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Janesse Fleurinor
Janesse Fleurinor 2 months ago

I still don't know if I wanna watch on netflix

Leslie Ann
Leslie Ann 2 months ago

Maddie: “why won’t you come to the ball with us?”
Jules: “ Because I’m dramatic.”

This girl has been working on bringing unity and she dips on the kids on Christmas Eve....

Alin Calistru
Alin Calistru 2 months ago

this is ROMANIA: NOT aldovia .... Peles Castle. King Michael. Romania / Europe........

Mary Hudson
Mary Hudson 2 months ago

Love this movie. Watch it throughout the year. 😁❤

Lupita Santoyo santoyo

Por favor, pongan las en español latino

Mariely Rocha
Mariely Rocha 2 months ago

Me. Gustaría en español

nrkgalt 2 months ago

James Bond became really ornery in his old age.

Nedelcu Ecaterina Angela Rose

Dude....that castle is in Sinaia , Romania. :)))

Shawn Eldridge
Shawn Eldridge 2 months ago

: } watching this right now, what a great movie it is. L-o-v-e it, i do.

Gina Petolicchio
Gina Petolicchio 2 months ago

The dress they show you in the car versus what she wears here is totally different from this the other one was white and a little see through and stuff like that.

Mario Francisco Rege
Mario Francisco Rege 2 months ago


Carol Habib
Carol Habib 2 months ago

I'm here only because of "Lenna Lutor'"lol

Catalina Hendrickx
Catalina Hendrickx 2 months ago

What happened to Morgana?

Becaangel PR
Becaangel PR 2 months ago

The whole movie in the trailer...SHM!!

Ms Keys Note
Ms Keys Note 2 months ago

Why does Katie McGrath look so much like Keira Knightly???

Rabia Rehman
Rabia Rehman 2 months ago

Still I feel like watching it .

Rabia Rehman
Rabia Rehman 2 months ago

And yet another trailer which just gave away the entire movie.

Shabna Begum
Shabna Begum 2 months ago

It sounded like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the beginning.

Becky Smeilus
Becky Smeilus 2 months ago

Morgana ✨🗡

Milena Alexandra
Milena Alexandra 2 months ago

Romania confirmed.
Very well!😻
A beautiful contry.
Peles Castle. An amazing castle and full of history.
One more time: an extraordinary landscape.

Karolina Dabrowska
Karolina Dabrowska 2 months ago

it's the same castle that Netflix used in A Christmas Prince as Aldovian castle haha yup people were right by saying they wanted to replicate Hallmark films lol

K E 2 months ago

Nothing like watching the entire movie in the trailer. Still might watch it though.

Malek 2 months ago

Wow I just turned 10 when this came

Rose Felicity
Rose Felicity 2 months ago

She reminds me of Scarlett Johansson

TheAkelei 2 months ago

Ah, I got it: It's "The little Lord" in modern times and with a girl. Well, so be it. One more Remake. (Soft sighing)

This Hotaki
This Hotaki 2 months ago

came for katie mcgrath stayed for the video left because i need to watch the movie now

Georgia Gazeta
Georgia Gazeta 2 months ago

I just saw the whole movie with this trailer

olga llanos
olga llanos 2 months ago


Rachel Martin
Rachel Martin 2 months ago

Her eyes are green. That's so cool!

cgrscott 2 months ago

I own this film on DVD. I forgot how good it is. I'm getting it out to watch again. It's been a few years.

Eefff 2 months ago

whatever!! you're still morgana

ashshenanigans 12
ashshenanigans 12 2 months ago

Thank you for showing me the whole movie.

Angeles Sànchez
Angeles Sànchez 2 months ago


NerdGirl 2 months ago

Morgana finally got her crown

melmardiamond 2 months ago

she was the one british babysitter that was eaten in jurassic world

Namitha Mohan
Namitha Mohan 2 months ago

she looks like keira knitely

Carmen Costea
Carmen Costea 2 months ago

OMG...this is filmed at Peles Castel, in Romania. My beautiful country :x

Thirteen Wolfies
Thirteen Wolfies 2 months ago

Isn't that James Bond?

Simple living with Linda

Omg I finally found the movie.

Ilinca Iris
Ilinca Iris 2 months ago

Lol that castel is in Romania

Emily Dinges
Emily Dinges 2 months ago

love this movie

Akmal Shazad
Akmal Shazad 2 months ago

oh its lady morgana!

Evi Granger
Evi Granger 2 months ago

I am here for Jamie Fr...sorry,Sam Heughan :)

Grace Langmaid
Grace Langmaid 2 months ago

literally swear i just watched the whole movie then

Akmal Shazad
Akmal Shazad 2 months ago

oh its morgana but shes nice instead of evil

BooRadleyTube 2 months ago

She gets eaten by a Mosasaurus.

samsiya toure
samsiya toure 2 months ago

like this movie because it is a good movie 😛✌👍

Ie Gumball
Ie Gumball 2 months ago

It seems that they put up the movie summary instead of the trailer by mistake.

Xietje 2 months ago

Great movie!!!

marina n
marina n 2 months ago

I'm so glad I watched the movie before the trailer. Wow. Definitely one of my favorites, but don't watch the trailer!!

sorin ignat
sorin ignat 2 months ago

castelul peles romania !!!

Kyra Delemarre
Kyra Delemarre 2 months ago

this is the proof our wonderful lady morgana (Katie mcgrath) can also play the sweetest character on earth

Platinum_Noelle 2 months ago


Kat Toledo
Kat Toledo 2 months ago

Maybe I'll watch this movie when I forget what the trailer was about.

Coloured Cookie
Coloured Cookie 2 months ago

Pity I already watched the movie during the trailer seems nice though....

Aimee L
Aimee L 2 months ago

To me she will always be Morgana

maddie 2 months ago


G H 2 months ago

The problem with this trailer is that by watching it I already know everything that happens in the movie.

The Biz
The Biz 2 months ago

I will never see anyone but the Lady morgana

neena h
neena h 2 months ago

so gonna watch this!!

Gaelle X
Gaelle X 2 months ago

Reminds me of Cinderella, this was cute!!

Coman Catalina
Coman Catalina 2 months ago

Beautifull Romanian castel named Peles!

Sofia Bastos
Sofia Bastos 2 months ago

James Bond himself :)

Andela Andela
Andela Andela 2 months ago

Volim ovo obožavam

Cooltink101 2 months ago

OMG, it's Morgana!!!!!:D

Mela Theoryna
Mela Theoryna 2 months ago

A castle of my own...............nice

Kenny Phang
Kenny Phang 2 months ago

She looks so much like scarlet johansson :D

romilia1994 2 months ago

"We should not be lamenting what we have lost rather celebrating what we have found" quite a moral!

What Da Turtle
What Da Turtle 2 months ago

When i saw this, I imediately thought of Black Butler. XD

Catalina Chircu
Catalina Chircu 2 months ago

The castle is in Romania (Sinaia) and is indeed a royal hollyday residence.

Bethy Cimy
Bethy Cimy 2 months ago

This movie is really beautiful

Anastasia-Maria Karagkiozi

She wears very nice clothes..

Anca d
Anca d 2 months ago

Romania Castel 

luminescence09 2 months ago

Watched this over Thanksgiving weekend with relatives. Such a nice story! My bird loved it too :)

Denise Spinoche
Denise Spinoche 2 months ago

This is one lovely family movie

Emylie Emy
Emylie Emy 2 months ago

that castle is Peles Castle from Romania, Sinaia!

Ladolcevita 2 months ago

I feel like I just watched the whole movie from the trailer. 

KylaGrace 2 months ago

I just watched the entiiire movie in 3 minutes.

animerochs 2 months ago

MORGANAAAAAA!!! Why did I just discover this??!!

ZeraCloud 2 months ago

This actress plays in a beautiful mind. The movie it's a true story about this kind of disease that sees hallucinations and such it'd really interesting I watched in health class and maybe you have too.

Mars Ultor
Mars Ultor 2 months ago

Still shipping Merlin and morgana. It just warmed my heart every time she tried to kill him.

Bilja Josic
Bilja Josic 2 months ago

Where is this castle?

Camille Favre
Camille Favre 2 months ago

yay i just saw the entire movie here, thank you trailer making people!

jill crato
jill crato 2 months ago

Sol Adrián
Sol Adrián 2 months ago

Katie is like the perfect combination of Eva Green, Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johansson. She wins in the looks department.

Arrow Lover
Arrow Lover 2 months ago

I am so gonna see this! I have never seen morgana play other roles but this one suits her!

abookutopia 2 months ago

All I see is Jamie from Outlander and Morgana from Merlin... can't help it!!

190miranda 2 months ago

i don't know why...she kinda reminds me of scarlett johansson especially her voice 0:30

Ash 2 months ago

No matter where she goes, Morgana always has a beautiful dress. 

Mannah Hemingway
Mannah Hemingway 2 months ago

OMG It's the guy who plays Jaime from HBO's Outlander! So cool ^-^

OrangeAni 2 months ago

These kids act so FAKE. Especially, the boy. Are those the kids of the director or producer? otherwise I can not understand the logic behind the casting....

Devinter5 2 months ago

new favorite movie 

Samhainix 2 months ago

0:43 Miles Richardson: Good evening, my name is Paisley Winterbottom
Me: Balderdash, Your name is Irving Braxiatel and you know it... what nefarious scheme are you up to this time, Brax

Kristine Dalgaard
Kristine Dalgaard 2 months ago

I love this movie :) 

Hiba Sultan
Hiba Sultan 2 months ago

the boy looks like justin timberlake! n the actress is a kiera knightely look alike! ahah

Ethala 2 months ago

I'm from Buffalo and they name drop it so much in this movie, that is always makes me smile! Heck Yeah, Buffalo!

judy fernando
judy fernando 2 months ago

love this movie 

Gio Delgado
Gio Delgado 2 months ago

Lucy Westerna

Camille 2 months ago


Nao Flota
Nao Flota 2 months ago

this girl looks like Dianna Argron