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Coronavirus Update 111: Masks; New Vitamin D Data and COVID 19; NAC

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Information Coronavirus Update 111: Masks; New Vitamin D Data and COVID 19; NAC

Title :  Coronavirus Update 111: Masks; New Vitamin D Data and COVID 19; NAC
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Frames Coronavirus Update 111: Masks; New Vitamin D Data and COVID 19; NAC

Description Coronavirus Update 111: Masks; New Vitamin D Data and COVID 19; NAC

Comments Coronavirus Update 111: Masks; New Vitamin D Data and COVID 19; NAC

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Comment from : MedCram - Medical Lectures Explained CLEARLY

Ramz Ramz
The more we try to intellectualise covid, the stupider we become.
Just live!!!

Comment from : Ramz Ramz

Ramz Ramz
The more we try to intellectualise covid, the stupider we become.
Just live!!!

Comment from : Ramz Ramz

it’s a hoax, doc. just another raindrop falling through the social storm.
Comment from : david

Granite Moss
My household had a *possible Covid exposure and the question became, "Was the person who became mildly symptomatic on Monday night, tested positive Tues, contagious on Thurs morning prior, when we had contact with them?" My child's pediatrician's office said no, highly unlikely, but had to ask the Doc how long people are considered contagious before becoming symptomatic. The DOCTOR didn't know and had to do some research- 2 to 3 days is the answer there, but the Doc didn't even know what the thoughts on that were!

My Doc;s office encouraged me to come in for testing immediately...even though we saw the person 4.5 days before they showed symptoms. I assured the nurse I would get tested IF I became symptomatic. I was told to quarantine away from my family, have my own dedicated plate, cups, silverware, and wear a mask in my home if i was closer than 6 feet from my household members. Which is all good advice IF I were positive but totally over the top for my situation.The nurse then called back 5 minutes later to push me AGAIN to get tested. The answer will still a firm NO, thank you.

Mind you, the pedi and my Doc are in the same healthcare conglomerate, both associated with the same local small hospital. Yet they gave vastly different answers. My state health hotline tells me people are considered possibly contagious for 2 days before symptoms, so I have counted us as in the clear here. I expected we were fine but wanted to do the right thing and be responsible about it, which is why I checked in with our Docs.

No wonder the situation is such a mess. Even healthcare 'experts' don't have a clear path for dealing with this!

Comment from : Granite Moss

ATTENTION THIS IS THE PLAN FOR US REGARDING THIS COVID HOAX .This letter was leaked from the Liberal parties committee of the PMO . Covid 19 is the termination of 80% of the world population . Read this and do not get vaccinated and keep your guns . >>>This letter is from a Committee member within the liberal party of Canada with the strategic planning committee which is steered by the PMO. Roughly 30% of the liberal party did not want to go along with this plan that was handed down to them from basically " the powers that be ' however they were told that regardless of what they say , the plans will go ahead. And it goes as follows >>

Faze in secondary lock down restrictions on a rolling basis starting with major metropolitan areas first and expanding outward expected by late November 2020. Rush the acquisition of or construction of isolation facilities across every province and territory expected by December 2020. Daily new cases of Covd 19 will surge beyond capacity of testing including increases in covid related deaths following the same growth course expected by the end of November 2020. Complete and total secondary lock down much stricter then the first and second rolling faze restrictions expected by the end of December early 2021 . Reform the expansion of the unemployment program to be transitioned into the universal basic income program expected by quarter one 2021 . Projected covid 19 mutation and orco-infection with secondary virus referred to as covid 21 leading to a third wave with much higher mortality rate and higher rate of infection expected by Feb 2021. Daily new cases of Covid 21 hospitalizations and covid 19 and covid 21 related deaths will exceed medical facility capacities expected by quarter first of quarter 2 of february 2021 .
Enhanced lock down restrictions referred to as third lock down will be implemented .Full travel restrictions will be imposed including inter province and inter city expected by quarter two 2021 .Transitioning of individuals into the universal basic income program expected mid quarter two 2021 . Projected supply chain breakdowns in inventory storage large economic instability all expected late second quarter 2021 . Deployment of military personnel into major metropolitan areas as well as all major roadways to establish travel check points restrict travel and movement providing logistical support to the area expected by third quarter 2021. Along with that provided road map the strategic planning committee was asked to design an effective way of transitioning Canadians to meet an unprecedented economic endeavour one that would change the face of Canada and forever alter the lives of Canadians . A total debt relief offer is in place called the world debt reset program in exchange for acceptance of this total debt forgiveness the individual will forfeit ownership of any and all property and assets FOREVER . The individual would also have to agree to partake in the covid 19 covid 21 vaccination schedule which will provide the individual with unrestricted travel and unrestricted living even under a full lock down through the use of a photo identification referred to as Canadas health pass . Committee members asked what would happen to those that refuse to participate in the world debt reset program or the vaccination schedule. The answer was very troubling .They were told it was their duty to make sure they come up with a plan that would never happen they were also told it would be in the individuals best interest to participate . Those who refuse would first live under the lock down
restrictions INDEFINITELY and over a short period of time as more Canadians transition into the debt forgiveness program the ones that refuse to participate would be deemed a public safety risk and would be relocated into isolation facilities .Once in those facilities they would be given 2 options participate in the program and be released or stay indefinitely in the isolation facility under the classification of a serious public health risk and have all your assets seized . They were also told the whole agenda will move forward no matter who agrees with it or not

From the Liberal Party at The PMO of Canada October 22/2020

Comment from : searchin1truth

Bryan Cooper
That is what butchered dead animals are...a virus
Comment from : Bryan Cooper

Maarten Van Den Berg
Does a positive PCR test also mean that person has corona? I heard the answer is no.

2nd question, most docters in elder homes are encouraged to say death is covid related. Are covid death confirmed bu autopsy?

If the answers are No, then what is the value of these numbers?

Comment from : Maarten Van Den Berg

Sho Nuff
Can I just take nac when I get symtoms?
Comment from : Sho Nuff

Marianne Sonntag
I have been taking NAC for 7 years, ever since it was suspected of being anti- viral during other efficacy tests. I have had no colds or flu in all that time. Also, I have had no annual flu shots since 1991, when it was the second year in a row I got a NIRV reaction and was sick for months. NIRV is Non Influenza Respiratory Virus, of which there are four known, one or two are a type of pneumonia. When your body is fighting to produce antibodies to 3 or 4 kinds of flu, you are in a susceptible state of getting one of these, especially if your immune system is weak. I also have been taking 4000 iu vitamin D 3 daily along with vitamin K2- mk7, as well as other suppliments. During this pandemic, greatly reduced human contact and wear mask always indoors, like bank, market. I am 74, overweight, get exercise by doing gardening and yard maintenance, have no other co-morbidity factors. I do not plan to get the covid vaccine, and feel pretty confident of remaining at my current health status.
Comment from : Marianne Sonntag

St. Purchase
Does anyone know of anyone that has had the flu since covid 19 ?
Comment from : St. Purchase

Asymptomatic spread is a ridiculous idea. This illness is going to be gone by the end of 2021.
Comment from : mwoz87

Robert Masic
Critically urgent to change the course of this pandemic: Ivermectin has been added to the MATH+ protocol as Highly Recommended (must use now). Please support this game changing event on 29/Oct/2020. Ivermectin + Mask protocol.
Comment from : Robert Masic

Scott Johnson
What about the fact that masks don't block the virus. Based on doctors. N95 is for bacteria...not viruses. Viruses are much smaller than bacteria. I'm tired if the false messages. Explain to me why after 20 minutes I was light headed and nauseous. Tried again the same day a half hour later I had the same reaction after 5 minutes. I was sick for 27 hours before the sickness went away. I can't wear a mask. I do keep my body healthy with the proper levels of vitamins and herbs. Doing well... No wuhan virus. My question is when are we going to be told the truth about this crap? Why are masks that are ineffective being pushed by are government and not health. Viruses take over the body when you're immune system is weak. Wake up people!
Comment from : Scott Johnson

Mathew Ostovich
You're stupid if you believe a word of this
Comment from : Mathew Ostovich

Wait so the spike in cases is because the masks prevent the spread and the flat line on death rate is because the dems are great? The math is fuzzy at best. Check the graphs. cases rapidly rising which when you have 330 million people and you get 11 million cases, over 7-8 months, is relatively small during the worst pandemic in our lifetime,
The graphs dont lie but the politicians and experts do whether they knowingly do or not is not our concern.
The masks probably dont do spit either. Instead of rality they blame Trump like pathetic weak ignorant children and thats an insult to children.

Comment from : S T

bill the biker
This whole thing is a fraud, as evidenced in the UK where deaths are being added to the stats where covid was not the cause.
Comment from : bill the biker

Still only masks as a solution ? No useful therapeutics? I thought the masks didn't protect you from others? Why mention the use of masks in hospitals because "you never know who might be positive"? If the masks only kinda but not totally prevent the wearer from infecting others? So much confusing info. Lockdowns and masks apparently don't prevent virus spread if the increase in cases is any proof. But people are getting sick from mental and physical stress which will increase the positive rate in RNA testing. According to many familiar with these tests.
Comment from : jossfangirl

Peter Thiessen
Covid will never end.
Comment from : Peter Thiessen

Carleen Turner
I am a nurse. My whole family has been taking D3 and K2 for over 6 months....we have had no COVID yet, and I am sure if anyone of the family comes down with an infection...not worried.
Comment from : Carleen Turner

It,s misleading to use same time line for cases and deaths, as death data lag. ( you,re a Dr. - please get the basics right ) This week,s cases will relate to death data in ~ 4wks time. Doh.
Comment from : V

You’d think C19 was like Ebola or SARS the way the media & medics endlessly promote the erosion of civil liberties. I and a number of friends all got it whilst on holiday back in March, and it was just a bit worse than the flu for those of us over 50 and better than flu for those under that age (we’d all also had the flu after a trip in January). And the seasonal pattern of C19 is just like the flu, obviously following the same self-limiting Gompertz curve without any need for lockdowns, masks, vaccines, etc..

The panic is much, much worse, and is going to end up with multiply more deaths from economic damage, worldwide poverty, depression, suicides, and delayed diagnoses/treatments of cardiac/cancer/diabetes, etc. conditions. We’re going to look back at this period with disbelief at the sheer madness of the overreaction and horrific consequences.

Comment from : Doublethink

A Freeman
My researches suggest that Covid 19 is no more than common cold or 'flu and that more damage is done by 'Covid madness': fear, hysteria and paranoia than by the disease itself.
The 'pandemic' is a HOAX perpetrated by NWO to fragment natural, organic society, impose control and conformity and restructure the economy.
People who love FREEDOM should REBEL in any way they can and avoid any form of 'track and trace'.

Comment from : A Freeman

Samson Jacob
Half u just lost half
Comment from : Samson Jacob

Samson Jacob
It is finished..the Spirit Speaks
Comment from : Samson Jacob

Michael Bizzle
Do redheads produce there own vitamin d and why theres a low death rate in Scotland just a theory
Comment from : Michael Bizzle

I wonder if doctors would advocate masks if they knew they would be held accountable for their recommendation? At the minimum, if it would go on public records and people could judge which Doctor is a critical thinker and which ones are just memorize whatever is fed to them
Comment from : knokhol

Carl Thornton
Very Good!!!
Comment from : Carl Thornton

Nira van de Bossche
Husband of icon speaking, what a very limited and horrible deceptive test. That's not nearly enuf time of wearing the mask to do a test. What a deceptive video , little truth with deception mixed in. This man should get the noble deceptive prize. Mask suck and harm your health.
Comment from : Nira van de Bossche

Joe Blo
Remember when we were less fearful???
Comment from : Joe Blo

Don Quihote
These studies are flawed. They fail by a limited approach. We gave ill people this particular substance and it had little to no affect. For Gods sake. When will you very smart people recognise a recipe requires multiple ingredients and interactions. Just because a substance is present in the body is no indication what so ever that the body can utilize it! The issue is more like having a pantry full of nutritious food with out a can opener. A person can't build ATP if they can,t absorb B1. Neural health fails dramatically if a person can't absorb copper. These Biological activities do not occur in Isolation, but, rather, are a full process. Serum blood levels all check in the green. Biological usage, hardly ever looked at! Criminal Negligence!
Comment from : Don Quihote

Wellness Path For Me
Using storage D only to gauge active D status is almost like checking vehicle trunks for quarts of oil to gauge how well engines run. For those who can still ratiocinate...
Testing is Key to Hormone-D! -- therootcauseprotocol.com/testing-is-key-to-hormone-d/
The Truth of Hormone-D… -- therootcauseprotocol.com/the-truth-of-hormone-d/
Vitamin-D deficiency = Mg deficiency. Period. -- therootcauseprotocol.com/vitamin-d-deficiency-mg-deficiency-period/
The Vitamin-D controversy… -- therootcauseprotocol.com/the-vitamin-d-controversy/
Iron Toxicity Post #50: The Iron-ic “D”eceit of Hormone-D -- therootcauseprotocol.com/iron-toxicity-post-50-the-iron-ic-deceit-of-hormone-d/
Dr. Stephanie Seneff: Is Vitamin D Supplementation Really Necessary? -- oneradionetwork.com/diet-and-nutrition/dr-stephanie-seneff-is-vitamin-d-supplementation-really-necessary-august-12-2019/
Rethinking Vitamin D with Morley Robbins -- www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAB0pNdFQLQ
Why You Shouldn't Supplement Vitamin D w: Jim Stephenson Jr & Morely Robbins | Mitolife Radio Ep #0 -- www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXWRTBTnfrk
Vitamin D—Risk vs Benefit (Dr. Mildred Selig, Mg researcher) -- www.mgwater.com/vitamin_d.shtml

Comment from : Wellness Path For Me

Gavin Buck
A simple thank you.
Comment from : Gavin Buck

Gwendolyn Albert
It is flu season.
Comment from : Gwendolyn Albert

Julia Fox
So, they did the tests only on surgical masks. Could we please have the corresponding tests which show that surgical masks have reduced viral spread?

As far as I understand, the virus is too small to be stopped by the fibers in any mask save N95 and end up on the outside of the mask, of which everyone is now touching constantly. Aside from that is the insanity of watching people pull up their masks to cough and sneeze (not covering because of the position of pulling off the mask) because they "don't want it to be gross inside of the mask". The mask then gives a false sense of safety.

Finally, how is it that for 40 years the results of research indicated that masks were mostly ineffective, but now all of a sudden they are?

Comment from : Julia Fox

Zeus Isgreat
Wrong! They doubled the parameters that is why it looks high for England. Get the facts right!
Comment from : Zeus Isgreat

At rest is not a real life comparison. How about having someone walk at the pace that is required from a waitress and do that for 2-3 hrs non stop then I'll believe all these people passing out in the job is all in their head.
Comment from : TINA H.

Have you looked into moringa ? I heard in Colombia they were giving moringa to the inmates to keep Covid numbers down and it seemed to be working.....
Comment from : TL J

Little Menes
Comment from : Little Menes

jack b
I looked up the definition of CASE in an online medical dictionary. Case--- Epidemiology A countable instance in the population or study group of a particular disease, health disorder, or condition under investigation; sometimes, an individual with the particular disease. I looked up the medical definition of disease. Disease--a definite pathological process having a characteristic set of signs and symptoms.. Most people who test positive have NO symptoms. Hence, I deduce using case in the manner of Covid-19 experts is an abuse of language for political purpose. Covid-19 testing is a psychological operation for political purpose and a medical fraud.
Comment from : jack b

African Electron
But do surgical masks really make a difference?
Comment from : African Electron

Nancy Tokarz
The mask study is BS.
Comment from : Nancy Tokarz

Spark Music & Theatrale
Yes good job
Comment from : Spark Music & Theatrale

Agree with everything but the masks. The packaging clearly states that these masks cannot prevent viral transmission, the particles travel right through the masks.
Comment from : Matt

Amaryllis Galatzs
Vitamin D3 and zinc will help your immune systems.....
Comment from : Amaryllis Galatzs

Suzanne Looms
Re: the NAC research, Daniel Griffin says something similar about TIMING and which phase you introduce a treatment as you do: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULRlOIigDR8&t=2778s
Comment from : Suzanne Looms

Chris D
There’s just no way wearing a mask doesn’t increase CO2 levels in people with bad COPD.

You have to work harder to move air when wearing a mask. This is indisputable.

Some people may not have the extra reserve to overcome this. Especially for long periods of time.

They are creating a bubble of hot/exhaled air that just sits around the mouth, you rebreather exhaled air and co2 will go up.

This study was designed with an outcome in mind. The results don’t make physiologic sense.

Also N=15? Cmon.

Comment from : Chris D

Unknown Unknown

Comment from : Unknown Unknown

Julieta De Leon
I continue putting my LIFE on the line for Vit D & NAC.! And Quercetin if the situation required it.!! And everything else of Dr. Seheult's Protocole.!!! Thanks a lot and GOD bless you.!
Comment from : Julieta De Leon

Luminous Lentil
What about flu deaths since April?
Comment from : Luminous Lentil

Jeff Mawhinneÿ
A case is NOTa positive results. A case is when someone is sick.
Comment from : Jeff Mawhinneÿ

lynn hope
This covid stuff is a bunch of lies.
Comment from : lynn hope

Kelly Conroy
The scamdemic will end when politicians decide it's not helping their case.
Comment from : Kelly Conroy

Sheila Kinney
Masks do not stop viruses. Plain and simple.
Comment from : Sheila Kinney

So, I am a UPS driver and my wife is a RN...we both have had extremely strong immune systems. My wife got a mandatory6 Flu Shot. that night she started feeling bad....she normally reacts that way every time...she kept getting progressively worse...Feverchills/cough/body aches...a day or so later i started spiking some dull headaches. so i took her to get tested...she tested positive......me and my son went the next day as we both experienced fever/headache...body aches......I had ONE really BAD day and woke up next day and felt 50%+ better...this is going on right now as i type. she is having the worst symptoms of whole house. My o2 level is 96-97. just sharing my story.
Comment from : MemphisMike

Steve O_O
How about test on fashion style or cotton face masks?? I use those and I'm always feeling like its hard to breath.
Comment from : Steve O_O

Charles Townsend
I'm wondering if this is by design? Is their a release of the virus going on noone knows about? Strange how its popping up and down everywhere.

As far as masks, everyone should take a break every hour and drink some water. That will help alot.

What I'm also seeing is a huge concern. When a person takes their mask off, it may have been contaminated and they just put it in their pocket or purse instead of putting it into a plastic sandwich bag.

In addition, after taking their masks off, they are not sterilizing their hands. So if they picked up some contaminated spray, its on their hands, in their pockets, in their purses or wherever they tossed their masks down.

So, special attention needs to be addressed to the sterile seal being broken.after use of the mask. I see used paper masks lying on the ground everywhere.

If we are going to go through this massive effort with masks, we should despise of or put the masks away in a much safer way. Any time you handle a mask, sterilize the area again. If you take of your mask, open a door, the door handle could now be contaminated.

Comment from : Charles Townsend

If vitamin D is so beneficial, why are the infection rates so high in Arizona?
Comment from : stillbreathing37

Faron T
Stop the lies mask don't work. Have 2 friends that always wear a mask that now have covid-19 I never wear 1 and don't have it. I take vitamin D Iodine zinc .Also tell the children that have Contracted legionnaires disease from wearing mask at school that they should continue to wear them
Comment from : Faron T

Ddw1212@gmail.com Walton
How about everybody getting off from meat, Dairy, and get were 40% of the population isn't sick, and get everybody on diet and also get everybody off from medicine that isn't helping anybody, except for the drugs people.
Comment from : Ddw1212@gmail.com Walton

90% false positives.
Comment from : conceptobject

Lynette Alexander
Daughter had bacterial pneumonia ended up in ICU with breathing tube, 2 doctors blamed mask.
Comment from : Lynette Alexander

Mike Knox
COVID is a fraud.
Comment from : Mike Knox

Peggy Young
Cases mean nothing people! Viruses don’t exist- it’s call our amazing immune system- thank you God!
Comment from : Peggy Young

Lokendra deo Bhatt
Thanks for wonderfully presentation, really good heart touching.
Comment from : Lokendra deo Bhatt

Shame shame shame on you and your lies! You are a total idiot and misleading people to continue to believe the scam.
Comment from : jitaftwt

The Watchman
Go to Anthony Patch at YouTube for the breakdown of the Covid Mark Of the Beast Vaccine which also will change your DNA...
Comment from : The Watchman

Grace Li
Mask info total b.s. and you know it.
Comment from : Grace Li

Peocris Garlic
med cram what do you guys know about raw garlic and viruses?
Comment from : Peocris Garlic

Kristina Stan
False positives!
Comment from : Kristina Stan

I’ll just never mind them times I passed out while working with the mask on.
Comment from : Mark

A. Vodka Nerd
This guy is a shill making irrational conclusions. He's part of the industry that is killing us. www.cnbc.com/2018/02/22/medical-errors-third-leading-cause-of-death-in-america.html
Comment from : A. Vodka Nerd

Like 5-minute test would be comprehensive enough. Try at least 30 minutes with running and other physical activity.
Comment from : metal87power

I would wait for a pull back on the daily chart before buying in.
Comment from : DigitalYojimbo

Vivia Sthel
Thiamin prevents lactato formation by pyruvate.
Comment from : Vivia Sthel

Vivia Sthel
Miyake A, Kawasaki J, Ngo H, Makundi I, Muto Y, Khan AH, Smith DJ, Nishigaki K. Reduced Folate Carrier: an Entry Receptor for a Novel Feline Leukemia Virus Variant. J Virol. 2019 Jun 14;93(13):e00269-19. doi: 10.1128/JVI.00269-19. PMID: 30996094; PMCID: PMC6580973. Thiamin is the answer.
Comment from : Vivia Sthel

You Tube Videos
How valid are the results of the PCR testing when the inventor of this method himself (Nobel Prize Winner) said it should never be used for epidemic/pandemic detection due to its ability to be amplified up or down to essentially see what you want it to see? Shouldn't you consider the validness of the results themselves which are being used to fear-monger the global population towards voluntary vaccination?
Comment from : You Tube Videos

I've taken 750mg of NAC daily for years and will continue. And for years I take a 4,000iu vit D drop daily sublingually.
I upped my vitamin D and just take 1,000iu or 2,000iu gel caps as sunlight exposure produces less Vit D at my age.
My vit D reference level is regularly at 50 but should be higher since adding the 2,000iu gel caps some days.

Comment from : billytheweasel

That mask study was done at JMH? The air quality and mechanics (inside a hospital) are regulated so that doctors, patients, workers can work all day with masks. OSHA experts come in and direct the administration of the hospital on what construction is necessary. If this study was done on us average people walking around outside at grocery store at school etc. Then maybe it would be relevant.
Comment from : MJ MJ

Mike White
Lockdowns do not work.
Comment from : Mike White

Mike White
Masks increase Covid infections 84% per CDC
Comment from : Mike White

Big John
covid is not even real .....we need to focus on survival now - it is a plan and it is getting underway.
Comment from : Big John

So let me ask, are these deaths strictly from CoVid and nothing else? Tell me about heart attacks strokes complications of diabetes. What are there numbers?
Comment from : dontbelieve777

Barry Harding
please stop looking at cases. it is the source, an excuse for destroying the economy and if anyone did the cost/benefit on everyone actions based on unjustified fears, would break down and cry.
Comment from : Barry Harding

Abbi Kinghorn
In the UK they are doing a randomised national survey. I had a letter inviting me to take part. They give you £50 just for swabbing your nose and throat in your own home. They are looking for the thousands of positive cases where people have no symptoms.... Then reporting it as a massive increase in cases to shut the country down! UNBELIEVABLE!
Comment from : Abbi Kinghorn

Christina Charlton
I'm fed up with hearing about cases. The way they test isn't correct.
Comment from : Christina Charlton

Michael Bradford
youtu.be/aIvRR_y5i-k COVID AND ZINC LEVELS - Associations REPORTED
Comment from : Michael Bradford

Online Call
It is forgivable that people and MD's hardly know any real science, especially about immunity or biology. However, it is not forgivable that after all of human history people believe officials, especially UNELECTED officials about a killer virus when other states and countries can be used as an example of how they were ignoring the ""warnings"" and are now just fine, yet most that were OBEYING the lock down ORDERS are allegedly all being ""infected"" and dying.

How stupid are you people???

The corona virus is under your shoes, in your pockets, on your food, inside you and all over
the world and even in space!!! You have 380,000,000,000,000, viruses inside you right now.

Everybody does. One liter of sea water has 100 BILLION viruses. Using the PCR test anyone can be positive of CV-19 and in fact with sufficient testing everyone SHOULD be positive. Of course, since it is the common cold virus most will show ZERO symptoms but people will still think its the end of the world because they prefer to carry the torch of the NEW WORLD ORDER then to use a little UN- common sense.

Comment from : Online Call

Pootie Putin
URGENT: The political hysteria in the United States surrounding COVID-19 has taken away critical focus on the "early treatment" of this disease, and will go down in medical history as an incredible blunder.

While we argue about masks, social distancing, testing, shutdowns and vaccines, several other countries, notably India, have focused on distributing "Home Treatments Kits" to their populations. These kits include proven drugs like Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin as well as over the counter meds which dramatically reduce the severity and length of recovery of COVID-19. It's crucial to take this protocol at the onset of COVID-19 so you don't end up in a hospital fighting for your life. These prescriptions only cost a few dollars without insurance.

If your doctor doesn't agree with using Hydroxychloroquine, then find another doctor or use the MEDICI app to speak with an on-line doctor immediately. These doctors will take a brief medical history, then prescribe Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin as well as detail which over the counter meds to take. You will then have these meds on hand BEFORE you come down with COVID-19. The MEDICI on-line doctors are also available 24/7 and can provide ongoing support if you come down with COVID-19.

Here is a great YouTube video that describes "Outpatient Early Treatment for COVID-19": www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNZdWQCfTqc&feature=youtu.be

Comment from : Pootie Putin

I posted this back on Update 59 but well after anyone might be monitoring comments, so I'll post again here.

Regarding NAC, I had come across a study that indicated that, while NAC is beneficial for treating certain lung conditions (COPD, emphysema, etc.), there is some evidence that NAC can enhance the initiation and/or growth of lung endenocarcinoma (Breau, et al, JCI Insight Oct. 19, 2019). Anyone familiar with this research or others with like conclusions?

Comment from : rla1000

Nancy T
Statistics????? Really???? We know it's all false data.
Comment from : Nancy T

D3, k2mk7, zinc, copper, selenium, NAC, garlic.
Comment from : wnc817

Matt Pereira
How can someone wearing a mask and asymptomatic spread a virus? Complete BS
Comment from : Matt Pereira

Christine Duvall
What still bothers me is people still not wearing masks. If a person had surgery would they want the Doctor and Nurses to wear masks? Why? Because what we breath out could potentially kill that patient, but people on the streets don’t understand that by not wearing a mask they could potentially kill someone in the same way. Not wearing a mask is just legal murder
Comment from : Christine Duvall

Joyce Jackson
You know the John Hopkins tracker was bononga sausage. I had it on my phone and it got deleted Because is was bononga sausage shoved into a bennie wheeny wraper. It'll pass with time and our human body can fight it or die trying.
Comment from : Joyce Jackson

Luc Boucher
we all watching the same stupid numbers on internet but everything on internet is fake... even poor country with no internet can say they got 3k cases lmao.... lookin at stats like a game lol
Comment from : Luc Boucher

The study you posted contradicts studies from 20 years ago to present so I suspect those numbers are fudged or due to some flaws in the study. Also, those studies make no mention of bacteria and fungus growing in masks people wear without washing them daily. Most people walk around with a mask in their pocket and put it on to walk into stores and such where they are required.

The science was in years ago. Masks do not stop the spread of covid type viruses.
I suspect you are a left winger and likely a Trump hater.

Comment from : johnspartan98

Katie Faith
Give us the numbers of flu cases and deaths over the last 5-10 years...and STOP labeling gun shot wounds and anyone dying who was already seriously compromised with other diseases COVID....lies lies lies

Comment from : Katie Faith

Maureen Believes
Seriously, you are claiming that when wearing a mask a person has BETTER oxygenation?? What a joke!
Comment from : Maureen Believes

D. E.
How can anything be said about the number of cases when there is no reliable test and the virus has never been purified and isolated?
Comment from : D. E.

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