Christmas at Sea 2020 A Months at Sea on an ERRV (December 2020). Part 2



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Information Christmas at Sea 2020 A Months at Sea on an ERRV (December 2020). Part 2

Title : Christmas at Sea 2020 A Months at Sea on an ERRV (December 2020). Part 2

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Frames Christmas at Sea 2020 A Months at Sea on an ERRV (December 2020). Part 2

Description Christmas at Sea 2020 A Months at Sea on an ERRV (December 2020). Part 2

Christmas at Sea 2020 A Months at Sea on an ERRV (December 2020). Part 2

Christmas at Sea 2020 A Months at Sea on an ERRV (December 2020). Part 2

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JaksMittens AndStuff
JaksMittens AndStuff 2 months ago

❤️ I’m late to this one…I stand by my prior thoughts in that the lot of you are made of steel - true angels. Thank you for sharing y’all’s daily grind. Til the next one!

Requim Dream
Requim Dream 2 months ago

You guys even had Christmas gifts for each other :') 🙂 That's so awesome 🙂

Frank Woodward
Frank Woodward 2 months ago

I sure hope you guys were payed over time for doing two tours back to back and for us we get a good long video.

Roadcalldude 2 months ago

Loved the video. Hello from the States. You Gents have balls of steel. Stay safe, all of you.

People_Mad_Asf 2 months ago

I know im super late but i feel for you! Past 2 years ive been with the Coast Guard we missed Christmas and thanksgiving. Thank you for doing what youre doing:) Best of luck to y'all as 2021 goes by!

Donald Michael Lumsden

Is this Scotland ?

TheSWolfe 2 months ago

Glad u all made it home in time for celebrations with family & friends, following the crew party & almost bad news. A Blessed 2021 to you all. May it leave the trials of 2020 in its wake. Cheers!

JentaroTV 2 months ago

Thank you for this inside look. I hope you got to catch up with your family.

cyrax1700 2 months ago

As usual, great vedio.
But, I wonder, how do you guys deal with sea sickness.
What's the secret recipe?

Bael 2 months ago


Chris Powell
Chris Powell 2 months ago

Greetings from sunny Aus bud. Been watching for the last 2 months. Cheers for posting, Ive been sitting in hospital and watching Ur vids every night before bed. Legend. Something relaxing about em. I wanna live that life ay. Is there a chance for an shite bloke like me (29, physics n engineering teacher) to join this kinda vessel?

The Dinosaur
The Dinosaur 2 months ago

Awesome as always. I like your conversations with Albert. He seems like a chill guy.

Holly Winsman
Holly Winsman 2 months ago

@Bigwavemaster1 I have the question of the year. When you guys crest a wave and are headed down, sometimes at 90 degrees from the horizon what keeps your stern anchored in the water? This is the most horrifying thing I've ever seen.
Stay safe!!!!!

36Studebaker 2 months ago

this is a pretty cool channel which i just discovered last night by accident... love the big waves footage in your 'storm' video clips, on some of the videos the waves easily seem in 40' plus range, and this seems like a frequent occurrence - is this because the north sea is relatively a 'shallow' sea as compared to the atlantic or pacific oceans?... hell, if i weren't paralyzed in a wheelchair [broke my damn neck in 1990] i think i'd fly to scotland and try to get mustered aboard one of those kickass errv boats as long as the pay is decent; and i'm guessing it's probably at least ok plus you feel you're doing something good like saving lives in an emergency...

i'll make a long post here, hope you don't mind but i'd like to find out mre info re-these videos...

these videos leave me with a lot of questions [no offense meant but the poor audio and strong scottish/brit accents also don't help either haha] like how extensive is the maintenance, repair/refitting after each 1-2 month stint at sea because the errv's seem to take a beating and who performs it [crew itself?], etc, etc...but what intrigues me the most is part of the permanent crew...

it seems you have quite a bit of polish crew members judging by their names and accent... i believe that wojciech, bogdan and andrew are polish and although 'yuri' is a russian name your chief mechanic seems to also have a polish rather than a russian accent...
i was born and grew up in poland until we as a family escaped [the then-commie government] here to the usa back in 1980 when i was 14 y/o so it was a pleasant surprise to find some kin-folk onboard the errv all the way in northern scotland...

how and why is there such a large contingent of poles as crew there?...
are these immigrants who settled in your country or is this some type of an exchange workers type of a deal?...i think you mentioned something about polish consulate or embassy in your video so they're likely not scottish citizens...
i'm guessing that getting mustered aboard one of those ships as crew ain't easy considering the small amount of crews on each and specialized type of duties an there's likely a competition for one of those jobs there... so why so many poles as part of the crew, could you enlighten me?...thanks, just really curious, that's all...

i myself found life at sea extremely boring [did a couple of years stint in the u.s. navy in mid-1980s and a couple of 2 week jobs on a 90' scalloping boat out of new bedford, massachusetts around xmas of 1989] but really and only enjoyed myself during hurricanes and storms, kind of like riding a coaster at an amusement park except for the shipmates who'd get seasick and hurl chunks, so i really enjoy watching the big stormy waves as the errv plows through them... the work above these errv's seems much more interesting and less boring than anything at sea i've done in my past life...
apart from some storms, i've also been in a hurricane [charley in 1986 in the atlantic] at sea for about 24 hours on an amphibious assault ship [lpd] and we had seas cresting well over 50' and really high winds... the ship was about 550' in length, close to 100' beam so it would take a relatively long time for it to list side-to-side and we hit some extreme angles at times... of course had to use strap belts in our bunks when turning in... the crappy part was that the ship's flight deck and stern gate area was flat bottomed with shallow draft - so about half its length - for shallow water amphibious ops and that flat bottom sucked in big storms when it would smack hard coming onto or off a big wave, sometimes it felt as if the damn ship would come apart after a particularly deep bottoming out it hit so hard and loud...

my first scalloper short outing to sea was altogether different than experiences asea during my navy stint, it was xmas time in '89 and there was a large winter storm... only 4 boats decided to put out to sea out of the entire fleet in new bedford, the rest didn't want to chance the storm...
we went as far south as north carolina and all the way up to newfoundland, about 250 miles offshore but barely made enough to pay for fuel so that 13 day cruise was a total bust and i made about $40 plus a bag of scallops haha... i hated the shucking of scallops pat of that job but loved the rest of the ride...
we officially had 32'-36' seas [our skipper and 1st mate swore that some were reaching over 40'] for 2 days and nights and 20'-24' most of the rest of that cruise but because the boat was only 90'-something long and most of the working deck was just above sea surface the experience was very different than my hurricane/storms experience during my navy stint; wish i had a camera and took some cool pix but back then there were no smartphones/digi cams and few would think to take along a photo - much less a video - camera along on such a job...

the friggin' steel deck became an ice skating rink for most of that 2 week job and with the gunwales/sides being barely thigh-high it was a bit of hairy experience each time when we'd turn to haul in the nets and get hit by a big wave from the side...
2 crewmates from another scalloper that went out to sea with our boat got washed overboard and drowned about halfway into the cruise, bodies never recovered, that boat stayed with us within a few miles for most of the time and it was a serious reminder of the constant danger present to listen to their and coast guard radio transmissions as it happened...
a couple of days after that i myself was nearly crushed and knocked overboard by the steel net as well as i slipped and the net swung right into me and knocked me down on my a$$ right against the side...

we had so much ice formed the entire boat was encrusted within it and looked otherwordly for the last 16 hours or so as we were heading back nearing the harbor...had to bust it with sledgehammers and big crowbars constantly, it can capsize the ship if left alone... good times... :)))...
but i really went out on a typing bender here hehe, sorry...

incidentally, these errv's don't seem to have that ice issue despite winter, stormy/windy weather so either the temps are warmer there or something else, perhaps you spray coat the entire vessel with some antifreeze coating?...i suppose that's my second question if you don't mind answering... all the best, cheers from 'cross the pond - jerzy...

LoneStarMamma LALABooM S.g

I found this place with some help

Yuni Tarnia
Yuni Tarnia 2 months ago

Please create content about the ship accident in Indonesia Tanto Bersinar vs TB. Mitra Jaya XIX vs TK. Makmur Abadi the accident occurred on January 23, 2021. Losing 5 crew members, OPSAR is currently being stopped due to weather problems.

Oakleaf700 2 months ago

@ 5:49 ish You know when you are a man at sea {Albert??} when ''Fancies'' means ''Biscuits with Chocolate on'' rather than ''Women in skimpies'''
Albert looked a bit fed up?

Oakleaf700 2 months ago

I thought the bloke on the floor was genuinely took bad for a minute....

Re Wanda...She needs 'Replacing'... it added to the motion seeing her whip about, head into the wind.

Eugenia Skelley
Eugenia Skelley 2 months ago

First of all you are all some tough men. They don't make men like you guys anymore. You all work so hard. Thank you for what you do. I just subscribed.

Black Ford
Black Ford 2 months ago

Happy New Year, handsome men!! Stay safe!!! Great video!!

Josh 2 months ago

Do you get to much time to handover or do they have some sort of ridiculous 1 way system of 1 crew off then the other comes on? 😂

Metah Luna
Metah Luna 2 months ago

Another great one :)

Fur The mad yin
Fur The mad yin 2 months ago

Do cadets not go to sea over the Festive’s?

Morrislouise Eagle
Morrislouise Eagle 2 months ago

Thank you all for sharing this with us please all stay safe and well sending regards 👏❤️😁xx

Jeff Lockwood
Jeff Lockwood 2 months ago

Bogdan rocks! He must be exhausted after having created all of those Christmas feasts.

Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper 2 months ago

so awesome another brilliant video and sorry you couldn't go home to family

Andy Kerruish
Andy Kerruish 2 months ago

Happy new Year guys, Thankyou Graham for the fabulous insight in to you lives at sea......👍🇮🇲

Klingon Baroness Princess Karla Kniption hutchison

Just awesome I watched again a pleasure in getting to know the crew it’s really special a big HI TO ALBERT ! Happy new year folks enjoyed every second keep up the great work

ChristophersMum 2 months ago

This as a very good video...a very cheery crew (in a gruff sort of way) good on you, wish you and all your families well for 2021...the question is our glorious ''leader'' going to let you come back over the border?!

Captain Jeff Deathstar

GO GO Contender!!

Kevin Waugh
Kevin Waugh 2 months ago

Great video 😄 hope your safe and well.

Ivan Trishchin
Ivan Trishchin 2 months ago

It's show's how hard your journey at all!
Good luck guys!
Stay safe!!!
Marry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Uncle_Pete 2 months ago

love it

Derek Ogilvie
Derek Ogilvie 2 months ago

What I was going too ask, How do you refuel and restore without going back into Port?

Derek Ogilvie
Derek Ogilvie 2 months ago

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year From an Ex British Seaman now retired in New Zealand

Marta Rocca
Marta Rocca 2 months ago

Thank you for this vídeo, on a date as special as Christmas, hope is born for better days for all of us , that God bless you and your families, have a Happy New Year, thank you !!!!!!

Dee&Alex 2 months ago

awesome guys

paul graystone
paul graystone 2 months ago

hope they pay u the extra bonuses in tripple time!

Tim Wilcox
Tim Wilcox 2 months ago

Great stuff awesome vid, stay safe stay well.

Duh6666666 2 months ago

Merry belated Xmas to you all!

gafrers 2 months ago

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.
Great once again. Glad you made it to shore in the date planned

thefreebychoice 2 months ago

9:00 go kart on water

thefreebychoice 2 months ago

wow. they are like sorry about your luck, just stay out at sea smh...sorry you guys were not with your loved ones

Lynne Bowman
Lynne Bowman 2 months ago

Brilliant 👏🏻👏🏻

Amjid Khan
Amjid Khan 2 months ago

Yeah Yeah boss.congratulation.mots welcome.

Malcolm 2 months ago

Looking forward to this. Hope you are well Chief.👍👍

Joshua Greenslade
Joshua Greenslade 2 months ago

Can't you Get back to England