forcing your Christmas cactus to flower


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Information forcing your Christmas cactus to flower

Title : forcing your Christmas cactus to flower

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Frames forcing your Christmas cactus to flower

Description forcing your Christmas cactus to flower

forcing your Christmas cactus to flower

forcing your Christmas cactus to flower

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Diana 2 months ago

When do you bring the plant back into the light and more regular watering?

Pets and Plants
Pets and Plants 2 months ago

Thanks for the information😊👍

Txxn4Life 2 months ago

What a pretty woman !
With that out of the way, an old woman that I had the pleasure of helping do some rehab work to make her life a little easier give me a little piece of this plant. I put it into a little coco mixed with some fossil shell flour and fed it a little rain water mixed with the goo from an aloe vera plant for a natural rooting hormone and a little 4 4 4 and it seems to be loving life again. Since it was on its last leg it had no choice. I love cactus flowers of any kind being from the hill country they just seem to have the sweetest smells and colors and I think they attract more species like hummingbirds and butterflies
Just giving credit where it's due sweet p, that was as informative a video that i've ran across.
Thanks really enjoyed ya !

Robert J. duPreez
Robert J. duPreez 2 months ago

re-potted two months ago. House is 65 all the time. I over love it with light so will wean to 16 hours of darkness once I can mesh that with my schedule. Never over water my house plants but cutting the watering my Xmas plant of water till it weeps flowers for me! Thanks so much. (don't worry, I won't make my plant cry)

Barbara Word
Barbara Word 2 months ago

What's the minimum amount of time to leave Christmas cactus in the dark cool space in order to get Christmas bloom. I wasn't clear on how long.
Since Christmas is over I'm wondering if. Should continue with getting the plants to bloom.

mindylouwho1001 2 months ago

Great tips, will try the cycle starting in spring!!

Dave's Bonsai
Dave's Bonsai 2 months ago

Julie, excellent information. I so appreciate this episode on your channel that I found with a random search. I work with Bonsai trees and I was tipped off by another bonsai enthusiast to do a "Christmas Cactus" bonsai. It's a bit of an odd tree for the typical art of bonsai, but some of us have made it work. Now I know how to get mine to have more blooms as I did two years ago (by accident). Great episiode

Homeschool Inspiration

Thank you very much for this! Great information. New subscriber here. I was wondering if there's any point in which I should break off the blooms when they fully bloomed?

سلمان للزراعة المنزلية

Good idea thanks am in moroco 👍👌

Robert Cairrao
Robert Cairrao 2 months ago

I have done these things . still nothing

Donna Lussier
Donna Lussier 2 months ago

This is not a Christmas cactus. It is a Thanksgiving cactus. If you are to educate the populations, please educate with the correct facts.

Carol Divis
Carol Divis 2 months ago

This plant is actually a Thanksgiving cactus, i believe.....

Frances Irvine
Frances Irvine 2 months ago

This works! In a closet for 12 days and I had buds about a week later!

Bill Akers
Bill Akers 2 months ago

my buds suddenly fell off, is there a change it will bloom again this year? and what would have caused them to fall off in the first place?

Thorsten Berninger
Thorsten Berninger 2 months ago

Thank you a lot. That is very helpful.

Alicia Templer
Alicia Templer 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing ,I just bought mine for the first time

Colleen Doran
Colleen Doran 2 months ago

I am doing everything that you said to do. It’s in my closet were it is dark and cold and I water it not often. I have been doing this since Oct 1st and I don’t see any blooms yet. Am I doing something wrong it is a very old cactus plant maybe 28 years old. I would appreciate any advice thanks so much.

Katie Laaksonen
Katie Laaksonen 2 months ago

Your tips are very helpful. I placed my plant in a dark room and it developed tiny blooms in less than a week. How long do I leave in the dark before bringing it out? How developed should the blooms be? Thank you!

April Batley
April Batley 2 months ago

Like ur video

Ognjen Mali
Ognjen Mali 2 months ago

Julie Nicole I want to marry you

Shaw Linda
Shaw Linda 2 months ago

So I just saw your post and thank you so much for this My question is do you leave it in the closet for 3 months or do you have to take it in and out of the closet everyday?

Kara Galera
Kara Galera 2 months ago

This is how vlogging should be done, direct to the point.

Javier Pillajo
Javier Pillajo 2 months ago

Very beautifull girl

Noreen Blonke
Noreen Blonke 2 months ago

Thanks for the good information - I plan to try your suggestions. What's the difference between a Christmas cactus and an Easter cactus?

Rajesh Ramjeet
Rajesh Ramjeet 2 months ago

Thanks dr to share this video but it necessary to keep in dark?

wavney worrell
wavney worrell 2 months ago

yes where can i get the seed to sow . my die i brought it from the super market i think it had too much water the roots was dead.

Eric H
Eric H 2 months ago

Screw the gorgeous cactus, you're gorgeous

Shael Lampard
Shael Lampard 2 months ago

This was really helpful - thank you!

Sandoval Mu
Sandoval Mu 2 months ago

Love you video and thanks for sharing👍😀

Helen Ilano
Helen Ilano 2 months ago

My cactus blooms every 4 months.

mary t
mary t 2 months ago

I have an Easter cactus that will not bloom for me anymore. What is your trick to getting your Spring/Easter cactus to bloom?

Elina Dmello
Elina Dmello 2 months ago

What menu ur u use fr x,mas cactus

Jeannie Owens
Jeannie Owens 2 months ago

I have a few cactus plants and they are a beautiful green but no blooms, I think mine are getting to much sunlight idk lol but ty for sharing I enjoyed

Matt Walczak
Matt Walczak 2 months ago

How long for the dormancy period and then after how many hours light and watering frequency & ferts?

Robert Hofmann
Robert Hofmann 2 months ago

Schlumbergera truncata

Allene Odryan
Allene Odryan 2 months ago

How do you get your Christmas castes to stand up

Joyce Savage
Joyce Savage 2 months ago

Plese tell me if it's to late to redo. I bought my cactus in November and it was beautiful. Now it's near Christmas and the blooms are gone, also it is in a ceramic type pot with the base attached so I don't know if it has holds in it or not. I did put it in a dark room and watered it when dry. Wwhat can I do to get the flowers back soon. Thanks.

Dragonflyy 000
Dragonflyy 000 2 months ago

Yes very helpful tips. So put it up for 12-14 hrs a day, then rest of the time does it need bright, indirect light? Medium light or low light? First time ever trying one, but since you mentioned starting this in Sept, I'm way beyond that now obviously so doubt I'll get mine to bloom this year. Bummer. But maybe next year! 🌲🌷🌵

dsjm123 2 months ago

Great video. Short & sweet without chit chat! Thanks!

Sina Underwood
Sina Underwood 2 months ago

These people moved out and there was pots on top of it so it really look terrible so I brought it home replaying just a little bit didn't know what it really to do but I knew it was a cactus so I kept it dry and I did stick it in the closet for 24 hours because I forgot and I never in my life that thing has blooms everywhere thank you so much

Palmira Folch
Palmira Folch 2 months ago

That is a Thanksgiving cactus, not a Christmas cactus.

marisol marisol
marisol marisol 2 months ago

Did you force your plant? Just curious because I don’t see much blooms . Still looks beautiful though, great tips thank you

Cactus Caffeine
Cactus Caffeine 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing! I just got my Christmas cactus to form buds for the first time this year. I’m excited to see how the flowers will look like.

Stephen 2 months ago

Thanks , this tutorial was very helpful .

Janice Brown
Janice Brown 2 months ago

I have a Thanksgiving Cactus that is way to large to report! Should I just add some more soil.

Annabell Molina-Muñiz

What does it mean when the leaf wrinkly?

Marie D
Marie D 2 months ago

Just do you know, that plant is a Thanksgiving cactus!!

Kelly Brown
Kelly Brown 2 months ago

Julie you are an amazing host. The room you are recording in is full of hard surfaces.. gives your video an odd reverb sound. A body mike, or move a different room would WAY easier to hear.

Richard Smeekers
Richard Smeekers 2 months ago

I never gif them darkness they stand in my window all year long and they Will Bloom twise a year every year

Valeria Perez
Valeria Perez 2 months ago

That’s a thanksgiving cactus 🌵😂🤣😁😄😋

Desiree C.
Desiree C. 2 months ago

I love the pots😍where do u buy it?

Stephaine Howard
Stephaine Howard 2 months ago

Just bought my first one today

Karen Haddock
Karen Haddock 2 months ago

Yeah, you had me confused cause you are talking about a Christmas cactus but holding a Thanksgiving cactus. It’s all good though.😀 continue to make great videos. I have a huge Thanksgiving cactus that just flowered yesterday. It’s full of buds. I have several Christmas cactuses as well.

Janice Woods
Janice Woods 2 months ago

Thanksgiving cactus. The leafs are pointed instead of rounded, rounded leafs are Christmas cactus.

Norma Bates
Norma Bates 2 months ago


S Simons
S Simons 2 months ago

Hi Julie! I'm really new to your channel. I'm a much older person and have now started getting some plants of various kinds. I have African Violet fertilizer, Orchid Fertilizer and Orchid Bloom Fertilizer. I have some Cal-Mag as well. Are any of these what you would consider a balanced fertilizer (except the bloom one) that I would be able to use when I get a christmas cactus?

Crystal Garden
Crystal Garden 2 months ago

Hi Julie, I have a Christmas Cactus video blooming. Can you check it out let me know what you think.thanks

earisu 2 months ago

Great video. This is a Thanksgiving cactus btw. Same method but thought you might want to know. :)

Krista Clouse
Krista Clouse 2 months ago

I have done all of this, it hasn't worked. :(

Paul Laing
Paul Laing 2 months ago

My Christmas cactus doesn't mind artificial light, mind you I live in the UK where we get properly cold dark winters. Last year my Christmas cactus bloomed from December to Easter time. I was quite impressed but it looked pretty sorry for itself by the end.

anthony lewis
anthony lewis 2 months ago

om haha i have 25 of these, i cannot give them that much darkeness because they are so many, with over 300 house plants i always have to enjoy them just for the leaves, because of that haha

Ken Camarda
Ken Camarda 2 months ago

thank you for the tips Julie. i am starting the dormancy for my cactus today Sept 2nd as we speak.

Truthful Boy
Truthful Boy 2 months ago

What kind of soil can be used?

Yumi _
Yumi _ 2 months ago

Hello, is it possible to bloom Christmas/Thanksgiving cactus in a tropical climate? We don't have winters in here and the maximum indoor temperature is 17°C (65 F) with the help of air conditioner.

Matt Hornblower
Matt Hornblower 2 months ago

In June I bought a Christmas cutting, it need to be reported sooooooo badly the soil will not hold water, I would like it to bloom this Christmas. It had 2 buds on it, but they have now fallen off. PLEASE help me fix my baby plant.

Marina Ruvinskiy
Marina Ruvinskiy 2 months ago

Hi, What kind of nutrition the flower has to help.

memphis mommy marz
memphis mommy marz 2 months ago

it's spring. & so why am i obsessing over this christmas cactus?!

Ronald Junod
Ronald Junod 2 months ago

I haven't repotted my catcus for several years (probably more than 6 years). Can i do that now (late April)?

Linda Jackson
Linda Jackson 2 months ago

Hi edagdwg love this video

terzizzas contortion
terzizzas contortion 2 months ago

Mine has started flowering 2 times a year or it has already I just have it in my room all year with like 17°C and love looking at the beautiful flowers they create every year

DEnise CHavez
DEnise CHavez 2 months ago

What do I do with it in the spring and summer?

Shane Knerr
Shane Knerr 2 months ago

First I'd like to start by saying you are a very beautiful young lady and on to the related business thank you so much for the information I was introduced to Christmas cacti by my mother green thumbs run in my family especially my great-grandfather and my mother me on the other hand I have half a green thumb but anyway my mom could always get hers to bloom and I think it was without even trying me on the other hand Miami bloom once and then that's it I no longer have my mother in my life unfortunately she has passed away and I miss her so very much but I have a few Christmas cacti which always remind me of her so this being said I sought out this particular information to help me with achieving my plants to flower. So seeing as how it's spring now I will take this information and come September I will utilize all the information that I have obtained from you and see where it takes me again thank you so very much for this information and I apologize for my ramblings but I have subscribed to your Channel that way I can obtain more information and move forward with it thank you so very much looking forward to Future videos and information

Percy Schller
Percy Schller 2 months ago

Here to share my X mas cactus

Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse 2 months ago

Very useful! .. With charm as a bonus :).

anthony lewis
anthony lewis 2 months ago

heck i have 20 of them impossible to put them in a closet haha

Nikita Powers
Nikita Powers 2 months ago

Are these cacti poisonous to cats?

Soma Dutta
Soma Dutta 2 months ago

which fertilizer should give in winter season

Beaner Schnitzel
Beaner Schnitzel 2 months ago


EVTD79 2 months ago

So I have about three different cuttings I would like to repot next year. What would be the best month to do so? TIA.

Cubs4Life 2 months ago

I have a Thanksgiving Cactus that a co-worker gave me. I left here outside from the time i got her to the 3rd week of October, she bloomed so beautiful. she was at full bloom 11 days before Thanksgiving.

Behnam Esmayli
Behnam Esmayli 2 months ago

Finally one useful video that gives practical instructions. I hate how most titles are misleading.

Barbara B
Barbara B 2 months ago

How big do the buds have to be before moving the plant back to the livingroom where the central heating and lights are on and do you have to increase watering once the buds are forming?

Marie D
Marie D 2 months ago

Too bad that I'd not a Christmas cactus. It's an Easter cactus!!! Chrstmas cactus has scalloped edges, not points.

kitkaze84 2 months ago

That's a thanksgiving cactus not a Christmas cactus.

Jenn V
Jenn V 2 months ago

Hi! I love your videos! Can you tell me what kind of soil do you use for for Christmas cactus? Thanks.

B 22. رهف فتح الله

I have only watched 2 of your videos yet I already loved your channel❤️
Keep going, I'm with you😊

Christine Papasian
Christine Papasian 2 months ago

You have the best pots. I saw another one you had that was terra-cotta with scalloped edges. Do you remember where you got them? ☺️

Judy King
Judy King 2 months ago

Is a clay pot best to plant Christmas Cactus in?

mayzmerize 2 months ago

what a beautiful christmas cactus you have there.. i just bought my christmas cactus last christmas, i need to know how long does it takes for them to grow? mine is just about a quarter from yours..

Sam Greenslyfox
Sam Greenslyfox 2 months ago

Girl yes! I’m so glad I found your channel. I’m starting to put out more plant content and I think that’s what it was. ;) yay! 🌿🌿

M King
M King 2 months ago

Think you very much.

murat değirmenci
murat değirmenci 2 months ago

Great channel, keep going! Thanks a lot.