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#KiniNews: Malaysia inks Covid-19 vaccine deals with Pfizer, Covax

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Information #KiniNews: Malaysia inks Covid-19 vaccine deals with Pfizer, Covax

Title :  #KiniNews: Malaysia inks Covid-19 vaccine deals with Pfizer, Covax
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Description #KiniNews: Malaysia inks Covid-19 vaccine deals with Pfizer, Covax

Comments #KiniNews: Malaysia inks Covid-19 vaccine deals with Pfizer, Covax

Green Party of Malaysia
COVAX is not a vaccine lah, bodoh - COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access, abbreviated as COVAX, is a global initiative aimed at equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines led by Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance (formerly the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, or GAVI), the World Health Organization (WHO), the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), and others. It is one of the three pillars of the Access to COVID-19 Tools Accelerator, an initiative begun in April 2020 by the World Health Organization (WHO), the European Commission, and the government of France as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. COVAX aims to coordinate international resources to enable the equitable access of COVID-19 diagnostics, treatments, and COVID-19 vaccines.[1]

By 15 July 2020, 165 countries – representing 60% of the human population – had joined COVAX.

Comment from : Green Party of Malaysia

RomeBang Bang
Muhyidhin benar....bahwa Malingsial hanya mampu membeli vacsin corona untuk 21 % dari penduduk malingsial...saja...yang 79 % nanti kalau penfuduk malingsial tinggal 50%.
Comment from : RomeBang Bang

white Tower.
Tidak payah pakai tu vaccine belum ada testing kesembuhan dan test jangka panjang sedang kan USA skrg masih kena hentam covid19?? Jadi apa kesimpulan di situ??? Terlalu banyak ahli kesihatan dan amaran yg di berikan oleh doktor2 seluruh dunia pasal vaccine ni kita bukan dalam pendemic.Sila Buat kajian sendiri menteri2 jgn dgr satu sumber saja
Comment from : white Tower.

bp k
US mati ter ramai

pfizer boleh pecaya ke? otak udang

Comment from : bp k

Jangan terpedaya oleh propaganda barat.
Keberkesanan vaksin Pfizer....berani ke nak suntik? youtu.be/CGX7OL4yvAY

Comment from : Mo

Hairan bin ajaib, membeli vaksin dari Pfizer (Amerika) tetapi Amerika sendiri bergelar juara pandemik ini dan masih berhempas pulas mengatasinya. Siapa yang kena bohong ni?
Comment from : Anjungkreatif2013

Ahmad Firdaus
Politician 1st to take this vac..
Comment from : Ahmad Firdaus

Trust me I won't use that vaccine
Comment from : MohdDmalaysiaYT

Use. D. OTrAz's
Mesti ada urg dlm akan jual kpada P.T.I..cari untungg...🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭
Comment from : Use. D. OTrAz's

nienied officials
Bill gates agenda
Comment from : nienied officials

bp k
amerika jangkit, mati terbanyak dlm Dunia

ubat pfizer ....mereka boleh pakai tak saudara

Comment from : bp k

Azlan Salim
Comment from : Azlan Salim

Salty Jo
Pfizer CEO yahudi. Bagaimana?
Comment from : Salty Jo

HC Lau
Pfizer vaccine requires -70 deg to store and transport. It makes no sense for Malaysia to go for that since malaysia does not have the infrastructure for handling of this vaccine. Oh Wait... I forgot... Contracts contracts contracts.. another juicy fat contract for a nice crony to do the infrastructure... NICE. Total cost of vaccine USD40 million. Cost of storage and distribution infrastructure USD 100 million... Oh, I am so jealous, I am not a crony
Comment from : HC Lau

Danny Ting
Based on WHO website, there are 4 potential types of Covid19 vaccines. You buy some vac from Pfizer, some from Covax Scheme. What makes you think the 4 types of vaccines are compatible with each other? There's even a raise concern by a Korea vaccine expert scientist. Suddenly you all become vaccine expert. tsk tsk tsk...
Comment from : Danny Ting

Bobbycat GT
Just hope it works...Quite risky..
Comment from : Bobbycat GT

Zulkifli Muhamed
test it on yidin and azmin first
Comment from : Zulkifli Muhamed

When you deal with the devil, better know what it wants in return.
Comment from : Le KY

Great to hear! How about we make it mandatory for all government official? Corrupt ones go first. If you all survive with no problem for 10 years, we'll take it.
Comment from : Aziris

Silent Channel
paksa 1 malaysia pakai vaccine wajib boleh sihat!

nk explain byk2 malas

Comment from : Silent Channel

Ketuanan dan maruah gi mana? Halal ke? kenapa beli dari kafir?
Comment from : asianz1011

This is scary..
Comment from : ALL ROUNDER

MR Teletubbies
Umngok 2.0 penyamun
Comment from : MR Teletubbies

Better take vaccine from Pfizer rather than some CCP vaccine.
Comment from : izwanizi

Aa Ron X
Never get vaccine from China. You will die faster if injected vaccine from China!!!!
Comment from : Aa Ron X

gopal siva
Comment from : gopal siva

Sanush Baby
Comment from : Sanush Baby

Loh WaiMun
This US Vaccine is a rush Job under the Operation Warp Speed-
But it’s up to each individual to decide

Comment from : Loh WaiMun

Amirul Asyraf
I hope malaysia will be fine from covid 19 because i scared we can handle it
Comment from : Amirul Asyraf

0:30 orang Malayians tu orang dari mane?
Comment from : masakmerah

drone aron
vaccine hoax...true or not www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zNQJPPLNd8&t=629s
Comment from : drone aron

Nadya Holland
Comment from : Nadya Holland

Ask the PM. To Resign lah..
Comment from : JT T

Suria Tini
Kami bukanlah bodoh cuma kesian...
Comment from : Suria Tini

Faris Fars
Assalamualaikum & salam sejahtera.

Kami sedang menjalankan kajian tentang " Examining the Usage of Fast Food Electronic-Commerce (e-commerce) Foodpanda " untuk tugasan project statistic yang diberikan.

Minta jasa baik anda semua untuk mengisi 'google form' questionnaire di bawah ini. Your response are valuable to us. Thank you for helping us!

Comment from : Faris Fars

chai chai
We must let the PN politician test the vassine first ,if it save ,then is good ,if its not the RAJYAT will be save ,GOD BLESS THE RAKYAT
Comment from : chai chai

Vani Santhiran
Please don't use me as a test mouse. I'm very timid la!
Comment from : Vani Santhiran

Lol that vaccine is a joke.

It will only affect people who have the covid19. It will only work at a higher rate

If the person doesnt have covid19. It will be useless and last for a few days only

Comment from : Moonface00z

Shashi K.G
For the sake of our future generation, we must teach our children to fully understand that we, The Public are the Chairman of our country and all Government Servants are our employee. Each and every money they spend is from our income. They brainwashed our forefathers and us all for a very long time to believe otherwise. STOP treating them like Celebrities!!!!
Comment from : Shashi K.G

Tekash! 360
Made In China. She lied.. She lied..
Comment from : Tekash! 360

Muthapuckins G,s Eazy e
Cepat dan pasang BuzzMatch! artikel ada yang anda semua gemari. Ini mengesyorkan kandungan berdasarkan minat anda. Semakin banyak anda membaca, semakin ketagih anda. Terdapat juga elaun membaca. Saya membuat beberapa pengeluaran. Masukkan kod jemputan saya dan dapatkan 8,000 koin secara percuma. Ingatlah untuk mengisi kod jemputan saya: 3978347. Klik pautan di bawah untuk memuat turun: cashzinedownload-jzc6w32blq-an.a.run.app/download_1.html?ggc=3978347%7C1%7C3%7C146&t=1
Comment from : Muthapuckins G,s Eazy e

Brian Soo
This is free mansion illuminati vackseenes, Malaysia reject!
Comment from : Brian Soo

Jaw Pamis
Where is the victims of covid-19 any videos who died or family members ? We don't need any black and white written we want prove that people are really on sick of covid-19 or died on it...

Causes possibilities

Comment from : Jaw Pamis

PC tundra
Berapa tak cerdiknya membeli vaksin Dari negara Yang memboikot minyak sawit Kita.
Siapa eh Yang tak berapa PANDAI eh?
Bodoh tahap gaban

Comment from : PC tundra

Mapiau Mapiau
Baju merah umngok perompak
Comment from : Mapiau Mapiau

Zakaria Ali
Govt u people can implement and seriously control movements by foreign workers but not closing the boundry of states and districts for malaysians movement..make sure 6 disember 2020 is the last. Wisely spending peoples money to bettle covid.
Comment from : Zakaria Ali

We want politicians try the vaccine first. They die, Malaysia survive..
Comment from : NOOR IZWAN SHAH

Cobb Dom
This is scary man. Imagine full digital currency, digital health passport combine with social credit score system. The government can do whatever they want to the people, including violating people freedom and rights.
If you are vaccinated, your social score will be in green.
If you are not vaccinated, your social score will be in red.
If your social credit score is low, you cannot make any transaction because everything is in digital currency, cannot travel, cannot use public transportation and many more.
This is it my friend, we are going to Totalitarian Communism Government.

Comment from : Cobb Dom

Gugun 21gun
suddenly soo many proffesor. nice la malaysia ! malaysia boleh !
Comment from : Gugun 21gun

ahli kubur
More and more pandemics,
until mankind submits

These globalists even threaten humanity with more suffering, if we don’t submit to their total control. Prince Charles recently joined the globalists and publicly stated:

There will be more and more pandemics, if we don’t do ‘the great reset’ now. (18)
Bill Gates already calls this ‘pandemic one’ and is talking about ‘pandemic two and three’. The investigator who back in 2013 predicted a coronavirus pandemic to occur in 2020, followed by riots, said the plan is to create series of pandemics during 2020-2030.

This decade is the selected timeframe to turn the world into one big prison.

Globalists are planning to cause as many pandemics as needed, in order to break the backbone of humanity, until everybody submits to their global control. Mandating vaccines are key to their plan, because the vaccines will connect us to global control systems. Only the vaccinated will be able to move freely.

Are you beginning to understand why more than 700 medical doctors from Germany, 600 doctors from Spain, thousands of medical experts from the USA and many more all over the world are calling this pandemic a 'global' crime'?

Comment from : ahli kubur

Kurt Koh
Whether Pfizer prevents, cure or protects us from the virus is still yet to be fully identified. Let's hope for the best.
Comment from : Kurt Koh

Marie M
Plse dont force people to take this covid vaccine...we dont want this covid vaccine to change our DNA!!
Comment from : Marie M

Haniff Md Mahmood the servant
Premiered 15 hours ago. Thank you.
Comment from : Haniff Md Mahmood the servant

Puteri Suhaila
If all people need to take vaccine, mesti ade something. but if the vaccine only for covid patient no problem.
Comment from : Puteri Suhaila

Shashi K.G
"You do not vaccinate people who aren't at risk from the disease. You also don't set about planning to vaccinate millions of fit and healthy people with a vaccine that hasn't been extensively tested on human subjects,"
said former Vice President and Chief Scientist of Pfizer

Comment from : Shashi K.G

Shashi K.G
Comment from : Shashi K.G

Asura Kishin
thank god it is not china chinese sinovac wuhan virus vaccine
Comment from : Asura Kishin

And is not 262,000 deaths, its 6% of that number attributed directly to covid and the remainder are various respiratory and related cases in which covid may have been present but didnt cause death.
Comment from : cvcoco

Awang G
"Fauci: Early COVID-19 vaccines will only prevent symptoms, not block the virus", Dear GOV, please be prudent when spending RAKYAT money...
Comment from : Awang G

余宣Elroy Owen
Are there still many virus outside?
Comment from : 余宣Elroy Owen

Comment from : 苍茫

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