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How coronavirus is changing the world | DW Documentary

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Information How coronavirus is changing the world | DW Documentary

Title :  How coronavirus is changing the world | DW Documentary
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Frames How coronavirus is changing the world | DW Documentary

Description How coronavirus is changing the world | DW Documentary

Comments How coronavirus is changing the world | DW Documentary

Renan Aguilar-Valenzuela
never forget it came from disgusting wet markets in china...and they hid it for two months while they traveled all around the world....yes they are responsible.
Comment from : Renan Aguilar-Valenzuela

Abi Snail
...a deadly virus cannot even manage to change humanity for the better. When will the human race learn?
Comment from : Abi Snail

It is not a desease, it is a flu. another fear genrating video.
Comment from : ejdiii333

Very little change here. I live in Nebraska in a town of about 4,200 people, and people are not
quarentined at all, everyone is working, and even our school is open
and sports and events are being done as well. the kids have an option to
wear mask or not. Some of our churches were closed for a while, but
just a few weeks at the start, and people can wear a mask if they want
to. We have two stores ( out of about 3 dozen) that say wear a mask,
but nothing is said or done if you do not, our resturaunts have been
wide open for months, after a few weeks of carry out only. McDonalds is
still just drive thru. the lake areas are open, the public pool was
open till school started (as usual) and if not for being continually
streamed news reports that all Americans are , and have been for
months quarentined in there homes, not working , schools on line and
all sporting events cancelled, I think I am hearing about another
planet. Once again I fail to see any advantages to living in an urban

Comment from : ejdiii333

Rumple Stiltzkin
seems simply similar to the powers at be saying " we don;t know nothin ; we aaaain't heard nothin. But I goin to stay in a secluded country house for now what could be called a healthaday rather than holiday of course. funny how history repeats.
Comment from : Rumple Stiltzkin

chander kant
Comment from : chander kant

gg gg
Mask required!
Comment from : gg gg

Lx Lx
Thank you!
Comment from : Lx Lx

Josh Cortes
That's gift came from shitty china
Comment from : Josh Cortes

steve johnson
Comment from : steve johnson

Ninja Cat
Zombie apocalypse
Comment from : Ninja Cat

Comment from : Djanetta

The biggest MASS MANIPULATION and SCAM in the history of the world. Read that again!!!!
Comment from : dianapuse

Ben Lee
China did not "win".......
Comment from : Ben Lee

They stole the plot line of Contagion.....
Comment from : Sue

Allwin Jeba
Propoganda video
Comment from : Allwin Jeba

Patrick bennett`
Wait what, theres a virus or something?
Comment from : Patrick bennett`

Cuckoo Spider
It is not the Corona virus ...it is the government virus
Comment from : Cuckoo Spider

Van Hoey
This documentary is brought to you by People's Republic of China, and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Thanks for watching.
Comment from : Van Hoey

Titi Paris
Misleading title
First statement of the documentary is a conspiracy theory several times proven false
If you follow the news just a little bit... taking about real news not Facebook crap then nothing new.
I wasted 50 minutes

Comment from : Titi Paris

made in china, spreading globally.
china should take big responsibility.

Comment from : konkuruseyyi

Alex V
34:00 he has 4 kids, and now is complaining of not having money for their kids. He should have done a Vasectomy after his first kid. In a horrible society where he lives, prevention is everything. These people don't think about their futures nor their wallets. They are egocentric like all mediocre societies.
Don't complain about your government, complain for your own lack of intelligence.
And yes! I had a Vasectomy years ago. I don't have any kids, no wife. I do have money and girlfriends. That's the way to have a peaceful life.

Comment from : Alex V

Z33 L.
It’s all about the survival of the fittest...
Comment from : Z33 L.

I don't know why. why people argued about effectiveness of masks. All had to do all they could. should have had do the best. what all were afraid of.
Comment from : Lia3349

Why there is nothing about India ??
Comment from : ROHIT DIXIT

Pranay patel
Well what about the latest report of nytimes on testing for Corona
It says 90 percent of positive tests are false positive or amplified positive

Comment from : Pranay patel

Cyrus The Great
China messed up the whole world! China is the only country responsible for all this mess!
Comment from : Cyrus The Great

Luca S.
Alles klar ihm tut es leid dass sie Kirche so leer ist aber nicht dass sie Ein super spreda Event war
Comment from : Luca S.

Luca S.
I understood the gravity of this already when i first heard of it bcs i had zero faith in china beeing able to control it. But my country germany hasnt reacted quick enough. So we have 9400 deaths now. Now the deaths are just slowly coming and it seems quite okay but the peak at the start was unnessessary
Comment from : Luca S.

coelo physis
"China will win". If I were backed into a corner and wanted to overthrow the enemy I'd use something like Covid. Wouldn't you?
Comment from : coelo physis

John Burns
Dr Fauci works for Test Kits & Vaccines for Profit$. It’s not in his, or other Scientists best interest to inform Humanity the Fact Oxygen Therapies, or Angstrom Mineral Solutions are Cures against COVID-19, Viruses, Bacteria & other Diseases, because it’s not Profitable and they can’t Patent Natural Cures. Read, This Is A Bio-Attack Alert”, by Dr Robert B Strecker. Look up umojaresearch on Archive Dot org.
Dr William F Koch gave the Cause & Cure of Cancer as early as 1918. All Viruses & Diseases have been cured by Natural Means & suppressed for over a Century.
Dr Robert B Strecker, a Medical Doctor with a PhD in Pharmacology said, “There Is No Proof Any Vaccines Cure Anything” they’ve been working on AIDS VACCINES For Over 30 Years.

Comment from : John Burns

Veronica Vasquez
Bill Gates, descendant of Rockefeller con man, was a complete failure until his mom got an army of business colleagues to help him. Then he made sure no real talent entered the game to compete. He didn't underestimate his "potential" on an equal playing field.
Comment from : Veronica Vasquez

Malcolm Watt
Here's the name of it Johnny. Coup d' Monde, not yer good old Coup d' Tete. That's why we're all in this together and as it rolls out the winners will be the same winners as before only they will be even better winners. And the losers, well, they always were losers. Nice eh? Oh, and it's not the 1% it's the 33% hahaha. Pick up yer shovels you dusters, time to return to the mother.
Comment from : Malcolm Watt

I am sick of anything that relates to Coronavirus.
Comment from : KitKat86

dean mushtuk
This is a very basic general overview of virology and immunology in relation to this pandemic that for some bizarre reason are not being discussed by the scientific mainstream. There are likely dozens if not hundreds of corona virus antibody immunity's in all of us right now from historic past pandemic outbreaks. Right now in present time there are 7 corona viruses circulating the globe that nobody really even knows exist caused by two fundamental biological factors; virulence dilution from our internal immune defense mechanisms (population acquired immunity or heard Immunity) and antigenic shift (mutations). (This is also precisely the reason why there has never before in history been an effective vaccine for a cor/virus or viably effective flu/vac). The virulence is invariably weakened and the spike and surface proteins will have altered by the Ribosome's error prone RNA polymerase replication system inside the cells nucleus long before any vaccine has time to be developed and tested.

Even though SARS-cov-2 is considered a novel virus, our immune system recognize cov19 at least in a partial RNA sequencing and the foreign invader is usually snuffed with relative ease and commonality. In microgenetics terms by definition there are no such things as a totally novel and independently genetically coded virus, they all share similar RNA sequencing and hijacked and borrowed protein micromachinery. This is exactly why Sars-cov-2 goes undetected and is completely benign and harmless in the vast majority of the populations infections. There is a response to partial antibody T-Cell memorization recall recognition, occurring with almost everyone across the globe making the virulence malignancy very weak within the healthy population that ultimately causes what is known in epidemiological terms as the viral endemic phase .

The problems only really occur with corona as with flu virus infections when the immune system is significantly damaged from degradation in very old people or people with severe chronic comorbidity's or other severe immunocomromise diseases.

Comment from : dean mushtuk

Angel Gonzalez
Even if 1 million died in my country by Covid I will never, no ever, in a million years, no even in my wildess dreams, support the chinese way. I would prefer to die before living like the people in China.
Comment from : Angel Gonzalez

Ramon Gonzalez
Comment from : Ramon Gonzalez

Eddie De Leon
OUR STORY in 2020 ... it's a LUNAR YEAR wherein China celebrates when it broke out in WUJAN and i comment in other channel WHOSE HAND ... and like a chapter in HUMAN EXISTENCE this is our LEGACY ... like the Spanish flu ... and other plague that comes with our co existence their legacy are our pre requisite or patterned before ... if not for LOCKDOWN then what will be our AIR QUALITY ... we might be WALKING DEAD ... in our daily lives ... thanks
Comment from : Eddie De Leon

Urmel Ausdemeis
I am simply lucky having been born in Germany 😊
Comment from : Urmel Ausdemeis

Alejandra Castro
It came from a lab
Comment from : Alejandra Castro

Robert Snapp
Germany has always been good at art of propaganda
Comment from : Robert Snapp

van Looken Roel
Wrong title! How psychopaths (elite) are trying to change the world.
Comment from : van Looken Roel

Jonas K
Weird you didnt mention Sweden! Our way is different from other countries... Thumbs down from me!
Comment from : Jonas K

Hummingbird Bumblebee
Watch that tubing. It is full of phathalates/BPA
Comment from : Hummingbird Bumblebee

M Romero
I've said it many times, after coming to the realization that Trump is threat to humanity. The guy is incompetent beyond imagination. The people who still support this idiot are unintelligent.
Comment from : M Romero

Hummingbird Bumblebee
WOW september 1 and you still don't know anything.
Comment from : Hummingbird Bumblebee

DJQ 15
The pandemic worsened the world's view of china.
Hopefully our eyes would be opened.

Comment from : DJQ 15

The virus isn't changing the world: the totalitarian "measures against the virus" are.
Comment from : TimMer1981

Pertti Heinikko
Future historians will say that the world overreacted to Covid-19. The cure was worse than the disease. Don't underestimate the human suffering that serious economic downturns cause, and: no one dares to say it but the people dying of the disease are mostly 70+, and at that age it's not that unnatural. Media (DW included) of course tells the worse horror stories, cause that's what sells.
Comment from : Pertti Heinikko

Sourabh Karmakar
My father died recently , I know his pain 😔
Comment from : Sourabh Karmakar

Faith Camille
Comment from : Faith Camille

Jenny Vereschagin
I’ll never understand why travel wasn’t suspended in China BEFORE everyone left for the Chinese New Year holiday. We canceled a trip to Asia for early 2020 because of reports being leaked out of China. I was very aware of what was happening. The worlds leaders should have been also. When I saw Chinese airport’s & train stations filled with travelers I was shouting at the television “ shut the country down!!!! A catastrophic tragedy that didn’t need to happen.
Comment from : Jenny Vereschagin

Mark Lane
was going to watch this but now that i see the WHO is a part of this, i am out of here.
Comment from : Mark Lane

Sponcered by Joe Biden.
Comment from : Me

bob marley
imagine this virus can last longer than 2 yrs or more. What kind of life are we living in right now.
Comment from : bob marley

matthew adun
This should teach that we live in a fragile globe called Earth.
Comment from : matthew adun

Steve Pelman
Totally biased video. Popular for fascist ideologies, the virus has HIV in it. Manmade.
Comment from : Steve Pelman

I was an extra in this horror movie
Comment from : Matowix

MakoHaruRin Free!
We keep on blaming others.. relying on others to make a move.. we really should take this more seriously..
Comment from : MakoHaruRin Free!

JC Sunstar
I can’t watch stupidity anymore
Comment from : JC Sunstar

JC Sunstar
No it did not, the GOVERNMENT DID n all the stupid, fearful, brainwashed people did, N continue to do...
Comment from : JC Sunstar

The Plandemic!!!!
Comment from : J M

Cesar Bagel
Coronavirus the fake virus
Comment from : Cesar Bagel

desame suo
America will punish the country who caused this virus. we are all waiting. We want to see the country being punished.
Comment from : desame suo

I find it astounding not once is there mention of boosting ones' immune system - the talk is just about the race to a big pharma vaccine ie profitability. Reminds me of when our PC antivirus expires, we are bombarded with "virus" till we purchase a new annual plan !!!
Comment from : C C

SocialMedia Fever
covid really made each and everyone life changed..i can't imagine what the world will be
Comment from : SocialMedia Fever

Doug Clement
This pandemic really opened my eyes about Americans, and not in a good way
Comment from : Doug Clement

Terence Li
If CCP's not destroyed, this will happen again.
Comment from : Terence Li

I knew this info in January, but I wish I didn’t because the only thing that’s changed is my realization that not enough people in my country care to make educated and logical decisions on behalf of community health.
Comment from : Gmontgalloway

Randall 8888
The small island also has a small population that is not dense populated.
Comment from : Randall 8888

Phil Watts
SLAVERY= govt breaching our right to freedom from govt.
Comment from : Phil Watts

Phil Watts
the alleged virus has done nothing. NEW WORLD ORDER govtmafia has enslaved everyone using the covid false flag event.
Comment from : Phil Watts

Chasing Wildflowers
Everyone that’s smart knows this is cyanide poisoning from air pollution and glysophate
Comment from : Chasing Wildflowers

Kurtis Mitchell
The Government Virus has brought the world to its knees...
Comment from : Kurtis Mitchell

Kurtis Mitchell
" The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it."
- H.L. Mencken

Comment from : Kurtis Mitchell

Anthony Davis
Finally am cured of my herpes virus with Dr Ugbokholan herbal medicine
Comment from : Anthony Davis

Vin Maxwell
0:20- "by April hope it miraculously goes away"😬
Comment from : Vin Maxwell

Adam Mooney
Full of shit people seriously need to wake up and stop listening to the peoples enemy
Comment from : Adam Mooney

Slow Runner
Wow this was total political dogma. Everyone knows covid is a hoax! A plot by the DNC to make Trump look bad to get him out of office.
Comment from : Slow Runner

Deckard 5 Pegasus
NWO lies
Comment from : Deckard 5 Pegasus

There killing the old,so no Pension!
Comment from : N R

At this point, I feel that the answer to the mystery of COVID-19 is to be found not in the nations that have been devastated by the virus, but in nations where it was supposed to kill millions. I have long learned to be suspicious of unhinged forecasts like that. I remember the dire predictions they made with AIDS, with the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown and incidents like that. Forecasts spit out deep biases. I suspect that COVID-19 behaves like polio virus. It affected most the well-heeled, who were apostles of hygiene and lived a sheltered life. Remember Franklin D. Roosevelt? That was polio. They had not realized that their habits were compromising their immunity. There is a reason parents bring home pets to play with children. It builds immunity.
Comment from : bircruz555

krystal cz
It is more sad for me how the WHO failed completely in the task they had, and other states failed too...one failing will never escalate in tragedy, but nany will...
Comment from : krystal cz

bum bam
Corona is just anothet flu. It's only business and the governments saw an opportunity to weaken the population by shutting down the economy a bit. The flu is not threatening, but the government telling us not to work and travel and walk certain way and not gather togethet is threatening
Comment from : bum bam

Son Set
Phoney corrony .
Comment from : Son Set

2020 has drove me back into depression. We have to find answer as a whole. As an American, I have very little faith that my future is gonna be anything but mass lack of money in lower & middle class families and a race war that is going to eventually lead our country to a civil war. Everyone is gearing up for war. November should be interesting. Either way I’m gonna be fully prepared best I can an suggest that everyone else does the same
Comment from : TAL13AN

Mauricio Flores
Has brought the world to it's knees? Haha it's not the virus that has done that it's government. Overhyped virus is all this is.
Comment from : Mauricio Flores

Kailua Kona HI Jail=NO MASKS- 6 officers 8 inmates (only 2 guards & nurse wore) 8 transported to court house only given masks when appeared in court !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : hawaiiflowerchild

Jannett Jones
Had anyone watching this, ever imagined that the United states would av been the only country that fell short in this historic moment..
Comment from : Jannett Jones

ガブリエル・リューGabriel Liu
Not trying to be mean but
Why is half the video about Germany?

Comment from : ガブリエル・リューGabriel Liu

Another great documentary!!
Comment from : Klinsk

Robert Wong
regarding the virus origin, amongst all info available publicly, DW cherry picking those that fit into their agenda to protray certain outcome, this isn't professional journalism at all. media always try to influence your opinion
Comment from : Robert Wong

Martin Atuhairwe
Comment from : Martin Atuhairwe

Isn’t it a coincidence that China was the first to have the virus in China all of a sudden has enough PPE to give to everyone else it’s like it was a planned pandemic and people are still getting sick in China
Comment from : Kaylabae210tv

Andromeda H
Why is it that in the us the covid test is taken by a q tip in the nose? here in Denmark they place the q tip in the throat. I am really curious is it more accurate that way?
Comment from : Andromeda H

Hudson Jaxson II
Hey guys,

No matter how hard it gets remember, there is always light at the end of this tunnel. Cherish your loved ones and family, spend the time with them you never thought you had and walk around witth a smile because before you kmow it, time is gone, and that flash in the pan called life has ended. Kiss your wives, cuddle your kids and talk to your parents. All the best to you all.

Comment from : Hudson Jaxson II

Dr Li. is the true hero, yet silence by the cccp government. Talking about the China dream.
Comment from : dreamcatcherMAS

get this to netflix 😂
Comment from : 조ᄒᄂ

Promothash Boruah
Interestingly Brazil & India missing in the report.
Comment from : Promothash Boruah

Mandar Pingle
Disliking for too many YouTube adds
Comment from : Mandar Pingle

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