Fashion Family: Christmas Outfits!


Lauren Elizabeth

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Fashion Family: Christmas Outfits!

Fashion Family: Christmas Outfits!

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drvaginashark 2 months ago

Upvoted for Chloe👍

Arisha 2 months ago

0:55 the struggle is real😂

Mad I
Mad I 2 months ago

What a good looking family

Alysha Hok
Alysha Hok 2 months ago

Love all you outfits/lol Hudson nice shoes

Jonelle Jones
Jonelle Jones 2 months ago

Hi Lauren, I love, love, love, your outfit!! I would like to steal it from you, do you mind? ;)  Where can I find your apparel, jewelry, and shoes? 

Gianni Limbradi
Gianni Limbradi 2 months ago

all that glitter is HORRIBLE!!!!

Carrie Christie
Carrie Christie 2 months ago

I ship Hudson and Claudia

Smml1000 2 months ago


Smml1000 2 months ago

T Bo well that's how it sounds but it spelled really lcomplicated

Sophie Ho
Sophie Ho 2 months ago


Jolene Bondoc
Jolene Bondoc 2 months ago

What's her little brothers name??

nickytater 2 months ago

Is Emily your sister?

OH CAROL SHOW 2 months ago

Wow what style, what outfits, what shoes!!! Gooooorgeous...what a beautiful and stylish family you have !!!xoxo CAROL

k214214 2 months ago

this is so weird but i have the same carpet in my living room hahahahaah

Yoshia121 2 months ago

your cousin looks like mona from pretty little liars!!

futurluv13 2 months ago

you guys remind me of the Cullen family

Hannah El
Hannah El 2 months ago

hudson and emily aren't really brother and sister, they just pretend! :-)

LaurenBeth671 2 months ago

Did anyone else see that picture hanging on the wall at the beginning of the video? Lol

Sweetiegirl18 2 months ago

is she and emily sisters? because i thought hudson was emily's brother....

jcmea13 2 months ago

Your family seems so cool

EmilyA 2 months ago

your grandma is adorable!!! haha

bambino 2 months ago

Where did your younger sister get that sweater from? Its too cute

goldconfetti 2 months ago

Cute! I love your family!

otiritilli 2 months ago

Can you adopt me in your fam! tooo cute!

harajukugirl2007 2 months ago

your family is so fashionable LOL

princesshippielove 2 months ago

your christmas decor is fabulous! al of the outfits are darling! lovely vid! xo, megs

Angelica Alvarez
Angelica Alvarez 2 months ago

your family is adorable! and they all have such good style (:

Kasidy 2 months ago

your family is so fab and cute!

Karissa 2 months ago

Can someone send me a link to Laurens shirt from urban? I cant find it

pinomeww 2 months ago

your GRANDMA is so fashionable and young.!

beautyfashionlovers 2 months ago

Can I be part of your family? Pretty please?

Jessica Urbano
Jessica Urbano 2 months ago

your moms shoes are amazing! Valentino?

LauraGemmaPioli 2 months ago

and also lovely family <3

LauraGemmaPioli 2 months ago

awesome house!!!!

CandyApple5049 2 months ago

Your family is adorable

Paige Noelle
Paige Noelle 2 months ago

Hutson looks like Joe Jonas when he was in his glory days

sarah hall
sarah hall 2 months ago

Even your Grammy has style

Sarah Lynne
Sarah Lynne 2 months ago

why is your family so cool ..

itsanna26 2 months ago


ivyjanebrown 2 months ago

Tell Chloe to get a channel!!

rona schutz
rona schutz 2 months ago

omg girl ur shoes are AMAZING

JEN-eration of grace
JEN-eration of grace 2 months ago

Your grandmother and your mom look SO young!!

Ladie Anaxo
Ladie Anaxo 2 months ago

open toed shoes in the winter... just no. otherwise, loved it :)

Hannah Morris
Hannah Morris 2 months ago

I love your and Chloe's style! (And Hudson's lol)

ginaab2 2 months ago

in one of your videos you said that you have your hair chemically straightened - what is it exactly called that you had done to your hair?

xoxoxfashionlover 2 months ago

I love your video's a lot, but the only thing what is not so good is the light.. Thats a pity because your video's are really good!

kateb833 2 months ago

Hey lo!! You should def do an updated skincare routine and what's in my purse!!

Leah Messinger
Leah Messinger 2 months ago


AM1234 2 months ago

3:14 hahaha! love this family OOTNs

Caro 2 months ago

hahhahahhaha the end kills me

MAR ANDERSON 2 months ago

your family is too cute it kills me

Beatriz Sardinha
Beatriz Sardinha 2 months ago

Your family is sooo amazing!!

The Fandom Diaries
The Fandom Diaries 2 months ago

I love Hudson's style!

Summer McCurdy
Summer McCurdy 2 months ago

really though!!! hes so stylish its perfect haha

SparksFlyBeauty 2 months ago

Can I have your brother?

Catherine Isabella
Catherine Isabella 2 months ago

Oh my if we lived near each our grandmother's would be bffs because my grandmother dressed exactly like that for christmas with a sequin shirt and glitter shoes

jen june
jen june 2 months ago

your whole family has such great style!!

Jordyn Sophia
Jordyn Sophia 2 months ago

ur entire family's style is awesome! Ur brother has swag he had louboutin shoes and a Hermes belt on (I think)

Jordyn Sophia
Jordyn Sophia 2 months ago

ur family's style

Olivia Frescura
Olivia Frescura 2 months ago

Love your sisters shoes.Love your dress- I got an oxblood peplum top that reminds me of it! Your mom is rather stylish too!! I love the shoes you're wearing with the casual outfit- loafers are my favorite!

jenny 2 months ago

i love your brother!

LILLYKAYTE 2 months ago

you should be a model !!

Gabriela Carrasco
Gabriela Carrasco 2 months ago

hahaha your dad :):)

Jamie L
Jamie L 2 months ago

**Correction: why can't every boy BE hudson

Christina Constantinou

you guys are all so fashionable! i love it!!! you guys are soo freaking cute xxx <3 happy new year to you and your family! :)

blindlovetaurus 2 months ago

your family is adorable

Danielle Halsall
Danielle Halsall 2 months ago

hehe my brothers literally live in board shorts :)

fashionstranslator 2 months ago

You all seem like such naturals in front of the camera! Great looking family! xx

HaroldAteTheEyeliner 2 months ago

your siblings are all wearing the same type of shoes haha, you guys look cute though :)

Addy Kamara
Addy Kamara 2 months ago

your family. go be models. all of you. you need to be in magazines.

Ade S
Ade S 2 months ago

OMG your family... <3

Melanie Frantz
Melanie Frantz 2 months ago

your family has amazing fashion sense :)

Becca Chanes
Becca Chanes 2 months ago

I would date Hudson in an instant. End of story.

meghan.b 2 months ago

Chloe looks like Lucy Hale...sorta

Tiffany B
Tiffany B 2 months ago

I thought your mom was your sister! Everyone in your family is so beautiful

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez 2 months ago

The whole family has style!

Jillian Lucero
Jillian Lucero 2 months ago

Oh and your brother. Wow

Jillian Lucero
Jillian Lucero 2 months ago

Your grandma is adorable!

Mandi W.
Mandi W. 2 months ago

what do your parents do for a living?

Jessica Schwartz
Jessica Schwartz 2 months ago

I love that you've been featuring your family in your videos! Your family vlogs are absolutely hilarious!

awyssa wynne
awyssa wynne 2 months ago

such a fab family!!

Gina 2 months ago

Wow your whole family is super duper stylish!!:)

Anna Lewis
Anna Lewis 2 months ago

Your whole family is beautiful! And you're grandma is adorable!

Kiley Ja
Kiley Ja 2 months ago

your youngest brother is the most adorable thing!

Céline U
Céline U 2 months ago

the shoes of your grandma <3

amandapantsx21 2 months ago


Ester T
Ester T 2 months ago

3:12 omg i died!

darby mcdowell
darby mcdowell 2 months ago

So... Just so you know you're brother and I are getting married...

luvs2laffalot 2 months ago

Oh my gosh even your grandma has great style. Will you please adopt me??

mmonson11 2 months ago

You all look so great! Loved it :)

Rachna Desai
Rachna Desai 2 months ago


LetLoveLive13 2 months ago

urban outfitters :)

Stephanie Nguyen
Stephanie Nguyen 2 months ago

can you adopt me

lauren schäfer
lauren schäfer 2 months ago

you all look amazing!

Amber Anderson
Amber Anderson 2 months ago

Your Grammy is the cutest thing I've ever seen!

Dea S.
Dea S. 2 months ago

Grandma looks great! Well you're whole family really**

Dea S.
Dea S. 2 months ago

And wow your gram

Dea S.
Dea S. 2 months ago

Your little sister and brother are just too cute!

rachel 2 months ago

like can i be part of ur trendy fam? xoxoo

amirrrah 2 months ago

i enjoy the justin bieber wrapping paper. 1:16