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Information 3 Holiday Table Settings (easy Christmas decorations) | ENTERTAINING WITH BETH

Title : 3 Holiday Table Settings (easy Christmas decorations) | ENTERTAINING WITH BETH

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Frames 3 Holiday Table Settings (easy Christmas decorations) | ENTERTAINING WITH BETH

Description 3 Holiday Table Settings (easy Christmas decorations) | ENTERTAINING WITH BETH

3 Holiday Table Settings (easy Christmas decorations) | ENTERTAINING WITH BETH

3 Holiday Table Settings (easy Christmas decorations) | ENTERTAINING WITH BETH

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Linda Closner
Linda Closner 2 months ago

the most tasteful and fun table settings. Thank you!!

Krista Sears
Krista Sears 2 months ago

Good ideas but they look unfinished without a tablecloth or at least some kind of placemats or Runner

Kathy N
Kathy N 2 months ago

Love them all!

HISIAM888RUHIS888 2 months ago

Oh!! Thank you Beth!! Just what I Needed to See!!😍🎄😍🎄😍🎄🙌🙌🙌💦💦💦🕊🕊🕊😘
Loved them ALL!! Just Beautiful! Simple! Perfect!👍👍And.. You can use them All throughout December!!😍❤️🎄🎄🎄👍👍⭕️❌

hui li
hui li 2 months ago

Nice and relaxing, thanks, traditionalist here

Rhubarb and Roots
Rhubarb and Roots 2 months ago

Gorgeous !

Sharon Damongeot
Sharon Damongeot 2 months ago

Modern style for me and thank you !!!!

AJ Hubbell
AJ Hubbell 2 months ago

Thank you, and Merry Christmas!

Jharieltravel 2 months ago

Love all the table set up! Thanks for all your ideas!

Evelyn Bumatayo
Evelyn Bumatayo 2 months ago


Shabana Gul
Shabana Gul 2 months ago

i love the nature lover table

Jovanna Ramirez
Jovanna Ramirez 2 months ago

I love all of your ideas, thank you . My question is how would you decorate the kids table ? Mind you it’s a kids table with three toddlers and one preschooler. Please send me tips .
Very best,
Mama J

bhawna klair
bhawna klair 2 months ago

I want to be in America only to find all this charming cutlery

Edster 2 months ago

Nice + Beautiful options.

Jeehea Lim
Jeehea Lim 2 months ago

Love them all :)

Julia Baldwin
Julia Baldwin 2 months ago

The nature one is so cute! Where are the trees and little animals from? Loved those cute little guys :)

anellimm 2 months ago

Soooooo beautiful! I can not choose only one! 💜

Karry Dinh
Karry Dinh 2 months ago

Thanks so much Beth! Love all of these looks

Liza Roberts
Liza Roberts 2 months ago

love, love your ideas!!

Kimberly Butler
Kimberly Butler 2 months ago

I’m going with the traditional New England look even though my own home leans toward a more clean design. I grew up in Connecticut and traveled “over the hills and through the woods” to my Grandmother’s red farmhouse in New Hampshire for many a traditional meal; fond memories.

Gisi 2 months ago


caroleta1000 2 months ago

I think I'm a little bit of the three types ;)

VS S 2 months ago

I love # 1 & 3 👌🏻😍🤗

Sixty Six
Sixty Six 2 months ago

They all are very wonderful.....

Remy Andersen
Remy Andersen 2 months ago

The third one is my favorite!!!

Jodie 2 months ago

They are all beautiful, but I think the nature one is the winner for me.

laurah6381 2 months ago

Hi Beth! I know this is from last year, but I'm hoping you will do a tablescape video for this year! And gift baskets too. Love your lovely personality, and decor! 🎄🎄🎄

Neasia Bruce
Neasia Bruce 2 months ago

I am doing the modern look this Christmas. I love the style.

lilylollipop10 2 months ago

Does anyone know the name of the Christmas song that plays at the very end of the video?

Gretch G
Gretch G 2 months ago

I love all of your videos Beth! My favorite table settings were Traditional and Nature☺ thanks for sharing. 💞

MultiFacettedMe w/ SFB

All 3 great, modernist my fave.

nae rangel
nae rangel 2 months ago

i liked the 2nd one. im doing that today. ur the queen of Christmas!!!

Rubaba Nawrin
Rubaba Nawrin 2 months ago

no. 2 :) Love your collections

Tinkym 2 months ago

IMHO, the first setting is missing a tablecloth.

Vandana R
Vandana R 2 months ago

Hi Beth ,
Am a new subscriber
Love all your videos ( could not stop watched most of them ),your style ,also like the way you have decorated your house
hope you could do a house tour video too
Must mention adore your garden so inspirational !!
keep up the good work
thank you

makeuploveculture 2 months ago

My favorite was the nature one!!! Loved it! Well.... I loved all three but in my own home I will choose the nature one.... and the fox is my favorite as well 😊

FastBreak383 2 months ago

Plz this is really urgent do you know Jacqueline Zambrotta? you seriously look so similar to her. I really need a reply.

FastBreak383 2 months ago

Wow. You look like someone named Jacqueline Zambrotta. Do you know her? Plz respond

akcl828 2 months ago

hi beth, can you tell me where you got your wooden chargers? thank you!

Kayla C
Kayla C 2 months ago

I loved the second and third!!!

mariela9897 2 months ago

i love the third plate setting

Feel Your Meal
Feel Your Meal 2 months ago

New subbie here :)

Feel Your Meal
Feel Your Meal 2 months ago

woow this looks so wonderful!!!

Patricia ́Cuisine
Patricia ́Cuisine 2 months ago

Hi Beth! I think that i´m a big fan of your Table number three. Such a beautiful setting you made!

Thanks for the others ideas as well!

Have a terrific day in LA,


Gigi 2 months ago

Love the modern look.  Simple, inexpensive, but simply beautiful and fancy!! WOW, You are so creative.  I always enjoy all of your videos.
Thank you so much.

Isabel Ortiz
Isabel Ortiz 2 months ago

Where did you get your plates

Studio sebe sama
Studio sebe sama 2 months ago

i am a begginer in food vlogging, please support me by checking out my channel. It will be very appreciated xx

DerekSpeare 2 months ago

All three! Bravo - Breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Danson for Joy
Danson for Joy 2 months ago

I've never considered myself very contemporary, but I LOVE the modern setting! It's beautiful! Thanks for sharing your ideas. :)

kellydb1017 2 months ago

Love this! Where did you find the cute little fox at? :)

Hanh Nguyen
Hanh Nguyen 2 months ago

I love these ideas
<3 please make more videos

Longhairbear 2 months ago

I'm all three styles, but using my Spode collection, which I use all month long.

MustardSeedish 2 months ago

I love them all.

Ja4n 2 months ago

nature lover for sure

Jennie Deng
Jennie Deng 2 months ago

😍😍😍 that #3 tho

Ashley Marie
Ashley Marie 2 months ago

I LOVE number 3!!!!!

Bree S
Bree S 2 months ago

i just love this channel around the holidays

Hunnie B
Hunnie B 2 months ago

Hey Beth......oh my goodness....such beautiful table settings, I LOVE them all, but my fav is the nature lover, yup.....that's me :) You have gorgeous dish ware, love those square plates.........thanks so much for sharing with us, take care XO

Hannah Choi
Hannah Choi 2 months ago

Thank you Beth! Can you make some applesauce please? You're awesome

Rachel Brown
Rachel Brown 2 months ago

Love the nature table scape! Thanks for sharing!

Geneva Wilkinson
Geneva Wilkinson 2 months ago

I love the last one!

Queen Negus
Queen Negus 2 months ago

awww beth these are beautiful! tfs

Chelsea 2 months ago

I'm definitely a traditionalist! soo beautiful xx

Courtney Almakdasi
Courtney Almakdasi 2 months ago

Two and three are my fave

Samantha Little Bits of Home

These are beautiful! Loved this whole series! Thanks, Beth! Have a wonderful Christmas!

Cynthia 2 months ago

Love the modern table setting!

L Khalil
L Khalil 2 months ago

The modernist theme is more of my style I think. But all styles were pretty.

KentSpain85 2 months ago

These are gorgeous. Good work! Now can you make one for the lazy people like me? I mean a friend who looks like me. Haha.

thelma mwadzaya
thelma mwadzaya 2 months ago

I love all of them. will try incorporating Swahili accents and see how it ties in!

Kari 2 months ago

I'm definitely the nature lover <3

Emily Stobs
Emily Stobs 2 months ago

Number 3 is totally me. I love the nature look and those little wooden creature ornaments are totally me. I'm guessing you got them from Pier 1. I got some cute little hedgehogs from there last year and i love them!

Eric Tavares
Eric Tavares 2 months ago

Definitely Modernist!

Diana Nel
Diana Nel 2 months ago

Your video was very detailed. Thank you for the wonderful ideas!
Does anyone know how to celebrate a Christmas for two?

M.Alshubrmi 2 months ago

I love the ideas 💘💘💘💘💘💘

Eilis Smith
Eilis Smith 2 months ago

Beth these are lovely and easy as well.

Paulo Aceves
Paulo Aceves 2 months ago

Beeth! Oh my good! Im so excited by the fact that you uploaded two videos this week hahaha! Oh and ALL of your table settings look A M A Z I N G! You're so creative!

Fatima Dosil
Fatima Dosil 2 months ago

By the way i love all the table settings, but with that particular matter!

Evelyn O
Evelyn O 2 months ago

oh no , not the last holiday helper video.. i love them so much...

Fatima Dosil
Fatima Dosil 2 months ago

I don't understand a Christmas table without table cloth, i don't see it no matter how beautiful the table setting is!

Hoàng Dung Nguyễn
Hoàng Dung Nguyễn 2 months ago

Modern ❤️

Michelle Valdez Berthet

all of them are adorable!

Theodore Leaf
Theodore Leaf 2 months ago


Joni Rexha
Joni Rexha 2 months ago

You're sooo creative!I really like how u combine basic things and make them look soo glamorous♥ily.

Sunny M
Sunny M 2 months ago

Hey Beth, ok so I thought I was more modern until you did the last one, woodsy. I even had to chuckle at the little critters....LoL. And using the miniature christmas trees as the center piece, simple yet eye catching. Thanks for the holiday series and Happy Holidays to you and yours 😊

Lulubell 2 months ago

I love how simple these are! Sometimes you don't have time to make a spray of garland on the table. Beautiful! I would use the Traditional and the morning Christmas. I love those wooden chargers!

Laura I Morales
Laura I Morales 2 months ago

Beth I've been a fan of your channel for years and love recreating your recipes. While watching this video I though if she sold these sets I'd totally buy it especially the more modern design. Would you ever put something like that together and sell it. It would make it so much easier to buy the set than to go out searching for those individual things. Just a thought happy holidays!

Asummersdaydreamer14 2 months ago

Thank you for the holiday inspiration! It never ceases to surprise me how you find and use dishware that nicely complements your intended occasion and the food. You must have a whole cupboard filled to the brim with all of these unique dishes you use in your videos. Thank you for sharing once again.

jillhbaudhaan 2 months ago

My favorite is number 3 by far

Lysana7 2 months ago

OMG this is just too funny :D I just came here from watching the HIMYM episode "The pineapple incident" and now Beth decorates the table with pineapples?! :D :D :D

MIA ANGELIZ JOLIZ 2 months ago


Tanya Gianchandani
Tanya Gianchandani 2 months ago

I love the nature themed......u are very innovative.....love u and ur videos...😘😍😊

Vicky Lee
Vicky Lee 2 months ago

The nature themed tablescape is so adorable!

Cathy Pyper
Cathy Pyper 2 months ago

We love them all, especially the "Nature lover."

Soulfull Escapes
Soulfull Escapes 2 months ago

Hi, Beth! I love all three table settings but I'm gearing towards the modern one. May I know where you got the little Christmas trees?

ashbashhh013 2 months ago

Love all of these Beth, especially the last one. Where are the white plates from?

Stacy Lamb
Stacy Lamb 2 months ago

I am very traditional but I can see myself trying all 3. I have all vintage depression era glass plates that are a golden lght amber color. It took years to get a setting of 12. Recently we found a bunch no f etched wine glasses. They are mix matched and they look beautiful. We got them for $1 each. Thanks for sharing your table scapes. Merry Christmas.

Byron Chandler
Byron Chandler 2 months ago

Hi, Beth. Those tablescapes look so beautiful. Sandra Lee from Semi Homemade Cooking would be amazed. What do you love about tableware? Have a good day, Beth. 💖💖💖

Iloveyoutrixiemattel xx

love the woodland theme, I'll try that for breakfast:)

Monica Gomez
Monica Gomez 2 months ago

So beautiful! I love the Naturescape ;)

Lindsay Mayfield
Lindsay Mayfield 2 months ago

Last video before Christmas?! Nooooo! I've been binge watching your previous Christmas content in between new stuff, I was hoping for a few more yet! Cute ideas here, I'm more of a modernist this year, my tree is decorated with Gold and rose gold, that table would fit in perfectly!