different. Two years ago I was watching TV with my hubby and my arms and legs began flailing uncontrollably and I couldn't put a sentence together. We went to an ER type of place and I couldn't even check myself in. I was admitted to the hospital for 10 days. What was my problem? I had severe indigestion for a couple weeks and took 7-8 Tums daily. In layman terms I say I OD'd on Tums. To this day, I can't always find the words I need during conversations. I used to be in Customer Support. Finding my words were important. I did quit my job for other reasons but the loss of words was part of the reason. I understand you feeling like you need to get yourself back in the game. Stay strong. You are a powerful woman. Thank God you also have a supportive hubby...like I do. God bless you. I've never seen your videos but I look forward to the future.

C Barnes
C Barnes 2 months ago

That med is not right. My uncle took it and my dad picked him up on the side of the interstate bc he didnt know anything about himself but remember that David in his phone was his brother and good. He faught with nothing once bc he was in the floor sitting and leaned up against his closet door and he has long hair and some got wrapped and stuck a little in the door but he knew someone or something had him by his hair and he couldnt get free. Like it was scary how bad this made him. He doesnt smoke but that toxic stuff is not for the faint of heart bc it's another level. So sorry you had a bad time too. Hang in there you can only do best and nobody can judge what best is suppose to be. Hugs

Renee Maurice
Renee Maurice 2 months ago

Well I am not subscribed to your channel but your video popped up after one had finished so I watched, and I would like to say congratulations on taking control of your life, and at the same time I am so sorry for all the suffering you went through to try and better yourself, what terrible reactions you had and they must have scared you to death. You seem very determined to quit and I applaud you for that, so good luck to you, and may the hardest part of this endeavor be over.

kathberry8 2 months ago

you poor thing we have all gone thru so much because of cigarettes i hope you can find the real you again

Kristy Hodgson
Kristy Hodgson 2 months ago

Keep talking, it helps. Stay strong you are doing a good job ♥️♥️♥️

Jocelan Perry
Jocelan Perry 2 months ago

I just watched your video and my heart goes out to you.I pray you are in a better spot now than you were in the fall.I can tell you are a very nice person.Take good care of yourself.

Foxi Epoxi
Foxi Epoxi 2 months ago

Thank you. Straighten your crown babe. Failure is the mother to success...💜🤍💜🤍

Debra Witte
Debra Witte 2 months ago

oh my. is it a safe place, if you are already vulnerable, to be saying all this ?

Lori Humphrey
Lori Humphrey 2 months ago

I just saw this video and I was very touched. I also have struggled with quitting smoking. My doctor gave me Chantix and I also had severe reactions. Per my doctor's advice I stopped taking it and can try again in 6 months. I am so scared to try again because of how horrible it made me feel and hard it was to get through the day. You are an inspiration and I know that I can try to find a dose that will work for me. Thank you for sharing your struggle.

Brenda Fordyce
Brenda Fordyce 2 months ago

Please don't feel embarrassed! I know several people including myself that have been through the exact same thing. Please know that so many prayers are for you! Keep your head high!

Denise Condina
Denise Condina 2 months ago

Thank you with all my heart for sharing...ur amazing!

Laureen Ignarro
Laureen Ignarro 2 months ago

That’s it , smoking ?? I think you’re being way too hard on yourself. It sucks that the medication is putting you through the ringer. Hopefully you won’t need it. Relax kiddo. You’re doing great.

apfau04bronco 2 months ago

I am thinking of you, I hope you are feeling much stronger and doing better, you are what matters and your health is so important! April 🥰 Have faith, and know your beautiful

RP Kent
RP Kent 2 months ago

thank you for this honest outpouring of reality! take care and good luck on your journey...

Nellie Webb
Nellie Webb 2 months ago

Prayers for your recovery. I van feel some of your.pain. Re covering from stroke. And can't do all I want to when I want to. I've always been on the giving side, doing it all,now someone has to do it for me. Don't give up!!! 💕💕🙏🏻🙏🏻

Corinne Blouin
Corinne Blouin 2 months ago

You are very brave.

Penny Donoghue
Penny Donoghue 2 months ago

I just fell upon seeing your video. I hope that you are doing well. I am going to try and find you! There is so much pressure on us in this world to keep up this appearance that everything is okay. I am a reformed smoker myself so I know that it is something that you really want to do in order to stop. Be proud of yourself. Every day is a new day and you will beat all of this. I wish you all of the best.

Kelly Waycaster
Kelly Waycaster 2 months ago

Your video touched me.
I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus and I am a smoker.
I have been on a couple of medications for the autoimmune disease and have side effects like you have had.
I think smoking is making it worse.
Thank you for giving me the strength to talk to my doctor about medications to help me quit.
You are not alone.
I'm calling my Dr. on Monday to ask for help.

Melinda C
Melinda C 2 months ago

I hope you are doing better. I have been where you are. Seldom suffered from anxiety and suddenly Covid school closures triggered something in me I thought I was dying. I couldn’t sleep, I’d wake up and couldn’t breathe. Vertigo. I went to the dr and he said it was anxiety/panic attack.

Victoria Keppler
Victoria Keppler 2 months ago

Bless your heart. you know, you do not need to feel like you're responsible or feel like you're letting us down. Your first concern is YOU. Take care of yourself. I know your family is worried about you. We are all praying for you and your family. Maybe you should see another doctor. I don't know, but know this God knows what you need to do, so ask Him. I will keep praying for you. I know this is five months old...maybe you're back to normal. Keep on keeping on.

Lavetta Black
Lavetta Black 2 months ago

I tried that med years ago l just taking it .

Inki’N In The Dragonfly Den

Oh my gosh sweetie , I am a new demonstrator and have no idea where to start. Your story has touched my heart so much. What a journey you are on. I am brand new diabetic, you have inspired me to keep on my path and keep away from all that food Im not supposed to eat. You have inspired me to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Smoking oh my you can do this. Keep up the good work stay on your path to recovery. As I will, loosing almost 100 pounds seems like its gonna take forever but I can do this. As you are. Crafty hugs and Im a new subscriber

Beverlyssong 2 months ago

I don’t know you, but your video popped up for me today. I am also a demo and my husband has been through the Chantix regimen. Please know that because of Chantix and after being a smoker for over 30 years, he has finally quit and it’s been almost three years now. I hope you are doing well, and yes, YOU must come first. 💜💜💜

Danielle Elizabeth
Danielle Elizabeth 2 months ago

Me finding this video was nothing but fate. Thank you God for putting this right in my lap. God is so good. I'm done with cigs after today.

Thank you for your honesty and for being you!

Candeekissez 2 months ago

You have nothing to be ashamed of. As far as I'm concerned, I think, your doctor should have advised a different way to go. I quit in the mid 90's using the patch and classes. Luckily, it worked and I never smoked again (knock on wood). I don't see any reason why you can't stop using it and try something safer. The only person you owe anything to is yourself. You can't give your best self, until you are your best self. So, just take the time you need and do what you have to do, to be happy and healthy. You have a lot of people rooting for you. <3

Maureen H
Maureen H 2 months ago

Addictions are very, very difficult to kick. Both my parents smoked since they were teenagers(when they were teenagers in the 1940’s, there were NO health concerns regarding smoking). My therapist told me that nicotine is more addictive than crack cocaine!! Imagine that! And back in my parents youth, cigarettes were even more lethal. My mother quit at 44 and my father at 68 but they both died of small cell lung cancer. My mother died at 65 and my father died at 76. I have never smoked but I have battled alcoholism for years...just like my Dad and his mother. I quit in 1993 with the help of an outpatient rehab program and I have been sober ever since. My children were young and it was tough but I have showed them by example that it can be done...one day at a time. As many of the comments here have said, it is important to tell your story. Others gain strength from hearing they are not alone. You will probably never know how many lives you have touched and helped. Good luck and Godspeed.

Nani's Enlightment
Nani's Enlightment 2 months ago

I Admire you for your Honesty and Courage, I for one am also going thru do many things that I Understand Completely. I will Always follow you ❤ sending Many Blessings, Hugs kisses,and positive vibes 💖

Tawny Nalea
Tawny Nalea 2 months ago

It is one of the most difficult things to do is beat an addiction. God bless you!

Danielle Vincent
Danielle Vincent 2 months ago

My sister went through this exact same thing when she started the same medication and she ended up in hospital on a psych ward. I feel like there should be more awareness for this type of reaction to a quit smoking medication.

Stay strong 💪

Jennifer Coe
Jennifer Coe 2 months ago

I am subscribing now. I have never seen your vids. Thank you for your honesty. Your dream is not dead. I am a new follower,

Jeannie Kanehl
Jeannie Kanehl 2 months ago

As a former smoker, I don't think people understand the power of that addiction. I've never done any kind of drugs, but I understand it's power, and it's the most difficult process you'll ever go through. I've started and tried to quit so many times in my life that I've lost count. Don't let anyone make you feel bad, you're stronger than you realize💪

Valerie Smith
Valerie Smith 2 months ago

I've smoked most of my life (I'm 66) I've tried chantix twice. It works with will power too. But the side effects with my anxiety and depression caused me to always go back to smoking. You're not alone. Please don't beat yourself up with negative thoughts. You've got this and if you don't just try again. Chantix messes with the hypothalamus. This is where you receive joy and happiness. No one can be happy when your hypothalamus is being blocked.
I'm praying for you to have the best outcome and health. 🙏💞
Thank you for sharing your experience.

DevaStar 2 months ago

Chantix? I was on that several years ago and it was bad news for me.

Lee Ojascastro
Lee Ojascastro 2 months ago

No reason to feel shame, Barrack Obama has struggled with his smoking habit. Nicotine, some folks say, is harder to kick that heroine. Hang in there, you are not alone!

Valerie Walsh
Valerie Walsh 2 months ago

We all go though thing .. don’t judge

Carol Hearn
Carol Hearn 2 months ago

My father, who died of lung cancer in 1984 at age 69, taught me many things. One of them was that tobacco is addictive to some people. He was a brilliant man but smoked from childhood until he was too sick to be able to drive to the store to buy cigarettes. Had it not been for cigarettes, my children would have had their grandpa as they grew to adulthood. What a waste.

I wish you every success in controlling your addiction so that you can fully enjoy your life.

Theresa Lili
Theresa Lili 2 months ago

It is saddening to me that you had any embarrassment. Addictions are tough. Smoking is one of the hardest habits to break. It is quite easy to see that a smoking addiction falls into the category of a disease. I had 12 years of sobriety under me. Awesome feeling. 5 years ago I fell down and relapsed. Back up to almost 4 years and I know that I have to continually keep my triggers at bay for fear of relapse. I am a smoker as well. I take Chantix not to quit, but it helps me to cut way back. I could never take an am dose. I take 2 at night. There are a lot of resources for quitting smoking. Although if you are still heavily stressed may not be healthy to even attempt quitting. Welbuterin (sp) was approved as a quit smoking medication many years ago. Maybe talking to your Dr about other options would be an option for you in the future. A good support system is a blessing. Prayers. If you need an ear I am here.

Shrlit Niddow
Shrlit Niddow 2 months ago

This is the first time I have ever seen you.
I am SO PROUD of you! Your human. Don't let anyone ever put you down. I must ask do you believe in Christ and what He has done. Salvation first. Because God will take care of you and He will help you through all things. I don't mean to sound like a Jesus freak but I care about you. Again I am So very proud of you. Your sister in Christ. Moppin

Mima Sierra
Mima Sierra 2 months ago

I just came across your channel. Your strength is unbelievable and so inspiring. I hope things are doing better. I can’t wait to catch up with all your videos. Your cards are one of a kind. I am sending you positive energy and lots of love. 💜💜💜

All My Art & Soul - Mixed Media Art

Thank you for sharing such a personal and emotional video! Things are really difficult right now. We all need to stay strong and support each other as creatives. ❤️

Sara Nieuwenhuis
Sara Nieuwenhuis 2 months ago

You can do it! :) We want you to be happy and healthy.

Rachel Ramey
Rachel Ramey 2 months ago

I just came across this -- it came up in an art-related search I was doing here on YouTube -- and I see it's been a few months now. How are you doing?

Susan Wilson
Susan Wilson 2 months ago

You are a brave women! Bravo to you.

Sandra Gentz
Sandra Gentz 2 months ago

You poor thing. Hope it gets better soon. You are strong enough to know what was going on that's the start of healing. 🙏🏻

Jax Stormo
Jax Stormo 2 months ago

WOW! I dont even know your name, i too stumbled upon your page. Im Jackie. Like others here in the comments, one i am a registered nurse of 10 years, i struggle with mental health. Its worse when the nurse cant even figure out what is going on with herself. Thank you. Thank you Kindly for being so brave!! I have been told so much over the years, JAckie dont spread your personal stuff on facebook. Mental health is not something you share over social media"...
Thanks to you and this video, just now, at this very moment. I am INSPIRED BEYOND BELIEF and i THANK YOU!
Its not personal business spreading to me, this isnt posting "At the Gyno" with a pic of my feet in stirrups.....Right? I think it is people not understanding. People like me, Not brave enough to make a video on so many different things, ideas, that run through this noggin of mine. Things that could mean so much and bring so much inspiration to others. Now I know how I will finally "suck it up buttercup" and share!! Hope this makes sense.

I had a SUPER SIMULAR experience with 2 other prescribed medications, today, 6 weeks in/later, I take no medications and Still fight the fight. But Better. Happier. Brain Happier too. I cant wait to SPREAD THE LOVE! Again, thank you

sarit Rosen
sarit Rosen 2 months ago

First time i saw your channel, nothing to be embarrassed about, i have just learned what not to take to stop smoking so a huge thank you for that! As a smoker I know the battle. But you have just got a new subscriber and i hope by now you feel better.

Charlotte Hayward
Charlotte Hayward 2 months ago

Bless your heart. I've been there with medicine. I mostly just have to stay away from them.

carla turner
carla turner 2 months ago


Dawn Morris
Dawn Morris 2 months ago

Hi, you are and will be fine, we are all behind you here. I to am asthmatic and smoked, I tried Champix and yes made me feel really dizzy and sick so stopped taking it. That was years ago, I have now quit smoking but did it on my own, you will do it when you are ready, don’t give yourself such a hard time you will get there. I’m with you, this last year with the pandemic seems to have made us all struggle really badly with stuff that would usually be ok to cope with. X

Margaret May
Margaret May 2 months ago

🤗🤗🤗 Hope you are on the up now, stay strong! 🤗🤗🤗

FlutterBy Artique. Billi jo McDivitt

Hugs. You’re doing GREAT. Thanks for sharing yourself.

Amanda Symon
Amanda Symon 2 months ago

So brilliant that you have found the strength to be honest. You should be very proud of yourself as this video will help so many viewers to feel it’s o.k to be real. Big Hug ❤️

Debra La Vance
Debra La Vance 2 months ago

Hang in there! Thank you for your bravery in reporting on your struggles! Prayers for peace in your struggles!

Karen Brand
Karen Brand 2 months ago

This is the first time I've met you, and I can see what a wonderful person you are. Thank you for sharing your struggles. We all go thru stuff in life that throws us off balance...the gift is what we learn from these times. It's not easy but dang you're so strong!!! Bless you for sharing this.

Tillena Vick
Tillena Vick 2 months ago

Beautiful, Strong Woman~be proud of yourself and all that you've achieved🦄 Don't listen to haters, they only want to bring you down.
My ex took Chantex to quit smoking and became so mad and aggressive, it became a very difficult time. It was like living with a totally different person. So don't be embarrassed, be assured that others understand what you've went through and that your experience can help caution others who may be thinking about quitting and trying this medication. Too many times we just accept that medicine will help us and don't worry about negative side effects. I'm sorry you went through so much before being taken off the medicine. In my personal experience, I've been hospitalized 3 days because of a bad reaction to Wellbutrin (Seratonin Syndrome). Sharing your story was so brave. Lots of love in my heart for you all women 💖 Stay Strong & Stay Safe🌻
Free Help Line: 1-800-Quit-Now Gum, Lozenges or Patches with Phone Counseling Support

RennieDeeH 2 months ago

Many blessings and warm wishes to you - stay strong and remember, on those days when it is difficult to believe in yourself, we all believe in you enough for you. The struggle is so very real, but so is the support and love surrounding you. Rock on girlfriend, YOU GOT THIS!!!