FOOTBALLERS REJECTED By Your Club Then Became Superstars! 😵😱


Austor - FIFA Prediction \u0026 More

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Information FOOTBALLERS REJECTED By Your Club Then Became Superstars! 😵😱

Title : FOOTBALLERS REJECTED By Your Club Then Became Superstars! 😵😱

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Frames FOOTBALLERS REJECTED By Your Club Then Became Superstars! 😵😱

Description FOOTBALLERS REJECTED By Your Club Then Became Superstars! 😵😱

FOOTBALLERS REJECTED By Your Club Then Became Superstars! 😵😱

FOOTBALLERS REJECTED By Your Club Then Became Superstars! 😵😱

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Austor - FIFA Prediction & More

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Midgettoes 2 months ago

2:09 changed where he is from?

Eli Jestzemani
Eli Jestzemani 2 months ago

Barca is crying rn hahaha 😭

Ipate Luca
Ipate Luca 2 months ago

Wow did not now Cr7 first wanted at Barca and after 8 years going to the enemy.

CORONA 2 months ago

It's not really

VENOM 2 months ago

I feel bad for cristiano he looked so innocent braca missed their chance now he is the best player in the world

The cooking apple.
The cooking apple. 2 months ago

Robert wadlow: rejected because he was too small

LUIS 27 2 months ago

Mbappe.monaco but

wesrit delos 60 asped

Messi era de ñubel no sabe nada

sfTw Cristian
sfTw Cristian 2 months ago

And still,Mbappé can't defend :))))

Patrick Parsons
Patrick Parsons 2 months ago

Barcelona cold have had Ronaldo's!!1!!

Fishy 2 months ago

Mfs be changing nations ong

Mike Charokopos
Mike Charokopos 2 months ago


Elmin BRos
Elmin BRos 2 months ago

Arsenal doesnt reject ibrahimovic
Ibrahimovic rejects arsenal

Shafiq food Hk
Shafiq food Hk 2 months ago

2:38 still the same pace after 13 years 😂😂🤣

Lucid Hunters
Lucid Hunters 2 months ago

I’m a Newcastle fan and I’m pissed that we couldn’t have modric

Meme God
Meme God 2 months ago

How tf Shaw was 7 years old and he looked like 14

Kuralai Tazhibai
Kuralai Tazhibai 2 months ago

Роналдо не был барсе😤

Chukuebuka Ibeh
Chukuebuka Ibeh 2 months ago

Imagine if Barcelona signed Ronaldo insted of sniffing around fucking Quaresma. It coudlve been MRS

Cris2112_OREO Official


Tyler Blade
Tyler Blade 2 months ago

0:17 he is 7 of course he is too small and at 1:51 he is 8

chris koutras
chris koutras 2 months ago

That music

Titan Dog
Titan Dog 2 months ago

Rashford revenged and went to Man Utd

Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson 2 months ago

All footballer got rejected be like: i will back with happy

Vinotha siva
Vinotha siva 2 months ago

Yo kane is 32 rated wen he is 8 wtf

Abhishek Mall
Abhishek Mall 2 months ago

Somebody needs to tell the clubs that kids grow up to the age of 20

dizzy tomeh
dizzy tomeh 2 months ago

Haaland got rejected by Barca and it’s not the type of ST because he is actually good

Alam Malenga
Alam Malenga 2 months ago

I think arsenal got big loss including gnabry

The Purple Family
The Purple Family 2 months ago

I like ronaldo career the most how he get rejected and now how he score hatrick like revenge for barcelona

Abdulla A
Abdulla A 2 months ago

Ronaldo not play in Barcelona

Niallinho games Lohan

What are the songs to to this vid there bangers

vosa2009 2 months ago

Barca made such a mistake on rejecting Håland

Spot Tube Indonesia
Spot Tube Indonesia 2 months ago

Barcelona was didnt understand to start from the beginning..😂😂

Nochilus_Jr 2 months ago

2:19 chelsea be like rn: 😶

Sigurd Greni
Sigurd Greni 2 months ago

Hlad cap

EV_ENERGY GAMING 2 months ago

Bro the messi offer would have been a steal but they didn't believe in him

Lazar colin
Lazar colin 2 months ago

declan was actually at chelsea cuz he was friends with mason mount

Lazar colin
Lazar colin 2 months ago

harry kane was too small..... puberty does something

kieran. 2 months ago

1:21 Halland was 20 now he has turned 21 today

Ashish Ashish
Ashish Ashish 2 months ago

What's wrong for being to skinny?!.

Lumib Efendija
Lumib Efendija 2 months ago

Your lying

joseph • 20 years ago


Erlin Hoxha
Erlin Hoxha 2 months ago

Ronaldo Barcelona 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Diego Zambrano
Diego Zambrano 2 months ago

Ronaldo would be better of not signing for barca, they have ruined so many young talents because they don't played them.

Dodoxx 003
Dodoxx 003 2 months ago

Modric was supposed to be in Newcastle then his career would be in the water if he played for Newcastle

WumboWombat 2 months ago

Why do clubs reject players because of height? Some of the best players in the world are small.

AYEKE YOUTUBE 2 months ago

Cr7 barća

Miguel Roig
Miguel Roig 2 months ago

Its false

Faster_ Play
Faster_ Play 2 months ago

No playr grizmann leon on villareal

Rosa Pereira
Rosa Pereira 2 months ago

No real

Jayden Basra
Jayden Basra 2 months ago

I can’t believe how Marcus Rashford wanted to play for Man City at 7

adam adam
adam adam 2 months ago

Now ur telling me kane tried to sign at 8 like wtf

Sasuke Uchiha.
Sasuke Uchiha. 2 months ago

4:32 Look at the age

AvroVulcan 2 months ago

Was rashford rejected from Man City from youth club or official club

من جد وجد و من تخرج قعد🇮🇶

Creative continued followers from Iraq

Joe Howard
Joe Howard 2 months ago

Arsenal didn’t want Kane cos he had a lack of pace? Yet Giroud is simply a speed demon isn’t he

niko_tiin 2 months ago

According to this video: If you wanna play football, don’t be skinny, short, small or Canadian

AA Tuber
AA Tuber 2 months ago

Thank god Cr.Ronaldo was rejected by Barca.. Other wise we all know what could happen....🤣

SD FN HN 2 months ago

R9 99

BRUNO FERNANDEZ 2 months ago

Messi and Neymar rejected real Madrid, real heros

Cil 2 months ago

2:05 how did Mahrez change where he came from 🤨

Lazy CODM 2 months ago

Barecalona rejecting everone to be destroyed by the,

Wilmer Typpö
Wilmer Typpö 2 months ago


Asteroid_ 1up
Asteroid_ 1up 2 months ago

“Rejected for being too small”
Me: sweats in 5’ 6”

Jaddy charlemagne
Jaddy charlemagne 2 months ago

Barca rejected ronaldo for a stupid reason come on messi and ronaldo were so close to playing together

Ali Behbehani
Ali Behbehani 2 months ago

You Gaga be 18 years old order your bad

Naisu 2 months ago

Since them rejecting Ronaldo was before Messi, I think, One of them would either leave the club, or become an underrated player because of the other one

Indrajith MS
Indrajith MS 2 months ago

They rejected kane for lack of height? .

Akash Hajari
Akash Hajari 2 months ago

Well,every sucess comes from rejection so never lose hope if you get rejected

Clarimundo da Silva
Clarimundo da Silva 2 months ago

Title of Music🙏🔥🔥

Sonic Juice
Sonic Juice 2 months ago

Arsenal really Fvcked up 😂😂

Sonic Juice
Sonic Juice 2 months ago

Barca made one of the stupidest mistakes of their history

Criminal BRX
Criminal BRX 2 months ago

Imagine if Barcelona signed young Ronaldo and had a young Messi in the same team 💀

Tadeusz Melissa
Tadeusz Melissa 2 months ago

Moral of the story...

Be tall.

PaweR_Official 2 months ago

I... don't rejected anyone from my club, that's why i am not in there xd

Khadija Boulkout
Khadija Boulkout 2 months ago

Like Fifa 22

Slimey Bros
Slimey Bros 2 months ago

mans rashford wanted to play pro soccer at the age of 7 like BRRRUUUUHHHHH

Jinu Rajan
Jinu Rajan 2 months ago

I am a really big fan of real Madrid but i love raphael varane the most

Joseph Shiju
Joseph Shiju 2 months ago

Moral of the story
Don't release someone who is too small!!!

Chelsea King
Chelsea King 2 months ago

Rashford small he was 7 what do you except city for him to be 6’7

Sujit Sarkar
Sujit Sarkar 2 months ago

River Plate now: ....😭😱 Why we did this

Luyandza Bavukile Dlamini

I'm sure that each club rejects their decision

MadGaming TV
MadGaming TV 2 months ago

2:04 something seems off with the card nationalities

Same with 3:42

Lisa Ward
Lisa Ward 2 months ago

2:50 and also because he already signed a contract with Newels Old Boys.

Jd Jd
Jd Jd 2 months ago

I love you

Harra_8 2 months ago

Newcastle: rejects modric in 2007
Newcastle: let's sign Joe Linton in 2019/2020

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adam lol
adam lol 2 months ago

got rejected by spurs the other week for being to small and skinny :/

Master 2 months ago

and now chelsea are trying to sign rice

Mohammed Dika
Mohammed Dika 2 months ago

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Mohammed Dika
Mohammed Dika 2 months ago

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Rick Nasty
Rick Nasty 2 months ago

2:08 French mahrez ? HELL YEAH

Logan Singh
Logan Singh 2 months ago

0:09 barca is racist confirmed

Alex Tsend
Alex Tsend 2 months ago

Well there’s no surprise that the rejected Shaw for being to small he was 7 years old

Suarez Kingshit
Suarez Kingshit 2 months ago

Demn where did they get Kane pic ....😂That must have been captured in world war 2😂



Shadow Gaming
Shadow Gaming 2 months ago

Rashford was bloody 7