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YaAliMadad 313
YaAliMadad 313 2 months ago

Ewwww you didn’t season the chicken

liz co
liz co 2 months ago

I miss Christmas

Pien de Lange
Pien de Lange 2 months ago

Excuse me.... YOUR SKIN😍😍😍😍

Carys-ellen Matthews
Carys-ellen Matthews 2 months ago

What I love most in this video is the in depth conversation about each food, love your family’s relationship with food it’s amazing, as are you all♥️

Emma Risby
Emma Risby 2 months ago

Bump me

Bump me

Bump me

Thank you

Fennec Fox
Fennec Fox 2 months ago

Grace, this was just a lovely video. You are so creative, and I love your family!

Fennec Fox
Fennec Fox 2 months ago

Ugh, as an Australian living in America, seeing all the British food makes me MISS Australian food, because it's quite similar in terms of quality and taste and...what else....oh yes, quality!

Lisa Smith
Lisa Smith 2 months ago

Next time do home peeled roast potatoes instead of frozen and make your own Yorkshire pudding, it makes all the difference in a roast dinner......everyone loves a roast!

Anji T.
Anji T. 2 months ago

This is the kind of christmas content we need!!
Just as I was about to say how much I miss Papa Booth in this video he just appeared! Can't not put papa booth in those videos - he should have his own channel :3

Deanna Goodfellow
Deanna Goodfellow 2 months ago

We make everything food wise always have. We buy cream and buy sausages then wrap them in bacon. The Christmas pudding that's been sitting for over a year is home made. Glaze the parsnips. Make brandy butter, homemade Baileys, bought wine, beer and gin. It's a huge team effort a lot of stuff we prep Christmas eve then cook on Christmas day. My job is the potatoes which is a lot of pressure coz it's most peoples favourite part.

treetoppy 2 months ago

Honestly, this is a huge undertaking and I so enjoy listening to you and watching you!!

Sarah 2 months ago

Blue is your dads colour 👌🏻

Jeffrey Lebowski
Jeffrey Lebowski 2 months ago

Stop hurting and torturing animals and go vegan... its easy, convenient, affordable and healthy.

Anna Delport
Anna Delport 2 months ago


Joana Vanessa Garcia
Joana Vanessa Garcia 2 months ago

It would be interesting to see the already make christmas meals from sainsbury and M&s. The one you have to preorder

Brigitte G
Brigitte G 2 months ago

I really feel like your dad and my dad would get along. Two major different guys but both have the strongest
Dad Vibes™️ I've ever seen 😂

Kieley Medley
Kieley Medley 2 months ago

Your soooo pretty!

Marianne Brabant
Marianne Brabant 2 months ago

I’m from Quebec Canada and I’ve always wondered what were mince pie?

H M 2 months ago

I always thought the only difference was the packaging and appearance. Glad to be proved wrong

Patricia Platia
Patricia Platia 2 months ago

Is it common to have orange juice with a roast dinner? Or with dinner at all? Or is that just a Booth tradition?

Sohaib Ahmad
Sohaib Ahmad 2 months ago

Grace why is ur face all red ?

Tammy O
Tammy O 2 months ago

They all just easily ate 2 plates of giant roast dinner and pudding and are all slender. I wish I was a Booth.

PlumDutchess 2 months ago

Can you imagine coming home to this after a hard days work? Where can I sign up?
Also love how papa Booth switched to his comfy clothes for desert.

Fay Stalker
Fay Stalker 2 months ago

Somebody says asda is nice i dont no i dont lk mince pies

Erin Bond
Erin Bond 2 months ago

That must have cost a lot! Thank you for producing this amazing content grace 🥰

steph hill
steph hill 2 months ago

Did u no most supermarkets cheat there luxury brands and there own brands most are the same products from the same factory most of the time and there just boxed in different packaging, then sold high and low prices , look at the food codes factory numbers on foods, like lidls fir example sell sliced ham for £1.20 a pack and waitross sell same ham for twice the price but made same place 🤔 same code on label.

Chris Jones
Chris Jones 2 months ago

surely a yorkshire pudding is just a deconstructed pie?

Em Lawrence
Em Lawrence 2 months ago

Just discovered your channel girl! Love it, keep it up, new sub! Also you’re so right, roasts are soo stressful 😅😅

Emmanuelle Bachs
Emmanuelle Bachs 2 months ago

I understand your point when you say “why buy pricier carrots the cheap ones are carrots as well” and especially for the imperfect ones it’s stupid not to buy them, but cheap often means cultivated with pesticides herbicides and all that, which is not that great for our planets and is something that needs to change. It’s the same thing with meat and eggs, the priciest are often the ones more respecting of the environnement and of the animals. So I understand your point, but this is also something to keep in mind when buying groceries !

MrStrandgsx 2 months ago

Grace have you thought about doing a foodbank style challenge, due to so much poverty in the uk at the minute a lot of families have to rely on foodbanks, it would be interesting to see your take on it and maybe someone who is possibly going through that right now might find your ideas on what to cook helpful, just an idea

Rave J
Rave J 2 months ago

i love grace but wouldnt it literally be illegal for them to say oh this is finest and just add like an extra herb lol

MrMit50101 2 months ago

Yeah when your dad's in a vids and in a great mood it's amazing

amelia09 2 months ago

i cannot stress enough how much papa Booth adds to the enjoyment value of every video he's in. love you guys!

Lexxie Burton
Lexxie Burton 2 months ago

british stuffing is in balls?

YourGalCharlotte 2 months ago

13:16 is my favourite moment!! Lovvvveeee it 😂🥰🙌🏼

kkrispy2009 P
kkrispy2009 P 2 months ago

Yummmmmmm roast dinner cranberry sauce is a must merry Xmas

Bethany Turner
Bethany Turner 2 months ago

I work at Tesco and I feel like I’m just gonna HAVE to try that stuffing hahaha

Tenesha Anderson
Tenesha Anderson 2 months ago

Father Booth is GREAT

Sheldon Martensen
Sheldon Martensen 2 months ago

Very amazing video,last week I got the best quality one from

Savannah M
Savannah M 2 months ago

Tons can't even afford the "cheap" meal.

Lewis B
Lewis B 2 months ago

Do you not call new year Hogmany in England???

Audrey H
Audrey H 2 months ago


Hendrix Hernandez
Hendrix Hernandez 2 months ago


Katie Williams
Katie Williams 2 months ago

Graceeee I love you but love to know how you make this sustainable ,,, what happens with all the plastic wrapping and all the leftover food??? Xxxxxxxxxxx

Rachelrowleyxo xo
Rachelrowleyxo xo 2 months ago

make vegan roast pleaseeeee

Orla Dillon
Orla Dillon 2 months ago

Can we all agree how amazing grace is looking!! Her skin is just beautiful 💕

Paul Bailey
Paul Bailey 2 months ago

Hi Grace, hope your well. I've just come across your channel and I've binged you're catalogue. You are truly inspirational and have a positive and upbeat attitude that I think we all can benefit from in the current climate. Thank you and please keep up the good work. ❤️👍

Amy Cooke
Amy Cooke 2 months ago

I got far too excited seeing your dad but I missed his opinion 🤣

Sara De Vos
Sara De Vos 2 months ago

Daddy Booth looking fancy....🤣
Never had a Yorkshire pudding? I love UK Christmas meals....always delicious.

Pamela Boxall
Pamela Boxall 2 months ago

Your dad is 100% right - "anyhoo/anywho" is a god-awful phrase and needs to be eliminated from common parlance right now.

Grace Pazski
Grace Pazski 2 months ago

Grace out there doing everything to the finest detail so we dont have to

Hannah Davy
Hannah Davy 2 months ago

I was gutted that your dad wasnt in this video and then he turned up!

Dee Krebs
Dee Krebs 2 months ago

We add cooked ground pork sausage to our stuffing in my fam.

Dee Krebs
Dee Krebs 2 months ago

Would love it if you could share your red cabbage recipe with us! My mil passed before writing her recipie out for us. Take care & stay safe!!

Amy Doughty
Amy Doughty 2 months ago

You saying “home pomcostable” is my Christmas present this year 😂
Merry Christmas from the Forest of Dean x

fruit of the forest
fruit of the forest 2 months ago

You're just my favorite grace 😍

L 2 months ago

I’m sorry but I have to say it: buying the cheapest chicken just for a video really is disgusting!

Margarida Santos
Margarida Santos 2 months ago

If I could choose any life to live. I would choose to be sister of grace. she has such amazing parents and she's too entertaining. I would never be bothered 😍

amyhardwood 2 months ago

I thought it was just my family that had chicken instead of turkey or goose at Christmas!

Marco Campagnaro
Marco Campagnaro 2 months ago

There are other reasons behind a more expensive item than flavor!

Barbora Gabrielli
Barbora Gabrielli 2 months ago

you said desert instead of pudding !!! 😲

Grace Webb
Grace Webb 2 months ago

Oh my goodness. You and your dad are like two peas in a pod! You light up so much around your dad it’s the sweetest thing ever.

Suzi Barraclough
Suzi Barraclough 2 months ago

"Cheaper chicken" just makes me think of Father of The Bride

Mari Anna
Mari Anna 2 months ago

Wait, orange juice with christmas dinner?? Is that a thing? Sounds funny 😁

Mari Anna
Mari Anna 2 months ago

Food is so affordable in the UK, you guys are so lucky

Laura Crofts-Viney
Laura Crofts-Viney 2 months ago

Grace's dad is a legend 😄

Nicky L
Nicky L 2 months ago

The supermarkets must jump for joy when you turn up! 🤣

Hansy bunnys
Hansy bunnys 2 months ago

Ah i have all the polar bear table setting stuff ready to use🤣

Natalia B
Natalia B 2 months ago


Hannaaah @tigerlilyletters

Adhd Me: 'no it's fine, my brain is the list'
Also adhd me: 'forgets 5 things and brings 10 things that weren't on any list.'

Sherry Ann
Sherry Ann 2 months ago

WHAT is Mother Booth's legendary red cabbage recipe???

Bindu 2 months ago

Is it just me or does the background music at the beginning, during shopping, sound like Shawn Mendes' song Dream

Wendy Ward USN/ Combat RN

Plate scraping. Everyone talking all at once. Just yuck.

Wendy Ward USN/ Combat RN

Love your channel Grace. Please. I beg of you! STOP screaming "UMMMM" when you think something tastes good. Just stop!! Every single video you do it and its such a turn off. Thanks. Bless you. 💕🙏🏻

Shaniah Griffin
Shaniah Griffin 2 months ago

You and your family are so cool lol, reminds me a lot of my family so your videos are very comforting & relaxing for me. I love it 🤍

balegdah 2 months ago

I cant even explain the comfort ur family gives me

Hillary Ø
Hillary Ø 2 months ago

"It's fine, my brain is the list"...famous last words before you forget everything, lol.

Alexis Shay
Alexis Shay 2 months ago

You should do Christmas dinner comparing homemade and store bought

Ariana Mitchell
Ariana Mitchell 2 months ago

your dad is killing me at how professional his review was

RICH2ARD LAWBIBLE 2 months ago

I want to eat the healthy chicken, not an expansive meal. I hope I can join your supplement with your cooking that is delicious.

Nat 2 months ago

I love custard but I am trying to make a Yule log for Christmas any tips? Why do I suddenly want Grackle to do a partnership with ashens or Barry Lewis.

Cl Lynch
Cl Lynch 2 months ago

Daddy Booth looks very dapper this evening. 😉

D Z 2 months ago

Grace I know this is nothing to do with Christmas, but can you do a North African meal? Like starter, main and dessert? Love to see you try that!

Denni Hughes
Denni Hughes 2 months ago

You should’ve done like Aldi vs Waitrose!

Merel Brekelmans
Merel Brekelmans 2 months ago

Waking up with this, is the best thing ever ❤️🎄

Hope Carter
Hope Carter 2 months ago

how could 16 people dislike graces video? please protest what is to dislike. ahah

Lanna Carpenter
Lanna Carpenter 2 months ago

UK PIB is very meat forward, vs the PIB in the US, which is sausage in bread blanket (usually Pillsbury crescent roll dough wrapped lil smokey sausage & baked)

I M 2 months ago

I'm making sure to not skip the ads to help pay for these groceries lol. thank you for the lovely videos grack!

I M 2 months ago

please drop mama booth's red cabbage recipe!!

LaTosha Swindell
LaTosha Swindell 2 months ago

Father Booth looking very handsome in the suit.

Natalie 2 months ago

Please don't show dead chickens again 😭

glen glen
glen glen 2 months ago

You forgot to try the cheap and expensive chocolate 🙂😊😌

Emmi G
Emmi G 2 months ago

you should make an american xmas dinner and see if your family likes it

Lana Nye
Lana Nye 2 months ago

you should try an american christmas dinner!

Rachel Robertson
Rachel Robertson 2 months ago

Grace you are so so talented cooking two dinners at once plus filming!

Emmi G
Emmi G 2 months ago

your xmas dinner is so different from an american one !!

Ivy Winter
Ivy Winter 2 months ago

Literally craving McDonald's so bad rn but I really shouldn't

Jes B
Jes B 2 months ago

Lmfao! 13:32 Grace gives up!! Idk why but her reaction was priceless.

Hydraas 2 months ago

If comparing in the future, try blind testing cos they already made up their mind before trying the food, which would have affected their choices

Meg & Jeff
Meg & Jeff 2 months ago

Thanks for always making us smile Grace!