Joker - Rock \u0026 Roll Part 2 Guitar Tutorial


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Information Joker - Rock \u0026 Roll Part 2 Guitar Tutorial

Title : Joker - Rock \u0026 Roll Part 2 Guitar Tutorial

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Frames Joker - Rock \u0026 Roll Part 2 Guitar Tutorial

Description Joker - Rock \u0026 Roll Part 2 Guitar Tutorial

Joker - Rock \u0026 Roll Part 2 Guitar Tutorial

Joker - Rock \u0026 Roll Part 2 Guitar Tutorial

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HappySpartan Music
HappySpartan Music 2 months ago

The real name of the song is "Hey'" and ik this cause we played it pep band lol

Devansh Aggarwal
Devansh Aggarwal 2 months ago

Now I have something to learn in covid 19

rookie boss
rookie boss 2 months ago

Do gangnam style

CHRIS VILLEGAS 2 months ago

C malmol


CHRIS VILLEGAS 2 months ago

C malmol

CHRIS VILLEGAS 2 months ago

C malmol

CHRIS VILLEGAS 2 months ago

C malmol

Diviertete con Alison

Muchas gtacias me sirvio de ayuda¡

MATR1X # 2 months ago

Batman : Now you got a theme song?

Joker : Legends Never Die 🤡

Austin Temaat
Austin Temaat 2 months ago

That sounded like our pep band song " they hey song"

fieradeidad358 2 months ago

Un hombre toca la guitarra
Nadie lo escucha
Se cierra telon

Soldado ST
Soldado ST 2 months ago

This is one of the easiest tabs ever.

VANQUISHED MEPHIT677 2 months ago

UMmm i think you got the wrong joker up there bro?🤣🤣🤣

Norma Angélica Martínez Hernández

Los que son "Estado unidenses" son unas mierdas

Tina A.
Tina A. 2 months ago

Paw patrol song please

sup :v
sup :v 2 months ago

Can you do i see fire by ed sheeran next?

Lipe - SJC
Lipe - SJC 2 months ago

what happens when society ciety the society and so the ciety sociated to the ciety?


this what happens...

you r curios huh?

okay okay so i will tell you

--- --- --- --- .... / -.-- --- ..- / .-. / .-. . .- .-.. .-.. -.-- / -.-. ..- .-. .. --- ... --..-- / -. --- / .--. .-. --- -... .-.. . -- --..-- / -. --- / .--. .-. --- -... .-.. . -- .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.- / .. / .--- ..- ... - / .-- .- -. - . -.. / -.-- --- ..- .-. / .- - - . -. - .. --- -. --..-- / - .... -..- / -.-- --- ..- / .- -. -.. / .... .- ...- . / .- / --. --- --- -.. / -.. .- -.--

Mercedes Lara
Mercedes Lara 2 months ago


Haroon Khalifa
Haroon Khalifa 2 months ago

this is wrong tab second you must put just guitar sonund

Leticia Castillo
Leticia Castillo 2 months ago

Jajaajajjaajaja Jajaajajjaajaja

PatoGallinaMAN 2 months ago

Well I already have the song now the guitar is missing

Francisco Silva
Francisco Silva 2 months ago

I love you chanel tab sheet music

Correo de Educacion EDJ

suono meglio la chitarra

Correo de Educacion EDJ

que feo esa canción toco mejor yo

Robloxlegend 2.0
Robloxlegend 2.0 2 months ago

What is ‘joker’

someone: watch the movie
me: there is a movie about a joker?
someone: yes
me: why would anyone watch a joker
someone : stop please

Luis Marcas
Luis Marcas 2 months ago

Con todo el respeto a los seguidores de este canal; es más difícil memorizar esto que tocarlo

jessica torres
jessica torres 2 months ago

As una cancion asi como la del joker pero de Estoy muerto no llevo mas de Alex Campos porfavor

980 poliko
980 poliko 2 months ago

Esta medio

980 poliko
980 poliko 2 months ago

Ya me la se 😀😀💯👍

Digital Panda
Digital Panda 2 months ago



I learned it in 3 minutes

Yuri Fontana Corrêa
Yuri Fontana Corrêa 2 months ago

bruh we live in a society

teotilo Rodriguez
teotilo Rodriguez 2 months ago

highlight heaven

Hossein Asadi
Hossein Asadi 2 months ago

How do I get the music without guitar sound in it??
I mean, I want the background song only, without guitar, anyone can help me how to get it?

Mohammad Vakeel
Mohammad Vakeel 2 months ago

Can u pls provide background track.........

Adriand David Pardo Mantilla

Thank you, I almost learned it

Kanak 2 months ago

Sir I am breaking my high e string of ausotic guitar again and again. Like 2 times a day. I am just so tired of it. Whenever tuning the tuning peg seems to get tighter and tighter eventually breaking the string unlike other tuing pegs. What should I do? Please help me.

Gari Frank Tipula Tapia

is very easy

Jeremaos200 Y_T
Jeremaos200 Y_T 2 months ago

I really liked that music but more on I really liked that music but more on guitar B-)

Terror Blood
Terror Blood 2 months ago

Mom:why are you playing rock and roll part 2 on guitar
Me: you wouldn't get it

LMTWO _ 2 months ago


germanpro 2 months ago

muy corta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! y demasiado simple

John Elgar
John Elgar 2 months ago

IT IS THE JOKER!!!! :lol:

Sarojit Ghosh
Sarojit Ghosh 2 months ago

We want "penny taken to the hospital tabsheets"

Xplos Gaming
Xplos Gaming 2 months ago

Well...why Heath Ledger??

Müslüm Mutlu
Müslüm Mutlu 2 months ago


Müslüm Mutlu
Müslüm Mutlu 2 months ago


Müslüm Mutlu
Müslüm Mutlu 2 months ago

will360 2 months ago

muy buena bro me gusto tu canal 👍

Asa King
Asa King 2 months ago

Isnt this a Gary glitter song?

Skeetinyoureye666 2 months ago

Isint this Garry glitter

Gladis MirAnda
Gladis MirAnda 2 months ago

soy el unico que habla español

Mavy Maverick
Mavy Maverick 2 months ago


Humberto Fabio
Humberto Fabio 2 months ago

Yo man i learned the slow part but one the fast part how many fingers do u use

Karina Michalak
Karina Michalak 2 months ago

if my mum just let me watch joker i would play along to it👍. keep it up o'

Max S.O.
Max S.O. 2 months ago

00:17 the notes begin

6NB 1920
6NB 1920 2 months ago

Why is there no part 1?

Jazmin Snow
Jazmin Snow 2 months ago

Necesito esa melodía de fondo y bailar en unas escaleras allá voy

KURAMA Master 2 months ago

UFF you know that the theme is good when you see the two big jokers on it

Gülenay 2 months ago

Abi senin hazırladığın tablarla gitar çalmayı öğrendim çok iyisin

Mtz mela
Mtz mela 2 months ago

simplemente increíble

lks 327
lks 327 2 months ago

Pls make bungou stray dogs Ed3

saul lozada vera
saul lozada vera 2 months ago


Ravanello 2 months ago


doctor vic
doctor vic 2 months ago

Creo que de las mas faciles que he visto nunca

Voix Kacm
Voix Kacm 2 months ago

Hi please how know where can i find the backgrounds music?

sofia sas
sofia sas 2 months ago

Jajajajajaja nomms pensé que habían comentarios en español

BirdBrain 2 months ago

We live in a society with Heath Ledger behind the tabs instead of Joaquin Phoenix

High Loox
High Loox 2 months ago

00:16 2 slide 3 slide 2 😍 perfecttttttt

Fatboy ‘S
Fatboy ‘S 2 months ago


Turbo Declaration
Turbo Declaration 2 months ago

Can you please tell me that from where do you get the music of different songs.....

drums eagle
drums eagle 2 months ago

Please it-theme song

Илья Комаров


rønin. 2 months ago

You wouldn’t get it

the cherck mc
the cherck mc 2 months ago

Que wen vidio

José Domínguez
José Domínguez 2 months ago

Descargar antes que lo quiten de Utube... jejeje

Mpower Gaming
Mpower Gaming 2 months ago

Please do "the house of the rising sun"

The Hoz
The Hoz 2 months ago

"Vivimos en una sociedad" the soundtrack

salva quintero
salva quintero 2 months ago

Así ni es es en cuerda 2 traste 2 y 3 y y 0 y ya

JULIO SANCHEZ 2 months ago


Orhan Haji
Orhan Haji 2 months ago


KIM NAMJONNIE ;-; 2 months ago

E muito showwwww

Eeli p
Eeli p 2 months ago

Worst peace of cancer

Colton Ventry
Colton Ventry 2 months ago

What do you get when cross your new favorite movie that has an iconic song with a guitar channel.... YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE

Fern Massey
Fern Massey 2 months ago

plz do peaky blinders theme tune- "red right hand"

Jacob 2 months ago

I'm pretty sure this is called The Hey Song


I swear this shit ends at the worst part. Like continue it or don't make it.

Karen Canaviri
Karen Canaviri 2 months ago


JakobRunhammar 2 months ago

garry glitters favorite chord

A minor

Girl _Bad
Girl _Bad 2 months ago

You could do it in ukulele
Please 🥺🙏

Haylinho aA
Haylinho aA 2 months ago

Aaaaaaa prro te sabes la del bromas

Christopher Rodriguez

Do a juice wrld one

yar claroa
yar claroa 2 months ago

Puedes sacar de la bamba

Hikari Chxia lee
Hikari Chxia lee 2 months ago

Cold water please!!! Please please!!!🥺🥺🥺🥺

Marce Matamoros
Marce Matamoros 2 months ago

me la prendí en 123