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Regina Saba
Regina Saba 2 months ago

Best performer of all time this is how you do it

Julio Prado
Julio Prado 2 months ago

Elvis Live 🎶🎶🎶👏💕👏

Dawson Edwards
Dawson Edwards 2 months ago

What kind of guitar is Elvis playing here?

Тата Бонд
Тата Бонд 2 months ago

He is the coolest ever!!!!

Vikas Arya
Vikas Arya 2 months ago

The title should be-' I'm sexy and I know it'

Annia Sánchez
Annia Sánchez 2 months ago

The King 💟 forever


Qué bonita canción
Y un gran cantante ❤👨🥰🌹
Qué tiempos aquellos
Qué recuerdos
Lo mejor de lo mejor

Giuseppe Vaccaro
Giuseppe Vaccaro 2 months ago

Grande Elvis !!!

SamurayGAm3r o-o
SamurayGAm3r o-o 2 months ago

e o cara elvis presley

dvd tir
dvd tir 2 months ago

The Goat the King

Jesus 2030
Jesus 2030 2 months ago

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Ana Galdames
Ana Galdames 2 months ago

Me encanta. Siempre Elvis.

Andres Sibel
Andres Sibel 2 months ago [email protected]

Michael Wirth
Michael Wirth 2 months ago

Elvis - bigger than life, and god!

Марко Обрадовић

For ever...

Pamela Vanessa Alves Silva Dos Santos

Esse é o Elvis o melhor

Knoedel Toni
Knoedel Toni 2 months ago

I would kill to see him live, but the King has gone...

Suyog Kasture
Suyog Kasture 2 months ago

No one can compete him, even after 50 years and still counting



Cinema Lisboa 2
Cinema Lisboa 2 2 months ago

Elvis the only Super Special one. The King.


Excelente 👌👋👋👍🙏

EADGBESTRAT 2 months ago

ELVIS was the coolest and most talented guy ever!. Everybody else is just pretending.

KirstxnLeigh32 2 months ago

Man there gettin’ down 😃 WOOO OH YEAH!

Madre Tierra
Madre Tierra 2 months ago

2021? Happy day

Liston Siteppu
Liston Siteppu 2 months ago


Mark 433
Mark 433 2 months ago

There is no unhappy woman in EP's arms

André Paiva
André Paiva 2 months ago

2026 anyone?

Anja Krames
Anja Krames 2 months ago

No-one, but no-one, is his equal, or ever will be. He was, and is supreme.

Martine Schaal
Martine Schaal 2 months ago

Bin oui une legende du rock

Cleso Paleari Junior
Cleso Paleari Junior 2 months ago

Elvis is good, the best !

Ivy Ferreira
Ivy Ferreira 2 months ago

Elvis is just so cool in every way. He was a mega star here in South Africa in the 60's and 70's. We loved his music and still do. The king of music for sure. 👍

Jean Carlo Geronimo
Jean Carlo Geronimo 2 months ago


Diane Fore
Diane Fore 2 months ago

There are no words amazing

Jose Carlos Gonzalez Donoso

Pure gold.

Yavuz Ay
Yavuz Ay 2 months ago

Elwis Presley “THE KING”

Leda Maria Lastrico
Leda Maria Lastrico 2 months ago

Very very good looking man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leda Maria Lastrico
Leda Maria Lastrico 2 months ago

GREAT !!!!!!!! Incredible with the guitar!!!!!!! Fantastic!!!!!!!!! Wonderful

Tosa 2 months ago

Imagine EP doing this unplugged thing nowadays....the Internets will explode every time.

Andy Loo
Andy Loo 2 months ago

La voz mas hermosa del mundo !!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️👍👍

Rinaldo Lira
Rinaldo Lira 2 months ago


Tomas Terrafina
Tomas Terrafina 2 months ago

I love himmm

Letícia Ádrihan Gomes Araújo

Maravilhoso, mesmo tendo se passado 40 anos continua sendo um ídolo 🤍

Felipe Pires
Felipe Pires 2 months ago


Tomasz Zorniak
Tomasz Zorniak 2 months ago

Omg all woman are wet there.....

La Pulga
La Pulga 2 months ago

What you want me to doo babyyyh

Richard Haywood
Richard Haywood 2 months ago

I am one of the straightest men on this planet but I will say elvis Presley oozed sex!! Been listening to his music for over 40 years and it never gets old tired or boring! He was truly one of the biggest talents to ever walk this earth! I'd even say almost God like!! Thank you elvis for rocking the world! You will never be forgotten.

Darren Yancey
Darren Yancey 2 months ago

Who said Elvis couldn't play 🎸

Yeyo Azucar
Yeyo Azucar 2 months ago

Elvis is a pretty good guitar player 😎👍

Andrej Destradi
Andrej Destradi 2 months ago


Mrbustanut 2 months ago

Shoutout to Jimmy Reed for writing this beautiful tune and shoutout to Elvis for this amazing cover

E# 2 months ago

sheer rock'n f*cking roll

Lidia Brito
Lidia Brito 2 months ago


b. j.
b. j. 2 months ago

2,3t People fingers down..this is not normaln 🤷

ghosty boi
ghosty boi 2 months ago

the dude she tells you not worry about

Maria Lico
Maria Lico 2 months ago


Joe Vtec
Joe Vtec 2 months ago

Astrazeneca anyone

Diane Fore
Diane Fore 2 months ago

Natural looks and talent amazing

Tommy2Saucy 2 months ago

Real passion. Real music.

yael Palombo
yael Palombo 2 months ago


Олег Дорофеев


Ivânia Rodrigues
Ivânia Rodrigues 2 months ago

Curtindo em junho de 2021

Kevin Raj
Kevin Raj 2 months ago

27th June 2021

Benoit Trudel
Benoit Trudel 2 months ago

Edgar Aires
Edgar Aires 2 months ago

Que som, igual ele não já mais terás outro...👋👋👋👋

Yusuf Özdemir
Yusuf Özdemir 2 months ago

This is Elvis.🎸👊

Jose Resendes Junior
Jose Resendes Junior 2 months ago

Show. Estiloso era o Rei

zert asit
zert asit 2 months ago

Presley love in Russa

iqbal Nurikhsan
iqbal Nurikhsan 2 months ago

iqbal Nurikhsan
iqbal Nurikhsan 2 months ago

gak usah gigit bibir lah...main gitar aja ke biasa

Shirley Dabrowski
Shirley Dabrowski 2 months ago

I’m Loving This Guys Music❣️🎼♥️🎸🌹🎶♥️🎵The Best Song , To Listen Too ‼️

Monique Merckx
Monique Merckx 2 months ago

On ne peut pas t’oublier ....😘❤️

Rolling Chicken
Rolling Chicken 2 months ago

Can anybody tell me what Guitar model he is playing in this video?

gerson torrens
gerson torrens 2 months ago


ellie cristine
ellie cristine 2 months ago


John Fitzgerald
John Fitzgerald 2 months ago

2040 anybody im flying about in my flying car eating warm ice cream who else is.🙈 i wish people would stop doin that.

matheus Ribeiro
matheus Ribeiro 2 months ago

Musica foda 2021 por aqui

Vagner costa
Vagner costa 2 months ago

King, the Best...

Manudeep P
Manudeep P 2 months ago

Find yourself someone who looks at you the way Scottie looks at Elvis

Łukasz Dutka
Łukasz Dutka 2 months ago


Don't McDaniels
Don't McDaniels 2 months ago


Юлия Сулейманова

absolutly nothing, honey

Himanshu 2 months ago

Legend always alive....

jeff blancett
jeff blancett 2 months ago

ELVIS is the badest dude on the planet!

G89 Ty
G89 Ty 2 months ago

The girls' screams though😅

Harrison Junior
Harrison Junior 2 months ago

bompin some Elvis for you today Nana 🖤 I love you

Chis Flanagan
Chis Flanagan 2 months ago

Ultra smooth.......

Елена Олейникова

Энергетика бомбическая,брутальный коктейль 💯 градусной крепости

`kaix_gacha teaa ツ´

IM hate you 🙂

Reema Bellissima
Reema Bellissima 2 months ago

15/6/2021 from iraq 🇮🇶 ❤️🇮🇶❤️ i love him and love all his songs too

Osman çıkmaz
Osman çıkmaz 2 months ago

Every time King
👑michael J and elvis p👑

Cristian Pardo
Cristian Pardo 2 months ago

The best

Joffrey Distelzwey
Joffrey Distelzwey 2 months ago

La musique préférée de mon grand père quand il vivait encore

Михаил Шестаков

ОЧЕНЬ !!! 👍👍👍

Transcending Authenticities

He looks like a Model 💝

Ali Nl
Ali Nl 2 months ago


Sean Kearns
Sean Kearns 2 months ago

As far as cool will get you

Saloraza Pontos
Saloraza Pontos 2 months ago

No bady as him in this moment ♥︎ vive la musique populaire de fond du coeur

Maureen Grove
Maureen Grove 2 months ago

The most Man I've ever seen in my 73 years....

JoHnnY DYAS 2 months ago


Alberto Pascale
Alberto Pascale 2 months ago

Elvis Presley eterno Rei do Rock aqui no Brasil e em todo mundo !