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Information LAS VEGAS | Christmas Decorations on the Strip | Paris Hotel | Eataly

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Frames LAS VEGAS | Christmas Decorations on the Strip | Paris Hotel | Eataly

Description LAS VEGAS | Christmas Decorations on the Strip | Paris Hotel | Eataly

LAS VEGAS | Christmas Decorations on the Strip | Paris Hotel | Eataly

LAS VEGAS | Christmas Decorations on the Strip | Paris Hotel | Eataly

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V Hinton
V Hinton 2 months ago

Honestly if you can afford to travel and are extra safe this may be the best time to travel. Deep discounts for air travel and hotel’s!

Viola Norkus
Viola Norkus 2 months ago

I’m new to your channel , and so far can’t go to bed without watching a few of your videos. I’ll have to follow you on Instagram ...

Leslie DeArt
Leslie DeArt 2 months ago

Hello kitty !!!!!

Bette Gould
Bette Gould 2 months ago

I love watching your videos. Do you have a video on just the best desserts in Las Vegas? I have such a sweet tooth!

Cat Tenshi
Cat Tenshi 2 months ago

Great pre-holiday vlog guys! Loved the gold Christmas tree in front of NYNY on the strip! Great shot! I LOVE Vegas Christmas decorations (I remember my sis & I spent 10 days in Vegas, about 8 years ago and we stayed at The Tropicana because we wanted OLD Vegas LOL, we had the time of our lives seeing all the decorations! We had Christmas dinner at MGM Buffet, I'd give it a 7.5 out of 10). My sis and I made a quick trip to Vegas pre-Covid for Donny & Marie's final show (a treat from friends who work for D&M). For the past 3 years I have been in Vegas over the weekends because a bf works for Aerosmith, so during their residency and pre-touring, I went along! Oh how I have missed Vegas at Christmas and I am glad to see people cooperating about the mask situ so that some places can stay open! I actually PREFER Vegas this way, not having to swim upstream through the crowds on the strip! LOL 🍹 🤩

It's me, Alex!
It's me, Alex! 2 months ago

Amazing and breathtaking! I am jealous!

GINGER CAN Believe it!

Love you guys! Got alot from your Taste of Knott's video..went w my husband on Thanksgiving..portions were Huge just like you said!...Dieing to go back to saw your Johnnies pastrami video..that is the best in town!...surprised the prices haven't gone up too much...have you tried the Great western HOAGIES in Venice? Grew up w that and Titos tacos as well...✌..keep the vidoes coming...i love how you guys tell it like it is!👍❤

Joyce Lam
Joyce Lam 2 months ago

watching your viedo make me forget covid 19. I can't travel and i m staying home. Hope your guys have more people support your viedo.

Drew Wikelius
Drew Wikelius 2 months ago

I stayed in an executive suit at Paris, with a fountain view, in November and the windows where so filthy both inside and out that it wasn't worth paying more for the view (all of the mirrors in the room where smudged up too; you couldn't even see your reflection in them. In addition, they could have vacuumed better; I found a nickel and other small pieces of trash in various corners of the room.) At the time, I decided not to say anything because I don't know their situation with Coved-19, but I stayed at the flamingo, with a fountain view, and for less money, the next night and the windows where almost spotless. Just last week I stayed at Luxor and had friends stating at Bailys and those windows where spotless too. I even saw window cleaners at the Luxor and was glad that they weren't outside my window when I saw them because that may have given me a heat attach to open up the blinds and see someone outside the window. It's disappointing that out of the hotel rooms I've seen on the strip over the last month that Paris, although not bad, was the worst as far as cleanliness. And, they are the more expensive resort to stay at.

Vegas to Cali
Vegas to Cali 2 months ago

Love you two. That pasta looked so good. I'm obsessed w pasta lately. Enjoy your Vlogs so much. Happy Holidays to you and your family

Claire Pierson
Claire Pierson 2 months ago

great video ty for sharing

Johnna King
Johnna King 2 months ago

Hey guys!! Love your channel! Thank you for sharing. Blessings from Georgia ❤️

dunkindan1 2 months ago

Never stayed at the Paris since im an M life member but it looks really nice. I may consider staying there.

Rainbow Panda says
Rainbow Panda says 2 months ago

Just bought $100 worth of groceries makes me realize I need to eat at home more ... but, eating out is soo good.

Inge van Dam
Inge van Dam 2 months ago

I liked the video of you both together in Vegas 😘

trvln_thru 2 months ago

I love the Paris Hotel. It was one of our favorites in Vegas. Would love to go back. $30 a night is an amazing price for that hotel! We haven't been to Las Vegas around Christmastime so it was nice to see what some of the Christmas decorations look like. Love your Vegas videos. Your food always looks delicious! Thanks for taking us along on your travels!

x Miss_Fortune_310 x
x Miss_Fortune_310 x 2 months ago

🥰Love your guy's videos! Definitely makes me miss Vegas even more.❤

*Quick question, what kind of camera do you guys' use? Love the quality!
My husband & I were trying to figure out what kind of camera to get for our family adventures lol

CBELLAXI 2 months ago

thanks for sharing with us all.Happy Holidays Bill and Lisa !! :)

CBELLAXI 2 months ago

love your videos! the food always looks incredible!

Sylvia Oropeza
Sylvia Oropeza 2 months ago

Another great video! I need to try Eataly!

bxrosie04 2 months ago

Loved the vlog guys and your lovely butterfly dress, Lisa! 🦋❤️🥳

S Ann
S Ann 2 months ago

Nice to see the Christmas 🎄 Deco in Las Vegas!

Delonte Reid
Delonte Reid 2 months ago

Bill and Lisa it looks like we missed each other at the Paris by a few minutes, and I was looking forward to a quick meet and greet.

P.S.- I also had the exact same room.

Christina Tso
Christina Tso 2 months ago

Hi Lisa and Bill the two wonderful people always laughs and give each other jokes.well your food. Loks good and tasty I wish I was there to taste it .take care love you both.. Christine

DanVsWorld 2 months ago

Looks like you had fun at eataly and did it right with the wine! Nice Christmas decorations everywhere I’m jealous! 😭

Joseph Lumba
Joseph Lumba 2 months ago

It's already shutdown in La. Is there no shutdown there?

jim vigil
jim vigil 2 months ago

very nice

Estela 2 months ago

Great vlog liked this video keep up the great job!👍

chubbs 500
chubbs 500 2 months ago

bill you sommelier swirling that glass...haha

David Gilmour
David Gilmour 2 months ago

so u look hawaiian what's the deal on returning about that testing covid to oahu coming back?

David Gilmour
David Gilmour 2 months ago

knew u frm oahu that's a nite flight on United so what about the return quarantine my parents live in vegas i live in oahu but can't endure a 14 day quarantine so give me advice on that???

Krista Vang
Krista Vang 2 months ago

Love this! I’m literally going to Vegas in 8 days ! Can’t wait

J L 2 months ago

Bill/Lisa, can we ask the question of how safe you feel right now in Vegas? We use to go SO much, but now are a little afraid because of how things seem to be getting worse everywhere. Saw you stayed at Paris, we usually stay at Bally's, but just not sure about how clean things are. What about the bars? Are they open? We have a lot of friends that work the bars, but know they were closed for a while, but some are open. Would love to try Gordan Ramsey's. We see it all the time, but your review has made us put it on our bucket list for an anniversary dinner. Thank you so much. I hope you know that us two are living vicariously through you two and your posts. Love it!!1 Love you guys. Excellent, excellent reviews.

kissy kat
kissy kat 2 months ago

Y'all are awesome. Thank you for supporting Vegas. Go play video poker at el Cortez. My husband got a handpay on the last trip. 😆😆

Kevin Humphrey
Kevin Humphrey 2 months ago

Another fantastic video, thank you guys x

Shannon Phillips
Shannon Phillips 2 months ago

Stayed at Paris. You're right about the shower. I like the bathroom. The rooms are cute.

I Grenne
I Grenne 2 months ago

I am always looking videos about vegas and I love all your videos..lovely couple.😘😘😘😘

Tough Balls
Tough Balls 2 months ago

No smoking in MGM Park Place? NICE!!!!!! Do all those@#$%$@# smokers out there know that IT STINKS TO OTHER PEOPE?!?! Do they know that it might cause 2nd hand smoke to others?!?!?! Just curious if they give a

HI CAM 2 months ago

beautiful christmas decorations 🎄✨🌲⭐🌟⛄ so festive!!! oh how i miss traveling

Marcia Carli
Marcia Carli 2 months ago

I love your vlogs! They are the best!! I love Las Vegas so much!!!

Val 2 months ago

Love watching you both. Food looks too good. God watch over you both during your travels.

somegirl5rock 2 months ago

Guy Savoy is pronounced like Gee (like geese) sav-wah

gorymarty56 2 months ago

Yummy pasta

gorymarty56 2 months ago

Fruity and sweet and dry 🍷

gorymarty56 2 months ago

I live thru you guys.

Thomas Ralabate
Thomas Ralabate 2 months ago

I miss Vegas love the City but disappointed. From three trips a year staying at PH, Elara, Paris, Aria, and Cosmo, I will be waiting until life gets back to normal. The shady element floating the strip since the Pandemic needs attention and clean up.

Albert Ybanez
Albert Ybanez 2 months ago

Do u feel safe out there ..we might go in two weeks

E W 2 months ago

Love your videos! Next time you all have to go to Nara Teppan in Planet Hollywood for the all you can eat Korean BBQ.

Stacey U O
Stacey U O 2 months ago

One of my favorite resorts to stay at. Haven't been since the pandemic. Sure miss Vegas.

janet gordon
janet gordon 2 months ago

always a thumbs up u 2 r great

J Dog
J Dog 2 months ago

i love Costco! I love their hot dogs! Anyways, another great video, happy to see Christmas Decos are up and around. Also people are still visiting the great fun city.

Allison Logsdon
Allison Logsdon 2 months ago

I work at Costco :) 15 years now

Patty Nordstrom
Patty Nordstrom 2 months ago

Is there no quarantine in Vegas

Ninth Island Connection

Great video, was great to see you guys again! Let us know when you're in town again, we can grab lunch! Sebastian and Kristine.

Patty Nordstrom
Patty Nordstrom 2 months ago

How do u get to go with the cov19 restrictions

Penny Dog videos
Penny Dog videos 2 months ago

I love watching your videos. Please keep making more!

MJ 2 months ago

I love "Paris Hotel" 🗼& Xmas lites in Vegas look "lit" 😂🎄🎁
Old People nap 😂....or as we call it "Nana Nap" 😴

mmqpz 2 months ago

Any news when the bachannal and Wynn buffets will open? Btw, great video on Gordon Ramsay steak! 👍

Elisa Klock
Elisa Klock 2 months ago

Border Grill is at Mandalay Bay. Nice celebrity chef restaurant.

Elisa Klock
Elisa Klock 2 months ago

just love you guys...nice that you are there on the weekends. Border Gill has a wonderful weekend lunch. All you can eat small plates.. so good.

sabrina quinn
sabrina quinn 2 months ago

Vlog brilliant as always.Thank you guy's.

kelly k
kelly k 2 months ago

Woohoo thanks for the shout out!

Marcuz 2 months ago

Do you guys ever fight or disagree lol good video

Sherry Lee
Sherry Lee 2 months ago

Hi Bill and Lisa. This is one of the best videos you've shared with us. I love the beginning with the plane just landing with all the beautiful vegas lights. You make all the food more delicious just by being there. Lisa your brioche looks so yummy and Bill your pizza at the eataly looks delicious. Bless you both. Much love and be safe.

Gorny Slaskie
Gorny Slaskie 2 months ago

Just found your vlog. Awesome reviews. SUBSCRIBED!😎

DisneynutD 2 months ago

Love the light lunch pasta and pizza 🤣. Great video as always. Thanks Bill and Lisa 💕

tracey ellison
tracey ellison 2 months ago


lisa jones
lisa jones 2 months ago

I have been wanting to try a brioche for a long time and Eataly too , that pizza looked so good ! Enjoy your trip guys.

Sarah 2 months ago

That pasta 🤤🍝🍷♥️

Poker Junky
Poker Junky 2 months ago

i was furlough on Friday in las vegas,,,,, :( i hope it picks up!!!

Lisa Anderson
Lisa Anderson 2 months ago

When you were eating those pastries, I was drinking my morning coffee and wishing I had that blueberry brioche to go with it! Yum!!!!

Paula Friedman
Paula Friedman 2 months ago

Hi Bill & Lisa, great seeing you both in Vegas again and another great vlog, we always enjoy watching them. Have you ever tried Capo's Italian Restaurant & Speakeasy on West Sahara and/or Herbs & Rye on West Sahara as well? We've been to both and they are decent locals restaurants in Vegas (off the Strip). We keep pushing off our trip to Vegas, so hopefully our plans for June 2021 will happen.

Phyllis Farquhar
Phyllis Farquhar 2 months ago

At first I was taken aback by the prices at Brioche but when you showed the blueberry brioche it looked amazing! And I'm a pastry chef! Thanks for highlighting that. Also the pizza at Eataly looked absolutely ideal. I was saddened that it appeared to be so empty. I pray business bounces back.

April Carter
April Carter 2 months ago

Thanks for the Holiday Tour you guys thumbprint characters are so cute in the corner of the screen

Leisa Collins
Leisa Collins 2 months ago

Loved this thank you, needed it badly, missing Vegas a lot!

casinosnoopy 2 months ago

So strange to see Vegas being so dead.

Mary J
Mary J 2 months ago

God I wish I was on that plane flying into Vegas ... unfortunately it be a very long time before our Australian government will allow us to fly anywhere... I love the Paris hotel enjoy my stay their ... great review guys

Dawood Khan
Dawood Khan 2 months ago

thank you for a the landing shot! Can not wait to travel post covid!!

Lae Pitt
Lae Pitt 2 months ago

Loved this vlog. I really need to try that place out in Eataly. Loving all the Christmas decorations.

Lesliedmcmullen 2 months ago

Have you ever tried Secret Pizza at the Cosmo? It’s our favourite for a go to cheap eat!!

Jennifer MacFarlane
Jennifer MacFarlane 2 months ago

Another great day Happy Holidays

Flo T
Flo T 2 months ago

I am so missing Las Vegas but thankful for the virtual experience thru you guys. Your food reviews always make me hungry. Lol 💖

shin lee
shin lee 2 months ago

Can I ask how much were the resort fees?

Jose AguiLar
Jose AguiLar 2 months ago

You guys have great energy, Idk how your videos came to my feed but I love the videos!

Calvin Nishimura
Calvin Nishimura 2 months ago

Safe travels, actually wearing a masks is mandatory in Las Vegas, sad to hear you say 85% abiding new rules, no wonder virus count is skyrocketing there.

Karen Glaicar
Karen Glaicar 2 months ago

Very.nice video, Cheers!! Take care.

Shannon Davis
Shannon Davis 2 months ago

I miss Vegas so much!!! We are under code red restrictions here in Winnipeg Canada, can’t do anything but essential shopping!!!!! Thanks for the videos!!

Tanya A
Tanya A 2 months ago

Fun, quick trip. I am loving it. Can't wait for the 2 reviews.

FitAussieAngie 2 months ago

You two always know where to go to eat and stay at the best places 😍 love your videos bill and Lisa, thank you once again.

ms avp
ms avp 2 months ago

Your video and food tasting skills just get better and better!!

Leo Garcia
Leo Garcia 2 months ago

Should have just stayed at the cosmo again, rooms in Paris are mediocre.

Nick Nicholas
Nick Nicholas 2 months ago

Turn it up world just reviewed GR Steak. Meal was $275 before tip. If I remember they split a rib eye. Ordered a lot of other stuff.

Nancy’s Nibbles of Life

Hi guys, everything looks so good. Did you get a new camera? Shots look so clean! Loved the landing shot Bill!

Johnny Chang
Johnny Chang 2 months ago

Where’s the turnip cake at dim
Sum? Lv at Xmas time very nice as borat says. Bellagio the best free show.

Jean Banda
Jean Banda 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing....Good to see both of you back in Vegas

Trinh le
Trinh le 2 months ago

Thank you for another great video. Makes our lockdown better.

Lucia D
Lucia D 2 months ago

It is pronounced Gee Savoy . I have dined at the original in Paris. It is exquisite.

sincityric 2 months ago

You guys are soo awesome!! I'm a locale here in Vegas and you coming here supporting us amd promoting our great city in time that the city was hit badly with low tourism amd decline in room occupancy, aslo high unemployment. I'm soo appreciative you both for the love you give to Las Vegas!! God Bless You Both!!!

Yvonne Acosta
Yvonne Acosta 2 months ago

Can't wait to see the Mott 32 video.
La Pizza La Pasta is one of my fav places to eat at Eataly. Pricey but delicious.
If it wasn't for this pandemic I would probably be in Las Vegas now too. Usually there the 1st weekend in Dec.
Great video, safe travels and take care.

Lucia D
Lucia D 2 months ago

I love you but do you ever feel a bit tone deaf traveling and partying it up while so
many suffer and die in the Pandemic? You are not being very careful.