10 Things To Do in Phoenix Arizona!!


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Information 10 Things To Do in Phoenix Arizona!!

Title : 10 Things To Do in Phoenix Arizona!!

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Frames 10 Things To Do in Phoenix Arizona!!

Description 10 Things To Do in Phoenix Arizona!!

10 Things To Do in Phoenix Arizona!!

10 Things To Do in Phoenix Arizona!!

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paul best
paul best 2 months ago

1-10, Pray for rain. 11-20 pray for rain

Kyle Shuppert
Kyle Shuppert 2 months ago

What should you do in Phoenix?...Go somewhere that is not in Phoenix for the first four minutes...

Bonnie Guhl
Bonnie Guhl 2 months ago

What about tennis?

beatstork 2 months ago

Huge metropolis?? Lol!

Come to LA

zkxe 2 months ago

#1 thing to do in Phoenix, AZ .... sweat yer ass off !!

chris stehn
chris stehn 2 months ago

top golf

Alex Ricciardelli
Alex Ricciardelli 2 months ago

get to the point

Alexis Santillan
Alexis Santillan 2 months ago


A.J. Jax
A.J. Jax 2 months ago

I'm visiting Phoenix for the first time this coming may. Which are the best areas of the city to stay?

DrPhilLikesMyCutG 2 months ago

Great video! One complaint tho.......Mountain biking??!!!!

Aliya Rector
Aliya Rector 2 months ago

A must IMHO in Phoenix is to fly on hot air balloon and see sunrise/sunset

savedbyjesus3 2 months ago

Tempe Town Lake is a beautiful place to ride scooters around or have a picnic 🧺 so is Fountain Hills Park

Lynne Trowern
Lynne Trowern 2 months ago

dont forget mystery castle, at the base of south mtn!

Blake Nass
Blake Nass 2 months ago

Glad you included the Musical Instrument Museum! Super underrated!

Rebecca Crone
Rebecca Crone 2 months ago

Ever been to Seven Springs? The best.

Jeffrey Ferguson
Jeffrey Ferguson 2 months ago

Papago park, where the Famous Hole in the Rock is. Climbed that thing hundreds of times, first time around 71, back when I was a young kid, I remember going back as a adult and remembering how big it was as a kid, I was with a girlfriend from 7th grade, she still lived there, I was shocked. Told her this can’t be it, it’s not that big what happened to it😁 she said you grew up, it didn’t shrink. Went back with my Son and hiked it. With him there was like going back in time. Plus the Zoo is right there too. Great area😇

Jeffrey Ferguson
Jeffrey Ferguson 2 months ago

The Goldfield Mine reminded me of the Old Rawhide off of Scottsdale RD. They did open another Rawhide, but I haven’t been to that one yet. The old Rawhide was there for ever, use to go as a teenager, last time I was there I took my teenager. Great memories

Ganja Dub
Ganja Dub 2 months ago

More like tip of the mountain...

Duke x
Duke x 2 months ago

The little things...... Eat some "close to" authentic Mexican food while U out here. I lived on the east coast for a decade and their "Mexican" food standards are different.

Dantespeak 2 months ago

Had fun visiting Goldfield Mine then went trail riding at the OK Corral with the Superstition Mountains in the background, then went to scenic Canyon Lake all in a days time.

Shammai 2 months ago

Glad u back from Florida post more on island hopper tv

Tine Weck
Tine Weck 2 months ago

Hi Jeff, thank you for another wonderful video.
Your tip for the „Musical Instrument Museum“ is very valuable.
Meanwhile I looked at the homepage of MIM, it‘s gorgeous there, how does it have to
be in reality ?
Once more thanks for your efforts. greetings from Germany 🙋‍♀️

Mary Smith
Mary Smith 2 months ago

Thx Jeff awesome xxxx

Matt Cummings
Matt Cummings 2 months ago

Greetings from the UK! Man we missed so much when we visited in 2019. We’re coming back in 2024 so will make sure we check out all of those places when we return. Particularly looking forward to walking some of those trails.

KatWoman 2 months ago

Great ideas. Beautiful backdrop.

Pete Brown
Pete Brown 2 months ago

Awesome video Jeff!
The Musical Instrument Musium is well worth the trip. My suggestion is to make a day of it.
Thank you for the suggestions for my next trip out to Arizona.

Ruby Red
Ruby Red 2 months ago

I've never heard of the Instrument Museum

Sleepy Puppy Crypto
Sleepy Puppy Crypto 2 months ago

Alt Coin Buzz Jeff, how you liking those alt coins ;)

Robert Vogel
Robert Vogel 2 months ago

Thanks again for sharing your videos

Taylor Van Buskirk
Taylor Van Buskirk 2 months ago

Out my way in Gold Canyon, we have Boyce Thompson Arboretum. That's a great place to hike.

Jay Cee
Jay Cee 2 months ago

Just when I start thinking, Where's Jeff? You deliver.

Mr.GainInsane 2 months ago


PrincessMich 2 months ago

My grandkids enjoyed the butterfly museum too!

C E 2 months ago

Thank you! This video was right on time! I’m here for the weekend and was lost about what to do in such beautiful state!

Patriot 2 months ago

That view behind you is awesome! Thanks for all your time you spend researching these areas for us!

David Parnell
David Parnell 2 months ago


Channel Battles
Channel Battles 2 months ago